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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Help Instruction, Definition, Meaning & Poem
Unity Consciousness #652


Let's at least become aware of a second thing.
No one can stay alive for one second without help.
This help was preset into the Universe and is constant.

Let's also at least become aware of a third thing.
No one can do anything without help.
Every ability requires the interconnection and interrelation of multiple beings.
This was preset into the Universe and cannot be changed, no matter how ignorant we are, stubborn we are or stupid we are.

Every created being needs other created beings – not just a few, but an uncountable number of others do we need to help us constantly – not just from beings of the same “species” but from beings across the board and realm of all “species” throughout the Universe.

This understanding you will soon see.
An understanding of time guarantees this.

Getting On With Getting Along With The Help We Need

Since we all need help all the time we might as well get over ourselves and the false foolish suboptimal notion of being ashamed of needing help. Needing help is a good thing. Needing help is the only way there is. Needing help is healthy.
Help is a basic need.

It is past time right now to adjust our thought processes so we can get our thinking out of the way of the help we need in order to do what the need incentive requires we do.
The way we've been taught to think (our thought processes) is a major hindrance to getting the help we are supposed to need in order to be Hapi (happy).
Help is a continuous natural part of this spiritual journey. Help is what defines us. Help completes us. Help unifies us. Help is a logical part of the process of becoming one with the Creator. Help is the way. Help is what perfects us.

How NOT To Seek/Ask For Help

1. Wait until the last minute.
2. Wait until after the initial situation has become worse.

It is wise to at least listen to the wisdom of another person to help you think through options and scenarios.
Once you become practiced at this and get to know yourself better, you will realize that this “other person” can come from the abundance of Ancestors we all have and who are always here and ready to help.
In other words, even if you do 1 and/or 2 above, still seek help, still ask for help. There is no other way.

In Review:

No one can do anything alone – not in anyway.
No one can do anything alone - not during any moment of life.
Nothing you can do is due to you alone. It is not possible.
You have not done a single thing by yourself – and you never will.
Until perhaps, you become one with the Creator, at which point you will no longer be you, but united with the essence of you in all else, thus you will become all else, just as the Creator is.

Everything you have done is due to the contributions of others.
Understanding your relationships with all else, that helps you allways, will help you understand this.

Help Instruction

by Ancestors through Usiku

Information (data and instructions) genetics contain
All help is logically explained
Genetics are, what already came
Which makes then and now
In essence, the same
Even though form has changed
Primordials as Ancestors
Helps me understand the chain
Nutrition is the key
Minus toxicity
Insert the letter, know your self unity
To unlock PGA, I alone can't see
Disconnect from Ancestors is genetic defect
Which limits logical self-help

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Terrorists Always Attack From The Back: Definition
Unity Consciousness #651


It is possible to define terror, terrorist and terrorism in multiple ways, depending on your self-context (self-esteem).

Consider what it's like for a healthy cell invaded by a virus that wants to take the cell's resources and get the cell to work for the virus. That would be terrorism by a terrorist.
The only way a virus can get in and take over is by sneak attack from the backdoor.

Consider what it's like for a mutated cell to now receive some fight back from within the cell it attacked. The virus would certainly call it a terrorist attack.

Consider what happens when the larger immune system sends in help to either heal the cell or kill the cell. Most of those within the cell would feel terrorized, even those who have plausibly denied conscience and “to each his own” now justified, have gone over to the self-depleting terrorist side. (In a Universe based on abundance, depletion is a sure sign of terrorism.)

Can Setekh/Setesh/Setian/Setar/Set/Setifan/Ogo/Yurugu/Seth/Satan/Ares/Mars/Typhon/The Devil/Evil\Ego claim to be under terrorist attack when enough has had enough and fights back. Sure he can. And he always does cry lots of crocodile tears even as he continues to beguile with a crocodile smile.
All the while crying foul because of being attacked by sneak attack from the back. That is one kind of kickback and pushback that results from terrorist attacks – terror on terror. This terror on terror is grade-school stuff compared to what has been and is coming above, below, within and without.
The second, more powerful form of enough having enough comes from all sides. It is universal karma and is fully announced without pretense as emergences on the high end and as crisis emergencies on the low end. This universal re-balancing (righting of wrong) is also called terrorism by terrorists who insist on sticking with the low way in order to flourish for a moment in an eternal existence.

You can be certain the last breath of a virus terrorist will be spent saying three things:
1. I'm being terrorized.
2. How do you defeat an ideology?
3. If only I had more and better intelligence I could prevent this. (Intelligence as in information is the context. Intelligence as in higher should be the context.)

The one thing you will never hear a viral terrorist say is my suboptimal context (worldview, utamawazo) is my biggest problem and is self-terrorizing me to death.
[Just as body sickness is a symptom of cellular sickness,] racial disharmony is a symptom of individual disharmony. Individual disharmony is a schism-based illness that creates other schisms outside of self. This is what fosters terror in the world and all negative "isms."
From, “Family Fundamentals | Human Family Tree Is An African Family Tree”
A cell wants to live and a mutation wants to live and an incomplete, mixed up, fragmented creation (virus) wants to live – all in the same place – all in different ways - all in detriment to each other. For two of these, it is also to the detriment of self. Whose point of view you choose will match your definition of what terror, terrorist and terrorism mean. These definitions will continue to help set your current course during this portion of your spiritual journey.

Free: Optimal Definition & Suboptimal Meaning
Unity Consciousness #651


What is your definition of free? What does free mean to you?

Check yourself. Stop reading and define free for yourself right now. This understanding you have is your context and concept for what free means. Each time you hear the word free or use the word free, you brain refers to this definition that is stored in your memory. This is how the mind works. Your logic processes quickly access this definition when necessary. For this reason, every definition is important. Every definition affects your thought processes and thus, affects conclusions and decisions.

Now you can compare your definition to what the generally accepted definition is among humans who were raised in societies.

Free means:
1. doesn't cost any money and/or
2. requires nothing from you except to accept and take.

In all likelihood, your definition and the generally accepted suboptimal definition are at least a partial match.

Now compare this to a more optimal definition:
1. what the Creator has provided.
2. always requires responsibility.
3. use of freedom always involves a choice between higher and lower, conscience and ego.
4. is a process – an ongoing process.
5. requires nutrition – ongoing nutrition.
6. is the first state of life.
7. is in fundamentals, Primordials and basic needs.
8. requires struggle - just as it does for the butterfly emerging from cocoon, for seed emerging from seed coat and soil, for baby breaking through egg shell and for baby squeezing and pushing through birth canal – all this to continue to be free.
9. uniting in each other's struggle is what it takes to be free at last as we all were at first.

Feeling Free

by Ancestors through Usiku

Some are feeling their free will
Feeling free to kill
Others feeling free to sit still
Sharp is the dividing line
Not wide enough for behinds
Yet this position many are trying
And why pain runs free for a time

What Free Will Entails By Definition & Example
Unity Consciousness #419

How High Is The Writing On The Wall Of Truth?
Unity Consciousness #650


From a different angle, several understandings were again spotlighted when Hilary Clinton & Campaign Company touched upon truth by asking, “How high does the wall have to be to keep the internet out?”

1. The internet is a human attempt to duplicate the wireless communication system of spirit and the wired and wireless network within self and all else and that connects self to all else.

2. What is happening in the world is bigger than any human wall, human border, human law or human measure.
This has always been true.

3. What is happening in the world is directly positively correlated to what is happening in terms of environmental ecosystem climate change. It is the same thing in a different dimension. Thus it is the same thing in a different form.

4. What is happening in the world is unavoidable unstoppable universal karma.

5. How high does a wall have to be to keep out universal karma? The best solution to this is to chase one's own tail.

6. The height of the wall to keep out what is not desired is determined by the ideologies the wall is constructed upon and the ideologies the wall is constructed with.
In other words, the height is determined by the logical information (data and instructions) used to construct the wall. Thus the height is not the issue, rather the truths used to form connections of all the necessary pieces.

7. Like the higher self of the Creator, Hilary Clinton and her Campaign Company are Adro Adroa. Yet, like the lower self of the Creator, Hilary Clinton and her Campaign Company are so close enough to be able to touch the perimeter of truth but yet so far away from being centered in truth. The greatest obstacle being the self-obstruction of unwillingness to become one with the Creator while maintaining the unattainable goal of being the highest authority.

8. This has caused the question about the wall to be poorly formulated. In the same way the internet suffers interpretation problems, thus integration problems which causes firewall construction to always be inadequate, so also does human interrelations suffer from interpretation problems.
All the walls constructed against truth must fail and must be breached until life moves in such a fashion as if the walls are no more.
This is what is happening.
Walls to keep out the truth are being breached.

9. If sufficient understanding existed to do something about this, instead of trying to build more firewalls within societies and without (around) societies and secure gateways (alliances), questions about walls would at least include, how thick, how wide, how deep, of what materials, what will the wall enclose, what will the wall keep out, what are the dimensions of the perimeter, what will the foundation be, what forces must the wall withstand, how will the wall affect life within and without, how long can we keep this up considering the fact that when that which is outside continues to adjust, so must that which is inside walls, why do we need a wall in the first place, what are the alternatives, are we willing to do what it takes to live with walls, are we willing to do what it takes to live without walls??

10. The solution has already been formulated into the Universe such that every created being has the ability to read and comprehend what is written on the wall of truth. What shall become of us who attempt to build a wall capable of keeping this out?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Cellular Specialization, Family Symbiosis & Collective Destiny
Unity Consciousness #649


All cells contain the same DNA, the same genetics.
Cells specialize according to the needs of the organizing body (organism) they are in.
Specialty is created by which genes are turned on and off.

