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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Just Believe & Be Deceived By Dinosaurs
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1081


For anyone who bases their thinking on belief, rather than knowledge, their context about dinosaurs must come from the movies, telepathic vision and religion.
This type of basis as a context for thinking is laziness and weakness in regards to critical analysis which means its habitual in that person's life.
It is a further indication of being scary-minded, thus afraid to think outside the current junk drawer of broken logic. You don't know what it is, how to use it or if it's even useful, but you hang on to it because you have it. So you wait for the culture to tell you what to do, thus what to think.

Only One Reason Needed To Know Dinosaurs Existed

Dem bones. Dem skeletons. Dem fossils.
Some people say the bones are fake.
Yes, it is true that people lie a lot and make fake things.
It is unlikely those people are able to lie about dem dinosaur bones and place them all over the earth and bury them and leave them for others to find and just be really that good at it, no not with that many bones of that size, but yes with religion and other ideologies that rely on human words as evidence but not on the harder to lie about evidence of natural fact. What is the reason people would fake a bunch of dinosaur bones? Show me the connection to that type of fakery helping the status quo maintain money and power. You don't need to accept any human interpretation of dem bones as to what they mean or how old they are, you just need to know the bones exist in order to know some different looking creatures existed. Perhaps if you let go of religion for a moment, you could understand dinosaurs are real. Perhaps if you understood all humans used to be dwarfs (so-called pygmies), then you would understand that the way things are today is not the way of all times. The context of today's societies is not the context for understanding life and existence. You must Sankofa understanding by going back and back and back to extract understandings from all the places logic went off track. The process that led us to today must be reversed, context by context, definition by definition, meaning by meaning, ideology by ideology, conclusion by conclusion. This is how the script is flipped and re-flipped.

Sign-Language Contains All Signs For All Times

Everything in creation is used to communicate messages, in clear or confused form or combinations of both. Spirit-soul is communicating to spirit-soul in all forms of Nature, healthy and unhealthy. As such, since these are the times when we are paying more attention to the unhealthy as credible, the unhealthy framework is being used to communicate to us what we should otherwise be getting through the healthy.

One of those unhealthy ways being used is to send healthy messages through popular people (an opiate).

This has always been taking place but is becoming more evident through popular sports and entertainment people. Here are just a few of the many who have been used to communicate healthy messages to us: Muhammad Ali, Colin Kaepernick, Michael Jordan, Kyrie Irving and Kanye West calling former President Little Bush, Jr., a racist (a duh moment).
These people have caused us to revisit and rethink many ideologies that bring forth understandings when scrutinized.
The most recent call for us to question ourselves and our beliefs is whether or not dinosaurs really existed.

Again, the main purpose of these messages being sent to us by spirit-soul is to remind us to continuously investigate and update our beliefs so we can move towards knowledge and secondly to remind us that belief is insufficient as a conclusion and is only sufficient as a starting point of inquiry and thirdly to remind us to rework our thought processes to make sure they are thorough enough so conclusions and decisions are based on more of the total rather than the partial.
In regards to this third point, many us don't bother to think because the self-doubt miseducated into us by culture, causes us to think we can't know everything, therefore we can't possibly know, therefore we must rely on others, a human “expert.” A critical understanding is that although there are a lot of things to know, these things are all metaphors, therefore, once you understand the metaphor in one form, you can vastly improve your ability to understand the metaphor in other forms. There are more ways to know something than the one way we are currently using. We can understand a heckuva lot more than we do right now by learning the logical use of metaphor. This will lead us to also understanding all things through self and all else. All three together will bring us to stronger understandings.
(1. the thing you are seeking to understand, 2. self, 3. Nature). All three in relation to each other as metaphors of each other.
Even if we skip all of that metaphor stuff, we should at least be able to understand what is more likely and what is least likely and give reasons why on both sides.
Because we are all starting from different angles of light (orientations to the whole), what might be clear to me from where I stand might not be clear to you from where you stand because the landscape of logic we both have is different. Each person must work through their logic, bit by bit and layer by layer. For one person, religion might be in the way, for another science might be in the way, for another fear might be in the way. There are many contexts, definitions and meanings that pave the way and contribute to our logic, so what the components are in each person's logic is up to each person to figure out by checking out other people's logic and their own logic against Nature's logic (Sign-language). Everything is being explained to us in Sign-language logic, proof, fact, evidence, natural fact. We can call it whatever we want, but we must not rely on human spoken and human written words only. We gotta use multiple ways of knowing and all forms of Sign-language inside us and outside ourselves because everything in the Universe is a metaphor of Nature, which is all we need to know because that's all we are. Understand yourself and understand all else.
Understand that you are drawn to accepting or denying logic for a reason. What is the reason for each of the major pieces of logic you accept and deny? What is it about you or in you that makes a particular logic agreeable or disagreeable?

