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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Okie Doke | Poetic Yet Pathetic Manipulation
Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #819


1. 36 Facts About Manipulators & Manipulation
2. Manipulation Facts | Definition Of Evil & Good Manipulation

Definitions & Meanings Of Okie Doke

1. okay, as in “I understand” or “I'm in agreement.”

2. being hoodwinked while winking back.

3. switcheroo, bait and switch

4. sike, as in fake out as in psych out as in psyche out of order

5. trick as in lie opposite the truth

6. grinning and bending...then saying, “otay spanky!”

7. being convinced to use someone's logic to not do something you should do and do something you shouldn't do and ignore the obvious fact that the person, whose logic you are using, hates self and you.

8. being convinced freedom is the ability to make choices among options, especially highly marketed suboptimal options.

9. to turn things around, especially in an unexpected, unnecessary sense of turning things around
“When a dog turns round before lying down to rest, he is said, to be “making his doke.” He has no need to do so now, as his wild ancestors had to when they made their nightly bed in the long grass. They turned around in order to beat the grass down and make a perimeter of clear space for the purpose of being on guard for enemies. Domesticated dogs no longer have to do this, yet, they still continue this practice. The habit is deeply programmed in their psyche and they can't stop it. Even after no longer having the need for thousands of years, the habit remains because the need to do so existed for much longer.” (1)

A Dog Is A Symbol For Someone Who Okie Dokes

The person who Okie Dokes does so because it is in their nature to do so because they have practiced it for so long. It takes genetic intervention and extreme concentrated behavior modification to get this behavior to change. This involves much more than a process such as training a dog to only excrete outdoors. This is easy because they have naturally excreted outdoors for longer than they have excreted indoors. Don't be foolish to think it is you who has trained the dog. No, it is merely the dog given time and encouragement to adjust back to longstanding natural instincts.
It is not possible to get a person who naturally lies to stop lying. The person must find their own incentive and take the time to make it happen or it won't be done. (UC#816) This is usually what happens. In the past several Ages, the world has been under the yoke of The Okie Doke. There are a lot of dogs who lie even though there's no need to lie, they do so because they perceive many make-believe enemies. Trying to get them to change, asking them to change and protesting for them to change will only result in vicious attacks on friendly hands because the dog has created artificial borders, boundaries, fences and reasons for defenses in order to support genetically ingrained needs that are no longer real. A main defense is lying. This is the underlying nature of the person who Okie Dokes. Lying puts them at ease.

Why Is The Okie Doke Poetic?

Anyone who has watched a dog turn around before lying down and watched several times, develops the ability to discern the signs. The turning around in a variety of situations and spaces is a fluent, rhythmic poetic artform.

People who use The Okie Doke, carefully craft and choreograph the manipulation so it is custom designed for each person or persons and for each type of manipulation and for each stage of the manipulation. In this lies the poetics of The Okie Doke as it makes deceit appear as honesty and harm as help. All this takes place in order to subtly shift focus from the true motives and shift responsibility from the one who should be responsible.

Some Of The Endless Examples Of The Okie Doke

1. Being okay with paying taxes for good public schools but then feeling intelligent about paying for private schools to get a “good” education. And then having to pay for college because 15 years of education, public or private, before you reach 18, is just not enough to move you beyond a minimum wage job.

2. All forms of retirement plans and accounts and the places that are holding this money are still being trusted despite them telling people they are underfunded, thus bankrupt and run by those who are corrupt and protected by corrupt legal laws.

3. Going along with the too big to fail who still failed and are still being held together by bandages of low interest rates
Recessions are part of the process of retracting wealth from the willing.

4. Legal laws Okie Doke most folks.

5. Falling for various forms of “good cop, bad cop.” This is the same as believing not all of them are racists yet they are all on the same team and racism has survived globally for thousands of years and is increasing its daily doubling down on death and destruction.
To say this even more plainly in hopes at least one awakening will occur - No matter how "good" the good cop is, both the good cop and the bad cop are on the same team getting coached the same and paid from the same pot of money. They are partners in ensuring the pus-producing status quo keeps increasing its capacities against us. Stop being naïve about the nice and smiling silent cosigners of murderous morality. When was the last time you've seen the good cops run out and tell the truth every other day as murders take place? And neither have you seen the good non-cop racists do it either. Their mantra is: Crime pays immediate dividends in todays dollars while honesty gets you an IOU to be collected later after some kind of salvation for suckers. These people don't hate crimes. They hate black behinds.
Come on now people! How many butt-whoopings does it take? A few more thousand year's worth? How good can sleep be that a raging fire does not create the urgent response to figure out a collective means of escape? The best plan being, we called the fire department so we should just wait. At some point necessary adjustments delayed as fires rage is pure insanity and stupidity and self-made misery and destiny.