All cells begin as generalists (stem cells) and then become specialists, even those cells that specialize in being generalists.

Upon fertilization, cells divide into exact copies with the same exact settings until a critical mass is reached and then this critical mass begins to specialize, going from generalists to specialists.
The reason all cells do not specialize into the same things or into a few things is due to an interconnected interrelated communications network. Each cell understands the master trueprint blueprint plan for the organism and specializes according to the need remaining and for what's needed next. Cellular destiny is based on the larger need rather than personal preference.
Cells do not specialize based on what they like, dream of and want as a career. No, instead, cells specialize according to the greater good of the organism they are in. In this manner all needs are met and tasks are shared and symbiosis automatically occurs. This is how an ecosystem (family) works best. Through the fulfillment of destiny comes the continuation of life and salvation for one and for all.

All human beings began from two people. As numbers grew, humans began specializing according to the greater good of the organized group (civilization) they were in. Humans have forgotten we are also inside Earth's body, Solar System's body, Galaxy's body and Universal body.
Our specialization must be in keeping with the needs of these bodies, which, at every level, ultimately serve our needs. There is a vast communications network within and without filled with many messages to help us understand our destinies.

Whose body are we in?
By now, we must know the answer.
What is needed next?
Right now, we need to understand the answer being communicated.
This is the destiny of all those who are ready to serve the greater good, the greater need.

Comets, Asteroids, Meteors & Motion Sickness 2016-2017
Unity Consciousness #648


During these late stage Dark Age days, nearly every time something is written about comets, asteroids and meteors passing within viewing distance of Earth, five things tend to come with the territory terror story.
1. There's a fear of dying due to being hit by these creations.
2. There is a reassurance to have no fear because these creations are not going to hit us or we can just blow these creations to bits if we have to. Weapons R Us.
3. The creations are referred to as if they are not an intended part of the ecosystem we have always depended on.
4. There is always the subtext subconscious appeal to logic to have faith in the assessment that comes from a suboptimal context than to have stronger faith in the Creator, which of course, is optimized within self. (Faith and understanding are optimized within self.)
5. The creations are not understood in relation to the self within. (See, “Number One Thing You & Everyone Else Must Learn, Unity Consciousness #421)

These compounding problematic misperceptions change fairly quickly when we understand these creations as transporters, deliverers, messengers, healers, helpers, providers, care givers, ambassadors of osmosis, Calvary, primordial presents, nutrients, elements, the stuff the universe is made of, Earth is made of, the matter within Earth is made of, all life within Earth is made of and humans are made of. There is no reason to be detached from understanding these creations as self and no reason to remain paralyzed in your process of becoming due to fear and every reason to be excited the Universe is indeed conspiring and the time (motion) of sickness is expiring.

Even if it is true, some or all of us must die at the universal karma hands of comets, asteroids, meteors and meteorites, then it must also be true our dying satisfies the need incentive and is for the greater good of the Universe (the Creator).

There is no such thing as randomness, only responses to logical motions.
Comets, asteroids, meteors and meteorites are responses to logical motions within the Universe. They are coming around because of what has been going around during this spiritual journey. If these “space objects” exist to “kill us” via the “mass extinction” model of thinking, then the continuation of life-ways of knowing model tells us this is also intended to massively heal the spirits of those who have not sold their will to live as intended. Thus also, comets, asteroids, meteors, meteorites and spirits, through their transformative powers will likewise transform the forms they become: bodies, emotions and minds.

Comets, asteroids, meteors and meteorites are part of the ecosystem. You have this same ecosystem within you. Know yourself and understand all else or at least get a better sense of the motion of wealth – which includes comets, asteroids, meteors and meteorites.

Motion Sickness Is Notion Sickness, Unity Consciousness #135
No Randomness, Yet Variability Within Maat, Unity Consciousness #179

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Adversity Erosion Using Primordial Logic
Unity Consciousness #647


(Part 4 of 4)

Even in the midst of chaos at the close of this Age in the Great Year Life Cycle Of Motion, we are closing in on overcoming significant adversities. The Primordial Four understand, “insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.” In accordance with the need incentive, each of the Primordial Four have adjusted their logic to emerge out of imbalance by proportionally changing what they have been doing.
What we need to understand is we can't change what we are doing until we change our logic. Since logic is so fundamental, we are hard-pressed to change our logic without utilizing other fundamentals such as the Primordial Four.

For example, legal rights that attempt to override Rights Of Creation are a form of adversity.
It takes very little logic to recognize Rights Of Creation but it takes a whole lot of logic to ignore Rights Of Creation.
The ability to recognize Rights Of Creation is the default logic we are born with. Default logic is the ability to recognize self in and as all else. This logic sits at the earliest stages of all our logic processes. It takes a lot of human-installed logic and user-defined logic and mutations of logic to override conscience and consciousness of Rights Of Creation. Until our systems are cleansed with pure Water, Air, Sun and Earth, the bonds and connections we have made to imbalanced logic will remain skewed in place.

In the same manner as that which has been held back moves swiftly in the absence of barriers, so also does the logic that flows through to consciousness.

In a somewhat larger context, the barriers to consciousness are societies. Understanding the need incentive tells us societies must be removed as a barrier to consciousness because consciousness is a stronger universal need than the lack thereof. Societies are right in the path of the way between where the Creator is and where the Creator needs to go.

Once what is holding the Creator back is breached by the energies flowing and accumulating downstream, all that stood against consciousness will be completely washed away, blown away, melted away and consumed away.

Imbalance is imploding in the form of chaos and crisis emergencies. Consciousness is exploding in the form of pre-2012 and post 2012 shifts back towards fundamentals. Logic is exploding in the form of resetting historical and universal contexts. Genetics are reloading in the form of resupplying and reformulating. Adversity is eroding in the form of all lesser Gods used to give a false sense of stability to imbalance.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Primordials, Nutrients & Pure Power Of Perception
Unity Consciousness #646


(Part 3 of 4)

The Creator uses logistics and other aspects of creation such as plants and humans to move Water, Air, Sun and Earth. This constant movement of Primordials through us means we are participants in the circulatory system (ecosystem) of the Creator. Whatever is going on in the Creator, will, sooner or later, go on in us. One of the things this means is that the power displayed by the Primordial Four flows through us and is us. This power flows through in various forms.
Water rises, Earth exerts sway, Sun pierces veils and Wind wields freedom every which way.
We are these things.
We know we are Water and we oughta know we are Earth.
We are Water, Earth, Air and Sun moving through Water, Earth, Air and Sun.
As such we are Earth Movers. Every time we move, we move Earth. Each time we move stuff, a thing, an item or some bling, we move Earth. Same is true for the other Primordials. We are Water Movers, Air Movers and Sun Movers.
We came into being through the Primordial Four. We continue being because of them. The Primordials are the powers to be.

The power of the Primordial Four does not stop with this understanding.
We move them and they move us.
The Primordial Four can help move us from a dormant phase to an awakening phase.
In the same way plants and seeds are awakened from dormancy by the Primordial Four, so are we. We must again enter into a respectful relationship with the Primordial Four and take more of them into us in their pure form. By taking these fundamental steps, we add the purity of their motion (energy) to our motion (energy).

This motion builds and seeds are awakened by this logic to germinate. This is what it takes for seeds to germinate. It takes persistency and patience of the Primordial Four.
By using back door logic, we can understand the same thing.
The reason we decompose into Water, Air, Sun and Earth is that we are composed of the Four Primordials.
Both our infrastructure and that which powers us is built upon the basis of the Primordial Four.
What the human perceives as smallness contains entirety and what humans perceive as largeness is simply a particle, yet all of it is pure power, even the power of perception.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Primordials Help Balance & Equalize Ecosystem Climates
Unity Consciousness #645


(Part 2 of 4)

The Primordial Four (Water, Air, Sun, Earth) are major components of an ecosystem within the Universal Ecosystem.
As such, understanding changes in the condition of the Primordial Four, helps us understand changes taking place in the ecosystem within Earth and the ecosystem within self.

The higher spiritual calling of the Ancestors is one such understanding we can understand through the mirror image of the Primordial Four. As discussed before elsewhere, a shift absolutely is taking place in consciousness. One of the ways this shift manifests itself is through climate change global warming. This is because the shift is also taking place in the consciousness of the Creator per as above, so below.
The Primordial Four are shifting the ecosystem away from the lower spiritual calling of imbalance and towards the higher spiritual calling of balance.
The Primordial Four are shifting the ecosystem away from the imbalance that has been masquerading as balance. The ecosystem might seem to be in upheaval as if it's a bad thing, but the upheaval is actually the upsetting of the imbalance established by the lower spiritual nature.
The Primordial Four are reinforcers of natural law.
This is so because the Primordial Four lie at the foundation of life and existence and are four cornerstones. When the Primordial Four are weakened, balance is off point. When the Primordial Four are strengthened, balance is on point.
The motions of the Primordial Four tells us they have gained understanding of what is happening to them and are increasing in strength. Through their evolutionary motions, the Primordial Four allways disprove inequality (imbalance) as a lasting viable ideology.
In other words, Earth and the world of human interactions, is being prepared to move away from inequality and towards equality. As such, there must be upheaval of imbalance in order for balance to be restored. There must be purging through emergence. As explained before elsewhere, this emergence must be experienced as crisis emergency for lives following the way of lower spiritual nature-based societies. There will be more crisis emergencies related to Water, Air, Sun and Earth. Look around globally and we will already see this. Look no further because it is going to get worse for those of us who do not go about changing in a hurry.
All the Chicken Little clucking of the status quo is due to their imbalance being exposed for all of its weaknesses straight to the core of ideologies.

