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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, October 31, 2016

Re-optimizing By Re-originizing Kaleidoscope Puzzles
Unity Consciousness #839


(Part 1 of 6)

Before there is such a thing as a puzzle, there is a whole, clear, complete unity. The whole works properly with each component in its harmonious perspective and harmonious place.
Puzzles exist because One whole thing becomes Many pieces of differentiated things. These pieces then become separated by distance physically, then disconnected by understandings (spiritually-mentally-emotionally) and then disordered* based on how the pieces are shuffled, rearrange themselves and function.
Puzzles are challenges of spiritual intelligence. The spiritual puzzle is made manifest in the physical dimension.

*Note: To be disordered is to be disorganized. To be disorganized is to to dis-origin-ized. Origin is genesis. To be disordered is to be distanced from genesis due to understanding. Thus a loss of understanding is a loss of self-perspective is a loss of collective orientation is puzzling.

Starting With The Whole Picture

There are many metaphor examples. We shall use Earth. Earth is a multi-message symbol. The world map shows the land masses are pieces that used to be joined as one Earth continent. Earth is speaking the rudimentary concept of One and Many. One of its messages tells us we do not come from different lands rather we come from differentiated pieces of the same land that used to exist as one whole land.
By just contemplating the symbol of Earth, we come to understand many instructions are being displayed to educate us about relationships within self, among humans and our relationships with all else.

Not Starting With Or Returning To View The Whole Picture Causes Kaleidoscope Collisions

When we ignore the meanings behind the letters and numbers we use to reckon by, we perceive the Many as being puzzling pieces. We do not reckon the One Creator we share or the One Earth we share as symbols of collective reality. Instead, we reckon the One as a Being who is created by individual ideologies to substantiate each group's inflated culture and supposedly independent origin. As a result, the followers of these disharmonious ideologies, function disharmoniously, both inside and outside their groupings.
Failing to reckon life and existence through a view of the whole picture irritates the senses like an itch which no amount of scratching or smothering with salve will quench. Ideologies that continuously irritate each other (manifest destiny, racism and religion versus rights of creation, humanity and civilization) can only be soothed by understanding how to bring them back into their origin state when no separation of understandings existed.
Due to our piecemeal logic we think we have separate origins, histories, religions and cultures. Since this is our main view of the world, we have superimposed our piecemeal perspectives over the image of the whole Earth. Since these ideologies are not comprehensive enough to cover how Earth really functions, we have enlarged the ideologies. So instead of us correcting our ideologies to grow into what Earth is telling us, we have instead created a philosophy of the whole from pieces that can never harmoniously fit.
Thus, Earth, a synergistic, sustainable symbol of many pieces working in one whole harmony (fusion), has become a ball of confusion below the surface of our irritating ideologies.

If our ultimate goal is to be with the Creator someday, how do we justify not striving to understand how all Creation's pieces fit and function together?

As below, so above; as in the deep, so at the peak; as in whole so also all the ways to know, therein lies the optimal; as in the partial, so also the believable, therein lies the puzzle.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Culture Conflicts: Halloween & Other Holidays
Unity Consciousness #838


It's time for Africans to stop it already with Halloween and other cultural practices that are in no ways okay for us to celebrate or participate in.

Within the past week leading up to Halloween, I heard two children in anticipation of their participation of dressing up and going around asking strangers for candy. Parents are right there in agreement while candy or something free is a main trick for predators of children. Halloween is a very weird and sick dynamic for that reason alone, plus there is nothing healthy about candy plus there is nothing logically worthwhile about the holiday itself.

Yes I went trick-or-treating as a child and yes I helped my children do it. I hope they will forgive me.
As a people, we are awakening and learning better so also then must come the doing better.

No, we're not falling for that it's not harmful rhetoric or that it's for the children rhetoric.
Every piece of an anti-humane culture we participate in adds to loss of self-identification, thus a loss of black lives mattering.
Every day we already encounter and participate in hundreds of cultural ways of thinking. We certainly don't need to add to it by highlighting some cultural pieces (holidays) as a good thing and something to look forward to and as okay to expose our children to.
We are already allowing our children to be schooled and programmed and ingrained to think and act against their best interests.
Why teach them to go out and beg candy from strangers and then eat candy like any part of that is a good thing?
Cultures that treat Africans like shit have no holidays worthy of an African celebrating them (Dr. King's excepted).

I'm calling my momma right now and asking her why momma, why why, why!?

One of those two parents I encountered out talking about is of the type that should be expected to participate. The other parent, just the opposite.
Holidays loom large in a child's psyche. They reaffirm nationality, religion and reality.
If we need to celebrate something, let's make up a holiday. The one's we are already celebrating are made up so what would be the difference?
The difference would be to celebrate holidays in the name of Ancestors, recent, not so recent and ancient. Teach the children black history is the root and trunk of world history.
Make it a holy day to study genealogy and history and then have a feast and other events.
Make it a holy day to go plant some trees, bushes and other perennials such as herbs.
Make it a holy day to learn about healthy eating and preparing healthy food or going to a healthy restaurant.
Make it a holy day where the children can go buy things that enhance their learning and interests.
Make it a holy day where you and others participate in crafts.
Make it a holy day to go to each other's houses and help complete a project.

Turn all these unhealthy cultural holidays we are currently participating in, into something actually beneficial to Africans.

Rudimentary Reckoning By The Root Is Revolutionary
Unity Consciousness #837


As it is with most of what is sought to be understood, there is an extent reached that exceeds current nudgings, urgings and foreseeable needs. This provides opportunities to learn in other ways, then come back around to where understandings seemed elusive but are now noticed on yonder shore watching us and waiting for us to logically use metaphor to cross over.
In this way we proceed diligently optimally steadily systematically with flexibility on this safari across waters, deserts, oases, mountains and valleys into closely woven, deeply sown papyrus reeds. In the thick of these beings we refresh memories from the stores of our genetic libraries and re-achieve greater perceptual acuity.
We look and see where no human words, languages and cultures exist as clouds to clarity.
We innerstand how pictures are painted first, then numbers are assigned, then letters.
We relearn how to think by pictures.
We relearn how to count by pictures.
In this manner we automatically and simultaneously connect the dots between distances and differences by matching the mirror images between them.

This tells us then, that reckoning Is reckonizing.

What we count, the manner in which we count and the interrelationships we consider are an unmistakable single indicator of how much we recognize. This, of course, influences our ability to remember how to understand the simplicity of picture books.

The rudiments of symbols are always at the root of the revolutionary and re-evolutionary level of energy expression.

Spirit soul speaks symbols.
So must we also.
So must we also as parts of the whole, symbol.
We must return to thinking in the mirror images of creation in order to reassemble understandings in the image of the Creator.
We must return to thinking in the beginning form in which all of us are being spoken to.
This is best achieved when reckoning by symbols is how we are coming into understandings.
This is best achieved when we are aware of the symbols behind the information (at the root of) in our thought processes.
This is best achieved when the rudiments of symbol language are what we are looking for in communions (conversations) in order to connect understandings so they don't contradict/conflict.
Begin looking for understanding with this intention and the greater universal conspiring will aid your momentum.
You will begin seeing how to reckonize the one presenter at the root of many re-presenters (re-presen-tatives.)

Reckoning Reflection:

The last time I saw a root move was when...

Why do symbols model truth?
What is the mother of truth?
How is the mother like the reroot?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Who The Moors Religiously Say They Are
Unity Consciousness #836


(Part 5 of 10)

Sufficient information has been provided to link the Moors back to Africa, just as sufficient information has been provided to link all humans back to Africa. Even if we stick to the Giri So way of looking at things and only use our physical eyes as our way of knowing, as we look into inner Africa, we will see ourselves. Yet and still, like most bible believers, when asked who they are and where they come from, the Moors pretty much stick to towing the biblical line anchored in Asia. Thus, the religious view of their genetic genesis has become a self-inflicted spiritual nemesis.

More Specifically What The Moors Say:

The Moors say they are descendants of Ruth, The Moabitess. The Moors rely on the 3-in-1 Religion of Christianity-Judaism-Islam for their worldview, thus their sense of reality that supersedes all other verifiable indicators of reality. As a result, just like other religious lemmings, the Moors sidestep over history and right, off the cliff of logic, to the descending way of brief thinking. They contradictorily claim to have originated out of Asia despite all reasonable evidence that says no human originated out of Asia or anywhere else except out of Africa, not even albinos (whites). To maintain Bible logic as accurate, despite human and world history and mountains of information, is to deny Africa at all costs to spirit soul.

To not have mind, body, emotions, spirit and soul seek to reconcile understandings with all we have been able to understand thus far, is to not seek to become complete.
To not seek to become complete is to choose to become obsolete.
The Creator will hit "Delete" and assign us to a lower stage to repeat.

