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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Poem | Legal System Of Violence - Unity Consciousness #22

There are many predictors of violence. Mind-centeredness is one of them and either leads to or stems from mental-illness.
With these two sicknesses in control
People cannot be healthy spiritual
So their capacity for justice is zero
They mock the admonitions of Mother Justice
Steal ten commandments and say, “trust us”
To support a money-making profession
Faking repentance, feigning confession
All for genetic survival which is impossible
Because medicine is removing this obstacle
The antidote is being passed around
Seek the natural wherever it is found
Which knows decisions coming down
Enough! Comes the thunderous sound
Add lightening to these heightening days
Purify countries with citizens as slaves
The verdict in the sky on black lit display
Reads, “Convicted, insides to be set ablaze”
Prepare the gallery, but not their way
If America makes one more giant leap to add to the many this century alone, all the shams will come off covering the cesspool. Right now is past the time to heed the signs and make focused use of time. Right now the crazy people are getting sicker, don't know why they are, and are running scared. They are moving into cities, seeking safety when there's none to be found. The universe, something they've always feared, is changing faster and faster. The house of cards, toothpicks and superglue just ain't holding up like it used to. This is nothing new in societies who have yet to head in the direction of becoming civilizations. A society is to a civilization as a human is to a human being. The former immaturing, the latter maturing.

Gun-Ho-pelessly Out Of Control

Not only has America instituted a self-sustaining system of Human Racism and other discriminations, copied by many nations, it has unwittingly created a value system and culture of violence. The people are hopelessly devoted to Yurugu – completely dedicated to the incomplete - their only deity – now a casualty of an ill-advised war against the only Superpower.

America has been in more wars and supported more wars than any country in history and has done so in an extremely short period of time. 500 years ain't long y'all compared to Africans who reigned for thousands of years at a time in a Golden Age manner not in a Dark Age manner.

Once we put American behavior, past and present, through the thought process we will be led to many conclusions. Here are a few:
1) “Greatness,” American-style, is the willingness to use guns and kill people by any means necessary.
2) Police are trigger happy.
3) People on the streets are legally gun-toting and trigger happy.
4) The actions of police, people on the street, the military at home and abroad, along with entertainment and media - all help program, desensitize and normalize violence as an acceptable way of behavior.
5) Citizens co-sign all violence.
6) All the stuff America blames others for is America's fault.
7) There's not enough room for all the chickens across the world that are coming home to roost in America.

Legal System Of Violence

Each of America's institutions are violent institutions because they are part of the System of Human Racism White Supremacy. The only way to not see them for what they are is to climb to the top of mountains of evidence to overlook the facts. Then sign off on a lack of evidence. Then come back down, carefully, so as not to disturb the evidence, order another slice of apple pie, settle for crumbs and put some away for retirement, all for the price of ancestral lives.

Inflation is nothing compared to the rising costs of illusion that requires the acceptance of violence as a way of life. When a society supports the disregard for rights, it also undermines its stability and thus shortens its lifespan to the degree of the deadliness within.

Just so no one feels left out, there is front line violence that is easily noticed and there's behind the scenes violence that supports the front line and also does other violence in slower, more subtle ways, yet still just as harshly felt.

Natural Laws Always Prevail

When violence tries to invade a person whose natural immunity of knowledge of self is intact, this natural sense beats it back. However, when knowledge of self is based on false evidence, this natural sense from the Creator is replaced by common sense of the perpetrator. This artificial feeling of protection and artificial intelligence is no match for a natural killer such as violence.

All this is making the Creator sicker and moving to stop the pain quicker.

Psychopath + Sociopath = Supersickness

By definition, those with callousness towards violence are a combination of psychopath and sociopath. Once again the people have mutated and once again, it is non-beneficial. The mutation has combined two sicknesses into one supersickness called psycho-sociopathy. The people have devolved to become hard-wired towards violence through their recent DNA ancestors. They are also socialized towards violence at home, school and through all major institutions.

If violence was not taught continuously after birth, a person hard-wired for violence could be taught and socialized out of it. The person would be able to overcome the behavior of their ancestors. Since they haven't, this is one of many reasons The Past Always Matters. The inherited illness of enslavement is brought from the past into the present, not in the few, in the many.

If this was not true, they would vote discrimination out of office, but they don't. If this was not true, they wouldn't give discrimination a gun and say go and police those worthless primates and we will give you protection. If this was not true, there would be so many of them fighting against any injustice, America would have to give up under the pressure of the people's will. Just because there may be a handful of “good” ones (those who might maybe die on your side and is not actually an infiltration spy), ain't reason enough to change the business we must be about.

Quit swallowing and repeating every statement these people make. If it was something you needed to know, they wouldn't say it. Quit drinking all brands of institutionalized Kool-Aid®. While you're at it, leave cool whip alone too.

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