For example, I found the logic of religion agreeable and the logic of spirituality scary, pagan, primitive and demonic because I grew up being taught by religion how to view the world, thus myself.
I now find the logic of religion disagreeable because it disagrees with Nature on far too many accounts when the information contained in religious doctrine is compared and contrasted with natural facts that can be known in other ways, rather than in a religious book. On the other hand, spirituality that is Nature-based, rather than human-based, moves us much closer to healthier truths. Spirituality solves a lot of problems. Spirituality does not require me to go to a fancy building (church, mosque, synagogue, temple) one or more times per week and pay and pray for help, forgiveness and salvation.
It would be interesting to find out if anyone in any religion can show me how their religion has made the world a better place, thus maintaining harmony of the beingness of self with the beingness of all else. I am ready to hear from Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and any others.

All Messages Have Purposes Beyond The Messenger

Messages are not about the person. The person reflects the message but the message reflects all people and all Nature. Messages are more about the culture that led the person to communicate that particular message. Messages are also about the being who is spirit-soul trying to find ways back to beingness, even when the way is unhealthy. In other words, messages from humans transcend the person and rather go back through culture to the Universal spirit-soul. Messages come from Nature as a whole, not from the individual. Humans are not originators, we are duplicators, repeaters.
Now review the recent messages sent to us through popular people and read the message as if it is coming from Nature.

Focus on the message, not the messenger.
Who cares what you look like or what I think about you, just give me the message being sent to me through you from Nature to tell me something the spirit-soul of Nature outside of me knows the spirit-soul of Nature inside me needs to know. It's okay if I ignore you but not if I ignore the message. Unknown to most of us, spirit-soul inside us uses the Spirit Web to upload and send messages into the Universe and the Universe returns search results by responding in multiple ways. It's up to us to accept and install the download so it can be processed further.
Remember, all messages, no matter how large or small, sent through humans are also being sent to us through non-humans but most us are not ready to observe and listen.

As a result of what we just realized, we now know that messages being sent to us through popular people are not random or disconnected from each other.
More and more information is coming out of Nature faster and faster to help us repair broken logic and to tell us who we are to help us return to beingness, to health.
Flat Earths, aliens, dinosaurs, “the ceiling is the roof,” spirit existing in all matter, rNA/drNA are alive, cells are not the basic unit of life, every human is 100% genetically African, humans evolving from apes and the female aspect of the Supreme Being are warm-ups to help us loosen our desperate grip on beliefs because many more “unbelievable” things are about to be revealed in forms that will render belief or disbelief useless, worthless and suicidal. Nature's Sign-language from all dimensions is in multiple processes of coming together to make noticeable what is already taking place beyond the Giri So level of awareness. We are being given chance after opportunity after blessing to rethink what we absolutely know is broken, but we've accepted the lie that “it's the best alternative.”

It's one thing to say I believe or don't believe something.
It's the opposite thing to say I know or don't know something.
If I “know” why would I say I “believe,” or I “think?”
When belief is used, it is an easy way for people to hide behind and rely on personal choice as a defensible reason for logic.
When knowing is used, the person must come out in the open and rely on information that others can access in one form or another in some way or another. There is always more than one way to know and they must work systematically with each other, with self and with all else. All must fit into an ecosystem of logic in order to make eco-sense. Eco-nomics are supposed to make eco-sense. A clear indicator of belief-based human cultures is their broken relationship with the ecosystem where every decision is based on the human justification of progress, improvement, jobs, etc. for humans. That logic, and its believers, are now going the way of the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were dominant. They could do anything they wanted to do. Nothing could stop them – except Nature. Nature brought us into this world and Nature always takes us out, even when it's Nature in the form of the weak, corrupt, sick, mutated force in human murderers. Nature in the form of slow, then sudden climate change is doing an uncountable, unstoppable number of things. Two of these things is moving Cynosura (Wepwawet) from the throne so Kepheus can take his place. The opener of the way in the womb is giving way to the child being reborn through the way. Mama Aquaria is in labor pains. Don't we know it.

Be neither afraid nor confused
Nature has handled giants before
It's called the deluge
Ask the dinosaurs
Ask all empires that are no more
Their religions no longer adored
Salvation is changing as stronger truth renews
Jackals, wolves, foxes and dogs are messengers and clues
Revealed to Initiates for tools as star power changes rule

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