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In 1971 Nelly Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Friday, March 29, 2019

Indians, Who & What Are They?
Old & New Rendition, Same Definition
Unity Consciousness #1552


(Part 9qd of 11)

This is a relatively brief message to address the great deal of confusion regarding who Indians are and what an Indian is.
A search of this blog and the internet must be used to find more detailed discussions of things that I'm only going to mention without further reference.

Since we and DNA, and multiple other ways of knowing have already dug down to the root of who we are and what we are, no people by any name can adequately define themselves without giving credence to the root of who and what they are. You will be mystified by the truth of myth you deny and the lie of myth you abide by.

Of course the root of all people is African.

We talked about this enough but not under the heading of Indian. Most Indians either don't know or deny they are African. Most of us are confused by terms such as India, Indies, West Indies, East Indies, Native American, Canadian Indian, North American Indian, Indigenous people, Natives, Aborigines, Aboriginal, Indonesian, Indiana, Indian, Taino, Arawak, Cuban, Caribbean, Jamaican, all the names of Caribbean people, all the names of Central American people, all the names of Latin American people, all the names of South American people, the Red Indians, the White Indians, the Brown Indians, the Yellow Indians, the Black Indians, African Indians who never left Africa and exist in all countries.
All of these are Indians.
All Indians are Africans.

Most websites, when talking about any of the above people, will sometimes mention Africans, as though Africans are somebody different than the people being discussed. This is misleading, intentional or not.

No matter what path you take or what origin you think is yours, all roads started from and lead back to Africa.
So now, I'm sure there are a lot of people reading this message and they don't identify with any of the groups above.
Well, let's take a different angle of light path to illuminate that an Indian by any name is a variation of an African by any name. Likewise, humans by any name are variations of African by any name. Africans by any name are a variation of African by any name. Therefore the paths connect and crisscross.

Indians Are Also Tower of Babel Builders

According to the Paschal Chronicle, “About the time of the construction of the Tower [of Babel] a certain Indian of the race of Arphaxad made his appearance, a wise man, and an astronomer, whose name was Andubarius; and it was he that first instructed the Indians in the science of Astronomy” (Cory: Ancient Fragments, 327/463)

1. The people of the Christian Bible were Indians.
2. The Babylonians and Chaldeans were Indians.
3. The Egyptians were Indians.
4. Andubarius was an Indian who taught other Indians astronomy.
5. The Egyptians were the ones who taught the Babylonians astronomy.
6. It's okay to think the Christian bible is about white people by any name, including Jew or Israelite, but it's time to recognize that everywhere you turn and the foundation you cling to is clearly African and Indian.
7. Who was of the race of Arphaxad? Abraham. And who gave birth to Abraham? Ultimately it was Adam and Eve. Therefore, as we already know, Adam and Eve and the rest of them were Indians and Africans.
Ephraim of Joseph (& Asenath) of Jacob Israel (& Rachel) of Isaac (& Rebekah) of Abraham (& Sarah) of Terah of Nahor of Serug of Reu of Peleg of Eber of Salah of Arphaxad of Shem of Noah of Lamech of Methuselah of Enoch of Jared of Mahalaleel of Cainan of Enos of Seth of Adam (& Eve.7.

8. To help all this make sense as it pertains to Indians, we say it again, another way. The first India on the planet was in Africa, in the area known as Punt. This is why another name for human is indian. (We've already know another name is also “alien.”)

9. Each time we take another angle of approach to understand the origin of anything, we will end up in Africa, otherwise we have not gone far enough. Plus as far as we have gone won't make sense without leaps of faith to replace the process actual events. The “Garden of Khent of Aten of Eden of Aarru of Karua of Pathros” is in the same place as the birthplace of the human variation of animal.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Split-Personalities | Church, State, Business, Personal
Unity Consciousness #1551


(Part 9qc of 11)

The logic of separation of Church and State is a logical stage of the “lying to yourself” process that matures into plausible deniability. Logic that says it's okay to separate Church and State is the same as committing suicide and claiming you've been murdered. This is exactly what most nations today are doing. Part of this delusion is to create all sorts of boogeymen to play the role of murderers, terrorists, criminals and other forms of worthlessness. This logic then leads to ruthlessness by Church and State.

First of all, Church, synagogue, temple, mosque, sanctuary and house of worship, as practiced by humans, is what people come together and create to express how they will govern themselves based on a universal higher authority than humans.
Second of all, “State” is what people come together to create to express how they will govern themselves based on local human authority and local geography.

To suggest it's normal and healthy to separate Church logic from State logic, is to suggest living with a split-personality that contradicts itself is the best logic that has ever existed.
Yet that is exactly what's been going on.