What The Moor's 3-in-1 Bible Says:

The Moabites are the children of Lot. Lot had sex with his two daughters after they got him drunk. Lot is the nephew of Abraham. Abraham and Lot are Chaldean. The Chaldeans are Kushite Ethiopian-Egyptian. Thus, Abra-ham is a descendant of Ham and is African. So also is Lot, his daughters and the Moabites and the Moors- those in Asia and those in the Maghreb.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Strategy Notes: Slavery, Moors, Religion, Divinity
Unity Consciousness #835


(Part 4 of 10)

For American Black Folks: White People Were Slaves Of Black People

In addition to the word "slave" coming from the Slavs of Europe, which tells us white people were enslaving each other, white people were also slaves of Africans and of other Asians during various periods of time before Africans were the slaves of white folks in America and in the Caribbean. White slavery lasted much longer than plain obvious slavery in America. White and Black slavery still exists on most levels of existence.

Furthermore, white people were also fighting in armies that put white people into slavery. They are still doing it today.
Also, white people betrayed whites and sold other whites into slavery. (1) They are still doing it today.

White people are in no ways more united than black people based on skin color. They are united in sickness not in health. They are united based on money, greed and power and they know the black and white skin color dichotomy is an easy obvious weapon/tool to take advantage of, whereas we need to embrace our blackness and use it as a weapon/tool.

Just for equal measure, historical accounts also reveal most people on the planet have been enslaved at some point during the past 5,000 years. Many of these same people have themselves enslaved others. Pretty much everybody's recent ancestry includes both sides of slavery.

Saracen Was Another Word For Moslem

The word "Saracen" is a term loosely used by medieval writers to describe Moslems, especially those who fought against the Christians and Crusades. It enough for now to simply understand who Saracen is being applied to in general when encountering this word in historical accounts as is certain to happen to the Initiate. Before now and without knowing and having never looked it up, I believed Saracen referred to a group in Greece or Rome or one of their territories. (2)


Despite the contradictory philosophies of Muhammad the Islamist, which on one hand say do not discriminate against people based on color, on the other hand says it is okay to actively and forcibly discriminate based on religion. This is the same philosophy as many other religions.

Religion By Any Name Has The Same Deadly Affect On Africans

1. Christianity in all its forms is the religion of white folks. (This includes, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses, etc.,)
Strangely enough, many blacks who are Catholic seem to forget they are Christians. Same is true of blacks who have slightly Africanized their Christianity under sleep-inducting titles such as African Methodist, African Episcopal, etc.
For a brief moment I choose to focus on those of us who continue to flock to mega-churches for the mega-ness. They are like hogs gorging on candy corn. They have forgotten those who feed them are tricking them with treats. We are treating religious philosophies as if we're hearing something glorious when it should sound scary to us and have us running from being led to slaughter after slaughter unable to protect mother, father, son or daughter - all because of this major defect in logic called religion.
Jesus will always be Jesus no matter what color we make him and no matter how much we love everybody the preacher proclaims. Jesus is a hit man for the hueless and clueless.

2. Judaism in all its forms is the religion of lighter Semites.

3. Islam in all its forms is the religion of darker Semites.

There is no need to mention other religions. The pattern is clear. If a religion favors loss of originating African identity and other components of our strength, it must reviewed in a more mature light and discarded. Switch to slow motion replay in your logic and review the details of your belief speculations regarding religion.

How can a religion be healthy if it holds you, me and baby in disfavor and nowhere in the ranks of divinity?
It is unrealistic to think followers of religions that teach you, your life is less than others, that those same followers will think black lives matter. No, do not pass Go directly to...
We don't need anyone's respect for our lives.
We need dignity for our own divinity. That's what matters.

It's one thing to protest from a position of strength of strategy and an entirely different same ole' thing to keep protesting from the weakest point of strategy - asking - and doing so without an escalating action plan to ensure you only have to say it once.

...And as we reminisce on happiness promised by religious logic that sounds so universally sweet, that the need to feel satiated has overruled the need to stop being slayed. Being cursed by the God to whom we pray has become so okay, we still make up reasons why very little in the way of nutritious has never made its way, out of scripture and into practice, to help Africans, wherever we exist, in varying degrees of blackness and compliant madness. Based on scripture we were enslaved. Based on scripture we choose to remain that way. Just walk away and thank the Lord of Lords for showing you the way out today.


(1) Rogers, J. A., "Sex and Race, Negro-Caucasian Mixing In All Ages and All Lands,", Vol. I of II, p. various.

(2) Taylor, Isaac, "Names and Their Histories: A Handbook of Historical Geography and Topographical Nomenclature," Rivingtons, (London:1898), Second Edition Revised, p. 249-50/pdf 264-5, download pdf.

Brief World History & Current Karma Events
Unity Consciousness #834


(Part 3 of 10)

Out of a study of the Mauri Moors of Africa and Asia, comes several understandings to bring together and bring forth this message.

Human Beings Using Human Logic

If we were to examine a handful or more historical accounts, we cannot help but come to understand:
The World has gone from African rule to Asian rule under various groups.
The world has gone from black people in charge to browns, reds, yellows, semite mulattoes and whites.
The world has gone from African spirituality to Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.
Africa and Asia have been responsible for invading, conquering, attacking, colonizing, empire building, imperialism and "discovering" and "helping" and "civilizing" and democratizing people to death.
If the most learned in Eastern Africa could descend and do this to any degree, what should we expect from those who never really rose past the point of their departure from Africa and are the most unlearned?
You get a Murderville Matrix Marketed As Mayberry.
This is true even of Egypt. The moment they diminished the female and went to war against each other, despite other accomplishments, they began an irreversible slide that could only be stopped by a complete total and sudden shift of all downward contributing ideologies. Egypt could not stop the self-destructive logic they promoted and neither has any other empire been able to since then. America and the current wannabes are not any different except their foundations are significantly weaker which means it really doesn't take much for all to fall down like precariously positioned dominoes. None of them have enough logical separation to avoid the consequences of the final mistake by any of them. In other words, everything America is doing is jeopardizing all of Europe and the rest of Asia and the other way around.

To a very large degree, even the bibles of these people listed above paint the same overall picture of world history. These bibles speak of what effects MUST FOLLOW which causes. What differs mostly about our nationalized understandings of world history is who did what to whom and who were the good ones and who were the bad ones.
We no longer need to be confused about those questions.

The last portion of the current cycle is coming to completion. The full circle is coming to completion. Everything must start over. Some or all fundamental aspects must repeat. There is no such thing as a "Do Not Follow" command as an avoidance technique when it comes to Universal Karma.
This cycle of descent has taken place numerous times already during human existence. The difference of previous cycles is there were only black people on the planet. This is the first cycle when the descent involved this type of color variation, religious variation, gender desecration, widespread migration and loss of sense of origination as challenges to consciousness.
True to form, Spider's got our back and has been untangling the web and solving the algebraic equation and implementing the re-balancing solution. We know the entirety of the problem has been solved by the Creator because the problem has been understood by human beings as a collective and been uploaded in bits from below to above. There must be then, a like spiritual response that manifests itself physically in multiplicity. (Every piece of understanding is significant and helps complete the puzzle.)

America & Israel, The Beautiful Illusion & The Unholy Illusion

America is a like a lame-duck president. It cannot be restored to its "make America great again" deadly status. Despite how we are measuring what is happening today, an overall analysis reveals America as no more deadlier today than it has always been. America & Company, have always been in the business of killing thousands daily and millions yearly. It's just being noticed more and televised more in order to terrorize those who are going to rise anyway. Other reasons have been discussed.

Right Now The Destroyer Deceiver Is What Goes Up & Must Come Down

All that is being manifested on Earth in the past several thousand years is because the lower self is ruling way more than it was before. Thus, because the lower spirit has become first, so also has lower self logic and behaviors become the primary way we function. Evil has become first and good has become last. America and Israel, are the most recent incarnations of the lower self - Antichrist and Antichrist, Jr.
Most bibles tell of the rise and fall of the lower self. This is what is happening in the world today. The current human powers dominating the world to death are not any more powerful than the lower energy circulating in the Universe. As the dynamic balance of the lower-self shifts towards the higher self and the Aquarian Age rises, there is absolutely nothing America, Israel and all the other United Nations can do except stand down, or if not, hasten their own removal. Every location of the most malicious destruction is being dynamically targeted and every time America adds to their already malicious madness, they remain as the prime tumorous target for the Parent, the Primordials and the Primitives to address.

I'll say this briefly another way. Since most people have some sort of bible belief and those bibles speak of miraculous things that used to happen and that someday will happen again, those same bible believes should have no problem understanding that right now is that period of time. A person believing they can die and then their spirit soul can live on and perhaps their body can be resurrected, should not have any problem understanding that, that same power exists right now to set things right in the world. Thus, events are going to take place, that are normal but so infrequent, that many generations have not experienced these occurrences and have relegated these events to miracles and myths when, if fact, all these events are scientific responses in a scientific Universe from a Creator who is the Supreme Science & Supreme Scientist.*

Africans, show no fear.
These are the times for which we are here. The times that are fading into a flurry of mutant virus viciousness are the times for which the Destroyer is here. His and Her time is running out while we are gaining momentum, thus the unstoppable downward force is becoming the unstoppable upward force, even as it seems as if it's not. The powers who used-to-be, could not stop President Obama and they could not stop Trump and they cannot stop Clinton. Who then, can stop the African aligned with the Aquarian?
We must become more fluent in knowledge of self as an Ecosystem so we can understand the Ecosystem and greatly reduce the logic of fear so we won't run around like Chicken Little when events from Above reach us below.
Gird the inner and outer with the fundamentals of basic needs.
That is all anyone should ever do.