Okie Doke Review

From these few examples, we can see why The Okie Doke must be poetic. Convincing people to believe, think and follow corrupt, broken logic that does not flow through any decent thought process, requires the logic to rhyme with the targeted person's already established reasonings.

Clearly, The Okie Doker and The Okie Dokee are pathetic. Pathetic simply means sick. If within harmony, logic doesn't fit, it must be sick, thus pathetic.

The Okie Doke is also prophetic because it can be predicted as surely as the turning around of the dog.

The Okie Doke is evil manipulation elevated to the level of creating multiple layers of lies in order to construct a false reality. This is necessary to feel safe and in control within a false sense of self-esteem.

The Okie Doker reaches the point where practice makes perfect such that lies can be adjusted on the fly using multiple alibi's without batting an eye.

Overall Example That Explains What Is Going On In All Forms Of Evil Manipulation

You are led along a path of thinking and as a result, you take on, or discard thoughts. You also take on or discard behaviors. You think this is what is best for you.
Then, somewhere along the way, close to the last moment before someone else is supposed to do or not do something, plans suddenly change, something comes up, something outside of their control, something for which they can not be held responsible. (It's not my fault, I couldn't help it, it was an act of nature, the devil made me do it, god said it was okay...)
Now, once all the excuses/reasons/alibis/justifications/lies have been sold, they turn to you to see how much you have bought and what else they need to say to get you to buy the whole thing. This is what happens over the course of several days through various news stories that are leading you down The Okie Doke path.

You are expected to adjust your expectations and keep holding your end of the bargain up high (such as religious beliefs), even as the other end is not being held up and is dragging on the ground.

Remember, the person who Okie Dokes is a scared, restless dog who is always on guard and who always tries to catch you off guard as part of their defense against being discovered lying in tall grass with their real positions exposed. The person practices lying and gets much better at it than you and much better at knowing how to construct a lie based on your logic and your responses to their logic.

More Okie Dokes Just Came To Remind

1. Businesses and governments getting their computers hacked containing millions of personal accounts. Yet, these organizations have virtually unlimited resources and access to “highly skilled” workers. Even so, despite their inability to protect their computers, you are told you can protect your home computer, so buy all these products and install all this software that requires constant updates (ongoing access to your computer, a doorway into your computer from company computers and through the internet). Yet, even as home computers are supposedly just as, or more secure than the computers of organizations, companies keep encouraging you to put more personal information online, in profiles and in clouds for convenience and security and just in case a password is forgotten. Companies require access to email accounts before they will allow commenting on their website. Our brains have been hacked and hijacked since at least preschool.

2. As Sister Zaza reminds us, why is Google able to tell me what I'm searching for before I tell Google what I'm searching for? Why does Google keep a permanent record of the number of times I visit every website? Why is my web browser able to tell me where I'm located? Why are phones transmitting each person's exact location? Why are drones out of the news? In other words, we are being Okie Doked in so many ways, privacy does not exist. To convince us otherwise, we are mailed pieces of paper every year from banks and medical places telling us how much our privacy is being protected. Once information is in someone else's hands and/or is transmitted using any network, privacy should not be expected unless you've been smoking doke.

Watch the dogs and learn to discern their signs so you can stop being surprised as the Okie Doke keeps coming around and around.

(1) Massey, Gerald, “The Natural Genesis: Or, Second Part of A Book of the Beginnings, Containing an Attempt to Recover and Reconstitute the Lost Origins of the Myths and Mysteries, Types and Symbols, Religion and Language, with Egypt for the Mouthpiece and Africa as the Birthplace,”, (Williams and Norgate, 1883) Volume I, p. 38/pdf 56

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