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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Outro To Fairness & Unfairness
Why Twin Power Works As Needed
Why Twin Power Is What Life Is About
Unity Consciousness #765


(Part 26 of 26)

The power in this Universe is the Spirit of the Creator. Spirit is also called energy. All energy in this Universe is Spirit energy. It doesn't matter if it's real or unreal, actually exists or is perceived to exist. No matter what you call it, it is what it is. Spirit power has two aspects – higher-self spiritual power and lower-self spiritual power. Together, these two aspects (sides) of the same spirit form the twin power relationship.

Out of that One and only twin power relationship comes Many manifestations called twin pairings. Out of One twin power comes Many twin pairings. Many twin parings are listed in the original twin power message. Some of those twin pairings are listed below to again illustrate briefly why the twin power relationship works as needed.

Create & De-Create

De-creating is the same process as destruct, destroy, decompose, decay, dis-integrate, dis-assemble, de-construct and so on. Call it what you want to. (See further discussion on digestion.)

If Creation exists then de-creation must exist in order for re-creation to exist.
The ability to take apart what has been combined is necessary for us to digest our food.
We tend to focus on the de-creating that happens in a disharmonious way.
The nature of the twin power relationship ensures harmonious creation by the higher-self and disharmonious creation by the lower-self. It also ensures harmonious de-creating by the higher-self and disharmonious de-creating by the lower-self.

Without the ability to construct and deconstruct in varying degrees, the Ecosystem would not be self-sustaining because resources would become concentrated in one state of existence, thus there would be stagnation. Recycling would be severely limited because items could only be reused in their composed form. Energy would not be able to be converted from potential to kinetic because that process involves deconstruction.
The twin pairing of putting together and taking apart ensures there will be continuous cycles of reformulating resources into different creations. This is renewal of the learning process through combining/separating and connecting/disconnecting.

For the remaining twin pairings, the logic is the same, so the discussion that follows is more brief.

Female & Male

The Universe and life are in balance when the union of female and male exists. No species can renew itself based on the any other type of pairing.


In a self-evolving Universe of countless parts and pieces and data and instructions, there must be an organizer and disorganizer – a confuser and a clarifier – one who straightens things out and one who scrambles and tangles.

Remembering & Dis-membering

See, UC#767 for a full discussion.

Civilization & Society

Civilization is defined by civil behavior towards other creations. Civilization is a harmonious system within larger harmonious systems. Societies are the exact opposite but are necessary to help the Creator understand how the power of spiritual genetics combined with physical genetics function at the low end Thus the Creator is seeking to understand the worst case scenario of self without actually reaching the fullest expression of the lower-self spirit – death of Self.
At this point in the Creator's life cycle, indicators suggest the Creator has learned enough and has had enough of societies.

Potential & Kinetic

Energy must have the ability to exist in motion and also at rest. For example, the ability of humans to move from sleep to being awake is the same as potential energy becoming kinetic.

Positive & Negative

One of many ways to explain this dynamic is that this pairing forms a circuit (continuous loop) for the movement of electrons.
The Initiate will understand “continuous loop” is the same thing that has been mentioned or alluded to in all twin pairings.

Producer & Consumer

Earth and Universe produce an abundance because both are on an expansive trajectory. If there was no consuming or no over-consuming, producing and abundance would not be able to keep moving. All resources would move to one side and one state with very little back and forth movement. The Creator would become obese rather than an ever-developing being acquiring strength while maintaining rigidity and flexibility.
Conserving/wasting and treasuring/trashing are part of this dynamic.

Expansion & Contraction

Lungs, stomach, skin and cells expand and contract. So does RNA/DNA, understanding and health.

Give & Receive

Although it is better to give than receive, it is necessary to receive in order to continue giving.
Sharing/greed, altruism/avarice and donating/stealing are part of this dynamic.

Nutrition & Toxin

Yes toxins are a necessary twin power to ensure longer-term testing, strengthening and recovery (overcoming) of species over eternal re-generations. This the same as the antagonist that invades and the protagonist that saves the day.

Logical & Ill-Logical

If everything made sense to us all in the same way, there would be no problems communicating and little incentive to put forth effort to understand anything from a different angle of light. Humans would not be able to survive regardless of the nature of their logic. There must be mental obstacles in order to train and develop thought processes to their potential.

Peace & War

The twin power relationship is a continuous push and pull dynamic balance struggle. Each of the two aspects of Spirit are seeking fullness of expression using different approaches, advantages and disadvantages. This means war must exist - a spiritual war inside people and outside people. Then, as a result, physical war must exist – inside people and outside people.

War is an inside outside event. Attackers attack outside of themselves because they cannot win the war inside themselves.
Those at war with themselves and who cannot get themselves under control, seek peace outside of themselves by waging a “winnable” war with someone else.

The peace and war dynamic takes place in the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional and involves every creation in the Universe.
Do not limit understanding of peace and war to the absence of or presence of, “guns, bullets and bombs.” Those three things exist in the mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions under many different names.
Every person is engaged daily in multiple levels of peace and war inside self. Most people are also under outside attack from other humans, even if it's from the delayed effects of human destruction of the environment.

This dynamic, like all others, is inseparable from the self-awareness/self-deception and conscience/ego twin pairings.


What kind of Universe would this be without the twin power relationship manifesting itself through all these twin pairings?
The need for duality answers the question.
The Universe would not exist.
The Universe is a classroom and you are a student constantly being schooled – about yourself.
You are constantly being taught by the twin powers according to their perspective of the Universe.
The exact same dynamic applies to every part of you.
You are the twin power relationship with spiritual genetic power and physical genetic power.
You are the manifestations of numerous twin pairings.
All of your relationships and all relationships in the Universe are based on the twin power relationship.
Again, Why?

Life and existence is about understanding how to deal with self (self-improvement).. As you move through that process, you begin understanding how to deal with more and more forms of self. As you continue to graduate into more complex dimensions of organisms, so also do you evolve in all ways. This is why there are multiple aspects of self, multiple levels of awareness and multiple ways of knowing, multiple places to get the same nutrition and same resource and multiples of many other multiples.

Based on understandings of the intricacies of the Universe within and without and how growth and development take place in evolving cycles, the Creator is a long ways from being new at this. This would not be possible without the challenges on both sides of the twin power relationship. This is what war is good for. And right now, war is fair, because war is what is needed.

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