*Case in point. In recent years, the Sun's magnetic pole (spiritual energy) has flipped. Other changes in the Sun are taking place. Earth's magnetic field (spiritual energy) is also in the process of flipping. Based on these two encompassing examples, is it reasonable then, to think those are the only two large scale scientific principles that are changing? Climate change is more than water and temperature rising. Thus, since magnetic spiritual energy fields are moving towards the south, this means south is becoming the new north and bottom is becoming the top and the last is being positioned to become first. It means the root has been renewed and is releasing creative genetic potential genius it has in store. Spiritual energy moves and then physical things move. A flipping of the logic script has happened already in the above and more is yet to come. A flipping around 180 degrees is happening in the below globally in the body of Earth. Next comes even greater manifestations in the within and the without for that which is properly aligned within the double-acting sphere of Sun-Earth's influence.

In other words, if large changes are taking place with the Sun that sustains life AND large changes are taking place with the Earth that contains our life, humans and other creatures must also undergo large changes in order to remain viable under the up and coming new normal. This is a fundamental scientific principle.

In other words, perspectives must flip around to match the energy flow. That which we view negatively in a bad way must become viewed negatively in a good way. Much of what we currently think positively about in a good way will become revealed to us that those things are far less preferable and will be for thousands of years to come. Thus since human systems are based on human logic that is going against the changing energy flow, human systems will experience major disruptions and upheaval. Shall we continue to risk our behinds for blind faith in the weakest truth or shall we recalibrate to the stronger Rennut? Shall we continue to believe or start to think? How do I and we account for all 64 of my and our basic spiritual needs?

We (as a collective, but not everyone) are moving into shifting away from believing in the di-versions of the virgin male and towards knowing the confluences and congruences of the origin female. The result will be moving from being human and returning to human beingness, which necessitates cleaning out every dimension that houses human mess. As we go through each process, we will retrieve synthesis in our senses and perceive the deepest highest level of awareness of genesis where one root produces two fruit and branches merely display many forms of two truths.
The greatest difficulty in understanding this takes place when a person mistakes their weakness for strength. The greatest difficulty in understanding this occurs when a person's thought processes are rigidly affixed to religious logic as their worldview context. This causes a person to continue to think, "I believe this" or "I don't believe that" rather than the person going through processes to achieve, knowing understanding.
The result for those who free willingly choose the way of ways, will be moving from being frayed and afraid and towards restoring prodigal people and piecemeal philosophies in that which is strongest innermost in self wherever we are and strongest in self in innermost Africa from where we all were. Inside these two plural places is all else. Besides them, there is nothing else.

Where Is The Maghreb? Wild, Wild Western Lands
Unity Consciousness #833


(Part 2 of 10)

In addition to the American West, there was another Wild, Wild West - in the east. Both continents, Africa and Asia, and many of the surrounding islands have been a macro-Maghreb. Thousands of years of religious logic has fueled wars of all types. These people and their logic and their wars, especially against their own citizens, still fully exists in most parts of the world, thus turning the whole world into a western world of setting sun and descent into the darkness of the abyss.

Meaning Of Maghreb

Place Name Variations: Maghreb, Maghrite, Maghribe, Westmoreland...
People Name Variations: Maghrebi, Magarba, Mograbians, Westmoringas...

1. In 1886, Reclus states that Maghreb is an Arabic word meaning "western land." (1)
Maghreb is ma + ghreb. Another Arabic word, El-Gharb (el + gharb), means " the west." (2)
Maghreb and El-Gharb are used to refer to Morocco.

2. Writing in the late 1700's Volney said within the last fifty or sixty years, the peasants of Tunis, Algiers, and Morocco who went to Egypt and Syria to fight in their wars, referred to themselves under the common name of Magarba and Mograbians (Men of the West). (3)
Thus, the Maghgreb, "the Western Land" and El-Gharb, "the west," have been used to refer to an area much larger than Mauritania/Morocco. Mauretania actually did once cover a much larger area than present-day Morocco. (See previous message).

3. In1898, the natives of Morocco were referring to Morocco as "Maghrib el Aksa," an Arabic phrase which means 'the furthest west." (4)

What is considered to be the west or the western land varies according to a person's geographical location and varies according to a person's awareness of surrounding lands. This has happened to many groups of people on many occasions. In UC#823, we learned how the definition of the "north abyss" changed several times.

4. As stated in recent messages, words properly used as identifiers, carry multiple, non-contradictory meanings as a whole and in their root components, just as water has meaning and so does hydrogen and oxygen, which brings greater understanding to what water is fundamentally, primordially, primitively, originally.
So now we look at one of the components of Maghreb.
Magh comes from Makh and means the plain, level, balance, meadow, mid-way and the place of fulfillment Magh pertains to the level of the equinox which is equal, which is mid-way, thus there are two Maghs which are places of balancing fulfillment just as there are two equinoxes - two turning points where everything flips. (5)

What is that fulfillment? Clearly in the wild, wild western lands of the world it is fulfillment of upheaval into darkness and now is the time of the fulfillment of Earth into a wiser wonderful eastern land.


Place Name Variations: Maracco, Marocco, Morocco, Maroksh, Maraksh, Marrakesh, Marrakush...
People Name Variations:Maruecos, Marrocos...

Maracco is the correct spelling. Morocco is incorrect per Morse. (6)
Marocco is the correct spelling per Taylor. (7)

In 1819, Morse said Arabs, or the Moors of the early nineteenth century, call Maracco, Maroksh. (8)
1. Morocco is a Spanish corruption derived from the city of Maraksh, Marrakesh, or Marrakush, the capital, which means 'the adorned' city. In the sixteenth century, Spaniards called the inhabitants of Marakesh by the name of Maruecos or Marrocos, a name afterwards extended to denote the whole nation. (9)

2. In Babylonian legend the person presiding over the creation of mankind was a woman named Omoroca. This is the Great Mother who at first was Mother-Earth. (10)

Once we combine understandings from this message and the previous message plus understandings Of Het-Heru/Hathor-Nut, we remember the horizon as representative of the equinoxes. Twice each day there is upheaval and fulfillment as the Sun travels above and below the horizon (the daily equator). Het-Heru, the Great Mother, gives birth to the Sun at morning and swallows/reconceives the Sun at night. Thus Het-Heru is giving birth to mankind as Omoroca is said to do.
This dual event takes place at many other intervals such as twice yearly when the Sun crosses Earth's equator and takes place twice every Great Year at the midway point when certain constellations cross the celestial equator.
The transition from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age is the time of the equinox when Great Mother of The Waters gives birth to renewing humanity and everything flips again like a switch in the night that transforms blackness into light.


(1) Reclus, Elisée, "The Earth And Its Inhabitants. Africa," D. Appleton & Company, (New York:1886), Vol I, North-East Africa, p.1/pdf 17.
Taylor, Isaac, "Names and Their Histories: A Handbook of Historical Geography and Topographical Nomenclature," Rivingtons, (London:1898), Second Edition Revised, p. 293/pdf 397, download pdf.

(2) Taylor, p. 198/pdf 213 and p. 42/pdf 57.

(3) Volney, C. F., Translated from French, "Travels Through Syria And Egypt In The Years 1783, 1784 And 1785,” Pater-Noster-Row, (London:1788), Second Edition, Vol. II of II, p. 145/pdf 159.

(4) Taylor, p.198/pdf 213.

(5) Massey, Gerald, "A book of the beginnings : containing an attempt to recover and reconstitute the lost origines of the myths and mysteries, types and symbols, religion and language, with Egypt for the mouthpiece and Africa as the birthplace”), 1881, p. 393/pdf 405.

(6) Morse, Jedidiah, "The American Universal Geography: Or, A View of the Present State of All the Kingdoms, States and Colonies in the Known World," Lincoln & Edmands, S.T. Armstrong, West, Richardson & Lord, (Boston:1819), Seventh Edition, Vol II of II, p. 756.

(7) Taylor, p.198/pdf 213.

(8) Morse, 756.

(9) Taylor, p.198/pdf 213.

(10) Massey, Gerald, “Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World: A Work of Reclamation and Restitution in Twelve Books,” (Leeds Celephais Press: 2008), (First published London, T. Fisher Unwin: 1907), Volume I, p. 89/pdf 99.
Churchward, Albert, "The Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man : The Evolution of Religious Doctrines from the Eschatology of the Ancient Egyptians," George Allen & Company/E. P. Dutton & Company, (London/New York:1913), Second Edition, p. 458/pdf. 552, An authorized facsimile of the original book, and was produced in 1969 by University Microfilms, A Xerox Company, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A. [download e-book pdf from link above]

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Who Are The Moors, Blacks? Africans? Egyptians? Asians?
Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #832


(Part 1 of 10)

1. What Their Name Says:

Name Variations For The People: Moor, Mor, Moros, Morros, Moore, Mohr, Maur, Maure, Mauri, Mauru, Mauer, Maurusii, Ethiopians...