We will make the necessary adjustments and be alright as long as we are aware the Primordial Four and their twin elements are seeking to restore the balance of the Trinity within self:
1. Water and Hydrogen and Spiritual
2. Air and Oxygen and Mental
3. Sun and Nitrogen and Emotional
4. Earth and Carbon and Physical

As such, our divine dominant natural advantage is not double-stranded. It is triple-stranded in a 4x3 interconnected interrelated web way.

The Primordial Four are purifiers. Each one separately and in combinations.
By communing with the Primordial Four, understanding can be gained on how to adjust behavior in order to move in harmony with the motions of the Primordial Four.

The Primordial Four are clarifiers, activators, revitalizers, invigorators, initiators, immunizers, messengers, transmitters, transporters, facilitators, conductors, resistors, healers, spell breakers, bond breakers, bond makers, alarm clocks, early warning and detection systems and alarm clocks for what is happening to humans.
In other words, whatever is happening with the Primordial Four is already happening within humans to some degree and will continue to happen to humans to a greater degree in the same manner climate is changing to a greater, more easily noticeable degree. This is so because what is happening is Universal.
There is a time delay, because there is a motion delay. Motion at point A takes time to reach point B; therefore someone looking at the motion of point A without recognizing the motion is heading towards point B, is in a world of hurt before the hurt arrives. In other words, the way the motions of Water, Air, Sun and Earth are changing their patterns of behavior are predictors of what is going to happen to human patterns of behavior. When the Primordial Four begin their full-fledge dealings with America, we will be able to count the days, on fingers and toes, when balance will be restored. It is already building slowly and when all the energy of the Primordial Four come together and are released at once, in the physical portion of this dimension, it will be the climax of climate change.
As a result, those things upon which the society holds most important and that has given the society its temporary power must not be relied upon as a major portion of the strategy for living. Reliance on these ways of living must diminish in keeping with the diminishing stronghold on consciousness and the diminishing fa├žade of where the balance of power lies. If you have a computer or phone or access to one, you live in one of the societies that has been discussed in many ways throughout these messages. You must take evasive action from the imbalanced ways of these societies as the pervasive power of the Primordial Four continues to take action to restore balance (equality, liberty and justice for all).

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Primordials: Expanded Definition, Meanings & Human Anatomy
Unity Consciousness #644


(Part 1 of 4)

Expanded Definition, Meanings and Understandings

The Primordials are those aspects of the Creator who were in existence in the very early stages of creation of this Universe. Some of the Primordials were in existence in the Dimension of Oneness. Others came into existence in the dimensions created shortly thereafter. The Primordials are foundational (fundamental) to our origin, our beginning, our life and our existence. This is so because the Primordials are those things.

The primary placement of the Primordials within the nature of the Creator and within the order of Creation, informs us as to the primary importance of the Primordials to our understanding of self and all else.

There are many Primordials such as the Elements, Atoms, Pre-atomic particles, DNA/RNA genetics, Water, Air, Sun, Moon Earth, Spirit and more. For humans,* all creation which came before us are Primordials to us. This includes plants, insects and other animals. For humans, all Primordials are our Roots, our Ancestors, our Parents. They are in us. They are our inheritance and we are their legacy.**

What has been said up to this point is that the Primordials are the metaforms of humans (the before forms of humans).
This means the Primordials, singularly and/or in formula recipe combinations, are metaphors (mirror images) of humans. This means humans and the Primordials are each other's reflection. The Primordials are reflected through humans and humans are reflected through the Primordials.
For example, when we speak of human anatomy, we are saying we are composed of Atoms, which is a Primordial. Anatomy is an+atomy. Based on the suffix “y” and the context of usage, atomy means a lot of Atoms just as juicy means a lot of juice. In other words, atomy is a collection of Atoms. Humans are “an” collection of “Atoms.” Humans are a collection of the Primordials.

For the moment, our willingness to understand more about the Primordials will be guided by the Primordial Four (Water, Air, Sun, Earth), due to their familiarity even at Giri So. This allows the fundamental to have conversations with the basic in order to help us move beyond basic understandings of life and existence and get back to fundamental understandings. The more fundamental our understandings are, the more fulfilling life will be. This is true because when our understandings move towards the fundamental, our motions also move towards the fundamental. This causes us to logically fulfill our most fundamental needs. These needs exceed the basic needs of basic understanding and move towards and beyond the 64 basic needs that are spiritual.
In this manner, we evolve and are saved – by ourselves and earlier forms of ourselves.

The Primordial Four, and several other Primordials, have been discussed throughout these messages. Even when not mentioned, due to their Primordial intentions, they mention themselves.
They continuously speak on their own behalf on our behalf.
For them, there is no other way, because They are Us and We are They.
As such, the Primordials are The Way. They continue their living through us and we continue our living through them.

*Although most of what is said applies to other creations also, this discussion will tend to focus on humans because we humans must start with a more oneness conception of ourselves in order to better understand other creations. A better understanding of other creations is a non-negotiable component of becoming one with the Creator. Thus, knowing the self in all else, is essential to our salvation, thus, our next level continuation in this life and the next.

So, this series not only focuses mainly on the Primordial Four, it also focuses mainly on humans. This must be kept in mind in order to maintain the flexibility necessary to contract and expand as we move through this portion of our process of becoming one with the Creator.

**This begs questions of, What kind of legacy are we leaving to be inherited by the creations who come after humans? Who are we the Primordials to? Will they treat us the way we are treating our Primordials?

Lastly, let us be certain to always remember, that the more we gain a fundamental understanding of anything, whether we agree with it or not, the more we will understand more about self and the more we will understand about all else. In fact, to be in balance, we must seek fundamental understanding of that which we like and don't like because those twin understandings will help us understand the nature of the same within self that we like and don't like. These dual understandings will also help us stop being fooled or fooling ourselves when something we like or don't like about self or in others or in the world, is something we already understand but is simply in another form. We will recognize more of what is for what it is and we will understand how to react within, in order to respond without.

If everything in the previous paragraph is not already happening based on what we already think we know, then whatever understandings we currently have, they are not yet fundamental enough to get us to where we need to go.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Final Thoughts About Time & Our Motions
Unity Consciousness #643


(Part 12 of 12)

Final Thoughts (For The Moment)

Yes, history repeats itself because motion repeats itself. History will continue to repeat until motion changes in essence (balance). What we have experienced is motion changing in form but not in spiritual essence balance, thus history has continued to repeat, just in a different form. For instance, this is why slavery and enslavement is still widespread throughout the planet, with most people being unaware of their condition.

Yes, what goes around comes around because motion travels circularly, elliptically and curilinearly. Motion catches up to and follows us in this lifetime and/or in another lifetime even if we are in a different form as spirit only or whether in the form of our descendants or whether in another physical form. And because energy picks up energy as it moves along its logical path, when it returns to you, it has multiplied. Universal karma and time also helps explain some of this.

This multi-part discussion began with how we track time. We now realize we are off in our tracking of time, thus our timing is off. That is to say our motion is off, our rhythm is off, our thinking is off and our behavior is off. We could already tell this but did not understand it.
It's not just a matter of being off, but of being stagnant in our maturation process.

Our Mother is spirit and that spirit is energy and that energy is motion. Same is true of our Father. Same is true of us. We are not Earthlings. We are spirit, motion and energy. Same is true for all creation.
Can you measure the Universe or count its repeating motions?
When you are able to,
You will fully understand you.
You will also find the hidden places
Where Amma and them dress and undress creations
And upon your arrival at Oneness
You, having no more questions to ask,
Will be asked to assist with everything.
Until then, what are you counting on?

Empathy, Empathic & Sympathy: Definitions and Meanings
Unity Consciousness #642


Sympathy requires being able to see other creations as self.
Sympathy is being able to feel and consider for others what is felt and considered for self.
Sympathy is seeing other creations as equal.
As such, sympathy can be sharing feelings of sadness or happiness or being worthy of the same rights and privileges and the same punishments.
If this is not true, then what is it called to be happy for someone because they are happy?

Empathy is said to be the same as sympathy except it is having the same experience as another, thus being able to feel for others what has been felt for self with a greater degree of understanding.

Empathy (empathic) appears to be a synonym rather than a word with different meaning. Empathy suggests having the same experience is necessary for deeper understanding. This goes against our ability to translate the feelings we've had for any experience into feelings for another experience. It goes against our ability to put ourselves into another person's shoes mentally, emotionally and spirituality and imagine what it would be like by using all information about the experiences of others and the experiences of self. We can do this.
Thus, this makes empathy the same as sympathy, whether or not we've had the same exact experience in the same exact way.

Either you have sympathy or you don't.

The ability to have feelings for another and understand their feelings does not come from having the same experience. It comes from having the same essence. As long as we understand we have the same spiritual essence then we can be sympathetic with or without experience, thus have no need for empathy.

Consider this: If the same experience is required in order to understand at a better, deeper level, then it would not be possible for us to learn from the failures and successes of others unless we had the same experience. We could not learn lessons from the experiences of others.

Empathy, empathic and sympathy have confusing definitions as found in common usage and in dictionaries.
Having the ability to feel sorry for someone is not different from being able to put ourselves in their position. Having the same experience is not a requirement. Having a conscience is.