People created a justification for having a Church belief system that contradicts their State belief system.
Then, once that justification excuse escapegoat from responsible thinking was firmly installed in our minds, spirits and emotions, then people had the logical leeway permission to split themselves by having State as a primary authority based on what's legal and illegal, and also having Church as a primary authority based on what is moral and immoral. The two of these, we tell ourselves, are separate, thus they do not contradict, even though they most times do contradict. Separation of Church and State is the logic that explains why things contradict but it's okay and there's nothing wrong with it, because Church and State are separate.

This kind of thinking allows us to be taught to have one type of logic for our current residence and another type for our birthplace in Africa.
This allows us to have separate logic for our bodies, separate logic for our minds, separate logic for our emotions and separate logic for our spirit-souls.
This allows us to separate Science from Church. And separate Science from Science. It allows us to separate science into thousands of parts and only recognize a few of those parts as science. (As a reminder, everything that exists is science and everything humans do and learn is science. There is nothing we can name that is not science.)

Separation of Church and State is the kind of logic that allows us to separate energy and matter from spirit.
The examples are numerous. This is why we have separate logic that says nature is good and important and needed and should be protected, yet we quickly dismiss all of that logic and allow it to be overridden in the name of progress and business and jobs and having our yards look good.

Separation of Church & State is like thinking you can have a coin with heads in one pocket and the other half of the coin with tails, in the other pocket. You can think combine and separate the coin as necessary with the greatest of ease, the flip of a logic script,

The acceptance of and acquiescence to separate Church and State logic allows thousands of people we consider smart, intelligent and experts to function using separate logic in capacities that are supposed to help us and keep us safe.
How can it ever make sense if one person is supposed to do something and another person is supposed to double-check it, that it is then okay to allow the same person who does something in the first place, to also be the main one and only one who double-checks?
Yet this is is exactly what the FAA has been doing in terms of Boeing and other airplane manufacturers.
We already have the side effects to prove the same thing is going on in terms of drug medication safety. One mostly overlooked form of this is tardive dyskinesia caused by unsafe medication. Meanwhile, most of us have mental illness and are walking around with the unmedicated form of tardive dyskinesia, i.e. our thinking and behavior are erratic in terms of the Universal, Church and Personal but quite normal in terms of the Local, State and Business logic we follow.
This is what allows people at the FAA and Boeing to continue to say we did what was legal and what we were certified and approved to do. In other words, as long as you do what the law allows per the State, then it's okay to not consider the laws of the Church. There is no need to follow the law of the Highest Potentate. Separation of Church & State is a pre-planned escape from responsible thinking. And so is separation of Business & Personal. This gives us no reason to try to reconcile our thinking, self-correct or make amends.
This is what leads to “Natural Law 101 & Construction 101, UC#1286.” Notice the similarities of broken logic where things were accelerated without regards to safety. Also, oversight was put in the hands of those who had priorities that were higher than safety concerns and the fiduciary duty we all have to all beings. The multiple messages on the FIU bridge crash collapse is a micro study that captures the macro problem continuously devastating us.

This is a repeat of what we have seen many times and is still taking place all over the world in multiple areas of each society. It's the same thinking and behavior as the movie, 'The China Syndrome.” In addition, there are many more avoidable accidents and disasters that will continue to happen on larger and larger scales.

Because we give Church & State the highest seat of authorities in our lives, we can be certain that our Church logic and State logic is responsible. And because we secondarily give Business & Personal the third and fourth highest seats of authority, we can be certain that our Business logic and Personal logic are always responsible as co-conspirators to Church & State.

Acceptance of separation of Church and State is what allows people to say they did their jobs, even though their jobs clash with their Church belief system and are to some degree inhumane against superhuman and human. There is no actual universal separation of superhuman and human. Separation of superhuman and human only exists in human logic.
Even in a world where no humans existed, humans still existed in the seed and womb and genetic potential of the superhuman in Mother Earth and Mother Universe. In other words, humans preexisted before humans existed. In other words, humans existed by virtue of preexistence. There is no separation. Wholeness logic was being taught to us in the womb.

Lack of this essential fundamental understanding is what allows us to rob countries, send aid to those same countries and pretend to be “good guys” and be all about caring about humanity and yet we deny people humanitarian assistance when they want to enter “our” country so they can help themselves further by finding work and enjoy better conditions that allow them to live.
Church & State split-personality logic is what allows people to tout their community togetherness when a natural disaster occurs, yet at all other times, these same people live in communities where things and laws and rules are very separate and very different for not so different groups of people.
This is why we accept police policing themselves with their office of internal affairs, or when we allow other police agencies to be the ones who double-check police. This is what happens when we allow county or state police or military or the FBI or the CIA or the UN or NSA or Homeland Security to be the ones to double-check. And this is why it is rare for findings of guilt to be issued.