Names & Variations For Some Of The Lands Occupied By Them: Mauritania, Mauretania, Maurusia, Mauritus, Moreland, Morocco, Maracco, Numidia, Algiers, Tangiers, Fez, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Spain...

Although present-day Mauritania is located on the northwest coast of Africa, in the earlier part of the first century CE (AD), Strabo said above Mauretania, was a country of western Ethiopians, (1) This is exactly what Egypt was, a country of Ethiopians, except it was all the way on the other side on the east coast.
Strabo also said next to Mauretania is the country of the Masaesylii.
Strabo goes on to say that in west Africa, "dwell a people called Maurusii by the Greeks, and Mauri, by the natives and by the Romans. This nation was located opposite to Spain." (2)

According to an 1819 geography book, Romans called Morocco, Mauritania or Maurusia. (3)

In other words, Morocco is Mauretania is Maurusia and was inhabited by the Mauri on the north and northwest coasts of Africa. These Mauri also naturally inhabited the inner lands not on the coast.

Who were these Maurusii, Mauri, Masaesylii?
Clearly the name of the people, Mauer, and the name of the place, Mauritania, are forms of each other.

Strabo says, The frontier between Morocco and Algeria is the same frontier that was between Mauretania and Numidia. [Thus, present-day Morocco was part of ancient Mauretania.]

Strabo also says, Numidia formed the largest part of what is nowadays called Algeria. (4)

Per other historians, "The Maurusia of the Greeks is the Mauritania of the Latins and is now known as Algiers and Fez in Africa. (5) Thus the people of Morocco (Mauretania) and Algiers (Numidia) and Fez are the same people.

Strabo says Numidia was occupied by a race of people consisting of many tribes, who spoke a language once know from the Fortunate Islands in the west to the cataracts of the Nile [Egypt, in the east].
Strabo then says, "...whites as well as blacks (though not negroes), were called by the Romans, Numidæ; Afterwards Numida and Numidia became the name of the nation and the country. Sometimes they were called Maurusii Numidæ, while the later writers always speak of them under the general name of Mauri. The most powerful among these tribes were the Massyli." (6)
Thus the people of Numidia (Algiers) were called Mauri (the Greek version of the word) and the people of Mauretania were called Marusii (the Roman version of the word).

To put this in present-day terms, the Moors of Asia are originally the same people as the Mauretanians, Masaesylii, Moroccans and Numidians (Algerians) of Africa.

Just for extra measure, we find the earliest inhabitants of Mauritania referred to as the Misraim from Egypt. Since we know Misraim is an Arabic version of an Egyptian word, we take one more step and we are told that in Jewish scriptures the Misraim are called Mauretani. (7)

We also learn that the traditions of the Keltæ and the Kymry of Europe state, Tuatha brought the ancient wisdom out of Lower Egypt (the Tuat). “The oasis of Tuaut” is another bit of ancient Egypt still surviving in the country of Morocco, where it testifies, like some strange boulder on the surface, to the buried past. (8)

2. What The Language Of Moors Says:

Moors are Arabic-speaking. (9)

African language indicates most words have multiple meanings and often dual meanings.
Thus we now add that understanding to what we learned about the Mauri above.
Due to the wide ranging and inescapable connection of western Africans to Eastern Inner Africa and Egypt, we are able to extract more meaning from Mauri/Mauru. These are two forms of the same word. By taking into consideration Massey's many references, we understand these words are from the root "Mer" and "Mr," which suggests a general meaning of "people of great waters of birth who came out of birth and death in Eastern Africa in large numbers, to be reborn in western Africa. These Mauri were Egyptian-Ethiopian-Kushites who spread out of eastern Africa just as the first four mighty rivers did also. The great rivers flowed from the same birthplace to spread their fertilizing influence across Africa, then flowed into the oceans and then diffused across the world, just as the people have done the same thing, bringing with them their fertilizing cultures. The Mauri Moors are another remix of the mixture from the originating, nucleus, human birthplace of the Great Lakes."

3. What Their Physiognomy Says:

Moors are similar in physiognomy to Europeans and Western Asians and only differ due to tanned skin due to climate. (10) Here Diop speaks of the eastern Mauri who first went to Asia and became mixed with the albino and Semite Mulatto. Diop speaks of the Moors in terms of their separate identity whereas I intend to show that the Moors only had a brief separate identity in Asia, but prior to that they were one with the Mauri and Egyptians and after their separation period, they came back together with Africans in Africa and can in no ways be considered different people, despite how they look, except in terms of their current behavior-producing ideologies.

4. What Skin Color Says:

Most references indicate Moor, Moros, Morros and Maure mean black. In England, during the 16th and 17th centuries, blacks were called blackamoors (black as a Moor) and the mulattoes were called tawny Moors [orange-brown or yellowish-brown]. During this time, "Maure" meant the same thing as Negro [black]. (11)
Thus, Moors used to be considered as black people because they were black in color just like an Ethiopian and just like an Egyptian and just like a Kushite and just like a Chaldean. Nowadays Moors claim they are not black people or black in color. They claim to be copper in color. Present-day Moors are still trying to distance themselves from their blackness, a fatal mistake that a lot of people are making.

A great many nations, different and distant from one another, are comprised under the name of Ethiopian. All those who were strikingly distinguished from Europeans by a very dark, or completely black skin, received the general appellation of Ethiopians. (12a)

The Mauri of western Africa came into the name Mauri via their choice as it pertained to their originating culture. These Mauri were later lumped together with the Moors because the Moors invaded the Mauri and the two people became remixed.
The Moors (the Mauri of western Asia) came into the name Moors as assigned to the remixed group by the Spaniards they conquered. And of course as co-assigned by writers of history.
Yet, there is a dissenting view that states the name Moor comes from Mauritania because the Spaniards knew that is where their invaders came from. (12b)

It is quite interesting that both Mauri and Moors, are words arrived at quite differently, yet still both words have "black" as one of their meanings.
What this indicates, as touched upon in UC#822, is that proper use of language as part of an ecosystem of culture, is as an ever-blossoming being. Each bloom brings with it the genetics of previous meanings, thus, multiple dimensions of meanings, that take turns in prominence based on the desired effect, are able to be expressed without diminishing or confusing.

Lastly, despite the attempts of many writers to divide Africans into many groups of fictitious "races," it is futile. Everywhere we historically turn as we move backwards towards ancient times and towards origins, despite the names and categorization of these people, in their true identity, the African, the blackness, the negro, the negus, the naga, the nga, the word N shows up, not just a little but in the mother of totality.
As Massey explains in 1881 in his "A Book of the Beginnings," a negro is still known as a "Morien" in English which is clear indication of being a member of the black race. (12c) Thus there is no Moor escape for the Moors from their originating blackness and neither is it anymore possible for anyone because the truth rises with the waters.

5. What The Moor's Chosen Religion Says:

Moors are Moslems/Muslims believers of Islam. (13a)
Islam is mostly a version of Judaism and Christianity, but has other teachings borrowed, cut, pasted, edited and added in.
Muhammad/Mahomet started Islam in 622 CE (AD). When he died in 632 CE, Islam, in its prepubescent, not-yet-a-toddler, infancy, split into Sunni and Shiite. This was to be expected due to there being two lines of authority under Mahomet - one group of caliphs ruled Persia and one group of caliphs ruled Egypt. (13b) When Mahomet died, these two groups became a torso without a head and split from each other in terms of leadership, not beliefs. This is what happens when you start with a shaky philosophy in the first place and then before learning to walk, Muhammad, the combiner of the religion dies. Now all of a sudden the religion must learn to walk without being taught and instead, the religion tries to run before getting the hang of walking, thus the followers keep falling down and into things and into each other and many others. This is the current status. (see an explanation of what this means at "Nyanja ya Tanganyika | Location Found, Zanzibar History Lost, Unity Consciousness #815)

In my belief speculation, this religious breakup contributed to an already increasingly separating psyche within those Africans.
They were gender-imbalanced due to patriarchy.
They were "racially" imbalanced because these darker Semite Mulattoes were discriminated against by the lighter Semite Mulattoes and the Albinos.
They were origin-imbalanced due to accepting the teachings of a religion that claims human origin outside of Africa.
They were religiously-imbalanced to start out with and this mindset became further unstable when they were left to think for themselves when Muhammad died just 10 years after the creation of Islam from the substance of Yeshua Jesus' Hell-raising stories. Of course the Moors were going to fight each other and separate into different groups of Muslims just like Judaism and Christianity and Buddhism and Hinduism.
The Arabic-speaking, Islam-believing Asian Moors, have taken all this imbalance, just like Christianity and Judaism and other religions and have ran around the world dividing the world based on gender, origin, skin color, religion and multiple false identifiers of who they really are, such as language and traditions. The world has been unmade out of the image of the Creator's Ecosystem and has been remade into the image of religion's fragmented logic that hides behind nationality, ethnicity and culture. In doing so, these religious people have divided, decimated and desecrated the world.
Note: Just as the female is the throne and supposed to be the power behind throne, religion became the human source of authority and is the power behind all that is wrong in the world. It is not simply males gone mad, it is their religion that underlies all of their logic that is screwed up. This is how we know that until these religions fall, humanity will continue to fall. The fate of religions is confirmed by the undeniable sounds every falling tree makes even before it hits the ground. Religions are now holding pep rallies trying to recruit new members and hold on to sold members because all the basic statistics indicate more people are no longer believing clearly provable lies and are beginning to try to reconcile contradictions of science. (Listen to this video for added perspective: "Who are the Moors?" by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima.

