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Monday, September 22, 2014

African Health History | Keloid Skin & Related Malfunctions
Sickle Cell Anemia & Autoimmune System Disorders

(Part 2 of 3)

First read Part 1, African Health History | Fundamental & Comprehensive

Brief Working Definitions

Keloid skin is the overprotection of the skin. It is an immune system malfunction.

Anemia results in less oxygen getting to cells. It is a malfunction within bone marrow where blood cells are produced. Bone marrow is part of the immune system.

Autoimmune disorders occur when the immune system does not recognize itself and attacks what it is supposed to protect.

Low Oxygen Due To Anemia

Not being able to get all the oxygen we need causes the body to work harder because the cells still need oxygen no matter what. The body is trying to generate more oxygen while at the same time functioning below an efficient level due to lack of oxygen. The body is in a reduced state of health while trying to operate at an increased rate. Over time, without addressing the cause, health will deteriorate. At the cellular level, each cell needs oxygen to function. Insufficient oxygen alone will cause tiredness, weakness, low stamina, loss of clarity and contribute to poor decisions.

We know this must be true due to the Law of Harmony & Ecosystems which simply requires Balance. This law is both the comprehensive and fundamental law that all laws must obey and all things must obey, otherwise pay.

A system not brought back into balance will tend towards more imbalance. This is true on all levels – universal, earthly and internally. An out of balance system will become more imbalanced because whatever is causing the imbalance will continue to exert its force on the system. We must make some comprehensive and fundamental assessments.
1. First of all, without the system re-balancing itself, we must do something to try to help our systems re-balance.
2. Secondly, since the system has not rebalanced itself, this tells us that what we are currently doing on the helpful side is not good enough to get us back into balance.
3. Thirdly, it also tells us, we are probably doing something on the harmful side to throw ourselves out of balance.

Balancing Act

Health is a balancing act. This balancing act requires us to get everything we need, avoid everything we don't need and eliminate what we once needed but no longer need.

Forces keep us in balance and forces throw us off balance. When our bodies and our lives are out of balance, often overlooked are those forces caused by the impact of our under-developed abilities. We can guide ourselves out of balance as we try to navigate life at higher levels of responsibility without higher levels of maturity.

Since health imbalances are caused by forces, we must use offsetting and eliminating forces in order to bring our systems back into balance. Corrective actions naturally offset, repair and/or remove the causes. These corrective actions are usually adjustments to our thinking, thus our behavior.

The way we help systems do their balancing act is to re-view and re-balance our act-ions. Get our acts together. Direct the force of actions towards working for us and not against ourselves. This is achievable once we make a commitment to ourselves.

Low Oxygen Due To Immune System Malfunction

Reduced oxygen negatively impacts immune system function. Some autoimmune disorders themselves also reduce oxygen by affecting lung efficiency. This is a one-two punch.

Add to this combination the problem of malnutrition. Then add the presence of toxins. This four part combination can easily overwhelm the immune system and make it work against itself. We should expect to be unhealthy if we are the ones delivering two of the punches (malnutrition and toxins). Since we are working against ourselves in a business as usual fashion, why shouldn't cellular components think the new normal is imbalance? Our system is just trying to survive in a strange environment by acting strangely.

Just like the thinking portion of ourselves, the immune system can switch over from protecting us and attack us. This is called an autoimmune disorder.


Since Keloid skin, Anemia and Autoimmune System Disorders are each an immune system malfunction, it is reasonable to consider them related and as potential precursors to each other.

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