Church and State are two parts of logic in our brains that must coexist. If the logic contradicts, then it will make us crazier by the minute unless we separate the logic by justifying our behavior. We do this by saying Church and State should be separated. Personal & Business give birth to Church & State with gives birth to Business & Personal which gives birth to State & Church. Thus then, as you can see, State & Business has moved into first place while Church & Personal are not second, but last. Between first and last is a lot of wiggle room that State & Business leaves for itself to create variations that appease some of us “just enough” to allow State & Business to remain in charge while not allowing Church & Personal to overrule them. This is only possible by our consent.

As you can see we now have State & Business as one and the same, and then we have Church and Personal as one and the same. This is the understanding in our logic. In reality, all four are the same. This is why, for instance, we are able to support killing people we don't know because one State disagrees with another State.

And this is why multiple States have created their own version of Church and/or rewritten Church bibles, so that Church authority tells us to obey State authority. Then it's again okay to combine Church and State.

Now we go back to the top of this message and point out what we already know: It is necessary to suggest separation of Church and State for sanity's sake, even though the sanity is fake in the larger universal matrix, but very real in the smaller matrices we create.
Separation of Church & State is also necessary because Church authority is a higher power than human authority. Church authority is not a respecter of human persons based on the multiple demographics we use. On the other hand, State authority does not have to consider all humans. State only needs to consider some of the people in its Feifdoms. Just enough to maintain control. Thus, during suboptimal periods of existence, when people want to justify behavior outside of the collective good of all creations, they seek separate Church and State. Not separation in fact, but only on paper and only in rhetoric, but never in practice. This must be properly understood.

Matthew 6:24 of the Christian Bible states: “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.”

Which one do we hate? Our Church logic or our State logic?

Church is a master and State is a master.
Business is a master and Personal is a master. Which one do we hate?
Mind, body, emotion and spirit are each a master. Which one do we hate?
Sun, moon and stars are all masters. Which one do we hate?
Water is a master, and so are Earth, Wind and Fire. Which one do we hate?
Does it make sense to separate our logic for any of these masters such that contradiction, conflict, incongruity exists, thus allows the favor of one to result in the detriment of the other?

Only a split-personality trained person is able to say and do the same thing, and in some instances it's truth and in other instances it's a lie, in some instances it's right, in other instances it's wrong, sometimes legal, sometimes illegal, sometimes moral, sometimes immoral, sometimes fair, sometimes unfair, and so on.

Only a split-personality trained person is able to create the conditions where two lies are allowed to exist within self but not tolerated anywhere else, when the universe is based on two truths that must coexist everywhere.

See also contradict, contradiction, contradictions, mental illness.

All of this simplifies to us having a split-personality when it comes to understandings. We think we can understand the current way things are, without understanding the way things were and how both lead to each other and to how things will be. We think we can look at a snapshot and understand the whole movie. We know whatever is taking place in different scenes of a movie with different characters has everything to do with the whole story being told. Thus we know what is presented at separate times in separate places is still all connected and cannot be separated in our processing of logic that produces the best understandings of this movie called life and existence, directed by God and starring everything in Creation.

This brings us back around nearer to the greater beginning. A split-personality temporarily has no concept of self-correction. Yet, since everything is a manifestation of the Creator, then the split-personality within humans is being corrected, some of it by humans and some of it by the superhuman, thus awareness of the need for self-correction is rising. This is so because Kar-tek is directing the show and now correcting our ad-libbing of truth. Broken logic in our operating system is being repaired along with multiple forms of maintenance that clears temporary files, junk files, removes viruses and malware and frees up space in order to move us towards more optimal thinking, thus behavior.

This brings us back around again to what has been said elsewhere: when that which is one thing has twoness within itself, and then it becomes separated and exists as two creations, this splits the personalities. Thus, the existence of split-personalities is not problematic until we move away from unity consciousness and towards disunity consciousness. The problem is our lack of understanding how one thing can be two things and how two things can be one thing. Same is true within self, when we don't understand how different parts of self are supposed to work together.

Who claims one part of self has nothing to do with another part?
So why do we claim our Church logic has nothing to do with our State logic, thus should be kept separate? And who claims our Business logic has nothing to do with our Personal logic? What healthy person claims that who they are at home has nothing to do with who they are at work, thus should be kept separate? Separation of Church and State is the same thing as separation of Business and Personal that allows us to treat people differently when we are in business mode and differently when we are in personal mode. This allows our thinking and behavior to be guided by small interests. Separation of Church & State and Business & Personal is at the root of destruction and suffering.

Where We Are In The Process, In The Cycle

A... “fragmented existence is a looming disaster—a slow-motion extinction event.”
Under our conditions where logic is severely separated, fragmented, corrupted and scrambled, we already know what usually happens?

