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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Difference Between Underworlds: Tuat & Duat
Unity Consciousness #1040


(Part 4 of 5)


The Tuat is the underground birthplace of life when life is conceptualized as being born of water. This birthplace was imaged by the abyss, the well, the gorge, the secret source and sacred place of creation inside the womb of Mother Earth. Therefore, the Tuat is Heaven below; therefore, Heaven below was recognized before Heaven above, because of the life-giving water, soil and plants that were seen to come up out of Earth below.
The original orientation of the fundamental key is: as below, so above; as of water, so of air; as of liquid, so of solid; as of preexistence, so of presence of mind (pre-sense of mind). And yet we still expect to have presence of mind and leave behind the past of what preexisted these current times. (AE1 338/348)

The Tuat is located in the Lake of Puanta. The Tuat is identified as the secret source of the Nile and source of food because edible plants such as papyrus shoots grew in abundance in the water at the Great Lake Tanganyika source of the Nile.
The Tuat is the habitat of the dragon of abundant water called “the crocodile coming out of the abyss.” It is also the lair of the Apap-monster, the fiery dragon of drought, of whom it is said by Shu, “If he who is in the water opens his mouth, I will let the earth fall into the water’s well,” being the “south made north, or the earth turned upside down.” This tells us, from time to time, our orientation flips just as the magnetic pole of Earth also flips. That our logic script is flipped is again confirmed. (AE1 278/288)

Tuai means day, time, morning, the morrow, two halves.
A day* consists of two halves of a circle, cycle:
Tuat means to cross under and is the dark half domain of the Moon.
Dag means to cross over and is the light half domain of the Sun. (BB 158/168)

By expansion, “at the cross where I first saw the light...” is a reference to the Sun's daily emergence from Amenta at the crossing over point from Night to Light. It is also a reference to the spirit-soul's crossing from Amenta at the crossing over point from death to rebirth. “...Where the burdens of my heart rolled away,” is not about Jesus removing sin from humans on Earth.” No. It is about the element of Night transforming itself into the element of Light as part of the Universal cycle of life that is part of every life cycle of all life forms.

Duat As Place of Dead

Northwest Asians (Europeans) anointed themselves as experts on Egypt, called themselves Egyptologists and proceeded to confuse the nature of the Tuat.
They called the Tuat, the Duat, and described it as only the underworld of the dead, when it was also the underworld of the living. They described it as Hell when it was also Heaven. They described it as the end when it was also the beginning. They described it as the tomb when it was also the womb. They described it as the Lake of Fire of Damnation when it was also the Lake of Fire of Sa-elevation (Sa-lvation).

One of the ways Euro-Asians described Egyptian cosmology was: “The Egyptian cosmos consisted of a divine realm in the upper sky; the earth, with Egypt its center; and the Duat (or Dat), the underworld that was to become the realm of the dead.” (Handbook of Egyptian Mythology, Pinch, Geraldine, p. 61/77)

Duat As A Place of Living & Dead

According to the Encyclopedia of African Religion, the underworld was known as Tuat or Duat in Ancient Africa. It was the residence of the spirits and the abode of souls belonging to the deceased. Africans regarded the Tuat as the place Ra passed through after he, in the form of the sun, set in the evening sky. It was one part of the three part division of the cosmos by Africans: Pet (Heaven), Ta (land), and Tuat (Underworld). It was also a place where the unrighteous, those whose souls were heavier than the feather of Maat, could be banished to a terrible fate. However, the Tuat was principally the place where the ancestors enjoyed immortality. (Asante & Mazama, 683)

*Societies that came into existence after Egyptian civilization, also suboptimized the understanding of what a day is. Day consists of two parts. We know this because there are 24 hours in a day; however, we call 12 hours of day, daytime; and then we call the other 12 hours of day, nighttime.

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