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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Police Psychology, Violence & Guns
Wilson & Ferguson – Legal Representatives Of America
Unity Consciousness #23

The Truth About Police
The Best Place To Live?
How can a place to live be nice
When trying to live costs you, your life?
The love affair with guns by European males has been explained by Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing. I will now blend her ancestors with mine.

Because Europeans are mutations, phenotypically speaking, they fear genetic annihilation. In order to compensate for the genetics they don't have, but African males do, European males use the gun as the “Great Equalizer.”

Hunting Psychology

European male police officers are hunters of life not protectors of life. They are hunting buddies in legal uniform. During an episode of Cops, the TV series, I watched one of these European male cops and his big police dog, chase a black male. After catching him, the officer was so elated he couldn't contain himself. Not elated for catching the person. He said words that were obvious he was elated because of the thrill of the hunt and indicated he couldn't wait to do it again. Sounds like slavery days don't it? It is still this way.

European males have extended their assault from just African males to an all-out assault on all creation. They like to shoot anything whether it's moving or not. They like to shoot the air, rocks, bottles, cans, trees, water, animals, insects, you name it. They like the feeling of power of squeezing the trigger and being able to direct a projectile into something. They like watching stuff fall apart, explode and die. They want power but only if they don't have to get too close to use it. This is their brand of courage because they live in fear of everything more powerful than them – the natural world and the Africans.

Orgasmic Psychology

To European males, shooting a gun is orgasmic. When they become police officers, they can't stop after just one shot. Bullets are their ejaculation. Any grown person knows, once any male pulls the trigger on ejaculation, it is nearly impossible to stop it. This is why African males are shot numerous times until the police officer has shot his wad (emptied the weapon). When multiple cops are involved, we now understand why all of them shoot at once and empty their weapons. To them it's like a gang bang. Since they are dudleys and Africans are studlys, they have to fu*k the brother up. When they shoot 12-year olds from their cars and instantly when they arrive on the scene, that is the same as premature ejaculation.

Shooting metal sperm into an African male feels like domination to a Son of a Gun because it is the only way the European male can outdo the African male in an erection.

Police Psychology Is All-American

Violence is an all-American pastime. Since violence is ingrained in American institutions that operate 24/7, violence is the most participated in activity. We know power in the hands of the miseducated and uneducated is a dangerous thing. America is a prime example.

Without the gun, America would not exist. This is historical fact. Also, since America has pledged allegiance to violence, they cannot co-exist with anyone, not even themselves. These are historical facts.

Now, we should no longer be surprised at the behavior of police. The police are the internal military. The military is the external police. The term “police brutality” has become mostly redundant. It's like saying “violent violence.”

Yet, if there were no guns in America and European males still had all their other weapons, most of them would quit.

According to one report, in America, there are 4 times as many gun retailers as there are McDonald's restaurants. I would not be surprised if soon, guns are sold at McDonald's or can be ordered with a pizza for home delivery.

Psychology of Emasculation Is Overpowering

Consider what police have to work with. To go along with their official power, they also have cars that go twice as fast, tanks, trucks, water cannons, sound weapons, all forms of guns, grenades, tasers, gas, batons, mace and training in how to harm, maim and kill. They are trained mercenaries. They have all these weapons and are trained at home, at school and in society that violence is the first and best way to achieve and maintain power. Even so, they do not feel powerful because they recognize they need all this just to handle and stand up to an African male, even a teenager, who has no other weapon than his genetics. They feel emasculated from the start and this is why genetic annihilation looms large in their psyche, thus their behavior.

To compensate for this feeling of inadequacy, a gun is their performance enhancing drug. It allows them to stand face to face with the African male child and African male adult. Without the gun, the law and the people on their side, they would run. Even with the gun, they have to hurry up and shoot before they start shaking. Wilson's testimony, though mostly fiction, is true in his psycho-sociopathy world of fear. He, like most, are unfit for duty unless duty is to serve violence and protect the System of Human Racism White Supremacy. We must conclude one or the other.

Blow Job Psychology

Far too many police officers live in fear and act as bullies. They instigate fights. They have all this “power” and walk around with a mental and emotional hard-on. They need to show someone they are powerful. They are always fearful and quick to anger. This puts Africans in a position with only one possible maybe way to survive. Acknowledge European males are the “Masters of the Universe” which gives them satisfaction and helps them release their pent-up inhibitions that they are still in control. By doing everything they say and nothing they don't say and by not asserting legal, civil and human rights, we give them a mental and emotional blow-job. After that, they might let us live if we let them feel on us (body search) and thank them for giving us a hard time and letting us pay (give us a ticket). Without any or all of this “backing down from humanity” behavior, Africans are subject to at least some abuse and brutality, if we are fortunate.

Power outside of self is the European male's only identity. He needs to feel secure in this insecurity.

No Sanity, No Security

No African has a fair chance in a society heavily armed but not heavily up in arms against violence of all types to body, mind, emotion and spirit.

Wilson & Ferguson are just more of the same that has never changed. Michael Brown is my child and I don't have any children to spare as psycho-sociopaths free each other and give each other free reign to kill again in hopes of causing African genetic silence – an impossible task only fools undertake.

As usual their focus is superficial
When life is spiritual
Mother is at the perimeter
To help break this temperature
As last nerves sear
End nears for my ringing ears
Bullets killing me loud and clear
Ancestors, we are still here
Following instructions, for more to appear
So stinging tears are replaced
By resounding singing cheers

This is part of the series on violence (Unity Consciousness #19 - 22.) beginning with Definition | Violence Begins At Home

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