A reboot start over do over of the computer to restore things to last known good configuration or factory presets, thus erasing all present user settings that have caused corruption. This restores fundamental balance, thus causes a redistribution of everything fundamental.

See also the 1976 movie “Network” starring Faye Dunaway which echoes the essence of what has been said above and in multiple places elsewhere. Truth is always self-evident to those whose thought processes are developed enough to allow them to “pull self together” from the fragments of truth we encounter. It is true that most of us would not know much of anything were it not for television. I add to that sentiment that, formal education teaches us on paper and writes the script of our logic. Then television puts it into visual moving images. Formal education and television come after Church has ordained the worldview and contributed to the script and after State has created the conditions to ensure it happens. Thus most people gain their sense of truth from School, Television, State and Church. Thus the suboptimized mind, having all faith in what it was fed in School, in Church, by the State and on Television, concludes, that since information from four major life areas agree, then that must represent the majority of truth. This then makes it easy for Business & Personal behavior to follow with faith-driven fervency of proselytes drawn towards anything larger than self in any way.

Let us be certain to understand that corroboration of logic by School, Television, Church and State does not guarantee we will have an accurate balanced understanding of self or of anything else or of all else. Even at the lowest level of awareness, this is self-evident in hundreds of ways. Most of know when “something ain't right.” Thus, most of know a whole bunch of things in our societies, our cultures, our nations, ain't right.

So in order to reach and remain at the “vantage point” of self, we must continuously double-check logic we receive outside of self against default factory preexistence logic inside self and with logic of the superhuman inside and outside of self. When we abdicate and outsource our critical thinking to others, we remain children, vulnerable to misguided guidance.

1. Outside human world: School, Television, Church, State
2. Outside superhuman world: Everything not considered human
3. Inside human world and inside superhuman world: Self.

“Self” must be based on a balanced understanding of optimal identifiers of self and suboptimal identifiers of self.

4. The antidote is self-study that provides enough information to balance out the avalanche of information from the four places above. This is how you get back to the vantage point where advantage and disadvantage of all things are understood beyond our current suboptimal understandings of advantage and disadvantage.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Essential Truth, Tenets & Essence of Spiritualities & Religions
Unity Consciousness #1550


(Part 9qb of 11)

1. African Spirituality
a) From each according to ability, to each according to need, both for collective benefit.
b) Rights of Creation.

2. Buddhism
a) The root of all suffering is disharmony between Self and (body, mind, desire, worldview, people, nature and material things).
b) Ignorance is the root cause of effects we call “suffering.”
c) Cessation of suffering is only possible when we rid ourselves of delusion so our true nature is revealed.
d) The way to end all suffering is a balanced perspective regarding all things in existence.

3. Christianity (modern version)
a) Love God with all thy heart, soul and mind.
b) Love your neighbor same as yourself.
(For whom you show compassion and mercy, those are your neighbours.)

[Others Having The Same Essence: Catholic, Episcopal, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)]

3.1 Anglican
a) Tell the whole world of the Coming of Jesus and baptize in his name.
b) Celebrate the Eucharist and be his instrument of peace, justice and mercy.

3.2 Protestant
a) Salvation is by grace alone given to us by the Holy Spirit who brings us to Christ and a spiritual life.
b) Since salvation is by the grace of God Alone, then our lives must be lived for the glory of God. We do this by magnifying God always and operating under God's authority as the primary authority.

(Others Having The Same Essence: Lutheran)

3.21 Seven Day Adventist
a) Preach the gospel to everybody that Satan is a liar and God is telling the truth.
b) Allow God into our lives so He can cleanse our hearts and make us totally obedient to Him. This will allow Jesus to come back.
c) Christ can only return when enough of us become united with him and with each other to assist in the victory over Satan.

4. Gurumat (Sikhism)
a) God is one, even though existing in numerous forms and by numerous names.
b) Community service and equality of human beings.
c) Simply put, love the Creator and all Creation.

5. Hinduism
a) All beings, from the smallest organism to man, are manifestations of the Divine.
b) The universe is a family of these beings.

6. Islam
a) Belief in the oneness of God.
b) Justice, peace, human dignity and parity between all humans.

7. Judaism
a) Faith in God.
b) Good deeds.

8. Those Who Claim What Their Country Displays As Their Essential Philosophy
a) ?
b) ?

9. Those Who Claim No Religion, But Have An Essential Philosophy
a) ?
b) ?

Please submit the top two things of your primary belief system that we should practice. See the previous message: Do Not Continue Being Unequally Yoked, Unity Consciousness #1549

Please provide your briefest version, variation or denomination if it provides correction to what is stated above or provides more clarity or is better stated. Is there something higher that comes before what is stated above?

