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Sunday, November 30, 2014

African Female Honored In Spirituality, Not Religion
Unity Consciousness #33

The European man [and others] had to deny the female. When you go in the temples he built from the Nordics all the way down to the Mediterranean, you don't see any woman playing the major role.

On the opposite hand, when you go into the tombs in Egypt [Kemet], the woman is all over the ceiling. She is shown as the universe and the heaven. The stars and other planets are painted on her body. She is in the ceiling and her vagina is shown as the portal for man.

For example, In the temple of Het-Heru (Hathor), she is shown giving birth to Ra, the sun [son]. In the morning the sun bursts, a little sprig of green tree is being held in the hand of Goddess Het-Heru and she's smiling at this tree of life. In the same scene, at the other end, the sun is going back into her mouth. It comes through her mouth, through her vagina and back through her body in the 24 hours of the day, life forever.

Whereas the West is talking about an ending of a world, the African is speaking about a world forever - that when your life ends, it is a new cycle for you, a new world for you. The world for everybody else does not disappear.

In the African concept, there is no fire that's going to come and burn up the whole world. There will be the world continuing. You will make a transition, from one world to the next. Your world ends the day you die but a new world begins. That's the African concept.

The whole world isn't going to stop at the same time. That's the European concept.

Who Is The Creator? | Third Basis Using Genesis 1:27

(1) The Concept Of Maat Understanding Alkebulan - Dr. Ben Jochannan

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