Writing in 1838, Heeren said Arab-speaking people from Asia invaded north and western Africa. These Arab-speaking Moors outnumbered the African Mauri. These Moors from Asia wandered over the vast area between the Mediterranean Sea and Senegal and Joliba. They were notorious for their savage barbarity and religious fanaticism. (14)

6. Based On Secondary Origin:

The Mauri are Egyptians who went westward in Africa. The Moors are Egyptians who went eastward into Asia and settled in western Asia (the misnamed Middle East.)
Per Diop, the Western Asian Moors are from Yemen. (15) Again here, Diop speaks of their most recent origin, not their Ancient origin.
These Moors had not yet rejoined with the western African Mauri until between 711 CE and 723 CE. This is when the eastern Mauri (Moors) invaded the western Mauri and then went on to take over Spain from the western Mauri who had invaded Spain in 711 CE.

According to many sources, Moors didn't get the current name spelled as "Moor" until they were called Moros/Morros in Spain. This is when both the western and eastern Mauri were collectively called Moors (English spelling). The two groups of Mauri had become a forced collective based on a conqueror/conquered relationship. The conquered western group was forced to adopt the Islam religion of the eastern group or else be killed. All that has transpired in the history of the Mauri has confused current day Mauri who think they are Moors who are Asian in origin and Arabic speaking in origin and Islamic in religion. All three of these are false notions.

Summary Of Mixtures

There are two main branches of people with similar sounding names who produced multiple subgroups.

1. Mauri (west branch out of Egypt). These Mauri later became Moors.
2. Moors (east branch out of Egypt). These Moors started out as Mauri.

3. Mixture of Moors and other Asians (Semites, Whites, Babylonians, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Persians, Indians, etc.).
4. Mixture of Mauri with Whites from the European peninsula of Asia. This was likely nowhere near as significant as the Asian mixture with the Moors.
5. Mixture of the Moor mixture with Africans in general.
6. Mixture of Mauri and Moors in Africa.
7. Mixture of Mauri Moors and Spaniards and others groups in Spain and in the surrounding area and in Africa.
8. Mixture of Moors and Mauri with the people of the Caribbean Island, Hispaniola (Haiti & Santa Domingo).
9. Mixture of Moors and Mauri with the people of Caribbean Islands and America.
10. There are certain to be other mixtures.

Three Big Ole' Final Points To Remember:

First of all, people who today, call themselves Moors have the same mindset of all other Asians and all religions followed by Asians. It is not their language that speaks for them, rather it is their logic. These Moors are not friends of Africa. They are doing what many other groups, religions and cultures are doing. They are being wolves in sheep clothing trying to maintain or gain the trust of Africans/Black People - the established throne of greater power on Earth.

Second of all, these Mauri-Moors were only able to display higher degrees of understanding in terms of contributions because they were Egyptians who were Ethiopians who were Negroes from Punt who were Punt-drunk from drinking from the well of wisdom. Likewise, these Moor-Mauri have only been able to display lower degrees of understanding in terms of uncivilized behavior due to the rising potential within them that stems from the same lineage as does their greatness.
There is no such thing as Moorish science. The belief that the Moors created some kind of special science is the same kind of origin falsehood as Chinese medicine and Greek philosophy and Monotheism and the list is long and goes on. All of these things are exact Egyptian reproductions or versions under different names.
During the time of Moorish contributions, they had conquered Egypt and many other African lands and were feeding off the genius of the conquered just as America and other nations rose and remain afloat on the blood, backs and brains of those they enslave, including feeding off the many papyri, tablets and other documents stolen out of Egypt.

Thirdly, black people, African people will not ever never ain't no way gonna regain the birthright of our power and strength and retake first place until we clean religious logic out of our mental closets and return to healing and harmonizing African spiritual understandings.


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Ham, Shem, Japheth Are Forms Of Khem
Unity Consciousness #831


"Race" is used as it appears in the references. Per UC#826, there is only one human race. All people are variations of one race and still belong to that same one human race.

Per History In Conjunction With Judaism-Christianity-Islam

The descendants of Shem (Semites, Chemites, Khemites) and Japheth lived in Asia where the land was nowhere near as productive as in Africa. This caused Shem and Japheth's descendants to live as nomadic shepherds.
On the other hand, in Africa, people naturally settled into place in the wide-ranging fertile landscape. This included the region of Egypt (Kham, Ham, Khem) where the Nile River provided water and nutrients for a very large area.
In Egypt, as also in the lands to the south, with a dependable source of food for themselves and their livestock, the descendants of Ham and others, moved on to higher and higher levels of thinking and handicraft. This was not possible for the descendants of Shem and Japheth since they did not have agriculture and were frequently on the move, busy with the immediate day-to-day stuff. This lifestyle did not provide the incentive or the opportunity to develop knowledge in other disciplines such as math, astronomy, biology, geology, etc. When we go back to only about 1000 BCE, we find the Shemetic/Semetic and Japhethic nations still did not possess signs of higher culture.(0) By 1000 BCE African high culture had been in existences for tens of thousands of years. Before the descendants of Shem and Japheth began developing higher culture, the descendants of Ham had been in possession of high culture for so long that their upward progress was slowing down and declining. Even so, the declining culture of Egypt was still more advanced than the rising culture in Asia. This is a testament to how high the culture was.
Please take note that Ham is the father of Kush, Egypt (Kham, Mizraim), Punt (Phut) and Canaan. All of these lands comprise the entire eastern portion of Africa and were recognized as part of Africa in earlier times.

Japheth Is Egyptian & Phoenician. Phoenician Is Egyptian

The Hebrew "Gev" is identical with the Egyptian "Khef" and the children of Khef. The race of Japheth is the same as the race of Kheft, Japheth is Khemite Egyptian who came out of Ethiopia. (1-2) The Khefti or Japheti moved to the north of Egypt, the islands and lands of Phoenicia. (3)

The name Japheth evolved out of Japhet, Japht, or Apht which corresponds to the Egyptian Aft, earlier Kheft. (4)

According to Egyptian Mythology

Ra had resolved to be lifted up in an ark or sanctuary. Nnu and his small number of companions who enter the ark or sanctuary are eight in number, four male, Nnu, Seb, Shu, and Taht, and four female, Sekhet, Nut, Hathor, and Tefnut. The whole world that was divided between the three sons of Nnu: Shu, Seb, and Taht, was not on our earth. It was the celestial world above and below Earth.
Shu, whose name signifies shade, was guardian of the multitudes in the night sky. Shu is Ham, the dark of colour or black.
Seb of the serpents in the cycles of time, is the father of Horus on Earth. Seb is Shem.
Taht was assigned the nations of the north. Taht was given a double portion. Ra says, “I shall give thee to raise thy hand in the presence of the gods. I shall give thee to embrace the two parts of the sky. I shall give thee to turn thyself toward the northern nations.” Taht was the prototype of Japheth. (5)
There are four parts of the sky in Egyptian mythology and only three sons of Noah in certain Bibles. Thus, since those Bibles claim a starting point in Asia, Japheth was assigned to the northwest and northeast of Earth while Ham was assigned the southwest of Earth and Shem was assigned the southeast of Earth. The southwest of Earth is Africa from an Asian Biblical perspective.

Noah (Christian) was patterned after Nnu (Egyptian). Nnu became Ausar (Egyptian) and Osiris (Greek). Ausar/Osiris became the father of Heru/Horus (Jesus).
Because certain Bibles got the Egyptian mythology all mixed up when they tried to make it fit/fake their story, Jesus displays the characteristics of several Egyptian goddesses and gods. For instance, Jesus is a form of Noah. Noah floated on water and came out of the ark. Jesus walked on water and got into the boat (ark) with the disciples. (6)

Other similarities of Ham, Shem and Japheth to Egyptian mythology are as Sons/Suns of the lower, upper and middle heavens/earths. Ham, the Son/Sun of the lower south. Shem, the Son/Sun of the middle heaven, the horizon, the halfway point, the Semi to match the Semite/Shemite. Japheth, the Son/Sun of the upper north.

