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Thursday, May 11, 2017

How rNA Knows How To Fold Into Ribozyme
Unity Consciousness #1014


Although this is largely unknown, it is said that one method of folding is regulated by metal ions.
An ion is an atom that is not in balance with itself. As a result it interacts with other elements. Think of ion as action (act + ion).

My First Belief Speculation

At different times within the cell, conditions exist that produce positively-charged ions (cations) and negatively-charged ions (anions). This variation causes a push and pull on the rNA beginning with the weakest link (bond). These interactions start a choreographed dance series of reactions as the rNA, metal ions and other molecules move back and forth. The intricacies of the dance are unrehearsed, yet flawless, due to the preexisting arrangement of the rNA and all the initiating conditions being met. These initiating conditions are called conformational changes.

In keeping with this theme, there is a fixed and variable nature to life. As a result, rNA is able to use multiple strategies in order to fold and function as a ribozyme.

My Second Belief Speculation

My second belief speculation works in conjunction with the first. Under a given set of conditions, specific combinations of gene expression in the rNA are turned on or turned off so they will or won't interact as an enzyme.

Again Why All rNA Is A Ribozyme In Waiting

If folding is what makes the difference between rNA that is or isn't functioning as a ribozyme, then all rNA has the genetic potential to function as a ribozyme under a given set of conditions.
This must be so.
This allows life processes for the overall collective of the Universe, to never cease due to waiting around for an enzyme reaction.
This is important because ribozymes provide the essential core of macromolecule synthesis in all life forms.

On the other hand another source on the same website states, although rNAs are capable of catalyzing some reactions, most biological reactions are catalyzed by proteins.

Once we move back to the vantage point, we realize both types of enzymes are important to life as we know it and if either one was significantly changed in their participation in catalyzing reactions, life would also change significantly.

rNA In Control

All of the functional ability of rNA tells us rNA is functioning as a control center, thus as a nucleus, thus within all rNA is a nucleoid, not just in prokaryote rNA and viral rNA.
Understanding the importance of this will help bridge the gap in reformulating understanding of life before rNA and protein in their current forms.

How were chemical reactions catalyzed before ribozymes and protein enzymes existed?

The answers call us to seek more fundamental understandings about the nature of the need incentive and the Early Formation of Creation.

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