Decide To Nurture Your Conscience And Let It Be Your Guide, Unity Consciousness #283

Doublespeak & Triplespeak: Definitions and Meanings
Unity Consciousness #641


Doublespeak is a defining characteristic of societies. It means saying two contradictory things at once.
The secondary surface meaning of the words is for public consumption.
The primary meaning of the intentions is what will be practiced.

Triplespeak is the greater ability to say three things at once. The first two meanings are used to deceive two different groups based on the different contexts these groups use. The third meaning is the primary intention of the words and is what will be practiced.

Doublespeak and triplespeak is being used all day every day in every way in societies. It's just what societies do.

Just practice listening for it.
Take anything that's said and write down what you think it means.
Then write down what they want you to believe.
Then write down what is being practiced.
If all these are not the same, then doublespeak or triplespeak is taking place.

In a war, everything is ammunition.

The Creator Was The First To Have Sex & Make Love
Unity Consciousness #640


Sex is for the fundamental continuation of life by joining of complementary energies so energies can recreate themselves in another form (dimension) and mirror image.

Through sexual reproduction within self (asexual reproduction*), the Creator conceived (conception) the spirit-soul of female and male. This took place in the womb of the Creator. The female aspect of the Creator then gave birth to the male aspect in physical form. This birth was the transformation and transition of the male from within Oneness to a state of matter outside of Oneness. This matter was in the form of the moundtain that rose up erect out of the creative waters. Nun and Ptah then combined their energies and produced Atum. Atum is the Word. The Word spoke and combined this energy with other energy and brought the rest of creation into being (development). Each of these creations is sexual reproduction because it is the combining of complementary energies.

Sex is mainly for the purpose of procreation. Procreation is the process of creation
Thus, sex by two aspects of creation is the recreation and mirror image of what the Creator has already done - spirit combining the energies of self through a creative process to create another form of self.
Sex is supposed to be a marriage, union, bonding, creative, nutritional, healing, strengthening, balancing process.
The culmination of a creative process results in the accumulation of energy that is then passed on. This accumulation of energy is what we experience, in one sense, as climax (orgasm). See UC#639. This is not totally different from a movie climax where all things come to a head or not at all different from a volcanic eruption. The former is an interpretation of the logical process** of sex while the latter is a translation.

Sex at the metaphysical level (spiritual) is the principles of the feminine and masculine energies coming together. Through their interaction and exchange of energies, the Universe keeps going and energy is also created. It keeps the Universe in equilibrium and harmony is reinforced. Sex is life giving. Sex, in this context, is a ritual to strengthen life force (spirit). It is understood as a re-creation of being and imitation of divine forces. If not understood as such, then sex weakens and depletes. Once understood then, sex becomes sacred and special and is to be shared only during sacred circumstances and times.
Quoted and paraphrased from, ”Dr. Marimba Ani - Cleansing Ourselves Of European Concepts” (Sex at 1:52:00 but must be understood in context of the entire teaching)
Handmaids, Wives & Wombs: Bilhah, Zilpah & Jacob Israel, Unity Consciousness #488

Also Related: Orgasmic Psychology UC#23

*The Creator as One contains both sex genes. Both are functional. When the One created the Many (us), the sex genetics were divided just as Creation was divided. Females and males both have within them the sex genes to be male OR female. One set of these genes is turned on and the other set is turned off.

**Logical is spiritual.

If you've made it this far and are still convinced the Creator did not and does not have sex in the sacred sense described above, then just how far does being created in the image of God go – in appearance only? Of course not because appearance is based on genetics and more than appearance comes from genetics. We know then, we are created also in the spiritual image of God. Why did the Spirit of God get Mary pregnant with Jesus? (See UC#518). Now use this reminder of understanding you already had, as additional context to reassess this message. Then if that doesn't help, consider the fact that we know sex has an emotional component and a mental component, so it must also have a spiritual component and an associated spiritual understanding. We often call the spiritual component of sex -making love. Well, why wouldn't the Creator also make love in creating the universe. If we are capable of something, so is the Creator.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Defining Meanings: Routine Spontaneous Excitement Climax
Unity Consciousness #639


Common & Fundamental Definitions Of Routine

One of the most common definitions is a routine is a series of steps performed that same way each time such that it becomes regular, boring, dull, unexciting, unimaginative and painfully predictable.

In contrast, the fundamental definition of routine is: logic. Logic is a process.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Fundamental Meaning Of Routine

Based on all messages relayed thus far about logic and process, you know routine is a wonderful thing. Routines are necessary for systems such as the ecosystem to work. The universal ecosystem, Earth's ecosystem and our body ecosystem all depend on routine. As such, routines exist due to imagination and the creative process. What does it take to get the routine of your heartbeat and breathing to work together? These routines excite me, just as the routines that allow me to walk, talk, etc.
A routine can be detrimental if you stick to it without review, edit or updating. Because everyone and everything is changing, so must routine.

Common & Fundamental Definitions Of Spontaneous

One of the most common definitions of spontaneous is: something unplanned, that goes with the flow, is down with whatever, being willing to do something new without edit or review, something not given much thought or analysis, something done on the spur of the moment that is thrilling, stimulating, fun and exciting.

In contrast, the fundamental definition of spontaneous is: something that happens on its own or is decided without an outside influence being the initiator or main factor. Creation by the Creator was and is spontaneous.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Fundamental Meaning Of Spontaneous

Spontaneous is necessary to allow free will to function. Spontaneity occurs with every decision and with every continuation of a decision.
Being spontaneous is what allows you to act of your own accord without regard to the Creator or any created being. Though this carries with it a lot of power and responsibility, this part is usually left out of the decision-making process.

Some Examples Of Both

1. Digestion is a routine. Digestion is spontaneous.
Isn't it boringly exciting to know the body is working everyday on its own without consultation from the brain in your head?

2. Waking up and getting dressed are routines. Isn't it exciting to be able to do these things?
If these processes were spontaneous in the sense of the most common definition, and you woke up differently, without planning and just went along with what ever felt good at the moment in getting dressed and did this differently every day, you might be stimulated by it, but your day and all the other routines you depend on would be thrown off. This would not be exciting.

3. Practice is routine. If practice is boring, the thought of self-improving must also be boring.
If you're prone to crave and look for spontaneity, look no further than yourself. Just as you've been told, know yourself and know all else, including know spontaneity.
In other words, if you are bored by routine, it's not the routine itself that's the problem. It's what you are looking to get out of the routine. This has been mostly explained in UC#626.

4. The variety of foods existing on Earth is the result of routine and spontaneity.

5. I don't know about you, but the routine spontaneous reactions which cause Hydrogen and Oxygen to get together and form Water is exciting to think about and drink a lot.

Routine is within yourself. The spontaneous nature is within self. Some of both happens on its own. Some of both is up to you.

Clearly, spontaneous DOES NOT MEAN without planning, thought, reason, or logic. The opposite is true. Spontaneity depends on these things.
Here's another way to understand this point by understanding the fundamental definition of excitement: What we feel, think and experience as the good kind of “excitement” is simply the awakening of the same seed of logic that created the Universe.* When that logic encounters something new and different, the energy within self must create new logic and connections within you. It pulsates and vibrates at a higher level which creates a wave of excitement flowing through you that is stimulating. It is the spark of the moment during the spur of the moment. All of this logical routine process is the excitement you experience. Yes this makes you feel alive and crave more because it feeds the spirit of life within you.
Therefore, what you crave is actually your natural state of existence. You crave to know and experience yourself more often and more fully. You want to be immersed in this feeling which is to say you crave oneness with the stronger higher spiritual nature within self and within all else. You want these connections to be reinvigorated but you go about this the wrong way because you understand routine, spontaneity and excitement the wrong way. You are not alone.
More of the truth is that you can experience more of this excitement if you utilize your routines more fully, as intended, as an initiate of learning, in accordance with destiny, in the process of becoming one with the Creator of Routine & Spontaneity & Excitement.

*As indicated in UC#635, kinetic energy and potential energy and the transformation of one into the other is at the fundamental root level of all motion (energy). This motion, when you experience it, is a routine, spontaneous, exciting series of chemical reactions.
Once logic is activated and processes information to produce thought and that energy continues with other thought energy being added, which is often enhanced by physical sensation and stimulation, all this energy builds until it exceeds the threshold of its dimension. Thus it must be transferred to the next dimension.**
It is like spontaneous combustion of excitement within self just as Creation was a Big Bang Of Excitement within the Creator. I'm sure you can imagine this to be so and thus also understand why the use of logic that is the creative process that brings about the release of creative energy via a “climax” is also caused by routine process, is also spontaneous and is exciting. Creation was a climax of logic on all levels. It is possible to experience the stimulating feeling of climax emotionally, mentally and spiritually, not just physically. In fact, a lot of the climax excitement you experience in life is of the non-physical kind. This you already know. You will remember this when you reflect on what is exciting to you and list the reasons why and then compare that to the understandings in this message.

**Same is true of understanding. As it builds and exceeds the capacity of a dimension, that energy must be transferred. This is what is called growth, development, maturity and evolution. Each of these take place physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
**This is the same concept as to why bubbles break the surface when water boils. The energy building up in the water, exceeds the capacity of the water to hold more energy unless energy is released from the Water dimension into the Air dimension. Boiling water is the climax of energy. This is also the same principle as osmosis – a movement of energy from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. (See UC#77).