Ultimately, if the main one or two core values, practices and commandments focus more on what we should think, and that prescription for thinking causes our behavior to be non-harmonious with all creation, thus self, then therein lies the essence of the problem of humans.

Is your belief system just right for the partially understood self but not for the more completely understood self?

Do any of the essential truths above contradict, conflict or clash with any other belief above?

How has your belief system changed (matured) as you have learned more about self and all else?

Finally, now that we've looked at ourselves first, does each principle under a single heading above, match the actual daily overall behavior of those who claim affiliation with that belief system?

All of this goes along with:
Take One Step Towards God | Proverbs, UC#226
Worship Adonai, God & Baal & Not Go To Hell, UC#558
Religions Pagan In African Origin | Introduction, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, UC#896
See also UC#897, Part 2 of 3
And UC#898, Part 3 of 3.
There are other messages that compare and contrast our belief systems.

Once again, all of this tells us, that if the problem is not with the essence of our belief system, then it is with our understanding and adherence to the belief system. And also, our adherence to the lesser truths of our belief system that we allow to override the greater truths.
Otherwise, all belief systems are based on various versions of the same God and various versions of the same universal logic.
All belief systems are viewed favorably and then unfavorably during different cycles. And as usual, the cycle is changing.

So now we continue our critical analysis by approaching from another angle of light.
Which of the above belief systems are most of the adherents actually practicing the essence of the belief system?
You can know the answer by simply reflecting on which belief systems are the majority of its members, out front in the fight for justice of any type and which belief system are the majority of its members, out front in the fight for the most types of justice.
I have found none.

I have only found instances where the members of these belief systems, only being outspoken for justice for their own belief system....Jews don't like this, Christians don't like this, Muslims don't like this, and so on.
Thus most belief systems are self-serving in the weakest way, thus do not contribute to the greater good of all else. They compete with each other based on their lesser truths, rather than working together based on their greater truths.

When has the majority membership of any belief system of recent times stood up and said, we will no longer stand around and practice, support and allow genderism and racism?

Seems to me we're hanging around with the wrong group of people, unless we're okay with people who preach love but are okay with injustice.!?

Monday, March 18, 2019

Do Not Continue Being Unequally Yoked
Unity Consciousness #1549


(Part 9qa of 11)

Most things we've been taught, including our language, we've been taught to understand it in the weakest way possible. We understand at the minimum level.
From a side road, a thought crossed my mind of how we can be married to a person who is not right for us and for whom we are not right for. It's a match that was missed when the strings were attached, but had not yet become twisted, i.e., before we enlisted and tied the knot, formally or informally.
Most of us know we can be with a “good person” who is the “wrong person.” Two good people can both become wrong people and both can become the reason the relationship goes wrong if they form a relationship of any type that is not the type of relationship they should be in, and neither of them changes that relationship as soon as they recognize this is not the relationship they should be in.
This brings me quickly to thoughts I was programmed with during my days of ill-advised lockstep love with a lesser lover, i.e., modern Christianity. We are often reminded to not be unequally yoked. This, we are told, means don't marry a non-Christian. Turn out, this is the minimum weakest form of what unequally yoked means.
It also means to not be unequally yoked with a friend who goes against what the Christian Bible says in regards to the two greatest commandments. Anyone and anything that goes against the two greatest commandments, if we join ourselves to those people or things, then we are unequally yoked.
This includes our jobs, careers, workplaces and employers. If what those places are doing and what we are doing for those places violates the two greatest commandments, we are unequally yoked.
This brings me to the constant widespread continuous thinking and behavior or masses of us who allow violations of the two greatest commandments because it's our job, or it's not our job.

This brings us back to the side road referred to above. The two crashes of the Boeing 737 Max airplanes (Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines) need not to have happened. As usual, plenty of people were aware of the inanity and of the danger. Those at Boeing, at the FAA, in all of the flight safety organizations, at NASA, in each airline that bought those planes and in the pilot associations. Most of us know that you can't buy any appliance or machine without being warned to fully read the owner's manual and operating instructions before using the machine.
Each group of irresponsible people associated with those two plane crashes, had ample opportunity to say, hey, this is not right and I am not going to go along with it. I am no longer going to unequally yoke my thinking and behavior to craziness.
Any country or person who is still following the lead of America in any shape, form or fashion, is a damn fool. There is no indication or historical precedent of evidence that America has ever done the right thing, the most intelligent thing or adhered to either one of the two greatest commandments, yet “God Bless America,” is what dem crazy baldheads say. And we pledge allegiance to the frag-mented contradictory nature of all things American. These are the people who make a mockery of Maat, yet they want to make an example of us because we don't want to wave their flag, fight (die) for America, stand for their anthem or recite their pledges.
Name me one country who is following the two greatest commandments or following the highest commandments of the religion of that country?
As often commented and lamented, “Oh if only America would follow the essence of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”
By the way, America is the African Amenta Land.