Also, the three sons of Noah were patterned after the Egyptian, Ka (Blacks) Atum ("holy authority" Semites) and Hu (Whites). (7)


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Moisture For Days Like This | Poem
Unity Consciousness #830


Moisture For Days Like This

by Ancestors through Usiku

Dryness is everywhere
Significant on many a surface
In naked display as proof of purchase
Destroyer's way to say, in my service
What this constitutes
Is Shu and Tefnut thirsting for Rroots

Dry bones disaster are a long time coming
Stems from much slow stumbling
Absent hydration cell walls keep crumbling
Spirit-soul craves moisture to get even
Minds need moisture to rhyme in reason
Soaked in understanding to re-vital-eyes
Fire craves liquid ever since leaving

Water everywhere needs moisture
To replenish liquid pastures
Ancestors of the Ari era
Crave moisture of the water bearer
From the southern abyss where wetness preexists
Where trees climb moundtains to assist
The outpouring of fountains
Moisture for days, like this

Primitive & Primordial Tours | Poem
Unity Consciousness #829


Primitive & Primordial Tours

by Ancestors through Usiku

Same sky from different perspectives
Different creations, same collective
Different people, same repetitions
Occupying the same land under different conditions
Still one and same in purpose and mission

Same sun follows all of us around
Amen-Moon in common language says slow down
Same water is navigator and charter
Of perpetual flow between closer and farther
Which is to say mother and daughter

Sweet air keeps wondering same thing
Didn't we just breathe each other over there?
And we wander off, you and I
On different sides of the same divide
Participating not aware of the conversation
As we crisscross ways through same corridors
We continue to meet as we life explore

Wherever however any creation travels
Primitive and primordial are there to endure
Now I'm sure we've met many times before
In touring forms of the metaphor

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How Divide and Conquer and Divide, Survives Or Dies
Unity Consciousness #828

In societies, as children, we are attacked by the divide and conquer strategy. Simply put, in many ways, we are mostly intentionally and sometimes unintentionally kept from knowing ourselves, thus from developing healthy self-esteem, thus from becoming oneness with self, all else and the Creator, thus from a sense of wholeness.

As we begin maturing in our thinking, we learn to think more comprehensively, then divide and conquer no longer works. Maturing children begin to reason with a more thorough thought process that continues to evolve.

Not to be outdone, the Destroyer Deceiver, in person, switches the strategy as our improved level of understanding makes us less vulnerable to divide and conquer.

The new strategy becomes conquer and divide. As older children, teenagers and young adults, we are taught that our improved level of understanding gives us the right to make decisions for ourselves. We are taught individualism.
To embrace individualism is to embrace conquer and divide which is simply divide and conquer in disguise.
The ecosystem is not based on individualism. There is no such thing as individual choice that only affects the individual. Life is a collective process for a collective purpose. This is why we were granted gifted life in this form. We have life because there is a collective of lives inside us that make life possible. There is no individual cell that can just do its own thang. We have life because there is a collective of lives outside of us that make life possible. There is no individual creation from the micro to the macro that can function independently without impacting all else.
Individualism as a God-given right only exists when collective work and responsibility exists.

Conquered By Force, Then Choice, Then Force

When we are young, we are conquered by force, because we are not given choice as to what we learn. Thus we are divided according to information and instructions forced upon us.
When we are older, we are conquered by choice. We decide to be divided. We do not make the grown-up decision to self-correct broken logic. We keep making decisions on our own, based on logic we did not decide to learn.

Conquered By Lack Of Understanding

A child can only be divided and conquered when the cunning of adults exceeds the understanding of the child.
On the other hand, an older person, can only be conquered and divided when understanding is lacking. Call it what you want - naive, gullible, faith, belief, education, miseducation, matrix, amnesia, nobody told me, I didn't know...The phrasing doesn't change the lack of understanding.

In other words, it is not possible to divide and conquer and divide mature people.

Status Detected

Our current status is more conquered because we are more divided.
Our current strategy is not, "to be unified.". Unity is a byproduct of other behaviors. Unity is a goal, not a means or method or plan.
It is not possible to jump into unity from disunity. It ain't ever gonna happen. So quit talking about unity that way as in, "We're not unified!" Instead, say,
"We need to adjust our processes so we can achieve unity within self.
In other words, we can't be unified with each other until we begin unifying within self such that spirit, emotion, mind and behind are all working together for the greater good (health) within self. We must engage in the process of becoming one which is a process that Ancestors and Creator help us custom design once we decide to Ecosystem align.

In our current state of mind, we cannot change our status unless our basis of logic changes.
Logic is strategy. Logic tells us what to think and do. Isn't that strategy?
Thus the strategy is to use free will to become free by getting different information which leads to understanding which changes the basis of logic which changes the thought processes of our lives which changes conclusions and decisions which changes behaviors which changes how much we are divided which changes how much we are unified which changes how much we are conquered which changes everything.

I repeat: Logic cannot be changed by simply making a decision to think differently.* No. Logic is changed by adjusting information and instructions existing as millions of pieces of information in our minds. This is a process. In addition to new understandings, there are many understandings we already have which only require a little more understanding to make them more optimal and then more understanding to make them more optimal....

Beating The Life Out Of Guaranteed Individual Rights Absent of Collective Responsibility

Individualism causes societies to perpetrate and perpetuate crimes against the consciousness of children. Once the child can no longer be fooled this way, individualism is passed into the hands of the growing child as an unalienable guaranteed right for which the child is taught they must fight with all their might to maintain during this lifetime. When and where is communalism, collectivism and socialism taught to us in the same, non-stop, everywhere you turn, "this is the way it must be," manner? No wonder we are in psychological defeat. Right now, the United Nations and America are sanctioning countries that are trying to practice collective benefit, yet most of think our countries and cultures are good for the world. We maintain this logic while enduring many insane logical pains within those countries and cultures.

The contradictory part of our logic is that many of us who are outside the discomfort zone of the status quo, want peace, love, harmony, abundance, reciprocity, justice, happiness, freedom, etc., yet we allow ourselves to think negatively about the only way to achieve those things. That way being the opposite of individualism. Collective benefit guarantees individual rights and expression that does not destroy the unity of the group. This is only achievable when the collective is the primary perspective and prime objective. We are conquered and divided when we do not realize that the notion of "being independent" is also the same thing as individualism. Think about it three times. Independence is a false notion. It does not exist that one person or one anything can "make it on their own." Being independent is conquer and divide in disguise.

The whole story about how Lucifer fell from grace in certain biblical texts, is about the effects of individualism and thinking you can behave independently. Heaven became divided. Individual me-ism and independent me-ism is the mentality of Lucifer and his Destroyer Logic which is a pleasant sounding deceiving logic that is more alluring than the siren's song but not less deadly. This logic of "being independent," thus disconnected from consideration and responsibility to others, is prevalent in societies and must be conquered with higher, more non-individualistic, logic.

Think about it yet even another way.
If it is not possible to love by practicing individualism, then what worthwhile can be achieved via individualism?

Growing Out Of Excuses

Children do not choose individualism, they are taught individualism even as they are taught to "share and respect others." We grow up confused as to which one applies and when. As children, we have multiple excuses for being divided and conquered and conflicted. However, the older and older we get, the less and less of an excuse we have. The first time we make a full grown decision on our own, the excuse to lean on is completely gone. Even so, the higher calling is always pointing out right from wrong. It is during those moments, when we listen or don't listen, we de-side which side of the divide we will be on.

*The main decision that creates significant change is the decision as to which spirit to follow, the higher-self or lower-self. It is unlikely we will decide to follow a different spirit today and then tomorrow, follow that spirit the rest of the way. It takes practice. It takes situation confrontation. When the moment arises again, will we make a different choice? As each situation arises, we must reaffirm our overall decision on a case-by-case basis. Thankfully, it is possible to change quickly but this only happens when we understand the need for urgency and that there is no other acceptable alternative. Thus we have identified a secondary reason for our current situation.
If all that we know has happened historically in the world and all that we know is still going on right now and the recent televising of brutalities and murders is not enough to create a sense of urgency and a significant shift from current logic, then what the hell, let us die without crying because no change amounts to dying without trying.
All our tools, weapons, resources, power, advantages and genetic potential have already been explained. So why waste time marching up to murderers to complain when their only truth is the trueness of their deadly global aim?
Meanwhile we remain individual and dependent on these same psycho-sociopath people and their sick systems for our sustenance. Even though we've heard, "the Devil is a lie," we have not understood the fullness of what it means as the Devil manifests in human form.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Icicle Cell Melanemia, A Positive Negative Test Of Albino Logic
Unity Consciousness #827


(Part 4 of 4)

White people are not white because they are mostly white. No, they are white because they are whitewashed, bleached out black genetics. Yet, even with the color removed, the fabric is fundamentally the same. Genetic deviation into albinism, as an occurrence in all offspring, is a recent phenomenon. In a last ditch effort, cells had to give up some strength in order to prolong existence.
From, Part 3, "Racial Belief Speculations & Knowings, Unity Consciousness #826"
Multiple standard deviations of genetics had to occur faster than normal in order to reach albinism that is always active. This process was a natural occurrence due to severe extended climate change, paired with severe extended genetic isolation. Thus, within the Ice Age, the strongest genes of albinism reached situational "perfection." It was these gene bearers who survived through natural selection. They were the most defective and the most conditionally protected. Once the Ice Age went away, though albinos tried at first, to function more normally, this did not allow them to excel as "top dogs" with the greater ease their genetics allowed them to in an extremely cold environment. At some point, after trying to take a higher road, albinos gave up, thus cold cunningness, having no science resistance, rose . Cold naturally sinks to the low road.
Albinism would have naturally reversed itself had White people embraced the Sun more* and if they had only allowed for and encouraged widespread re-integration with the seeds of origination. Of course, the very opposite has occurred.
I shall repeat the core problem for the white branch of the human family. It was a lack of Eco-sensibility that got them caught up in the first place. They ignored emergences that said it is getting colder and colder. Now stuck behind mountain barriers of ice, they inbred for tens of thousands of years. This solidified the albino mutation trait such that all of the survivor's of the Ice Age are carriers.