In the same manner that the Big Bang was an explosion, the Big Bang was a climax of creative juices (energies). In the same manner, a sexual climax is an explosion and is a Big Bang. In the same manner, anger also climaxes, explodes and is a Big Bang. Same is true when laughter erupts.
Asante Sana for listening. Now meditation.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Habit Forming Seeds | Poem
Unity Consciousness #638


Habit Forming Seeds

by Ancestors through Usiku

Going in self-first
Reattaching to metaform birth
Deep inside a habit hole
Seeking what seeds logic flows
Neuro, amino, po tolo
Every habit breeds a habit
Every habit feeds a habit
It's the logical way potential grows
Process is a basic need so spirit seeds
Can grow back into oneness deep within the whole

Twin Context Of Time:
Repetitive Circular & Non-Repetitive Linear
Unity Consciousness #637


(Part 11 of 12)

1 – Repetitive Time (Motion)

a) Circular (round) and Elliptical (oval) and Curvilinear (a curved line connected to itself by both ends).

b) Circular Eternal and Elliptical Eternal and Curvilinear Eternal.

c) Continuous. Past, present and future depend on each other and are each other because they transition from and into each other in constant continuation. Because life is spirit and spirit is motion and motion is time, life cannot have continuity unless time also has continuity. One of the main laws that has allowed you to be, is the continuity of the genealogy in the spiritual family tree that came from one seed celestially and one seed within Earth. This one seed has become all the people that have existed on Earth, do exist on Earth and will exist on Earth. This is possible due to the repetition of genetics that continues in one big multi-layered, multi-dimensional continuous loop.

d) Spiritual. Based on Spirit.

e) Motion varies by shape, speed and balance.

f) Linear in the extremely short run and circular/elliptical/curvilinear in the short run and long run.

g) The shortest distance between begin point and endpoint is a circle, otherwise there's no way to come full circle in the shortest distance. There's no way to benefit from understanding unless where you started from and where you are, are connected AND where you came from to get to where you started from are connected AND where you are is connected to where you are going AND where you are going is connected to where you came from. Also, there's no way to benefit from understanding unless another cycle is available to apply understanding gained in previous cycles. These cycles are all connected concentrically, rainbow-style, as part of one circle. To come full circle is to orbit one's own axis (pivot point) by turning upon one's own core.
The shortest distance between front and back, flipping the script, turning the page, turning over a new leaf and reversing course is a semi-circle. The shortest distance between two points of an extremely short distance is a straight line.

h) Optimal.

2 – Non-Repetitive Time (Motion)

a) Linear (straight line not connected).

b) Linear Eternal.

c) Discontinuous (time ends and motion ends, even though the system of telling time is based on the repetitive motions of Sun and Earth. In other words, time is repetitive for the life that is Earth and Sun but not repetitive for life that is human and other creations. For some humans religiously, life is continuous but only in the sense of going somewhere else and doing nothing else but living forever happily ever after and having no responsibility to put to good use the supposed enlightenment that comes from entering the afterlife. You just get to leave a mess behind and not have to go through a repeating cycle of life where unfinished business can be corrected and completed until perfected. What's the point of being able to see through a glass clearly and to come into knowledge of self without effort and then rest in peace and not put that knowledge to good use, somehow, somewhere in the Universe, especially on Earth where there are loved ones still trying to figure it out for themselves what you now know. What's the point of finally knowing how to do something and then not doing it again or building upon the understanding when doing something else? As we understand more about spirit, life, motion, time and energy, we understand something's wrong with the story. A big part of the missing understanding is that those who transition from this life are not out there somewhere in a heaven or hell. They are here. They are us and they are in us. They are trying to help us and tell us things and get through to us in many many ways because we are their continuation of life in this form.
The linear religious view of time, life and motion tells us that we get to die unperfected and then become perfected by virtue of dying as long as we go through the routines of so-called salvation, even if those routines do not move us closer to knowledge of self.
Current motion is not a continuation of previous motion. Thus past, present and future have no continuity. The present matters, the future kinda matters but the past definitely does not matter). The Ancestors are of no cause and no effect today or tomorrow.

d) Physical. Based on matter.

e) A segment (fragment of Circular/Elliptical/Curvilinear time).

f) Linear in the short run and long run.

g) The shortest distance between two points is a straight line

h) Suboptimal.

Several Reasons Time Speeds Up & Slows Down
Unity Consciousness #636


(Part 10 of 12)

1. Degree of oneness of understandings.
Oneness of understanding unites motion (energy, spirit) which increases momentum (speed) and strength (motion of oneness) and the ability to cross dimensions.
2. Coordination of motion.
3. Persistency of learning.
4. Position on the learning curve (circle).
5. Number of repetitions necessary to complete a task, changes.
6. Distance from the source (center, origin, nucleus, Sun, womb).
7. Motion has a dual, fixed and variable nature causing it to initiate, emanate, dissipate and cessate. Each of these are transitions of transformation of motion.
Thus, within repeating cycles of motion (time), there are repeating cycles of faster and slower motion (time) of varying duration, yet is it fixed that this will occur. In other words, the length of “a second” changes.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Atomic & Nun/Ptah/Atum Context
Fundamental Units Of Motion (Time)
Unity Consciousness #635


(Part 9 of 12)

The smallest unit of time must involve the formation of atoms and their pre-atomic component particles.

Atomic Context*

Before there is genetics, there is the atomic.
Everything is the interaction of energy at the atomic and pre-atomic levels (dimensions).
A neutron is neutral because it contains both positive and negative.
A neutron went through a chemical reaction (metamorphosis, transformation).
The energy of the motion released, resulted in the proton.
Neutron and proton interacted and electron was formed.

Nun/Ptah/Atum Context**

The atomic level of Creation is the mirror image of the metaform that came before it – Spirit.***
Metaform is metaphor.

Before there is atomic, there is Spirit.
Spirit motion is the first motion of this Creation we are in.

Everything is the interaction of Spirit.
Spirit existed before there was such a thing as dimension because there was oneness – no separation.

Then, Spirit took liquid matter**** in the form of the Waters of Nun and transformed some of it into the solid matter of the moundtain of Ptah. This was the first motion of this Creation.
The smallest, yet highest unifier and common delineator of motion must contain the essence of this Spirit motion.

This Spirit motion can be generally said to be the amount of time it takes to transform potential energy into kinetic energy and then kinetic energy into potential energy. Both took place during the making of Ptah.

1. Nun is the neutral Spirit. Nun contains female and male.
2. After Ptah was transformed, Nun and Ptah interacted and Atum came into being. The atom was named after Atum even though Atum is the electron. The neutron/proton/electron is the mirror image trinity of Nun/Ptah/Atum.

*The atomic context of motion is the physical context, matter context and material context.
**The Nun/Ptah/Atum context of motion is the Spirit context, Creator context and Oneness context.
***The atomic had to be patterned after something that came before it. Something created in the absence of logic cannot itself become logic, and even if so, could not remain logic for long.
****Spirit and matter pre-existed within the Creator as Oneness.

Genetics | Fundamental Units Of Motion (Time)
Unity Consciousness #634


(Part 8 of 12)


Before there is a logic process, there is a genetic motion.
Genetics are the nuts and bolts, pieces and particles and components of logic.
Genetics are the main storehouse memory location of information (data and instructions).
Genetics contain data and instructions for default, preset logic and user-defined logic.

Logic & Logical Impulsive Behavior
Fundamental Units Of Motion (Time)
Unity Consciousness #633


(Part 7 of 12)


Logic is any process used to manipulate and/or discriminate,
This means all processes are examples of logic because all processes are for the purpose of manipulation and/or discrimination.

Logic is used to figure something out, calculate something, compute something, understand something, accomplish something, convert something or transform something.
Logic is simply the process that moves or attempts to move something from one step, stage or point to the next step, stage or point.
This means logic is logistics.
This also means every motion is caused by logic, is due to logic and is an example of logic.*
Your pulse, heartbeat, breathing and digestion take place due to logic.
Logic is the process that guides the motion of energy.
Logic uses information (data and instructions) from all the senses. (see Part 4).
The information used by logic processes not only includes new information, but also old information, previous understandings and all contexture (especially, self-context/self-concept/identity/self-esteem).

Impulsive Behavior

Almost all logic is automated thought.**
This automated logic (thought) is preset, default and factory-installed.
This logic guides all involuntary motion (such as heartbeat) and semi-involuntary motion (such as breathing) and some voluntary motion.
This means not all of this automated thought is automatic, as in, we have no control over it. We can program and re-program a great deal of our own logic. And we do. We program logic and automate it until it becomes automatic. In this sense, much of the logic we use in our thought processes becomes automatic based on our own doings. To accomplish this takes time (a lot of motion). Eventually we tend to refer to this logic and use it over and over without making adjustments to the process or to the information the process uses. Our thought processes refer to this logic over and over instantly without a second thought. As a result, this logic resides in a large quickly accessed cache of “go to” logic. It happens so quickly, it becomes automatic and we are no longer aware of it. As a further result then, we often mistake this logic for the type of impulse that comes out of nowhere over which we have no control and no chance of stopping. This is not true at all.
Most of the behavior we currently call impulsive behavior is to be expected because it is pre-selected and then perfected into logic until it becomes automated and automatic.
Then, when the moment comes that contains information related to that logic, our well-trained brain computers process this logic so quickly, we can't stop ourselves, even when we are trying to hide our thoughts, because we're so used to using that same logic on a regular basis.

