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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Basic Difference Between Point of View & Vantage Point
Unity Consciousness #965


For each of us, this spiritual journey begins from the same vantage point.* A vantage point is neutral. Until we learn through experience or we are taught otherwise, we perceive neither ad-vantage nor dis-ad-vantage, good nor evil, female nor male, black nor white.
As a result we do not attach good, male and white and neither do we attach evil, female and black until we learn it through experience or we are taught otherwise.

1. Is it true that good, male and white go together? Based on what information? Based on what point of view?**
2. Is it true that evil, female and black go together? Based on what information? Based on what point of view?**

Understand The Power Of Yourself & The Power Of Point Of View

Others are not strong because of the presence of strength in them, it appears that way because of the repeated reminders of the presence of weakness in us.
Others are not strong because of the absence of weakness in them, it only appears that way because we are falsely reminded of the absence of strength in us.

In other words, when we are reprogrammed to notice we have weaknesses and not notice our strengths, our point of view defeats us. How? Not being aware of strengths results in not using those strengths, thus our weaknesses are more pronounced in our own minds. This happens when we have lost the sense of balance that exists at the vantage point of understanding. At the vantage point we are able to understand both sides of logic and realize that all creations of the same type, of the same species, have the same potentials.

It does not matter what other people currently have or possess or what other people have done and are currently doing.
In a healthy scenario, what matters is the vantage point that is able to see both sides of Truth, thus start out from the neutral position. Then once we have made a sufficient assessment of both sets of information, we move towards one or the other, thus towards a point of view. Inherent in this process is the understanding that all points of view are supposed to be subject to continuous revision. If these conclusions and decisions are not revised, then we make a mockery of future learning, and future learning makes an example out of us.

All new information must be processed through the neutral vantage point so we can weigh incoming logic on a balanced scale. This is how we place things “in their proper perspective.”

Most of the thought process must take place at the vantage point and then, the results of that process will show us how the information fits into our point of view.

A vantage point is two-sided. A point of view is one-sided.

Be certain to understand that all information fits into all points of view.
In one point of view the information can be an advantage.
In the other point of view, the same information can be a disadvantage.
This is why we must be careful to not to take information that fits into one point of view and try to fit it into our point of view in the exact same way.

We Must Have A Two Truth Vantage Point And A One Truth Point Of View

Always returning to the vantage point allows us to remain aware of both sides of logic in an ever-changing Universe.
From the vantage point we can remain updated and, if necessary, make revisions to our point of view.

When we begin our thought processes from the vantage point, it is us who are the ones to determine what will be an “ad-vantage” and what will be a “dis-ad-vantage.”
We determine this when we decide which Truth will be our point of view.
Choosing the logic that supports First Truth is an advantage. Choosing the logic that supports Second Truth is a disadvantage.

In other words, African Black people have chosen Second Truth Destroyer logic which works to our disadvantage while at the same time we expect First Truth Restorer results, and we wonder why its not happening.
Again, why are we doing this?
Because we have the same point of view as the soldiers attacking us. When they say, “we come in peace,” we should hear, “we come to kill you.” When they say “democracy” we should hear “slavery.” When they say “American” we should hear “White People.” When we say “African-American” they hear “worthless savage animal non-citizen.” This is why white folks love it when we call ourselves African-American. When we say we are “African Black” they hear their greatest fear. And on and on...
Because humans are part of the interconnected Ecosysystem, the Creator has a backup plan to correct what we do not. As a result, the Truth is changing, with or without us – from one side to the other – from one point of view to the other – from Second Truth to First Truth. The spiritual energy waves, that support one point of view (truth) more than the other, are always changing. This also affects what strengths and weaknesses are more prevalent during the Age.

*This is true despite epigenetics. When we are born into this physical dimension, our default thought process is to learn, and ask why, until things make sense, not just based on what we're told, but also based on all information we experience. This is our vantage point when we are babies. We weigh information without choosing sides first, then develop a point of view. This is why, as children, we are inquisitive and ask a lot of questions and are constantly comparing and contrasting information, answers and responses until it all makes sense. We become stronger.
It is not until our questioning is diminished, weakened, beaten and educated out of us, that we then develop the bad, terrible, deadly, careless habit of taking information straight into a point of view rather than routing the information through the weighing on the scales process of the vantage point. We become weaker.
Epigentics kick in and add their ancestral information at the vantage point. However, if we skip the vantage point, epigenetics will influence our chosen point of view more heavily than normal because it appears to be the only logic that exists and there is no other possibility. There is always at least two points of view. Always.

Most of us grow up, going through a thought process that is at first balanced, and then becomes unbalanced at home, at school and in society. We move away from considering information on its on merits and move towards considering information based on someone else's point of view. Thus we lazily and habitually skip the extra effort required to think for ourselves at the vantage point stage and we just quickly rush to make decisions based on someone else's point of view. Thus our thought process does not include a critical analysis stage, it merely consists of choosing what we like and don't like. This is why superficiality and contradictions are rampant in this Day & Age.

Critical analysis is part of the digestion phase of processing information. When we allow someone else to do the analysis and we just swallow, it is the same as allowing someone else to chew food and then we put it in our mouths.

**In order to answer these question, we must use the vantage point. By doing so, we simultaneously answer both sides of the question. For example, if we have properly assessed information to understand what is “good,” then we will have also found out what is “bad.” If the same logic that helps us understand what is good does not lead us to understand what is bad, then we must return to the vantage point in order to understand why not. If we have reached the fundamental understanding necessary to understand something, then both sides of the Two Truths will reveal themselves. This will take place before we have chosen a point of view.

A point of view is not a matter of “right and wrong.” No, instead it is a matter of preference (free will). This is a matter of unity consciousness. The more discombobulated we are, the more we will choose Second Truth logic.

Additionally from another point of view, those who have succumbed to the European mistranslation of Christianity, must shake off those salvationless shackles. Why still believe in the curse of Ham rather than realize that throughout that subversion Bible, there were many people with many failings and 99% were White folks, yet today's White folks somehow claim to be the ones with the least amount of sin. If you're going to stay in love with Christianity, read it for exactly what it says and not for what any preacher tells you using theology degrees and concordances and Greek words and all other forms of adding to, what is already supposedly infallible. Why would God trust people with his word who do not keep their word? Why would God deliver us from evil through evil? Ask some real questions. The problem is not living in the hood of crime. The problem is trying to live good in a hookwinked state of mind. You still believe in a Bible whose title could easily be “Murder He Wrote.”
You must understand these people are Wizards of Oz, masters of illusion who rule through confusion. They need us to be confused in order to rule over us. They are not powerful in and of themselves. This is why we must work on straightening out our logic. Not just some, but all logic must be checked for errors. There must be significant logic errors for the state of humanity to be as it is and for us to trust what they say. Logic is flipped, stripped, missing, broken, disconnected, misconnected, tangled, mangled, frozen...Life is a test of logic.

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