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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Forget The Past Deeply Revisited
Unity Consciousness #1021


Many messages have already discussed the importance of “the past” and Sankofa. Yet, the world is filled with many more messages that keep telling us to forget the past. So here we go again using some different angles.

America probably invented the “forget the past” secondary suboptimal truncated sense of awareness. America needs it the most.

America uses this phrase mainly for three purposes:
1. To tell African Black folks to forget the past of your greatness and forget the injustices.
2. To tell Asian White folks to forget the past of where you came from and your behavior worldwide.
3. To tell everybody, forget that all of your present understandings are based on your understanding of the past. If you forget the past, you must also forget what you think you know.

America is saying, forget certain specific particular portions of the past, but remember the past we teach in history class.
Forget the past of how your religion came to be, but remember holy days (holidays) we choose to praise.
Limit your past to an Americanized Black History Month while we true Americans talk about our past 24/7/365 via newspapers, magazines, radio, television, movies, sports, parades, politics, laws, etc.

Remember portions of the past of the last 300 years but forget the rest.
Remember fragments of the past thousands of years ago but forget most of it because remembering the past makes the present an obvious fabrication of world history.

Nearly every city in America has a historic district and some sort of preservation society and library. All cities erect statues and monuments. All of this is the past they don't want to forget or let go of.

Constant references are made to the past when people talk about records or the last time something happened or the first time something happened or that something has never happened. All of this utilizes the past.

Your resume' is the past. Criminal background is the past. Where were you last night is the past.

Moving on from the past cannot happen until understandings about the past have matured through all levels of awareness. And even as this happens in stages, we still never forget the past.

Forgetting the past is like amputating your brain and still expecting to be sane.

How is it possible to correct mistakes if we forget about the past? Did you kill that person yesterday? Let's just forget about the past. Were you speeding? That was 2 minutes ago officer, I slowed down and pulled over so what's the problem?

Forget what you just read in this message, that's in the past.
Forget what you've learned all your life, that was in the past.
That's right, do not forget miseducation – transform it.
A lie is just a disfigured form of the truth.
Lies must be reconfigured into their proper form.
Time exists as a continuing thing because time is a transformation of past, present and future.
Likewise the events of time (history) are also transformations of each other: past events transform into present events which transform into future events.
A mutation is a transformation of what is healthy. When we reverse the process and transform mutation, that is restoration. We must remember (reassemble) the past and fix it based on adjustments we understand today.

We have or don't have what exists today because of what was or was not done in the past..
How is it possible to build on success if we forget about the past?
Forget about the past and you must also forget your memories. Forget the good times and the bad times.
Stop keeping pictures and photo albums. They represent the past.
Without harmony, we cannot connect past, present and future. We can neither learn from the past, appreciate the present nor pay forward for the future. We cannot bring our inheritance and our legacy into our current living space. This is counter to evolving because it does not allow building on the past or uplifting the future. Because our comprehension is not comprehensive, we are operating counter to evolution.
The reason we are so goofy about climate change today, in the present, and really don't know how climate change will manifest in the future is because we do not understand the mountains of world history global climate change in the past.
Because of this same nature of our thought processes, our daily behavior follows the same path of goofiness.

Everything that happens today, that we think is new, happens because of the past.
We are not new people. We are past people.

Every bit of our genetics in our cells is from the past and is the past.
Forget the past means forget your ancestors, forget your dead relatives. They are in the past. Forget Memorial Day.

The present is the accumulation, culmination and integration of the past. The only reason the present continues to exist each day is due to the continuous ongoing nonstop accumulation, culmination and integration of the past.
You could not eat without the past. Seeds contain genetic history, i. e., the past.
Trees are trees because of the past. Thank God for perennials because perennials existed in years past and still exist now.
Your medication is based on the past.
Research is the past.
Science is based on the past. How can you learn anything without the past.
You cannot build a better mouse trap, without past mousetraps.
You cannot reinvent the wheel without the past invention of the wheel.
You cannot fix what is broken, if it did not already exist in the past in an unbroken condition.
Religion gets all of its present credibility from the past.

Why should we care about the origin of anything if we are supposed to forget about the past?

The present is the imagination of the past.
The future is the imagination of the present.

When as humans we forget our past, we meet our past in the future by living moving in reverse. It's called "repeating mistakes."

Origin Of The Word “PAST”

“Past” is a form of “stay” and “stop” which descended as follows:
“Ka” is the seat, throne, land, earth, stone, floor. When we said “Sta” or “Stay,” the Egyptians cried “Ka” and made the hieroglyphic with two uplifted arms, the figure of the full-stop, their earlier “St.”
“Sta” is equivalent to “Ng,” Ngata and stayer. Ngata is (Nga + ta). Nga is K, the ankh. Ta is T, thus Ngata reduces to Kt.
Kt is the earlier form of Sut, the elder child and firstborn. Kt + Sut = St. The Star is one of the many places the duality of ST is found.
With the Egyptian masculine article “P” prefixed to “St” we obtain our words “Post” and “Past.” [paraphrased from (BB 170-1/182-3)]

In other words, the past represents what stays and cannot be moved or removed. The past is the fixed and the enduring as a component of life and existence. The past represents both the Mother and The Child, the two truths of what has come before. The present is the third manifestation of the earlier two pasts.
The past is the raw materials of the present.
The past is the substrate and enzymes that produce the present human interactions.
Nearly all of what exists in the present, consists of two stages of the past. The present moment is small.
If the future rested on the present only, the future would fall.
The present fits on the head of a pin with room to spare, but the past rests on the Tree of Eternity.
Forgetting the past is like living on that thin line between the realities of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Nothing happens in this world without the past. Nothing.
Everything that exists today, and that is or is not going on, is a version, variation and transformation of the past.
In addition to the above notions that have been identified, here are four more we might as well get clarified:
1. There are no indigenous people anywhere on this planet except in one place. Any group of people outside of Africa are migrants who migrated out of Africa or who migrated from groups who migrated out of Africa.

2. Even if we mistakenly consider the old days as inferior to today, nothing we are able to achieve today is possible without those so-called inferior old stone age cave man backward days.

3. Even if we mistakenly consider earlier humans as inferior and consider homo sapiens sapiens as the best evolution since sliced bread, nothing we do today would be possible were it not for what those primitives achieved. We owe everything to our primitive Ancestors.

4. The term ”modern,” as currently used in the Asian era of greater influence on operating system logic, does not mean better, improved, updated, more civilized, or existing as a result of more intelligent use of science and technology. Modern simply means current, recent, the present. The words modern, the present, recent and current are synonyms. We must stop equating “periods of time” to “quality of life and existence.”
Quality of life lies in the combination of elements.

Amnesia: Why white Americans don’t see themselves when they hear the word ‘race.’ A 5-18-17 video by Michael Eric Dyson from PBS Newshour's, Brief But Spectacular Video Series.

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