Albinism could easily be called icicle cell melanemia.

However, unlike sickle cell anemia, alpha thalassemia and beta thalassemia, the prevalence of the albino gene in every member of the group who continues to inbreed within that branch, has made them the equivalent of genetic dinosaurs.
The metaphor will not be cut short. Whatever mechanism took most of the dinosaurs out and knocked the remainder down to size as remnants and proof of dinosaur existence, that power is manifesting itself again in a form that will do the same to every dimension of albino genetic logic.

Whereas outbreeding on multiple levels would have allowed for genetic restoration to the Black Whole, it's too late to turn back now. The genetics of albinism have crossed the event horizon of climate change with calibration frozen to not change for the better. As a result, the ever-present, branch long, life long behaviors of desperate desperados are again in unpretentious rapid rabid expression.
The albinos have been seeking survival sanctuary in the coldness of conscience crevices and conscious crevices which has afforded them a certain degree of short-term tactical advantage. When understanding evades you and you are desperate and afraid, your inability to achieve peace in your inner sanctum, causes temper tantrums. You act out like a psychologically damaged child. You destroy what you can until you feel comfortable you can be in control of your environment without understanding. This is because you remember the pain and fear of not being able to control the Ice Age environment and you also remember the environment of being ostracized when you went back home to Africa and scared the Hell out of people, appearing as ghosts. Then came more pain when you couldn't comprehend what your family in Africa could, though you tried. Then came more pain when they called you children. Then came more pain when your African family had to come to Europe and get you out of several Dark Ages. This pain, pain, pain is still circulating unresolved in albino genetic memory. Albinos sorta do and sorta don't understand it, but they most certainly feel it but call it by other names.

Now we can begin to understand what happens when you feel rejected by nature as a collective via much cold for a Hell of a long time and via much hunger and via less Sun. Then you get rejected by other humans once you break free of the ice. The albino is seeking family approval.
They are seeking approval by trying to outdo the rest of the world based on ego dough as their mojo. In other words, it is not Blacks who need White approval and respect but just the opposite. This is confirmed by Nelly Fuller.
This is thrice confirmed. Per Cheikh Anta Diop in "Nations nègres et culture," p. 246, he states: "Genesis...nowhere mentions the black color of the descendants of Ham (Cham) or Canaan; the Israelites were [self-]conscious of being lighter than they."
If the albino could not measure self-worth by things, objects, possessions and controlling behavior, the albino would not have much self-worth. The albino calculates, taliates, retaliates, tabulates, then repeats. Feeling great exists momentarily until that ever-present ghostly, haunting self, stares them in their pale fox face. Another day of devaluing other lives is the escapeless route they continue to take.

On one side of the universal coin, this pain-driven psyche is at the core of what is taking place today, On the other side of the coin, the full shift is on to re-flip the script to counteract albino logic. Clarity reveals albinos have traded their cultural crevices for perpetual precipices. They came up in a human history cold rush and will go down in a historical avalanche of fire, earth, wind and water, meteors included.
As crazy glue and duct taped countries weaken, the viability of proud precipices crumbles into hungry rising ancestral seas. This makes albino ability to proceed beyond the final round of jeopardy, in the second third of this century, certainly questionable, due to the "up-the-ante" albino commitment to sanctioning the world based on "races." The albinos, in an attempt to prevent genetic annihilation, have instead made it an irreversible certainty. This, in an overall sense, is due to the albino's conceptual context. Simply put, albinos still act like they are in an Ice Age environment of scarce resources where killer takes all. Albinos give themselves false positives that scarcity is true by hording, wasting and harming that which supports healthy abundance.

To Clarify Something Likely To Be Misunderstood

Albinism is less about the functioning of skin and more about functioning without understanding as a collective. This lack of understanding was not incurable at first, has now become incurable due to reliance on "race" as a basis of collective evil discrimination in order to achieve as a collective without understanding much about collectivism. The willingness of albinos to poison their own children tells us everything. As always, it is the primary use of free will that is the orienting force that flips the genetic switch to determine the direction of the momentum created by our logic.
I saw a simple woman eating alligator. Its albino heart she tossed back into the bayou and it settled near the roots of the cypress.
Icicle cell melanemia can be more fully understood by reviewing the message titled, "Genetic Determinations: Sickle Cell Anemia & Thalassemia,"

*Skin is the biggest human organ. Skin is the first line of defense of the immune system. Skin is much more. Skin, fortified with melanin, is a resistor and conductor of all forms of physical energy. Imagine what happens then, when skin is not properly functioning.
Melanin interacting with the Sun produces more than one vital mineral (vitamin) nutrient in the being of humans. Melanin is a mirror image membrane oracle translator converter transporter between the core of the Sun and the core of the nucleus in every living cell. Melanin connects the closest and farthest Holy of Holies. Melanin connects Adro Creator to Adroa Creator. As a result, melanin is an intermediate holder of the reigns of power that changes the Universe.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Racial Belief Speculations & Knowings
Unity Consciousness #826


(Part 3 of 4)

Gender, religion, origin and "race" are our four biggest misunderstandings (fatal flaws).
Although the logic that follows, focuses on "race," the other three words can be substituted in most places without loss of meaning.

Belief speculations are supposed to mature as we do. We are not supposed to stop speculating believing but we are supposed to stop putting more faith in the belief speculation than in the investigation.


1. We still mostly speculate believe different "races" exist even though we mostly already know otherwise.
2. Based on scholars, experts, media, school, religion, etc., we conclude "race" equates to "a huge difference" when "race" simply means "variation." Furthermore, "race" means "variation from one origination."
Racial differentiation does not mean different "races". It means differences within one "race". The word "race" and the word "species" are synonyms. Understand species, understand "race".
If there is such a thing as "race" it should be based on the fundamental level of each creation where separation takes place that prevents each creation from being able to exchange genetic information. To procreate is to handshake and cooperate to recreate. Procreation cannot take place among members of a different "race" or different creation. By these two determinants of "race," we should know we are not even a different "race" from plants. How fundamental can you go before both sides of the logical, equation, equals, and before degrees of separation reach zero?

3. We ignore the human genome which says Africa is every human's home. In other words, every human's genetic database has its foundation in Africa. In other words the oldest human Ancestor of every human is a black woman and man. Black people are the prototypical original humans out of which all other "racial variations" developed.

4. We ignore clear information that says homo sapiens humans were in Africa for several hundreds of thousands of years before leaving to populate the planet. In other words, every human's genetic database was formulated in Africa and then transferred to other lands to continue being formulated into variations that are now called "races." Therefore, the genetic database inside each person living today consists mostly of the genetic characteristics that came into existence in Africa. The noticeable differences among humans, whether superficial or the deeper genetic differences are still a tiny part of the total genetics within each person. In other words, no matter what "race" you claim, you are still African based on your genetic name and based on your Human Family Surname. You are Asian-African, Indonesian-African, Sioux-African and so on.

5. White people are not white because they are mostly white. No, they are white because they are whitewashed, bleached out black genetics. Yet, even with the color removed, the fabric is fundamentally the same. Genetic deviation into albinism, as an occurrence in all offspring, is a recent phenomenon. In a last ditch effort, cells had to give up some strength in order to prolong existence. (a)
Far too many people with access to tons of information, are running around acting like they don't know at least this much about themselves and their family history.

6. As a sign of the times, while staring in the mirror of truth, people still allow themselves to be played by their daily misinformation providers and also by companies who do DNA testing to tell you what your heritage is.
The Ancestors of all humans were in Africa for at least 95% of of a 400,000 year homo sapiens existence. It is not truthfully possible for any person's DNA test to tell them they came mostly from someplace that is not called Africa. Everybody is African first and foremost and foundationally. It is not possible for the content of flour to not continue to be mostly flour just because some yeast was added and changed the flavor. It is not possible for a variety of rose to be more variety than it is rose.

7. There is only one family tree that has multiple branches.
You do not have a family tree if you are not fully connected to the trunk in Africa and the roots in Africa. If you have not firmly and fully attached your heritage to Africa, all you have is a branch attached to other branches that are floating in falsehood.

8. Every day we stare "race" in the face when we look at ourselves in comparison to others and yet we choose reasoning that does not match reality. We also trust more in old manuscripts, rather than trusting what is obvious. We trample over the goose displaying truths just so we can hold on to ghosts of lies.