Does your business, job, workplace or employer have you on logic lockdown because your free will you have sold for a slave dollar that doesn't solve the problem of 64 basic needs, thus making you the joke of your own okie doke?

Stop being unequally yoked in all aspects of life. Look at the logic you have tied yourself to. Is it equal to who you are, where you came from, why you are here and what you should be doing? Any knowledge, belief, opinion, conclusion, choice and decision you make that does not match, is hereby officially declared as a reminder that it is an unequal yoke.
An unequal yoke is its own beast and its own burden.

In your God you must trust.
“Take a good look at yourself through your God.” That alone is your burden of proof that will help you understand the extent of what “unequal” means and the extent of what “yoke” means.
Then you can sankofa yourself back around and ask yourself, what fellowship does my spirit-soul have with the logic that has my mind under its control?
If your God, your spirit-soul, your logic, your mind, your thinking and behavior are all in alignment, then you are equally yoked.
Every religion, despite the corruption it contains, still contains the kernel of the essential truth.
The metaform of the metaphor makes it incontrovertibly so.
We must extract that truth and leave the rest alone.

What is the essential truth of your religion?


Submit that truth to me for any religion you understand and I will compile it for all to see to compare and contrast.
It is a certainty we will find more similarity and sameness, rather than incongruent contradictory difference.

Are you equally yoked with your friends, your job, the work you do, the things you support, the businesses you patronize? Or have you fallen prey to the slave mentality of “its okay to separate church and state, business and personal, work and play, work life and home life, what I do for a living and what I do for money, my spiritual self and my physical self and my national self and my sports team self and my other suboptimal identifiers of self?”
You see what happened to Samson when he allowed his God-given genetic potential to be taken away by human hands because Samson “had to have it.” In other words, Samson justified being unequally yoked because he had to have what he wanted because he confused it with what he needed and confused the way to get what he needed with the optimal way to get what he needed. I'm certain Delilah was a deep drink of juice, but she was forbidden because she was a drainer rather than an enhancer of strength. And so it is with logic. All logic is forbidden to us that causes us to be less than our optimal best. Logic that causes us to set our optimal self aside under justifications that we are only doing what we are doing because we need to survive. And if we didn't have to survive, we wouldn't do it. Truth is, that's a lie. Because the test of our morals not tested under one set of conditions, will still be otherwise tried.
In other words, for example, we don't lie or steal because we have to. We do so because we lack understanding to pass the universal test. Thus, outside conditions do not cause corruption of spirit-soul, only conditions within self cause corruption. The seed controls when it germinates and what it will be. It is determined by the soil, the water, the air or the sun. Otherwise, all seeds would germinate, or not, at the same time. The external in our lives influences us, yet, the internal has greater control.
And yet, the script is flipped when we have been programmed to give more power to the external, which is the current state of the world of humans.
The power Samson lost represents the standard cost of the everyday high price of unnecessary trouble, hardship and sacrifice that obscures the optimal self and eventually, because it a double-edged knife, it also separates us from that with which we are unequally yoked. Separation is sometimes systematically pendulum slow and sometimes dramatically guillotine swift. Either way, it leaves us at the crossroads of a starting over point. There is a crossroads and starting over point for each piece of logic we have. We must begin finding our way back home by going back to each crossroads and re-deciding, if this is where I went right or wrong.
Be certain to understand that every piece of logic we have either drains us or enhances us. Every relationship we have also does the same. This is true if the relationship is with a person, a place or a thing.

Spirituality and religion are supposed to enlighten us with understandings of a universal nature. This is the yoke and the equal in one.
All our Lord God wants us to say is yes. Yes, I understand a little more now than I did when I first made the decisions I still follow now. Yes, I will do better to the extent of my understandings. Yes, I will continue to seek to understand more. More about self and all else. This is the only way the yoke that connects current thinking and behavior does not choke us to death using against us, the hold we have clinging to that logic.

How can you be the best whatever you are at work, if you do not infuse your work with the best logic of who you are?

Who are you? What does it mean to be you? Are you always being that person? Or do you set it aside sometimes when necessary? When is it necessary to not be who you are? When is it necessary to not uphold the highest ideas of the God you follow?