”I don't know what came over me.” is usually a false statement. Yes you do. You have underestimated the power of your logic to takes bits and pieces of information and bring it all together and produce a thought. In other words, you may not have ever thought to call someone out their name, but all the bytes and packets of data and instructions that you think about the person is used by your logic to pull everything together for you. This is a good thing. This allows us to encounter lots of information and not yet understand it and all the while our logic is constantly processing the information to try to make sense of it.
The impulse to breathe is one type of logic-guided pulsation of energy. The impulse to deceive is another type of impulse that is also logic-guided. It is in the same category of impulsive behavior as many of our thoughts, emotions, actions and inactions.
Using impulse as an excuse does not add up except when using plausible deniability as the fudge factor to make up the difference.

Another example of impulsive behavior that we program ourselves:
We trade what we can take with us for what we can't.
*This then means all motion is logical to different degrees of completeness which speaks to the degree of understanding which speaks to the degree of flaws in the logic (in the data and/or the instructions).
Everything is logical. All logic is not optimal.
**Of the little bit of logic that is not automated, most of it becomes automated.

Pulsation & Impulsive Behavior
Fundamental Units Of Motion (Time)
Unity Consciousness #632


(Part 6 of 12)


Before there is a vibration wave, there is a pulsation.
A pulsation is energy moving from within its center point (core, nucleus, origin) to outside its center point, causing that energy to be distinguishable (discernible).
A pulsation is the same thing as a pulse.

We know a pulsation is much faster than vibration when we speak of electrical impulses within humans, other life forms and within Earth.
We also know, in terms of human behavior, “acting on impulse” occurs much faster than a current thought can fully form.
What we also need to know is this:
There is such a thing as impulsive behavior that occurs very slowly.
In the sense that acting on impulse means acting without thinking in the moment, many of us act impulsively without understanding it to be so.
The pulse of thought energy that eventually shows itself as our impulsive behavior started long before the moment the behavior takes place.
In other words, and as said earlier, there is a lot of slow-developing impulsive behavior taking place.
This we shall soon understand.

Vibration Waves | Fundamental Units Of Motion (Time)
Unity Consciousness #631


(Part 5 of 12)

Vibration Wave Motion Is More Fundamental Than Thought Motion

Before there is a thought motion, there is a vibration wave.
A vibration wave is a forth and back motion. A two-part cycle.*
A vibration wave is the same thing as a vibration and the same thing as a wave.

A vibration wave is how the collective energy of motion travels.
This travel takes place throughout the Spirit web, the Earthly Web and the Web within self.**
Each of these webs is more vast and intricate than the world wide web (

You've Got Some Nerves

by Ancestors through Usiku

Look at your nerves
Through the mirror image of spider's web
And the vibration motion of initiation
Will connect understanding with common thread

*What we perceive as back and forth motion, might just be a tight orbit.
**This is true of the former three webs for three reasons: they are primary creations, were created at higher dimensions and created with higher vibrations of thought.

Dominant & Recessive Natural Advantages & Balance Of Power
Unity Consciousness #630


What's True

The Creator, via the free will of the lower spiritual nature, and aided by consent of citizens, has fashioned societies which have placed many recessive natural advantages in the way of the ways to becoming one with the Creator. Most of these challenges are built into the society's systems (institutions large and small) and are accented and acted out by nearly all citizens in some form or another, but always against self.

What's Also True

The Creator, via the greater foresight of the higher spiritual nature, has built-in many dominant natural advantages in the ecosystem of self and the larger ecosystem. This DNA, in tandem, as is the deeper nature of twin power, can overcome all challenges of societies and its citizens. This is true even when the society is at full strength and citizens behave as if they are stronger than understanding allows. This is also true even when a supposed majority believes itself stronger than the power inherent in the oneness of one of any creation. All that's needed is our free will consent (willingness) to initiate the needed adjustments to become the way we really want to go.

This set of advantages more than levels all fields of motion.

Universal Laws Balance Powers Of Justice | Poem
Unity Consciousness #629


Universal Laws Balance Powers Of Justice

by Ancestors through Usiku

Even if workings of heart and thought are not publicized
The way humans are trained to recognize
It doesn't mean these workings are not broadcast wide
Beyond nucleotide and astral tide
To where all spirits and matters are universally tried
Against pre-established laws used to decide
Which creations continue to proceed
And which continue back to be rectified
All objections and appeals hereby denied
Until we become justice - balanced to one side
Understanding judges and verifies
The universal need incentive is being satisfied

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I, Spiritsphere | Poem
Unity Consciousness #628


I, Spiritsphere

by Ancestors through Usiku

I pluck a star note from my belt
With oneness thought
Distinguish myself
Spiritual and material
Procreator and Procreation
From vibration waves
Of concentric pulsation
I link ear and heart drums
Tune them in to passion
Rearrange constellations
Reorient imaginations
Reshape situations
Match and differentiate tones
From one star and one thought
And I have just begun

Thought | Fundamental Unit Of Motion (Time)
Unity Consciousness #627


(Part 4 of 12)

Smallest Unit Of Time Is Much Smaller Than A “Second”

This, we already know – split second, fraction of a second, tenth of a second, hundreth of a second, millisecond, nanosecond and so on.
These measurements clearly prove we know there is motion much smaller than a second; yet, we continue to use a second as the base unit of time.

Since time is based on the repetition of cycles of motion, shouldn't time be based on the smallest repeating cycle of motion?

Thought Motion Is More Fundamental Than A “Second”

Before there is a unit of time called a second, there is a thought.
We know many thoughts take place quicker than a second.
A thought is the result of a process that uses information from the senses.*
This information is data and instructions already within and/or data and instruction input.**
Thought process is actually a series of processes that transfers, transmits and relays information through a network of additional information until a response can be achieved.
The response informs our central brain as to what the information means. This response can range from I don't know to I understand and from interpretation to translation.

Thought goes by many names such as notion, idea, intuition, wisdom, imagination...

By the way, a feeling is an emotional thought. We know how fast we get feelings or can feel something.
A thought is a mental feeling.
Whether we are thinking or feeling and regardless of what we are thinking or feeling, we are just going through the repetitive motions - of thought.

*There are more senses than the basic seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching/feeling.

**Bits and pieces of information are bytes and packets of data and instructions.
“...the nature of the particular set of assumptions (e.g., about the nature of reality, knowledge, how one knows, human identity, what is of value), become the intangible force gestating consciousness giving birth to perceptions, thoughts, feelings, meanings, and subsequently behavior... A sense of self alienated from its interconnecting core and moral compass informs discontinuous and fragmented perceptions which will fuel thought...” (From African Consciousness & Justice For All Is Optimal Theory Based On Optimal Practice)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Getting A Better Sense Of Time
Unity Consciousness #626


(Part 3 of 12)

Getting Started

In order to “get” something, we must “go” somewhere. We must go somewhere in some combination of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
But first we must know what we are trying to “get” by understanding how to identify it.
So it is also with time.
In order to get a better sense of time we must identity it, go where it is and then get it.*

What A Better Sense Of Time Looks Like

Humans are on the right path by relating their time and the time of Earth in relation to the Sun. Even so, just as it is when belief becomes conclusion, we have cut the maturity process short. We have cut ourselves off from the continuous understanding process due to using a method of measuring time that lacks eco-sensibility.
Humans, Earth and Sun exist and move in the same ecosystem and coexist in the same ecosystem. Whatever adjustments humans make to their method of telling time must be based on what makes the motions of Galaxy, Sun, Earth and Humans the same, in sync, in harmony, in rhythm, in tune, as one.

Humans stumble across this truth when they count the time of other creations such as non-human animals, plants, insects, rocks and celestial bodies by the same method used to count human time. This piece of the thought process is as it should be because all motion (time) does stem from one source - Nature Spirit Creator.

The human maturation process must be about seeking to understand this source of oneness.

Where To Find A Better Sense Of Time

Wherever the oneness is. First and foremost, within self. We must monitor and measure our repeating motions as they relate to the repeating motions of all else.

Time Is Motion Is Time

Motion and time are the same things.
If we do not mature in our understanding of time, we cannot fully mature in our understanding of our own motions.
All our motions. Our emotions, our physical motions, our thought motions and our spirit motions.
All this motion stems from the Creator.
We must get a better understanding of time. Until then, we will exist in time (motion) but not in tune with the time (motion) we are in.
We will feel out of sorts and out of sync.


In order to get a better sense of time, we must identity it and go where it is. By following and repeating this basic two-step process, getting what we need then becomes a matter of being a willing participant in the repetitive process of becoming as the motion we are.
This process is self-adjusting. What we started out looking for, automatically changes for the betterment of motion, time and time again.

*Sometimes the first and second parts of this process can be reversed such that we are in the right place and just don't know what we are looking for or that we need to look for it. As such we are usually part of the way to where we need to be in order to get better understandings, thus we are closer than we are aware of – neither cold nor hot.

Everything Unknown Remains Hidden In Plain Sight, Unity Consciousness #601

Monday, March 7, 2016

Telling Time By Counting Repeating Cycles
Unity Consciousness #625


(Part 2 of 12)

Counting Time

In order to “tell time,” humans count the number of repeating cycles of motion.
In some portions of the world, humans start by counting repetitions of seconds.
We count 60 repetitions and call these 60 cycles of seconds - one minute.