9. Everything must come full circle. Soon everyone will be trying to publicly proclaim their Africanness in order to be saved from Universal Karma reparations coming by way of stage and Age.

10. Speculate believe all you will about "race," It is not possible to live structurally safe and sound when logic is not. With science blocked and critical thinking stopped, you will be caught.

11. Humans are supposed to culturally differentiate by choice and physically differentiate by genetic response to conditions. The most significant differences regarding"race" are human-created. These cannot be honestly claimed to constitute a basis for "races," especially when those claims are biblically biased based.

12. The problem is not "race." The problem is lost human connection to core commonalities of being. Rhythm is way off. Momentum is way off. Resource attainment and usage comes at enormous cost. With more problems than "race" to face, humans worldwide ignore what is easily understandable due to lack of nutrition that supports the healthy development of science desire to correct broken links of understandings. This leaves the Final Say So with no choice but to initiate greater changes within Earth so everyone will receive what is being bargained for.
Within most groups, even though people might feel in a safe place behind "race," they know they are not. Within most groups who are unified based on one thing, they are also divided based on dozens of other things. Humans have taken the potential to use evil discrimination, and have been running rampant with it. Due to culture, humans are currently calibrated and programmed to use Destroyer Deceiver Logic to find any type of difference among themselves and highlight it in a harmful way. Thus, in the whittled worlds of many hollowed out countries. (b) idi-ot-crasies are littered all over the place. The chosen way to mute the misery of this distaste, is to add more feel good flavor based on "race." (c) Reasons why have been illuminated in various ways many times before. Briefly, in order for humans to attack someone on one basis, the attackers must become good at attacking themselves, their families and their communities on several bases. Denial of truth within self is an attack on self-esteem of self. In the haven of home is where the depravity of hatred and a culture of violence starts, then spreads. Racists do not live in loving homes. Murderers are dead people. (d)
So now we have an enormous amount of people who are homesick and looking for the home to which they belong, yet they won't admit to ways that are wrong. Without confession and correction, home is a place they no longer morally fit into. Thus, this inner conflict of logic breeds outer conflict because the need is detected but the remedy is rejected, problem and solution remain disconnected thus functioning becomes more and more defective. This confounding compounding conundrum causes the classic behavior of, "if I can't be happy, then I don't want anybody to be happy!" "I'll redefine happiness based on Destroyer Deceiver Logic to make sickly look healthy." Now, with suboptimal context and definitions in place, the quest for true south home turns into the due north quest to find what is well enough and not ever leave it alone.

13. "The human race shall be reconstituted in Yima’s enclosure; and for that reason it was made in a secret place, the earth of eternity - Amenta (Avesta)." We are now in the midst of a flood of foolishness, forgetfulness and sickness. Likewise then, another flood/deluge/inundation on multiple levels is also necessary to counteract these destructive forces. Shall we recognize them when the tides are high or when they are changing moving in?
Massey, Gerald, “Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World: A Work of Reclamation and Restitution in Twelve Books,” (Leeds Celephais Press: 2008), (First published London, T. Fisher Unwin: 1907), Volume I, p. 445/pdf 455.

(a) See "Icicle Cell Anemia, A Positive Negative Test Of Albino Logic
Unity Consciousness #827"

(b) India, China, Europa, Arabia, Russia, Canada, Greenlandia, Oceana Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa, Brazilia, Argentina, Middle of the Americas, Mexicana, Samoa, Amazonia, Polynesia, etcetera,

(c) Idiotcrasies are considered utilitarian waste because they are painted to blend in with the landscape to provide logic escapes. In countries that collectively work against others based on "race," if "race" was removed, the obviousness of their dislike for each other would have nothing to hide behind and direct its self-hatred into. All out civil war would be a frequent cycle within these vicious race card houses. This has been proven time and again by the clear example of Asians, who throughout their brief existence in the world, have and still are fighting against each other. Many groups of people desperately need "race" as a factor, because discrimination based on "race" is their main distractor and main benefactor for how they "came up" during these several second's worth of history. Criminal unity is the best environment for viruses to rise quickly, claim victory, flourish briefly, fall quickly and fade into obscurity. During the time a body succumbs to sickness and is under the oppression of sickness, the body figures out and adjusts in order to bring all things to bear during several sustained moments. Genetic perfecting has solved the problem and retaken control of logic directing. Thus the body's resources on multiple levels, used by the virus to maintain control are once again used to restore the whole. Whatever side the immune system is on, is the side most powerful. Right now the virus is thankful for what it thinks it knows. Yet its fatal flaw embedded in its own code of survival confines the virus to the temporal because a virus cannot do both - remain in power and be peaceful, truthful, Eco-sensible. Thus the downfall of the virus comes from the Universal not from the local. This is why sick people must reconnect to elemental fundamental principles. Meanwhile, this world's woes, including this last bit of painful upheaval, is part of the process of identifying and sealing the holes in logic through which the root of a virus grows. Even those who know themselves just a little, know that healing means the virus must go. Therefore, when it comes to virus people, they will fall like the cellular lives they kill. In the same way the body retakes control in order to be healthy, so also will pathogen people die suddenly, and in multiples and in various ways. (e) Not due to thinking wishful or praying hopeful or something purely mystical; but due to the primordial on all levels. As a result, all pathogens that cannot be restored via a quick fix of a few clicks, will be stripped whole. Matter will be recycled to Earth through the extracting systems of multiple plaintiff warriors to satisfy what was abused at this level of fertile. Spirit-souls will be remanded to the celestial, not for trial, because the verdict is already old. Pathogen spirit-souls will be handed over to be further decomposed. All this per metaphor as told. Look out into the ocean and you will see what's coming ashore. Don't just wait for something to wash up at your door before you can know something for sure.

(d) Murderers of all types. Those who murder fast or slow. Those who murder body, mind, emotion or spirit. Those who harm creations without necessity.

(e) Albinism is a form of acquired immune deficiency.

We Do Not Hesitate To Speculate Believe Love
Unity Consciousness #825


(Part 2 of 4)

Speculation belief precedes knowing understanding just as interest precedes liking precedes loving.

To move from interest to liking to loving requires interacting. This interacting can take place in a variety of ways. Even over great physical distances it is possible to move from interest to liking to loving without the face-to-face physical dimension being the main dimension of interacting.

Same is true for the process of moving from belief speculation to understanding better.

Hold 'Em Or Fold 'Em

We know interest, liking and loving require different levels of understanding. How is it then, we are satisfied to maintain a belief speculation at the same relative level of understanding for years even while acquiring more information? What kind of relationship is based on information more than it is on understanding?

Our relationships with our belief speculations should change over time - some being promoted and some demoted. Speculation beliefs, liking and possibilities are supposed to come and go and change, if we are properly developing using an optimization process.

Understanding Self Is The Process

Unless understanding of self is consciously used to assess likes, dislikes and speculation beliefs, the results of our thought processes, must reveal someone else's understanding of us. All the sources that teach us who we are, are the real decision makers who teach us what to like dislike, speculate believe and understand. This must be so because decisions are based on information in our logic. Where did this information come from?

More universally substantiating information about self is needed in order to breed a universal thing such as love and in order to bond to understanding rather than be bound by belief speculation.
By the default of their nature of being easy to adopt, interests, likes and belief speculations begin out of much narrower contexts than the context of love and understanding.

In order to love someone, there must be a greater understanding of self and of the other person that transcends the differences and connects the essences.
In order to come to know something we believe speculate, there must be a growing understanding of self and of that philosophy that connects the core of self to the core of the philosophy.

Faked Out On A Feeling

Despite their usefulness, strong feelings can be wrong feelings. We can be faked out by our feelings when we are using an insufficient thought process and when understandings of self are insufficient to help us make the proper assessments.
As a result, we tend to call strongly felt liking by the name of loving and we have a habit of calling long-held belief speculations by the name of knowing.
The weight of meaning in those words will reveal the weakness of the foundation of understanding. The relationship cannot withstand natural encounters and will result in the extremes of clinging co-dependency with further loss of identity or the result will be distancing and the relationship being more about something to be a part of rather than being about co-unity.
In addition, the responsibility and rights that come with knowing and loving, will be abused as we use our creative genetic potential genius based on lesser understanding mistaken as greater understanding. We will dedicate large amounts of life and other resources to doing things passionately that are significantly suboptimal and which move us steadily into greater degrees of weakness and vulnerability. Haven't our belief speculations placed us in an ever-increasing precarious position?

All this because we say we love and we say we know. We do so without understanding the essences of self in relation to the essences of all else. Thus, essential decisions without understandings that are essential to all decisions, leaves us with no choice but to make decisions based on far less essential understandings.
All this because we have been taught that today's societies have uncovered the civilizing philosophies of paradise found. So, we confidently construct lives on wood chip and fabric foundations. We can rebuild and repair/replace foundations by digging to bedrock and using granite blocks. As this takes shape, any interest, like, dislike, love, belief speculation or understanding we find that does not help us become healthier (more lovelier by way of understanding), must be made subservient to logic that does.