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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mini-me & The Chosen One And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8d)

Read Parts 8a - 8c first - Definition: ME, Manifest Essence, Human Being, Wholeness Synonym And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8a)

[It is intended for readers to insert themselves as the “I” in this article.]

What Happened To ME

ME must be fed in order to have energy to guide how I live my life. My spirit can be stagnant and weak or it can be active and vibrant. It all depends on nutrition.

Nutrition for any living being can only come from what its life is based on. Since human spirit is Supreme Spirit, I can only receive spiritual nutrition from things manifesting the same Supreme Spirit.

Nutrition From A Supreme Perspective

Manifest Essence wants to express itself through ME. That's right! Manifest Essence (spirit) wants to express itself through ME (a human being spirit.) There is no other way for my spirit to express itself. Spirit must eat spirit food in order to thrive.

ME or mini-me? (Choose no more than one)

Manifest Essence has nothing to do with career, job, occupation, what is done for a living or the type of work I choose. It could and it should but just because I am doing well or highly achieving in any field of human endeavor is not an automatic verification I am being ME. Just because I receive no man-made accolades doesn't mean I am not measuring up to ME.

Manifest Essence has everything to do with a human living according to spirit. I must live according to the natural world context I am a part of. This is the true Manifest Destiny.

I will know if I am being ME by my fruit. Am I treating other spirits as spirit and the rest of the natural world as no less than human? Am I a friend of a crackish economic model, thus, my own best enemy of ME?

Have I decided to set aside my true pursuit and settle for just being me? If so, this me is merely my human form, the basic capabilities that come with it and the human things I choose. This is mini-me. I've forsaken my greater, excellent, more powerful spiritual characteristic (ME). I've settled for the human characteristics I'm able to choose. I only consider self-desires when deciding how I use my capabilities. Mini-me is nothing to be proud of.

In order to be my very best, Essence must Manifest.

The Chosen One

When I am being ME, I am reflecting both my divinely given characteristics and my personally chosen characteristics. When I am a human being, I am being spiritual. As a result, personal choices will also be spiritually defined and aligned.

My hoping and dreaming will develop from my spirit. Hopes and dreams will not come from what the human-defined world has to offer as choices and possibilities. No, instead, hopes and dreams will come from what I have to offer the world - because I am chosen – chosen to have Manifest Essence and manifest it. I am chosen to be ME and to receive the fullness thereof.

Asante Sana Tehuti/Sš3t, Ascendents/Descendents Ashe

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Reference: Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, “Encyclopedia Of African Religion,” (2009) p. various.

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