Every follower of every religion can find one or two ideas that override or stand at the pinnacle and foundation of all other teachings in the religion. Stick to that one teaching or those two teachings. Yoke yourself to them. Refuse to allow confusion of genetic misusings to confuse you.
People who are in the same religion can still be unequally yoked with each other.
Likewise, it is also possible for people of different religions, or of no religion, to be equally yoked. Not just in “marriage” but in any type of relationship, as long as those two people, in that form of relationship, both follow the highest ideologies of their God and/or their belief system.
This is possible for any two demographics or optimal identifiers of self or suboptimal identifiers of self.
This is only achievable when we go back and rethink what is the highest authority and law. Is the highest what's legal? Or is it what's moral? Or what's decent? Or what's human? Or what's respectful? Or what's fair? Or what you do to avoid getting in trouble and being punished? What is your standard of standards that you will not sell, barter or trade your soul for? Is that limited to a certain time of day or is it limited to certain place and certain situations?

Quit having separate laws of what is right and wrong at home, at work, at church, in public, at sporting events, etc.
You and I both know, that the way you treat people at your job, the way you treat your fellow employees and the way you treat all those you interact with outside of the company, is the same approach others are taking in their workplaces. Everybody is following a bunch of separate company goals and policies and procedures that, most of the time, do not give universal consideration to the “rights of creation.”
As often said, workplace behavior is more often than not, contrary to decency, thus harmony.
A whole bunch of people had plenty of time to prevent both of those 737 Max crashes.
And who didn't know? The general public, that's who. And why not? Because, we, the general public are too duped up on okie doke. We are yoked to logic that keeps us in the weakest, most minimal, mismatched positions possible.

Even so, I am coming out and there is more that I require of thee.

So many of us love to say “I don't curse,” yet, we curse everyday all day by following, carrying out and acting out, cursed logic. Logic that crushes the optimal part of us and others.

Understand clearly, that in the song, “Say Yes” by Shekinah Glory Ministry, the song doesn't say anything specifically as to what we should be doing. It only says to be willing to do God's will.
Do not continue to be unequally yoked.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Piracy or Privacy? Are We Challenged?
Unity Consciousness #1548


(Part 9pz of 11)

How would you like it if every time you went into a store, whether you bought something or not, they required your address and tracked everywhere you went in the store and everything you picked up or looked at, including time of entrance and exit and where you went afterwards and where you were before you came into the store?
Why do we put up with that on the internet?

Internet Piracy or Privacy

Internet privacy from search engines to most websites is an okie doke joke for folks who enjoy inhaling smoke trading clarity for hope. Internet privacy is just like health information privacy, email privacy, cell phone privacy, debit card privacy, credit card privacy, smart device privacy, home security device privacy, payments made with cell phones, any in-home device such as Alexa, Echo, etc., any in-vehicle device such as mapping or Onstar, Hum, etc., any fitness tracker or exercise device or bracelet such as Fitbit, Apple watch, any device where you can remotely control your home appliances and lights, drones are us privacy, DNA privacy, and pretty much everything else that should be private, but ain't never been in criminal lands. Read the privacy policy of every place that says they are protecting your privacy. Read all the EULAs and policies on websites and places you visit, whether you are a member or not. Most of them gather everything the law allows and then some. And that makes it all right, we say to ourselves. All of those websites and brick-and-mortar business and government places gather what we put up with. Most of them say all information you put on their site, they can use forever in any way they choose, even if you delete your account. Then they say you better not use their information in any way.
There's so much privacy in the world, that's what must be causing websites to be broken into constantly and that's what must be causing rampant identity theft. Any excuse will do when lying to self.
First of all privacy was not really talked about that much. That's when we supposedly had less privacy. Then, in the past 15-20 years, privacy is being guaranteed and all sorts of measures are being taken to ensure it, yet there is clearly less privacy. That's how it works itself into a comfort zone because our minds are trained to accept, ignore or not notice contradictions?

Do we have privacy or not? We certainly have more privacy policies and so many places insisting they care.
Or is the privacy they insist, really the level of piracy that exists?
The difference is subtle and easily missed.

Anytime you think businesses or governments care about your privacy, you will be wrong most of the time.
The easiest way to know is by the position they ask us to assume of bending over and touching toes, in order for the two of them to keep us occupied on all sides, until we just comply and deny we're living very non-private lives.

What we should already know is that the most popular people, places and things among the masses online and offline are the most likely places of distractions while the piracy of so-called privacy is going on. Noun you know it's a cons-piracy to inflict self-harm in the confirmation bias of mass company.
I was told invasion of privacy is just business.
I was told invasion of privacy by government keeps us safe.

The universe is telling us what is hidden is being revealed.
It's all coming out in the basic aspects of nature.
Coming out in superhuman nature and coming out in human nature.

What has been said above is that internet piracy of privacy is the quintessential beginning of the end of the last little bit of privacy we have. And we are happy to be so lucky to have so much "technology."

Who doesn't know spies are being spied on, lies are being tied on and the melody has changed to the same song, keeping us going along thinking rights can be equitably administered by the makers of wrongs, until we have no sense that privacy has been long gone?

