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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Abuse Of Power Cycle: Might Makes Right
Unity Consciousness #934


It is quite ridiculous and quite indicative that one country “sanctions” reprimands another country and then coerces bullies other countries to participate. Gang mob mafia behavior is alive and well.

This is another version of “might makes right.” It is a repeating cycle that has plagued humans throughout human history. “Might makes right” exists today in numerous versions in many countries. One of the most obvious ones is the version called “white makes right.”

Within the creative genetic potential genius of humans is the potential to abuse power.
First it was women, spirituality, kinship and African Blacks leading the abusing, now it is males, religion, friendship and Asian whites. As always, this example does not account for everyone guilty of abuse of power.

”Ancient Processes Behind The Scenes Of Current Self-Esteem, Unity Consciousness #925”

The downside of primitive self-esteem.

The upside of primitive self-esteem.

The Problem With White People, Unity Consciousness #891

The Problem With Black People, Unity Consciousness #892

What If Might Did Make Right?

Universal First Truth, the strongest force in the Universe, would zap murderers, zap corrupt societies, zap viruses and zap other creations. If might did make right, all of this zapping would be without the use of due process.

Due process means with a balanced approach due to considering all processes (cycles), and needs in the Ecosystem.
Due process is the employment of multiple processes to establish, maintain, de-establish and reestablish balance.

However, when “might makes right,” there is no need to take into consideration multiple natural law cycles that are always operating and waiting for the conditions to initiate other processes.
Under a “might makes right” approach, multiple creations are limited in their ability to learn because they are not allowed to use their genetic potential to help make things right.
For instance, if our skins stopped all pathogens from entering, there would be no need for the rest of the immune system.
The human immune system is part of the human ecosystem which is a microcosm metaphor of Earth's Ecosystem and of the Universal Ecosystem; therefore, a single mighty line of defense that made all things right would limit the opportunity for the rest of the body to experience, learn, work together and overcome challenges. This would limit the evolution of the “Mighty” due to the inability to test more and more integrated levels of configuration. This would also diminish the quality of life and longevity of the “Mighty” because longevity is based on many parts and multiple redundancies working together in a self-sustaining ecosystem. Longevity is not based on Might.

A “might makes right” approach is sufficient for the moment but not for the continuously changing cyclical nature of the Universe. A “might makes right” approach is inherently weak from inception because its parameters and principles do not allow understandings to keep up with an enormous number of cycle changes and their integrated nature.
As a result, as cycles continue to change, “might makes right” loses viability.
The main reason is the inherent internal weakness just mentioned that reaches a critical mass and critical point of no return which cannot under any circumstances be stopped or reversed. The only thing left to do is continue to funk fake and eat, drink, be merry and celebrate being great, for tomorrow we die. Very few are aware this is the increasingly manifesting case.

A “might makes right” approach is self-defeating and to the extent “might makes right” is used more than an ecosystem approach is the extent to which the lifespan of the “might makes right” user is shortened. America is a perfect example that will go down in history as the quickest rising, shortest lived and fastest falling empire.

I'll repeat what is said in the previous message. Our genetic potential craves, seeks and needs human beingness knowledge of self which is same thing as nutrition which is wholeness which is health.
A society is just a group of people. When a group of people organize themselves such that their overall nature does not reflect human beingness, the genetics of that group starts to weaken and deteriorate due to malnutrition. A very short life span is guaranteed because the continuous cycle that ensures longevity is not being fed what it needs to be healthy and stay alive. There is no escape from the justice cycles Of Maat.

Beauty Of Irony Of The “Mighty”

The beauty of the irony of the “Mighty” is they are defeated by their own ideologies. That which assisted in the construction of societies will assist in the destruction of societies. Try to make America great again please. It is exactly what we need.

First Truth Is, Maat Is the Might Who Makes Right

“Might makes right” always meets the fate of “it's too late.”

By any means necessary, “might makes right” comes into existence and maintains power.
By any means necessary, “might makes right” always gives way to “Maat makes right.”

Since Maat is the Mother of the Two Truths, she is the Word, Writer & Flipper of the Largest Script.
Maat is the circle cycle maker. She takes small and makes great and takes great and makes small.
Maat takes the many in legion and makes them succumb to anyone she pleases in Creation.
Whether they be a Goliath aka “ little big head” America or multiple giants, aka United Nations, running rampant in the promised lands of Earth, they will be defeated by cycle after cycle until they are no more.

Maat is the one who takes water and makes fire then takes fire and makes the blood of the internally wounded boil until they bleed life into death because they have bred death into life.
Because these morally wounded have resisted, rejected and denied repeated assistance, they are irreparable reprobates, unsalvageable and irredeemable. Some of us are going to meet the same fate because we are too caught up in identifiers that belong to the virus.

Preparations are underway for the coronation of the Great Lady of Night and Day to take her throne on centerstage. She is not going to tolerate a messy house.
The Great Mother of Waters & The Divine Spark she carries in her womb are ready to retake all thrones.

We have seen the weaker side of Maat and it is powerful indeed.* Now comes her stronger side and it is all-powerful.
And it shall come forth up out of mountains like fountains spontaneously in continuous cycles, but will remain hidden in plain sight, because just like a river that overflows unnoticed until waters overtake us, so also the power of First Truth is overtaking the sleeping in their quarters, because it rises not due to storm alarm above but due to the calm song below – a song fierce and unrelenting in the pursuit of its fullest expression. And again, dem keep looking ev'rywhere except where dem should.

“The immune system of the Universe has detected the viral microbial mindset and is now preparing the cure. Since Maat has never been blind and her scales of justice not weighted by lawyers. Capitalism has been convicted in Universal Court of the ongoing rape and abuse of our mothers - Spirit, Earth & Alkebu-lan and their children. What we are witnessing now is the Universe converging and conspiring to restore natural law, natural order and thus, heal the world. This was clear four years ago and is crystal clear blue persuasion today.

Not too long ago, in typical ill-advised fashion, capitalism decided the terms are “the one with the most resources wins.” I'm going with the Universe on this one.

*The Destroyer is not a punk but a pawn. Maat rules the larger chess game and Second Truth rules the smaller chess game which is why the king is protected, but all of that is cycling back around to change.

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