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Friday, May 17, 2013

Definition: Articles About Creativity, Analysis Of How Creativity Fits ME And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8e)

Read Part 8a first - Definition: ME, Manifest Essence, Human Being, Wholeness Synonym And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8a)

[It is intended for readers to insert themselves as the “I” in this article.]

Creature Of Creativity

The Creator is a spirit of creativity. I have this spirit. Creativity is mine by nature. Not only am I a creature of habits, I am a creature of creativities.

I am so much more than designations such as someone's child, sibling, friend, parent, spouse, neighbor, job title, group affiliation, ethnicity or national identity. I am a living being whose spiritual and physical DNA is a system that operates on the principle of learning, adjusting and adapting. Creativity is in my genes.

As I use more and more of my power, this built-in creativity can't help but show itself.

Creativity Is Elemental & Fundamental

Creativity is an elemental essence of the Creator's spirit. Spirit is the unaccounted for element on the Periodic Table.

Everything is composed of elements. Every composition is temporary and always changing and transitioning. I am the same as these elements because I am composed of nothing but these elements.

Expanding Definition Of Creativity

Bringing something new into existence is a byproduct of something else. Creativity is first and foremost about learning. Learning is newness and newness releases creative energy.

In its truest sense, learning is the synthesis of human intellect and the spiritual intellects of intuition and wisdom.

Creativity Is Learning Is Changing

Change comes from learning and learning is a creative process. One of the greatest abilities I have is the ability to change. This is the opportunity to remake, reorder, reinvent, recreate and reestablish my life. The way my life changes depends on what I'm learning. Learning is part of my first nature. I am learning to be creative to be myself.

Primary & Secondary Creation

Primary creation is everything created by the Supreme Being. These are things such as spirit, elements, matter, the natural world, life, anything that supports life and inherent rights. All basic needs are primary creations. So are freedom, thought, creativity, learning, etc.

Secondary creation is what a human and a human being creates. I am a re-arranger of primary creation. I simply change the form or combination of elements.

Divine Creation & Spiritless Creation

Anything created by the Supreme Being and a human being is divine creation.

Nothing a human creates is divine because a human is not a human being spirit. This is not divine. A human is not strongly connected to their spirit which is the essence of the Supreme and therefore cannot manifest divineness. Human creations are spiritless. This is true no matter how magnificent the creation may seem. Neither accolade nor praise can transform the spiritless into the divine.

Creative Abundance

Earth and universe contain enough elements of primary creation to support all living beings. There is enough creative spirit for all things to be as intended - their best. This means there is enough room for everyone to be creative – as intended.

For the All-Powerful One, abundance is a matter of fact simple thing. I am filled with this spirit of abundant creativity and surrounded by it. Abundance is supposed to be mine because an abundant creative spirit is mine in an abundant world and universe.

I am out of touch with myself if I think the Greatest Giver Of Gifts who created every good thing wants to withhold the riches of goodness, primary creations, from me. I am misaligned if I think the spirit environment I was placed in, to live (the natural world), is for the benefit of the spiritless humans aka heathens, hellions, devils, demons and witches. No, it is for the chosen one, ME and my creativity.

My creativity allows me to do all the basic things any human can do. I can also be a human being by using the extra capabilities I have in areas specific to my spirit's purposes, my experiences and the influences of my ancestors.

At Last, The Primary Consideration

Life is not mainly about anything a human or a human being creates. Life is about what the Creator creates – the harmony of primary creations. Since I am a primary creation, my creativity is also supposed to be harmonious with primary creation. This is accomplished through knowledge of myself which is accomplished through nutrition.

Because knowing myself is the same as knowing my origins, creativity is a pathway to better understanding the Creator, creation, the natural, the universal, the meaning of life & existence, my global family and all other primary things.

I can know these things because I can do this thing: return to my original state of learning, changing and creating by following the genetic guidance of my spirit. Doing so is a divine gift, ability, right and responsibility.

Just like creativity, all the things that come with it fit ME perfectly. Teach the children these things.
For your encouragement, Asante Sana, Nana Baffour Amankwatia II

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