We then count 60 repeating cycles of minutes and call them - one hour.
We then count 24 repeating cycles of hours and call them - one day.
We then count 7 repeating cycles of days and call them - one week.
We then count 52 repeating cycles of weeks and call them - one year.
Then we count 10 years as a decade...100 years as a century...10 centuries as a millennium...*

Precision Problem

In between the counting of days and years, humans also, inconsistently so, count a different number of repetitions of days and call each of these different number of days – one month. To make matters worse, and to give the false impression of precision, humans then add one day every four years to one of the months in the bunch. Humans also tinker with what is called an atomic clock. Despite these adjustments, the result remains inconsistent and imprecise. The method of telling time many humans are using is imprecise with the Sun and Moon, thus, must be imprecise with motion.**

Think about it.
How much sense would it make for “one minute” to be based on 60 seconds sometimes and sometimes based on a different number of seconds? What if hours, days and weeks were based on a varying number of cycles? Months are that way.****
Breathing is based on one inhale and one exhale. What if one breath was sometimes counted this way and then sometimes counted another way, yet both ways of counting a breath were still called the same thing - one breath?
There must be a more precise way that moves our understanding closer to the optimal way.*

Time Based On Motion Of Earth & Sun

The method of telling time many humans are using starts with the period of time called a “second.” What is a second based on? A second is based Earth's movement in relation to the Sun.***

Humans have attempted to make time more rigidly conform to their understanding of time. This is the decision, instead of allowing the method of telling time to be fixed and variable in harmony with the motions of the ecosystem, thus adjustable, even as humans are supposed to be striving to mature in understanding and becoming one with the Mother Of Motion – The Creator.


Counting repeating cycles is a useful way to tell time.
The difference in an optimal method and suboptimal method of telling time is twofold.
1. Getting a better sense of time by self-improving our points and our views.
2. Steadily moving towards a more precise repeating cycle to use to tell time by.

*The precision problem of counting is solidified by the precision problem of naming units of time. Why are years named decade, century and millennium as if the prefix means the number of years, yet, the suffixes are all different and are still supposed to mean “years” or the meaning of “years” being inherent in the word itself. This additional inconsistency is further indication of contradictory and incomplete understanding Thus, for humans who tell time using seconds and years, their understanding of time must also be inconsistent, contradictory and incomplete, even though it seems normal within the confines of the prevailing waning context of this dimension.

**This is due to worldview, universal view, utamawazo, context.

***The Sun, as a living being, is important to our daily lives in many ways. How humans tell time is another way we acknowledge the celestial being that is the Sun Of God.

****Why wouldn't we at least use 12 months of 30 days and 1 month of 5 days? We'd be closer to precision. This method, of course, is in use in other parts of the world and was in use before the current method of telling time.
13 months as a number has significance.
12 months x 30 days equals 360, which matches the degrees in a circle. A circle is a cycle; therefore, the cycle of a circle would match the cycle of a year which is based on Earth traveling full circle around the Sun. The cycle of a circle and cycle of a year would match the cycle of degrees of understanding, which total more than 360 to bring us to completion and oneness.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

What Is Time? – Evolving Understanding & Definition
Unity Consciousness #624


(Part 1 of 12)

Fundamental Definition Of Time

Time begins with motion.
Motion is expressed through process.
A process is a sequence of events.

Sequences established by the Creator follow a series of equations that are fixed and variable (flexible within harmony). These equations are self-equalizing formulas, which allow consistencies and patterns to develop as the ecosystem is maintained within a range of balance/imbalance.
This allows for degrees of variability, yet still repetition.
We call this repetition - cycles.

Life, in all forms, takes place in cycles, at the macro level and micro level of every dimension of Creation (the Creator). This we know.
These cycles represent cycles of time.

So, in summary, time is the repetition of motion.

Examples Of Repetition Of Motion

Breathing, heartbeats, cellular processes, waking/sleep, Sunrise/Sunset, birth and death transitions, seasons, germination-fruiting-seeding, waves, high/low tides, wind, planetary revolutions, comet movement...

Is there any activity by any aspect of creation that consists of a single motion that happens once and never repeats?

See also the earlier definition of time at Expanded Definitions: What Is Time – Money? Keeping Track of Time & Climate Change.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Animal & Plant Digestion Uses Many Stomachs
Lysosomes & Vacuoles
Unity Consciousness #623


For the same reason humans have more than one CPU (central processing unit called a brain), humans also have more than one stomach.
Humans have one overall stomach and then also many other stomachs.
These stomachs are located in the same places as the many other brains humans have – inside each cell.

In animals, such as humans, these stomachs are called lysosomes.
In plants, these stomachs are called vacuoles.

What is a stomach?
An organ that digests food (breaks down nutrients into smaller nutrients).
Lysosomes and vacuoles do the same thing.
These stomachs are multipurpose so they also serve other functions within cells, other than digestion.
Thus the digestive system of humans and other animals extends beyond the GI tract. Just as the brain is everywhere in the body, so also the digestive system is everywhere in the body. So also is the digestive system of plants.

Nutrient Definition | Ingesting, Digesting & Outgesting, Unity Consciousness #52
Four-In-One: Decomposition-Decay-Digestion-Disintegration, Unity Consciousness #312
Redistribution Of Wealth Is The Creator's Fundamental Idea, Unity Consciousness #343
understand[overstand]ing Digesting Information And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8h)

Yes, Life Exists On Other Planets Besides Earth
Unity Consciousness #622


The Universe exists within the Creator because the Universe is the Creator.
What kind of Creator, having all power, creates a Universe of uncountable planets and galaxies and solar systems and yet, within such a vast Universe, then decides to only place life on one of those planets? And then the Creator decides to put life in the billions in every spoonful of soil, yet leaves the vastness of the Universe virtually uninhabited? Come on now.

Earth is not the only place in the Universe where life exists.
First of all, as discussed elsewhere, everything has life because everything has spirit.
For instance, the Sun is alive, thus there is life on the Sun. The Sun is that life. Also, the elements the Sun is made of are alive and those elements are also the life on the Sun, of the Sun and in the Sun.

Do not allow psuedo-scientists, psuedo-scholars, psuedo-experts, psuedo-authorities and miseducated professors, miseducated teachers, miseducated family and miseducated friends to limit your understanding of self, life, spirit and Creator that is trying to get through to you through you.

Every time we ask the question, “Is there life on other planets?” and do not definitely answer, “Yes,” we have yet to cross the So Dayi threshold and our consciousness remains behind a self-imposed barricade that allows us to be stumped by the “if a tree falls in a forest” riddle.
All this because we do not have a fundamental understanding of science or of our own personal ecosystem or even of the physical portion of our body or of the Creator or of the Universe. This changes as willingness changes.
A fundamental understanding of any one of these will unquestionably confirm there must be life on other planets.
This confirmation will come in more than one way, by more than one example and through more than one dimension.
Each of these then, you will find everywhere else. Then you will progress persistently, then patiently through stages from Yes there is life on other planets, to Yes, of course to Yes, why wouldn't there be to Yes, how can there not be to Yes, there must be to Yes – emphatically, excited by the possibilities.

Open your mind to this and you will have broken one of the restraints on your reasoning – your own resistance.

Free your self and no one can imprison you with anything else.

Still not sure there is life on other planets? Do you believe there is life somewhere else in “heaven-like” and “hell-like” places? If you do, then where is that heaven and that hell? If they are not within Earth, do these places just float around above and below Earth, yet they are not planets or celestial bodies? Earth is a dimension and if there be a heaven and a hell, they also are dimensions. Since all three are said to hold life and all three are in the same Universe, then there must be life in other places in the Universe other than Earth.
Even if you insist heaven and hell are not planets, Earth is a heaven. Also, heaven is a Balanced Heaven and hell is an Imbalanced Heaven. So now, this answers the question religiously. Yes, there is life in each of these three heavens in the Universe. Bibles tell us so.

Yes, there is life on other planets besides Earth. No, they are not aliens. We are simply alienated from then in understanding.

What is the thought process (line of reasoning) that supports the conclusion that life does not exist on other planets?

See, Heaven Is What & Where? | Meanings & Expanded Definition, Unity Consciousness #613
See also, What Is An Alien? | Goofy & Real Definitions, Unity Consciousness #117

By The Way. Creation consists of many organisms that contain many cells. Each of those cells are in one body but each cell has life. Within each cell there is also multiple forms of life. Earth exists within the body of the Creator (the Universe). Why wouldn't there be life in more than one place within the Creator just as there is life in more than one place on Earth and in more than one place in the human body?
Out of One comes Many. In one, there are many.
Furthermore, there is even more life on Earth than most humans are aware of. For instance, in the ocean, in mountains, underground, in the Atumsphere, in our bodies and so on.
Even further, are there not many seeds of life within most plants and most organisms? Look at all those seeds of life – eggs and sperm and pollen and spores included. What kind of Creator only has one seed of life that germinates on a single planet?

Climate Change Global Universal Warming
Unity Consciousness #621


What happens above, makes its way below, and vice versa. What happens within, makes its way without, and vice versa.
Imbalance that started above has been corrected. This imbalance, now also, the correction, is taking place below.

Climate change global warming is not the problem. It is the solution.
Humans trying to stop climate change global warming must be properly understood:
1. These humans are trying to stop the solution.
2. They are just talking. Experience shows higher sensibility is avoided at all costs.
3. The only conceivable way humans could make a dent in stopping climate change global warming is for humans to do a 180. Humans would have to change everything they are doing. They would have to swiftly return to again being partners with every aspect of the ecosystem rather than pathogens. Even if this is accomplished, climate change global warming would continue.
4. Humans being able to stop climate change global warming ain't going to happen at this stage in the cycle of the Great Year.

Climate change global warming is about more than rising temperatures and melting ice. It is multidimensional. As such, it is about everything - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

This means then, that climate change global warming must be about more than Earth. As discussed elsewhere, climate change global warming is also about the solar, galactic and universal dimensions of the ecosystem. Everyone and everything is changing and must change. Earth is no different. The climate on Earth was going to c hange anyway one day with or without humans because the Universe is changing. Earth is a living being and must go through changes and evolve and be transformed, even as the rest of the universe is doing the same.
Climate change has always existed. Sometimes this involves global cooling and an Ice Dark Age. Sometimes this involves global warming and an Age of Enlightenment.

