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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Reviewing The 3 Greatest Fears Of Criminals
Unity Consciousness #960


Understanding the fears of criminals helps us understand their thinking and behavior, past, present and future. Fear is their guiding light. Fear is the main thing that controls them in every way, every second of the day. Anything that suggests otherwise is the okie doke. For criminals, fear is always a part of everything. When we come up with reasons for why criminals do what they do, we must not stop until we break it down enough to reach the underlying fear. When it comes to criminals, even their displays of joy, happiness and love, are based on fear.**

Fear #1 - Genetic Annihilation

Well, this is what happens to you when nothing is safe in your presence.
This is what happens when phenotype mutates from genotype.
All of the types within the organism, from phenome to genome, are inhibited in the First Sense and uninhibited in the Second Sense of the Truth.

Genetic Annihilation Discussed At Length

Self-esteem is emasculated.
The result is all kinds of isms such as genderism, racism, religion-sim, capitalism and whatever else moves Creation from healthy to unhealthy.
Dividing humans into “races” was a big mistake that now facilitates the demise of the criminal mind, thus all else entwined.
The black hole is dilating. We are in the midst of the labor pains for the birth of the new universal world order.
Self-destruction was the choice simultaneously made with the plans for each criminal society's construction. Thus the methods of self-destruction must be as civil or uncivil as the methods of construction. Demolition day is never gentle unless the parts are salvageable in their current form.

“Genetic Annihilation & The Spiritual War, Unity Consciousness #738”

“Icicle Cell Melanemia, A Positive Negative Test Of Albino Logic, Unity Consciousness #827”

”Invention Of Whiteness Ideology & Its Constant Negativity, Unity Consciousness #918”

Fear #2 - Loss Of Ill-Gotten Gains Of Money And Power.*

Criminals fear being run out of business, out of the country and out of existence.
Nothing is too bad for criminals.

Inclusive in this fear is the fear of having to “function” on an even playing field.
In the European utamawazo, life is about “competing” to win. They understand they do not have the ability to “rule terrorize the world” if all things were equal. This is why they use any means necessary to win, and in no way will ever play by the same rules. They feel handicapped and thus feel justified to not have things equal. In a twist of logic and transference, they project their feelings of inferiority onto others, thus make themselves feel superior. Just listen to them when they talk about crime. They leave out all their crimes, thus cause people to think that crime is what others do, and on the other hand, Europeans are the morally upright democratic police of the world, whose manifest destiny is to make the world a sicksafe place to live.
On the flip side of the script, the African utamawazo is about “cooperation” to evolve. This concept annoys Europeans because, under an evolutionary mindset, Europeans know they cannot fool people into thinking Europeanized logic is the way to go.*

Fear #3 - Being Caught And Punished

Every dog has his day and way and so does every Mut, Sut, Khut and pale fox.
The ears of the dog and eyes of the cat witness the slaughtering of the hog and rendering of the fat.
The dog is the knower and announcer of the inundation. When he is quiet, the battle and deluge ensue. The ape awaits.

In reverse, the end of sorrows is worse than the beginning of sorrows.

When you are a criminal, you will use any means necessary to not get caught. This includes the shootout at the end when surrounded and there is no way out of being holed up in cities sitting pretty.
A criminal is a soldier of the Second Truth who never ever surrenders or tells the truth except long enough to put you in another form of noose.

A criminal is the antithesis of a Samaritan.
A Criminal takes freely and indiscriminately without provocation or hesitation. A Samaritan gives freely and indiscriminately without question or application.

The greatest fears of criminals are inevitable. Fear comes with the “terror story” (territory) of criminals. Therefore, where there is fear in you, so also is there the logic produced by criminals to rob you of your genetic potential.

We are soldiers, each and every one. The command center is elsewhere.

*Acquired via manipulations, mayhems and murders of all types and forms in all dimensions that humans can affect.

**For instance, in societies, a significant portion of happiness is based on being able to have money to afford what is needed AND what is wanted. Happiness is based on having what is necessary and what is unnecessary. Therefore, the absence of money and the absence of more than enough money leads to unhappiness which leads to fear of being without money. This logic then produces behaviors that makes the acquisition of money a higher priority than relationships (because happiness and security are tied to money and the absence of money is tied to fear, thus happiness and security are tied to doing things that, at a high cost, prevent the absence of money).
On the other hand, a person with healthy logic realizes that civilization and thousands of generations of humans thrived without money and still do. The very thing shunned in pursuit of money is the very thing needed to have power, strength, happiness, what is needed and abundance (relationships that provide according to need in order for the collective to live optimally). This kind of logic is hated by criminals. This then should tell us to stop trusting or believing in anything that touches criminal hands. This means we must move quickly away from the ways of living these people have established to keep us working and worrying poor while they continue to take more. It is a losing system that leaves us highly vulnerable no matter how much money we have. We know this. This is why we still fear. No better off rich or poor because logic has not changed. I am now less vulnerable with less money due to the return to better relationships.

”Dr. Amos Wilson on Love & Self-Hate, Fear”

*”Plants Are Not In Competition For Nutrients & Resources, Unity Consciousness #319”

”Competition Sounds Good But Isn't Good For Life, Unity Consciousness #321”

”11 Ugly Truths About Competition For Life, Unity Consciousness #322”

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