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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Humans, Plants & Other Animals | 100% Genetic Ancestry
Unity Consciousness #920


“How alike are human and animals genetics?”
“How alike are human and plant genetics?”

Once you perform a general search on the above two sentences, you will realize, hey, if humans have that much in common with plants and other animals, then humans must have an extremely large amount in common with each other.

If humans have a lot in common with plants and other animals, yet cannot reproduce with plants and other animals; however, humans can reproduce with all sub-groups of humans, then humans must be alike.
If humans were not genetically alike, whenever two “races” reproduced with each other, the significant “unalikeness” would cause major abnormalities, thus the offspring would be far less viable to function as a human. Truth is, there are more birth defects when people of the same “race” mate, than when people of different “races” mate. We know this is true, because when the gene pool does not diversify, the laws of creation are being violated. It is imperative to the need incentive of the Universe that the gene pool diversifies, separates, merges and repeats the process continuously. This optimizes the healthy and minimizes the unhealthy.

Can you imagine what would happen if blacks and whites were actually genetically unalike? All hell would break loose in the womb when those half black and half white chromosomes tried to work together. This does not happen. Hell only breaks loose outside the human womb among grown-up babies who were wiser before birth than they are now.

De-evolution of genetics and diminishing of existing genetic potential are our present miseducated reality.

DNA Tests

If DNA Tests were speaking First Truth, they would explain humans, plants and other animals are genetically alike.
We must not get confused by the different forms and functions of genetics. Form and function are byproducts of formulation.
Formulation of all genetics is made out of the same single universal pot of genetics.
Therefore, all creations are formulated out of the same pot of genetics.
Just because creations have more or less chromosomes and genes and function and look differently does not mean they are not genetically alike.

If there is only one Supreme Being this must be so.
It is not possible for everything to be created by One and from One Supreme Being, and then all those things be genetically unalike.
The Supreme Being is a living organism and everything in the Universe is a child of that organism. God is a living God. Even if we choose to foolishly deny the likeness of our physical genetics, we must have the same spiritual genetics.
Since spirit-soul and the physical are one and inseparable, so also is the nature of their genetics.
At some point in our maturation process, we must understand we are the same as everything else.
If cognitive dissonance prevents me from seeing this sameness in humans, then I must study and seek more understanding about plants, other animals, Earth, Sun, Stars, Water, anything. Know yourself and know all else. Discern yourself and discern all else. Learn yourself and learn all else. Self-esteem yourself and self-esteem all else.

Humans are fundamentally genetically the same as rocks. Currently, in this “new and improved modern” world we live in, humans are behaving dumber than rocks.
Humans contain within them a bunch of rocks yet are dumber than a box of rocks behavior-wise but not potential-wise. Human life depends on rocks.**
All this is to say, DNA Testing is the new weapon of psychological warfare against that nutrition which leads to love, peace, harmony and unity. DNA Testing is BOTH, a force to reckoned with AND a farce not to be reckoned with.

Putting This Another Way For Humans

Since original human genetics are African, if you are not African, then you must be either an adaptation or a mutation. You do not have a separate origin.

If you are no longer original African and you are 100% adaptation, you are still 100% adapted African genetics.
If you are no longer original African and you are 100% mutation, you are still 100% mutated African genetics.
If you choose to claim that somehow your original African genetics are no longer African, then you are no longer human.

Everything is a metaphor.
If you cannot get you understanding through one metaphor, then get it through other metaphors. Use the natural world context.
Until you are able to reconnect your understanding of self to other creations as family, you are living with a broken chain that disconnects you from other humans and other creations; therefore, a break in the chain does not allow you to make it back full circle home to the circle-maker, the Creator.
Not only can you not make it back home, you cannot understand the Supreme Being Organism Creator God Divine as you need to.

In other words, to deny you are genetically the same as other humans is to deny you came from the same Mother.
Mama don't like ugly among her children. If you think “Papa don't take no mess,” you ain't seen nothing yet.

You cannot worship, honor, praise or give glory to God and not respect Mother Earth, Mother Africa and Mother African Human Mother, all of which existed before you and through them you came into being and are still being sustained.

Henrietta Lacks World History Science Poem, Unity Consciousness #432

In the foolish attempt to cut yourself off from that short, full-bodied black seed of Mother Africa, you are cutting yourself off from Great Mother Universe.

There is no White Heaven, Asian Heaven, Arab Heaven, Jewish Heaven, or African Heaven. Religiously speaking, if there is a “heaven” at all, it is a heaven for all creation. And you can't even get along with the human portion on this Earth, so what makes you think your spirit-soul is going to be allowed access to Big Heaven, when through your practices, you have made Earth more imperfect?

Brief Summary

Human genetics do not begin with humans. Humans are the end of the cycle of creation.
This is a woman's world. We came out of a black (w)hole and will return through a black (w)hole.
Just because you have different genes does not mean you have different genetics.
You still have the same gene-sis (genesis, origin, beginning, basis, essence, primordial, primitive).
That can never change. It always remains 100% the same. Everything changes and everything remains the same.

Genesis remains the same; therefore, genetics remain the same throughout all creation throughout all time.

** We can blame our miseducation on parents, school, government, society and friends, but self-education switches in maturity from a collective individual responsibility to an individual collective responsibility. In other words, education changes over to your control and you must seek understandings by seeking help through the universal collective of everything that exists, seen and unseen. You must do so, even if it requires reviewing and revising past understandings. If you simply “stick” with something, you will remain “stuck” even as you misperceive you are making progress in this life. Be certain to understand that everything that once existed, still exists in some form or another in a dimension.

Do not allow your creative genetic potential genius to be intimidated by those who supposedly know. They are lost in details, dementia, dissonance, disconnection. dichotomy and deceit. Remember what Ancestor Asa G. Hilliard III tells us at the top of this blog page.

In other words, do not allow yourself to know something and then not know it because someone else knows something. Knowing is not a final destination it is a direction, It is possible to know you are headed in the right direction even though you do not yet know. This is different from belief. Just because you double down daily on decisions does not mean you know. Sticking with a belief no matter what, hoping time alone will make the belief come true is foolish. It is a logic bluff, a thought process shortcut and a smoke screen for missing self-esteem.

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