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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Early Signs Of Spring - Four Divine - Geb, Shu, Tefnut, Nut

Before plants like the dandelion, daffodil or any budding branches, there are signs Winter is out of encores and Spring is about to take centerstage. Animals know it before plants begin to show it. It's the instinctive living of early birds that has mostly given away one of Earth's most anticipated surprise gifts.

1. The ground has puffed up like a spongy, air-filled cake. This can be felt when walking on it. It's as if the womb has expanded to take in air and water and allow stretching room for roots and seedcoats. Geb accommodating Shu and Tefnut under the overseeing presence of Nut.
2. A solitary robin or two has been hanging out on this puffy earth whereas all Winter they have not done so. They must hear and feel the earthworms and other insects rising towards the warming surface.
3. The nomadic sparrows have rebuilt their nest.
4. Cardinals were bark-hopping - two males in pursuit of one female.


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