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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cousins: Abimelech, Philistine Palestinians & Israelite Israelis
Unity Consciousness #514


Abimelech #1, A Philistine Palestinian

1. The Philistine/Palestine territory is west of Jordan and runs along the coast of the Great Green Sea. It is south of Tyre and Sidon on the coast. It is north and east of the River of Egypt.

2. Abimelech is the King of Philistines whose royal city is in Gerar. Abimelech took Sarah when Abraham technically lied and said his wife was his sister.

3. Lineage: Abimelech is a descendant of,,,of Casluhim of Mizraim of Ham of Noah.
Abraham is a descendant of … of Arphaxad of Shem of Noah.
All the descendants Of Japheth, Ham and Shem are cousins.
Palestinians and Israelis are cousins biblically, historically and genetically. The Philistines & Israelites started out as black Africans. Then they both became Semites and their names changed to Palestinians and Israelis.
The lineages of Ham and Shem have already been proven to be of Kushite/Ethiopian origin. This only leaves Japheth to study. What else could he be except who his parents are which is the same as who his brothers are? What else could Noah and all the others on the ark be? What about Seth and Cain, Abel, Eve and Adam? An African national origin for all these people matches science and world history. Bibles are for believers in belief only.

Further Evidence Of The Palestinian-Israeli Connection

4. God spoke to Abimelech in a dream. (Genesis 20:3) Abimelech was a God-fearing man. Same God as Abraham.

5. Abraham & Abimelech made a covenant in Genesis 21 that they and generations after them would deal with each other truthfully.

6. In Genesis 26, Isaac comes to Gerar and lies to Abimelech and tells him that Rebekah is his sister. So much for truth in lineage. Abimelech then makes an oath with Isaac for them to have friendly relations.

7. Several indications suggest that before Islam, many Muslims adhered to Christianity and other religions. Before Christianity, many Christians adhered to Judaism. Before Judaism, many Jews adhered to African spiritual teachings because their Ancestors were born into African spiritual traditions.

Abimelech #2, An Israelite Israeli

Lineage: Jotham of Abimelech of Gideon(Jerubbaal) of Joash of Abiezer of Hammoleketh (female) of Machir of Manasseh (& Aramitess mother) of Joseph (& Asenath, daughter of Potipherah, priest of On) of Jacob Israel (& Rachel) (Judges 6-8; Joshua11) (1 Kings 17, Numbers 26-27, Genesis 41, 1 Chronicles 7)

After his father died, Abimelech went to Shechem, the home of his mother (house of Millo), and convinced them to make him ruler of Israel instead of allowing all of his brothers to rule over them. Abimelech then went and killed all his brothers except Jotham, who was hiding. Abimelech reigned three years over Israel. Abimelech then went on another killing spree and was finally killed. (Judges 9)


Abimelech #1, who was a Philistine Palestinian....of Mizraim... of Noah, was a much better person and cousin to the Israelites than Abimelech #2 who was of the tribe of Joseph of Jacob Israel... of Noah.

I would not be surprised if the Semite origin of both the present-day Palestinians and Israelis is not one and the same.

The Palestinians are Philistines mixed with Cro-Magon and/or Semites.
The Israelis are Israelites mixed with Cro-Magnon and/or Semites.

The Philistines were Egyptians who were Kushite/Cushite Ethiopians.
The Israelites were Chaldeans who were Kushite/Cushite Ethiopians.

By Definition & Defamation, Black Semite, White Jew

The following names are similar in spelling.
Abimelech was alive during the time of Abraham and Isaac.
Ahimelech was alive during the time of Saul and David.

Ahimelech #A, Levite Israelite

Lineage: Ahimelech (priest) of Abiathar (priest) (2 Samuel 8) (1 Chronicles 24) (1 Samuel 21)

This Ahimelech is the same person as #B. Some verses have Abiathar as the son of Ahimelech.

Ahimelech #B, Levite Israelite

Lineage: Jonathan of Abiathar (high priest) of Ahimelech (priest) of Ahitub of Amariah of Azariah of Meraioth of Zerahiah of Uzzi of Bukki of Abishua of Phinehas of Eli/Eleazar (priest in Shiloh) of Aaron (& Elisheba) of Amram (& Jochebed) of Kohath of Levi of Jacob Israel (& Leah) of Isaac (& Rebekah) of Abraham (& Sarah) of Terah of Nahor of Serug of Reu of Peleg of Eber of Salah of Arphaxad of Shem of Noah of Lamech of Methuselah of Enoch of Jared of Mahalaleel of Cainan of Enos of Seth of Adam (& Eve) of The Creator. (Exodus 6, Genesis 35) (1 Samuel 4, 14, 22, 30) (2 Samuel 15) (1 Kings 2:27)

Ahimelech #C, Levite Israelite

This Ahimelech is the same as #B, except Ithamar replaces Eli/Eleazar per 1 Chronicles 24:3; In contradiction, in the same verse Zadok is said to be of Eleazar. Elsewhere Ahitub, father of Ahimelech is of Eleazar. Either way all these people are Levite Israelites.

Ahimelech #D, The Hittite Who Is An Israelite

This Ahimelech is same as #B except 1 Samuel 26 calls Ahimelech a Hittite which is a Hethite. Heth of Canaan of Ham of Noah. This means the lineage of Shem is potentially of Canaan and that Shem is not a son of Noah on the same level as Japheth and Ham. This possibility is supported by the way Shem's genealogy is listed in Genesis 10 and 1 Chronicles 1.
Ahimelech, a priest, a Levite who is a Hittite who is a Canaanite who is a Levite who is an Israelite.

This matches Canaan, Hittite Mother Of Ancient Jerusalem, Samaria & Sodom, Unity Consciousness #489

Lastly, it is more than likely that at a minimum, Solomon's mother, Bathsheba, was a Hittite. Bathsheba's husband was a Hittite and he (Uriah) was a soldier in King David's army. (2 Samuel 11, 24) (1 Chronicles 11:26, 41)

CJB Words Become KJV Words:
H:Avimelekh becomes Abimelech
H:Achimelekh becomes Ahimelech

H is Hebrew/CJB. KJV is the version when none indicated.

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