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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Beingness Dances To Universal Rhythms
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1082


(Part 1 of 4)

Beingness dances.
Beingness dances for the simple reason that beingness is spirit-soul in touch with the Universal whole. That knowledge, at the elemental level, is motion, vibration, rhythm.
Spirit-soul is knowledge and knowledge is spirit-soul.
Therefore, beingness dances because spirit-soul moves in sync with spirit-soul. Motion moves in sync with motion. Vibration moves in sync with vibration. Rhythm moves in sync with rhythm. Universe moves in sync with universe. Partial moves in sync with whole. Zero in sync with One with Many.
Beingness also dances out of sync and off beat to the weaker motions (rhythms, vibrations, actions, thoughts, logic, miseducations, beliefs, vices, cultures, etc.). Be no longer deceived. It is possible to simultaneously move in sync while off beat and also move out of sync while on beat in different parts of self in relationship to all else. There is no better example of this than permaculturalists who are still just as racist as the collective who are divorced from Nature by voice and choice. This is so because the numerous permaculturalists I've encountered are only in sync with the rhythms of portions of physical Nature and not the larger, more universal concept of Spirit-Soul Energy as the ultimate description of Nature. Don't let the green group fool ya.

The Universal Dance of Beingness starts out as one Creation under a groove, then the groove becomes two – on beat and on beat, on beat and off beat, strong and weak, both feet and left or right foot, flow and ebb, knowing and amnesia, etc. Then the groove continues to duplicate itself into more forms, going from two to three to four to five and so on.
It is not hard to recognize that if my spirit-soul grooves to # 2, #5 and #9, while your spirit-soul grooves to #1, #4 and #8, that we will move differently.
We will also likely not understand why we each move the way we do. We are trying to dance together to different portions of the same song according to the remix in our logic. This is so because we are not cognizant of the whole universal rhythm or universal dance, thus we don't understand enough of the fundamental parts that make up universal rhythm, thus we mis-take our portion, our small sample as the universal rhythm. To the degree we can get others to do the same, willingly or forcibly or manipulatively or reluctantly or desperately, then that must be the universal dance.
This is why knowledge of self is knowledge of the universal whole, and is not some human-limited version of wholeness called culture, called the American Dream, called democracy, called justice, called religion, called fairness, called harmony...
No! Harmony is not all things or all people doing the same thing. Harmony is most people and most things doing different things on the surface while doing the same things fundamentally at deeper dimensions according to the stronger sense of beingness.

Disharmony is a misconfiguration of the above according to the weaker sense of beingness. This disfigurement and dysfunction causes us to put more emphasis on the surface as priority rather than the fundamental. This affects all areas of life. We put more emphasis on how food looks and tastes that the amount of nutrition it contains at the moment of consumption. We put more emphasis on being female or male than the fundamental purpose of male and female – perpetuating the spirit-soul life within self by perpetuating the well-beingness of the communal collective.

In other words, harmony is a byproduct of knowledge of self. You cannot achieve harmony directly. Harmony automatically appears out of the process of knowledge of self which is a process of collective work and responsibility (Nguzo Saba).
Therefore when countries such as America, talk about harmony, togetherness, love, peace, brotherhood, goodwill, diversity, multicultural or anything of that assortment, ignore them and do not trust them. In fact, distrust them even more. It's always a setup for more abuse.
Why? Because America is still doing everything it can in tens of thousands of ways to perpetuate evil and to ensure there is only suboptimal knowledge of self which requires opiates and aberrant behavior to fill in the blanks.

Until all humans have the first level of basic needs and until all grown folks recognize DNA Testing Results are lying to them, there is no chance of moving closer to harmony. And that's just a little bit of what it's going to take.

Behaving In Harmony Requires Understanding Nature

It is not possible to understand how and why humans move (think, act, behave, function) without also understanding how and why Nature moves, thinks, acts, behaves and functions. Nature is the leader, the teacher, the Mother, the Father, the Expert on all subjects.
If we understood Spirit-soul, Energy, Motion, Nature or Sign-language, we'd understand our genetics a whole lot better. Then we would not be so susceptible to being played, by rhythms of division that move us away from synthesis, and according to the Bible of Weakness, moves us towards moshing, pitted against self and all else, and willing to pay for it.

Knowledge of the Universal Whole (Self + All Else) helps me understand I am starting the dance on my left and moving backwards and clockwise, while you are starting the dance on your right, moving forward and counterclockwise. Each of us moving in partial rhythm, but not in sync with the whole self or with each other, yet, amazingly still in sync with larger rhythms because we are both reflecting strong and weak motions.