How Would You Like It If...

When you went into a store or bank or government building or stopped to get gas or pulled up to an ATM, that anything about you, what you were driving, wearing, what kind of car, who you were with, anything you said or did, that those places could use that information in any way they choose, including sell it to others?
That's exactly what most websites have changed their “Terms of Disservice” and “Piracy Policies” to.

Here's pretty much what most websites now say:

Any content a User submits, posts, displays, or makes available, is “User Content.”

How we use User Content. Unless you have entered into a separate assignment agreement with us, you own all of your User Content.
[My comments are, this sound good but it is to trick our lazy minds, because the rest of the paragraph goes on to say:]

You grant us a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use, reproduce, sell, offer to sell, translate, modify, publicly perform, publicly display, distribute, and make derivative works of your User Content.
[My comments are: Now, as if this wasn't bad enough, most websites come back again and take away what you thought you had in the first place. They say...]

Nothing in this Agreement shall restrict our rights under any separate content assignment agreements or license agreement.
[My comments are: In other words, even if you had a separate written agreement with the Company who owns the website, and that agreement said the company AGREES TO NOT use your User Content, the Company is saying our rights to use your User Content still exist because our rights cannot be restricted under any agreement that is separate from these Terms of Disservice you are agreeing to by using our website or even by simply visiting our website for even a second. Most Websites have adopted this language.]

So are you okay with any place you physically go to in person, recording any and all information about you and then being able to use it any way they choose. Every time we go to the grocery store or to work or walk down the sidewalk.

This is the extreme social sickness foolishness we put up with on the internet....meanwhile we feel fortunate to be “connected.”

Most websites also say, when you tell us “Do Not Track” me on the internet, our website ignores you and follows you anyway. They say this in a sneaky way so we just pass right over it. In fact, less that five percent of people who visit any website or use any website, actually read the polices and an even smaller percentage understands what they read. Websites are allowed to stalk us. WE agree to it because we don't realize it and we feel there is no other choice because all websites of a particular service we want, are all colluding to do the same thing. Most websites have the pop-up message that says: by continuing to use our website your are agreeing to “this and that” and “such and such” and our cookie policy, privacy policy and terms of service.

It's ridiculous, no one has time to read all those policies and read them again when they are updated.
We live in societies that writes laws, rules, policies for the simple purpose of establishing plausible deniability and an escapegoat reason for doing what they do.

I challenge all of us to fight back and for us to develop companies that don't take advantage of us and our privacy rights. If any one establishes a new company providing any product or service and that company does not take advantage of our rights to privacy, it is incumbent on us to support those companies. Isn't our privacy more important? Or have we surrendered to the abuse of others peering into our private lives without shame because we play the game where we are always on the losing end in terms of our rights and other resources....we get products and services and we pay money and we pay with our privacy rights and we are happy to be civilized while being unknowingly traumatized by our private lives being privatized. And they call us pirates.

Meanwhile, while we're working on starting new companies and alternatives to current companies and “ways of doing business,” we should read the policies of at least three of the websites we visit most, and re-see for yourself, what we are agreeing to. None of these agreements are too complicated if we simply take them sentence by sentence and don't allow them to trick us with wordiness and language. Whatever your first thought is as to the meaning of what is being said, if it is in your favor, you have misunderstood. If your first thought is, that it is in the company's favor, then you have understood.
Most companies online and offline will tell you all the benefits of how they are helping you, then they will muddle through all the “side-effects” of doing business with them. This is subpar status for the course of our societies and what we gladly and hungrily accept as “good living.” Which obviously means no privacy.
Oh well, that matches our definition of freedom in a suboptimal context worldview where we confuse better lives with battered lives because we've warped reality to adjust to abuse and drink Jim Jones Juice at the national level because we're afraid to call it a one-sided truce, thus we, the genetic potential of the Creator, are reduced.
Look in the mirror, at all other creatures. They all have more privacy and freedom than us. Our freedom and privacy is in direct relation to the primary use of free will.
It's one thing to be controlled by another species, and it's a sad thing when members of the same species control each other, not just in small groups, but when large groups allow small groups to dictate life and existence.
And again the truth is told for the umpteenth time. All alphas become omegas and everything that dominates must become subjugated. Furthermore, that which never gives up the fight and struggle of resistance will receive assistance from the root directory. And that which goes along will suffer along with those whose time out has come. If don't do something to help ourselves right now and regain control of our minds, information, context, meanings, definitions, behaviors, then when the core of the resistance spills over beyond critical mass.....we must change and make public outcries about the nonstop invasions of our private lives and our freedoms, which by the way, when was the last time you seen 'em, either or both, at the same time, in the same place?

Get out and find out.

Or is it find out and get out?