The stage of climate change we are currently in exists for two reasons:
1. Re-balancing (healing).
2. Regeneration (renewal).

The global warming effects of climate change is adjusting the environment to assist that which will help re-balance Earth & Universe. Global warming is also adjusting the environment to make Earth & Universe inhospitable to those who are behaving like a virus within and without the planet (inner space and outer space).

Your personal ecosystem within and without constantly attests to this.
Your personal ecosystem cools you off when necessary and warms you up when necessary. That which is born and bred in cold, dreads heat. That which is born and bred in heat, dreads cold.

Keep your multi-vision on the skies and all vessels full of Water, Earth, Air and Light because the portion of the ecosystem that is outside of Earth is also sending in additional food/medicine/nutrition to assist. Distribution will continue to take place through pre-established cycles. March is a continuation. This is happening even as your genetics are being reconfigured to take you up or down, in or out.
In review:
Climate change global warming is a big picture process (It is actually universal warming). This cannot be properly understood through the small lens of Earth and/or humans unless these lenses are understood to be the mirror images they are.
Climate change universal warming is not a problem for those who want themselves and the rest of the ecosystem healed. Climate change universal warming is a problem for whatever is out of order and for whatever has presented itself as a challenge to the Creator's evolution.
Climate change universal warming is not the problem. The contexture we've chosen is the problem -which speaks to our understanding.
Finally, for those who are resisters, deniers, pretenders and religion reliers – be not ready to panic, even more, as crisis emergencies are elevated. Understand this, and not only will you set yourself free, you will simultaneously become the key to how do you defeat ideologies.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Toxic Algae (Algal) Blooms Crisis Emergency
Unity Consciousness #620


Although humans are the biggest X factor in the ecosystem, some people still insist on completely ignoring this fact when talking about why the ecosystem is out of balance.
A recent article in 2016 states harmful toxic algae blooms aka algal blooms, are killing marine life. An algae bloom means a lot more algae is present in the Water.
The article states climate change and El Nino are melting the ice that covers the ocean (this part is true). The article goes on to say, due to the absence of ice cover, more Sunlight can penetrate deeper into the Water (this part is true).

The article then says additional Sunlight causes an overabundance of algae (this part is not true).
What is true is that additional Sunlight helps allow more algae to grow. More does not mean overabundance.
By now we should know the ecosystem is self-correcting and self-balancing.
When more algae (food) grows, then the organisms that feed on algae and that feed on algae byproducts will thrive and reproduce in greater numbers. This will offset the growth in both algae and algae byproducts until equilibrium (balance) of all organisms is re-established.

If there is not a corresponding increase in organisms that feed on algae and its byproducts that follows closely on the heels of an increase in algae itself, then something has interfered and/or is still interfering with the ecosystem's ability to self-correct and self-balance.
What is that something?
X is that something.
X equals humans.
Humans are the X factor.

Humans have interfered and are still interfering with the ecosystem to the point that the ecosystem in the Water cannot re-balance itself quickly enough.

Humans have over-fished and over-harvested marine life and also have polluted the Water, Land and Air to the point that the organisms that eat algae and the organisms that eat the organisms that eat algae are all out of balance. Also out of balance are the organisms that eat the byproducts of algae.

What organisms eat algae?
Fish, shrimp, other crustaceans, frogs, tadpoles, salamanders, snails, crabs, urchins, turtles, lobster, conch, sea cucumbers, manatees, dugongs, insects, krill, blue whales...

Adding to the imbalance is human decimation of coral reefs and other Water habitats through various non-Eco-sensible practices.

When it comes to harmful toxic algae blooms, the problem extends beyond marine life, algae, Sunlight, melting ice and climate change/global warming.
Climate change's global warming effects is the ecosystem's larger response to a multitude of imbalances within Earth.
Even so, all life within an ecosystem is designed to be able to adapt to the changing conditions within the ecosystem. However, this process can take longer when an organism is already weakened and still being kept in a weakened state. This is what is going on in Water where algae is blooming. The Waters, as an organism, is way of of balance and being kept out of balance – due to human influence. If this were not true, all life in the Water would adapt as each other adapted. Re-balancing would be a short time in coming.

The climate doesn't change overnight. It does not warm up overnight. Ice does not melt overnight. Sunlight does not penetrate the Water overnight. Algae doesn't bloom overnight. Their byproducts don't accumulate overnight. Marine life does not die overnight. The ecosystem understands better than to do something overnight. In order to maintain system integrity (balance/health), the entire ecosystem must adjust gradually or at least all beings must be able to keep pace with the pace of change. When this does not happen, we know some Xtra factor is taking place.

When organisms within an ecosystem are not able to adapt, these organisms are on their way to extinction. Meanwhile, their influence on the ecosystem is magnified. This magnification remains until the ecosystem accounts for the waning presence of the organism and reconfigures the ecosystem for the lower and lower numbers and eventual extinction.
This is what happened when dinosaurs disappeared. Their absence had to be accounted for and adjusted for. This is true for all other organisms that have been here and gone or whose numbers have dwindled.
Something has caused organisms in the Water to become so weakened and so few in number, they cannot keep the Waters in balance. That something is humans.
Don't blame climate change overall or its El Nino global warming effects.
So don't blame algae either for killing marine life. Algae is just a plant doing what plants do. If the Waters were in balance, the byproduct of algae life that we call toxic would not accumulate. Humans produce a lot of toxins. What is our toxins killing?
When humans try to place the blame of crisis emergencies on the Creator by blaming them on one or more aspects of the ecosystem the Creator created, humans are shirking responsibility and shifting the blame for the human contribution to the problem.
Even though current post-modern thinking exists in fragmented vacuums, the rest of the ecosystem does not operate that way.

Under the harmonic Maatic rule of “all for one and one for all,” universal karma requires that more than the cause of a problem must suffer before a problem is re-solved. Marine life dying is yet another dimension of cascading damage due to a problem that started long before algae bloomed and “scientists assumed” algae and/or climate change is the problem.

See Emergence To Emergency To Crisis Emergency: Definitions, Unity Consciousness #584In review:
The problem associated with algae blooms is not mainly caused by climate change global warming. Climate change global warming just exposed a problem that already existed. That problem is a marine ecosystem out of balance. The main cause of this problem is the human component of the ecosystem being way out of balance.

Identity Theft, Crisis & Consciousness
Unity Consciousness #619


(Part 4 of 4)

So far we've learned identity is not what it should be and is in fact off by a lot. Not only is our human identity far afield, so also is the identity we've assigned to many aspects of the natural world. Identity theft is still occurring mainly at the hand of miseducation taking place in most schools and other forms of media in societies. This has created an identity crisis emergency on multiple levels for the majority of people whose identity is mainly determined by where they were born and/or live. Getting back to the basic definition of what identity means, being mindful of the impact and importance of identity and by reviewing a partial list of the identifiers of identity has allowed us to re-establish a significant portion of the foundation need for balanced healthy consciousness.

How To Take Back Your Identity And Go From Crisis To Consciousness

1. Become an Initiate. Identity emerges within self, out of the process of becoming one with the Creator.
2. Give back all human-level identity identifiers and switch back to the Creator level.
3. Find one bit of truth or any area of truth within and expand understanding of it.
4. Get nutrition.

Identifiers Of Identity: Optimal & Suboptimal
Unity Consciousness #618


(Part 3 of 4)

How do I identify me? Let me consider the ways.

Suboptimal Identifiers Of Identity

1. Religion.
2. Human relationships.
3. Geographic identity. (national, town, state, city, side of the city, side of the tracks, suburb, urban, rural)
4. Sports team.
5. A winner or loser.
6. Professional or amateur.
7. Marital status.
8. Pet owner status.
9. “Race” based on color and who knows what else.
10. Gender, class, age, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation.
11. Perceived pecking order status in the food chain.
12. Physical attributes.
13. Physical health status.
14. Income (high, middle, low, poor, deprived, poverty)
15. What is done to get money, industry and position.
16. Employment status.
17. Parental status.
18. Credit score.
19. Amount of schooling.
20. Political party.
21. Popularity.
22. Diet (carnivore, vegan, vegetarian, omnivore).
23. Group, club, organization, hobby.
24. Home owner, renter, homeless.
25. Housing type.
26. Type of transportation used.
27. Underprivileged, privileged, elite, disadvantaged.
28. Majority/minority.
29. Expert, everybody else.

Optimal Identifiers Of Identity

1. Understanding of natural world (self) as it relates to self (natural world).
2. Universal origin.
3. Earthly origin.
4. Ancestors and Ancestral origin.
5. Spirit on a return journey home to becoming one with the Creator.
6. Family, friends. children.
7. Communal associations. Extended self from within to without to below to above, all the way to the Creator and everything in between.
8. Destiny based.
9. Sankofa.
10. Spiritual health status.
11. An aspect (dimension) of the Creator.
12. Child & Genius of the Creator.
13. Change, starlight and the offspring of elements.
14. Embodiment of the imagination of the Creator. As such, equal to all in the Universe as are all of the Creator's children. Striving to know self in order to understand how to express what has been embodied within which can be unlocked using keys starting with identity.

Under certain circumstances, some of these identifiers apply to both lists, especially when you consider a civilization versus a society. Identifier listed where it would appear most frequently.