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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Simple Nutrition & Nutrients | Food Fight #58

Why would the Creator, who has provided everything needed, make it complicated to know what to eat? It ain't that way.

From the start, The Creator has planned and provided for babies of mammals. First, before the embryo attaches to the uterus and forms the umbilical cord, then by way of the umbilical cord and then by way of breast milk. Each time, there is enough nutrition to sustain the child. Each step of this process helps the child grow and develop fully and naturally for several months.

Now, it doesn't make creative sense for the Creator to leave babies hanging after providing for them thus far in a pretty simple and straightforward manner. It ain't that way.

There is an abundance of naturally occurring foods for babies once weaned from breast milk. By eating what is widely available in the surrounding natural environment, total nutritional needs can be met.** Of course, this assumes living in a year-round natural environment suitable for food production. Even if this is not the case, the goal and focus remains the same – obtain nutrients from four basic areas.

Consume The Fresh Primordial Four

Eat fresh earth through naturally, homegrown plants. Drink fresh water. Breathe, absorb and bathe in fresh air. Absorb and bathe in fresh light from the sun, moon and stars. That's it. Here's just a little more detail.

Eat a variety of plants. Eat a variety of plant parts such as roots, stems/stalks, leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds. This includes naturally growing edible plants that are not cultivated such as dandelions, ramps, sourweed, clover flowers, etc. Do not peel fruit and veggies whenever possible. Most fresh foods do not need to be cooked due to already being cooked by the sun and baked in the hearth of Earth. Eat some food with every meal that has not been cooked by humans.

Though this list is short, there is a universe of possibilities. The Supreme Creator has put the same nutrient in several places – to give us more than one option to get what is necessary.

Decide what to put in the body temple - man-made concoctions or Supreme-made perfections. This is a choice between expensive, low-nutrition, toxic imitations or free and relatively cheap, nutritious originals.

Major contributors to nutrition are how food is grown, stored and prepared. Those with knowledge of health, control these three aspects.

Nutritional Responsibility

All portions of food unwanted and not intended to be consumed should be returned to the earth soil where you live in your own yard or given to other creatures as close as possible to where you live. All other items should be recycled as much as possible. This is reciprocity. It is returning nutrition to partners in the ecosystem. Though thanks is given in words before a meal, this is the follow-up action.

Either avoid completely or reduce what is sent to the garbage dump, especially that which will decompose, can be de-composted or can be decomposed faster by burning.

Even though full nutrition is required to develop full potential, it's simple.

Let Food Be Your Medicine | Let Medicine Be Your Food

Listen closely to your body.

**An additional way to know this. There are multiple redundancies built into the immune system for protection. There are also multiple redundancies in the body for bodily repair. It is more than likely there are multiple redundancies in food and inside the body to get the nutrients we need. What this also means is, we have to be way out of natural sync in order to not get nutrition, not have a strong immune system and not have a body that can heal itself.

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