We need something to clarify everything for us, because we get confused...but if we use the concept of Asili, we will understand that whatever it is they are doing, whatever terms they use, however they come at you, you need to be thinking about what? How is this going to facilitate their power and help them to dominate me? -Marimba Ani

We are moving from Initiate to Adept by following what listening lays forth as we move from general to specific, from Giri So to So Dayi, from belief to knowledge on the way to becoming unity consciousness with Supreme Beingness.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Natural Hair Poem, Untwisting Perceptions

To: Natural, My Love

by Usiku

Natural, My Love
When you embrace your hair
It’s like, you’re with child
Blossoming enhances your smile
You bring to life, fresh air
Your twists, locks, braids and afro stuffs
Add elegance to any room
As glorious as the peacock’s plume
Always the exquisite touch

Natural, My Love
My destiny, your legacy
Mesmerizes like Victoria Falls
As primal spirits call
You captivate and satiate
Texture, length, color, magnificence
Imbued with strength Afrika made
Varied with styles imagination laid
Accept your roots and essence

Awaken, let it happen
You are your own dimension
Wear your natural crown
Shades of black and brown
Without their pretensions
Your natural chemistry
Is appreciation and pride
Sustenance is in your strands
Unquestionable, professional

Good hair is
Natural, My Love
Don’t lye to yourself
Natural, not kinky or nappy
Let Kujichagulia grace your brow
Like Ethiopia, then and now
Natural, you are becoming
So beautiful
So free
(I just nod my head)

To: Natural, My Love is from Eloquence: Rhythm & Renaissance

”Be Natural” by Fertile Ground

Natural Hair Reflections

I love having conversations with people who've grown up in different cultures, especially outside of America. One such woman from Jordan told me what struck her most about America. “The obesity of the people and the hair styles of African [Black] women.”

All women can keep their hair long or short or straight or curly or in a pony tail. Yet, more variance comes with African hair. The texture lends itself to creativity. So much so, it stands out as a significant cultural difference. The texture of African hair is a gift. It is in the image and the texture of creation that can take on many forms and be shaped and re-shaped according to whatever you imagine.

Nappy hair is 'divine' - The choice of God!

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