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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Water Speaks Unspoken Words Out Of The Soil
Unity Consciousness #727


(Part 1 of 3)

Water is formula, though not always just Hydrogen twice combined with Oxygen once. The formula for Water is fixed and variable. Like all things in an evolving continuous Universe, Water must contain flexibility and rigidity because flexibility and rigidity are simultaneous twin core laws of this Universe.

This means the formula for Water has many healthy and unhealthy variations. Healthy Water can contain Elements of various types such as Nitrogen, Chloride, Thiamin, Calcium, Magnesium and more. Likewise, there are many Elements that cause Water to be unhealthy for humans.

The Formula, The Word, The Rhythm

Where there is formula at work, there is genetic potential (genetics) in motion.
Where there is motion, there are vibration waves.
Where there are waves of vibration, there is sound.
Where there is sound, there is language.
Where there is language, there are words.
Yes, words - combinations of vibrations transforming meaning in one form to meaning in another form. That's what a word is.
Yes, words - combinations of vibrations transferring meaning between and among dimensions. That's what a word is.

Where one or more of the above exists, there is pattern, thus rhythm exists.
When Water is forming and when Water is in motion, words are being transformed and transferred. Words are being Spoken in rhythms.

Creativity, Like The Universe, Begins With The Unspoken Word

The formation of Water and the movement of Water is the fundamental metaphor of the Creative Process.
Out of the Creative Process of Water, genetic potential became potential in motion. It became what we call Creation and Universe. Unspoken Words and Water, combined with other Elements, to become what we call humans.
This then means, you and me and all else in existence also contain the Elements of the Soil, Air and Sun, in addition to Water.
This means we contain the Primordials.
This means we were preexisting in another form.
We were part of the Oneness and part of the Unspoken.
Now we are dimensions of Oneness created by the Spoken and Unspoken.
Right now, some of our bonds and connections are broken.
When the Unspoken becomes Spoken, bonds are both, connected and broken.

Water combines Hydrogen and Oxygen and forms a word and a rhythm.
Water combines Hydrogen and Oxygen and other Elements and forms a word and a rhythm.
Water combines and forms us. We are words and rhythms of Water and all that Water combines with and uses to transform itself.

Yes, in the beginning was the Word.
But, in the preexisting, before the beginning, was the Unspoken Word.
Also, in the preexisting, there was Water. There were Elements.
This is the destiny-nation of the return journey home to oneness – to exist as we once did in a state of Oneness at a higher level of understanding (knowledge of self).
This restoration of wholeness begins another repetition of the transformation of the Unspoken into the Spoken, thus, another formula-tion, another rhythm.

You must bring all your understandings together so you can connect them in proper order so you can grasp:
”The Aquarian Age (Aquaria/Aquarius) means the Age of Water.
This means more words are moving from being Unspoken to Spoken because more Water is moving from being frozen to unfrozen.
This means more Creative Process is being released that is indicative of the healthy formulations of Water.
All of this is coinciding and leading us into the next cycle, the Aquarian Age of the next Great Year, the next Great Golden Age.
This path leads us through upheaval because the unhealthy formulations of Water that have produced unhealthy uses of the Creative Process, occupy space and must be replaced in order to restore balance of all twin pairings.
This is so because all twin pairings are forms of the Creative Process of Water, Elements and Spirit (higher an lower).

Again, The Soil

Just to be clear, there is also Soil in the Air and in the Sky because the Primordials that formulate themselves into Soil as we know it, exist in Air and Sky.*
There is Soil in you and me.
Soil is simply a composition of Elements formulated in various ways to create different types of Soil.
We are Soil.
We are the recreation, the reformulation of Water, Elements, the Creative Process and Spirit.
We already know we return to Soil. Some of us realize we also return to Air. So these two places, Soil and Air, must be where we come from as part of the Creative Process that brought us into existence.

Imagine now, if you will, the Creator as the consummate composer of an orchestra who has all items on hand to define and create whatever harmony comes to mind.
This Composer is constructing all things with unlimited potential in a frenzy of creative ecstasy - mixing Elements and words and potentials and forms and keeping them all in motion and in rhythmic sync. Water and Elements of Nun, the Mother, begin moving in new waves of vibration. The moundtain of Ptah, the Father, rises up slowly, and then all at once and then Mother and Ptah-er (Fah-er) combine to create Atum, the Child. This completes the Family, the Trinity. Atum then grows on to form everything else using the composition within self to create additional orchestrations that harmonize with the Preexisting and Newly Created, the Unspoken and the Spoken. This series of Creative Processes flows fluidly as Water containing One and Many. Every thought and action and movement and motion forming a beat in the Rhythm of Recreation and a letter in one long word where the letters are Spoken and the spaces, Unspoken. Feel the crispness, clarity and power of the first beat and momentum increase, yet remain smooth and sweet like Sweet Water, the nectar of the nTr. Notice the repetition, the variation, the pattern, the transformation and what you surely can sense occurs at the end – continuation.
This is an Angle of Light insight into how the Universe was formed.**
This is how we were formed from Preexisting Water and Soil and Unspoken Words to Spoken Words and Formulations of Soil Types and Water (Creation/Recreation).

Unspoken Words as expressed through the Metaphor of The Soil as Trinity.

And Again, through similar logical use of metaphor.

*We know the reverse is true. There is Air in the Soil. Also there is Sky in the Soil. Dig a hole and you will be looking down into Sky.

**This is how what was already preexisting in Creation was Re-Created into what we call Creation.
Creation is actually Re-Creation. This Universe and we, as humans are not the beginning of the Creative Process in the life cycle of the Creator. We know this because we know Earth is at least millions of years old and human types are millions of years old and the type of human we are today is hundreds of thousands years old, even though many variations of current humans are not old (Ancient) at all, thus neither is their ability to have contributed to the bulk of civilization in comparison to the originating nucleus of humans in Africa. The proper calibrating, connecting and ordering of histories untangles and alleviates mysteries. It solves challenges of consciousness such as that created by Spider Solitaire.

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