Dancing requires series and cycles of movement. Dancing requires back and forth, up and down, life and death, joy and pain, love and hate, greed and altruism. All of this is part of the Universal subplot. It is the challenge of the spirit-soul as it experiences existence in different forms such as Earth or water or humans. What is happening to humans good or bad is happening a lot more to genetic potential to Nature to Spirit-Soul to the Supreme Beingness. “Human” is merely a name used to identify our particular combination of the forms of Spirit-Soul. Yes it's real to us and yes it matters but the main goal is the perfection of our portion of spirit-soul that ensures evolution of the Supreme Beingness. The hardest part for humans is to not allow the human form of existence to overshadow and delay the evolution of spirit-soul.

Feminine and Masculine Energy

We are dancing to the imperfect beat imperfectly, even as the perfect beat is playing perfectly.
A series of processes over a period of time is required to reach better understandings.
Understandings such as realizing gender re-presents spirit-soul as two beats of one rhythm, two forms of one form. Gender in physical form is female (negative-positive) and male (positive-negative), but gender at the level of spirit-soul is energy in and energy out. Both female and male energy represent energy in and energy out in different forms and at different times during the rhythm of the universal dance. In other words, spirit-soul has no gender. Each person has feminine and masculine energy. Because these two energies are present and function as one within our genetics, we are genderless in spirit-soul, mind and emotion but have been traumatized (culturized and socialized) to dance to the rhythm of physical gender more than to the dance of spirit-soul. This is happening because this is the last stAge of De-evolution, even as it is also the first stAge of Reconstitution. These are the most vulnerable of times for spirit-soul in all forms.
For the first 10 to 13 years of life, humans are supposed to learn about our spirit-soul, mind and emotion in relation to all else before we learn about our gender being important. The gender portion of humans is so tiny, it is supposed to be treated the same as the physical variation (called race) among humans. Gender and “race” are such small differences for much larger purposes that transcend the human dimension. Among humans, contrary to popular belief, gender and “race” are not large differences, that are themselves, large purposes.

We can understand that skin color, ethnicity, culture, ways of worship and all of the identifiers that are our biggest hurdles, are simultaneously tools and weapons - some being misunderstood and used at the wrong time in the wrong way while others are simultaneously being understood and used at the right time in the right way. This group of identifiers rarely remains on one side of the equation, thus, even though gender may be used appropriately at one time, it may be used inappropriately at another time.

Likewise then, we can take all of the major differences we perceive as important, and understand them better through the Universal Dance of Spirit-Soul Beingness which is Knowledge Of Self (KOS) which is the Universal Dance of the Kosmos. Knowing your energy is key.

Form Of The Dance

Everything is a form of Spirit-soul, Energy, Genetic Potential, Nature and Sign-language.

Humans are a form of a form of a form of a form of a form of a form of a form of a form of a form of a form....
We ain't who we think we are.

We are recombinations, reformulations, variations of genetic potential as physical matter which is animated by genetic potential as the energy of spirit-soul. We are fundamentally one thing in two forms dancing as two things in one human form.

A work of art is not the materials or the name given to it. A work of art is clearly the energy and essence of the creator of that work of art. That remains even though the name and understanding may change. If the work of art is viewed as mostly the physical first, then its benefit becomes lethargic, lifeless and only a shell of its beingness. So it is with the human form.

Human gender is a form of rhythm art combined with color rhythm art combined with other rhythms of art and so on until you become who you are on the surface even as who you are fundamentally also exists outside of your awareness. Thus the surface, since it is your main awareness, becomes the self-esteem you dance to, even though something much larger and more worthy to be self-esteemed, is true. And so the disconnect between the two shows itself through and through.
If you encounter a work of art without benefit of understanding the work of art in relation to the artist and the artist's intent for what the artwork communicates, then appreciation and understanding can only be at a surface level and subject to the distortion of interpretation and belief speculation. This is why, the Universe (Nature, Creation) as a gigantic puzzle art form is based on metaphors to provide multiple versions of the same message being communicated in various forms. In order to know self and to know the Creator, we must translate from Nature's Sign-language.

As said before, all of us have the genetic potential to express or not express whatever any other human has the ability to. We are not beyond our primate genetics and we are not above our human genetics. All genetics have the potential to manifest all fundamental, motions, powers, principles and characteristics of Spirit-Soul.

Beingness is dancing...

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