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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stupid Behavior | Doing Something About It
Cleaning Up Mistakes, Adopting A Universe

First read, ”Expanded Definition | Stupid Behavior” AND ”Stupid Behavior, Education & False Notions”

How To Know What Should & Shouldn't Be Done

I have the ability to distinguish between alternatives such as right or wrong, good or bad, truth or lie, yes or no, higher or lower, optimal or suboptimal, restore or destroy, needs or wants and love or hate. This ability is in every cell in my body. It is in each cell's physical DNA. Also, each cell's spiritual DNA helps me clarify choices. I inherited these abilities from my Creator through my ancestors and through my parents.

The reason I experience difficulty knowing which is which, is because my DNA is malnourished. Malnutrition causes cells to malfunction. Nothing can function properly without proper nutrition. This is why I have difficulty knowing what's what. Fixing this is easy to do if fixing it is something I commit to by doing these things:

1. Optimize health by addressing the whole.

2. Pursue higher purposes.

3. Get complete nutrition.

4. Develop better habits. Self-study is everything.

5. Be open-minded.

6. Learn to help myself. If I don't take control of my own education, I will continue to be imprisoned by what I had no choice to learn. If I don't take charge of seeking what I need to read, I will feed my natural curiosity to learn, with non-nutritious offerings of daily media soup and entertainment goop. Learning is a natural mechanism that helps me thrive.

As these ideas are practiced, knowledge of self will emerge. Because knowledge is truth, the ability to know what should and shouldn't be done will emerge also.

Cleaning Up After Stupid Behavior

Stupid behavior, no matter how self-reflecting it may be, always affects more than one person. It also always affects natural world and Universe. This is why, if I intend to live fully in this Universe, I must not pollute it with my mistakes. When I do make mistakes I must clean up after myself. By doing so, I clean up the Universe.

Who hasn't heard of the ubiquitous “Adopt-A-Highway” program where groups or individuals clean up a portion of a roadway? It's time to Adopt-A-Universe.

The Encyclopedia Of African Religion reminds us “the resolution of evil is achieved when humans recognize their mistakes and reset the universal harmony.”(1)

(1) Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, “Encyclopedia Of African Religion,” (2009) p. 453.

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