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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Manipulation Facts | Definition Of Evil & Good Manipulation
Unity Consciousness #10

Evil manipulation has been defined by example in the article, ”36 Facts About Manipulators & Manipulation.”

Now it's time to broaden understanding by looking at the full definition of manipulation. First by example.
I am a manipulator.
You are a manipulator.
The Creator is the biggest manipulator of all.
Now, secondly by definition

What Is Manipulation?

A brief definition of manipulation can be obtained by consolidating and condensing the many definitions offered. Manipulation means to handle, control and influence.

From this definition I now realize, whenever I am doing anything I am manipulating. Whether I am doing anything or not, I am being manipulated. This is true simply because I am being influenced by other aspects of creation that are manipulating.

Yes, the very act of Creation, was and still is - manipulation.

Manipulation is motion and action. Manipulation is transformation. Physical growth is manipulation. Personal growth is manipulation. Deterioration is manipulation. All actions are manipulations. Working, driving, eating, cooking, thinking, breathing, etc. Each involves manipulation every step of the way.

Doing, Being and Living Are Manipulations

A “To Do” List is a “To Manipulate” List. Whenever and whatever I am doing, I am manipulating.

I manipulate the keyboard, words and other energies to capture, create, express and influence with ideas. At the same time, all I manipulate is manipulating me.

Here's where it gets tricky. If I am being myself, I am manipulating myself. This is true because I am handing, controlling and influencing myself. When I am not being myself, I am being manipulated. In either instance, I am always manipulating and being manipulated.

I am manipulating and being manipulated by my DNA genetics. I am being manipulated by the past and am manipulating the past. I am using what I learned and what has been created to learn and create today.

Manipulation is a fundamental requirement for life and existence. Living is manipulating. Living requires lots of manipulation. When I am making a living, I am doing something; therefore, I am manipulating for the purpose of living, which means I am manipulating in order to manipulate. I manipulate work in order to manipulate life.

I am manipulating when I use my talents, gifts, abilities, skills, capabilities, resources and blessings. Manipulation brought these beneficial things into existence. Manipulation maintains them. Manipulation causes them to be used for good or evil.

How To Know If I Am A Good Manipulator Or An Evil Manipulator

Since all I do is manipulate, questions are popping up on the screen:
1. What am I manipulating?
2. What are my intentions and reasons?
3. What are the Creator's intentions?
4. What are the results of my manipulations?
5. What is manipulating me?
6. What are the intentions and reasons?
7. What are the Creator's intentions?
8. What are the results of those manipulations?

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