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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Occupy Harmony, Racial Solution Is Spiritual Power & Repentance And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8b)

Read Part 8a first - Definition: ME, Manifest Essence, Human Being, Wholeness Synonym And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8a)

[It is intended for readers to insert themselves as the “I” in this article.]

Harmony Is Power

When I am being ME, I am harmonious with all else that is being ME. Being in harmony is being in full power mode. Harmony is power because harmony is the connection to universal Supreme Power.

All power requires connection. Harmony is my link to be in sync to receive this power. I must maintain and support this connection. This requires full nutrition which includes communing with the Divine, the rest of the natural world, ancestors and with my purposes and talents.

If all of this is not true then I can't make use of all my potential because I am not connected to all possible power. I'm not giving my all or receiving all there is. I am doing myself a disservice. I am cheating ME. I dishonor the Great Giver Of Gifts.

Racial Disharmony, One Cause

Everything was created for multiple usefulness, purpose and service. In order to have the right to participate in this process, I must honor the process of natural law and order. I must give of myself in order to receive for myself. What I give must support the things I use. At a minimum, I must give and receive in equal measure in order to preserve equality/balance/ecosystem/harmony/justice/peace/health/fulfillment/Hapi-ness.

This is the basic barometer for all of life's actions. I must realize though, if I behave in this fashion I become an enemy of capitalism. This is not a casual statement. The results of capitalism, attest to this fact. These extensive results reveal capitalism's intentions regarding ME.

Since I am naturally designed to seek balance, an unbalanced system must actively do numerous things to keep me off balance. Only when I exist in a state of imbalance am I able to exist with imbalance (capitalism). My imbalance matches capitalism's imbalance so it seems right to mind and emotions but body sometimes and spirit always know sumthin' ain't right.

Capitalism must keep me from being ME, essentially by interfering with knowledge of self. The system must treat ME adversarially because my nature is opposite to the nature of the system. This is the basis and instigating force of racial disharmony.

Broad Example

Racial disharmony is not caused by one branch of the human family tree acting inhumanely against another branch. This is merely a symptom and intended consequence. Racial disharmony IS CAUSED BY one branch of humans actively keeping individuals within their branch, off balance, thus out of harmony with the universal, the rest of the natural world and each other. In this weakened, off-center condition, these individuals can only manifest their humanness and not their spirit essence (there's no connection). This individual disharmony must, and does, lead to disharmony in relationships of all types. Racial disharmony is a symptom of individual disharmony. Individual disharmony is a schism-based illness that creates other schisms outside of self. This is what fosters terror in the world and all negative “isms.”

To be clear, the only way to be in agreement with capitalism's non-inclusive, non-universal nature is to be in disagreement with the knowledge of myself, which, even on an individual level, is, by nature, inclusive and universal.

And another thing. Racial harmony will never be solved by discussions between branches of the human family tree. It will not be solved by pacifying gestures or man-made laws.

Racial disharmony is a contagious infection that is only able to take hold when lots of humans are spiritually malnourished. If only a few were infected, the health of the group would override them. Yet, infection cannot exist unless it is introduced and allowed to remain. Capitalism was happy to oblige. Yet, infection cannot grow or spread to other individuals and generations and then to other branches of the human family tree's body unless it is fed. Capitalism happily feeds the infection continuously, 48 hours per day, double-time.

Historically Correct Example

The only way to effectively infect an entire tree from one branch is for the infection to travel to the trunk and then get dispersed to the other branches and the roots.

The conditions for racial disharmony were sown first within one branch (European) and then directed at the trunk (African). Africans are connected to all people genetically (physically and spiritually). This makes Africans the best mode of transmission of an infection to weaken humankind and then allow invaders/colonialism to wreak havoc with the human family's body. Now I know why what has happened and what is happening must happen.

Remember, an infection also infects its place of origin. This is why, Europe had and still has many conflicts along racial lines. This infection was the basis of Naziism. Now infected, other branches of the human family tree, fight each other at the subbranch level also (Hutu/Tutsi, Republicans/Democrats, Upper & Middle Income/Lower Income, Indians/"Untouchables", Sharia/Non-sharia, European Jews/Original Jews, Chinese/Tibetans, Christians/Muslims, Catholic/Protestant, Shia/Sunni, Orthodox Jews/Secular Jews, humans/human beings, etc.

So, though it is popular and seemingly profitable to direct injustice at members of the trunk, it is in the best interests of every branch of the human family tree to eradicate this behavior from themselves and its negative effects on the trunk because this is the only way to save any and all branches.

Nature is self-healing. Leave the trunk and its roots alone for a season and it will heal. This, of course, is capitalism's biggest fear. As a result, capitalism influences infected branches to keep offloading their poison into the trunk causing both ongoing genocide and suicide. Remember this impact from Part 4? -

“...if it were possible to remove every trace of Alkebu-lan (African) History, all humans and their footprints would also disappear. As it stands, the degree to which we have attempted such removal is the degree to which we wander aimlessly from a well-marked path and the degree to which children, following in our footsteps, suffer.”

Solution Is Spiritual Medicine, i.e., Harmony

Racial disharmony is spiritual cancer. This world needs spiritual medicine. Pure doses must be injected into the trunk of the tree. Those who acknowledge their Africanness are doing this themselves again as always, but for quicker results, others must desist with dispensing poison. We want our sh*t back too!(Racial disharmony remains where there are ill-gotten gains. Repentance is the action of recompense, not apology.)

It is a natural fact, when the trunk is healthy, all branches are better off. Let the 99% embrace the female force of feminine energy because Maat means what she says. Let her daughters reclaim the prodigal ones.

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