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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Real True Willie Lynch Speech Letter & More
What's Real & What's Fake
Unity Consciousness #15

1. What's Real

We are in a war. We must be if we are being attacked mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Any information that helps improve understanding also improves chances of winning.

What's Fake

Those who are paying attention to minor details, relatively speaking, at the expense of the war. This is being done by attempting to erode the confidence in a document causing us to pay more attention to what's going on or at least gain a more informed perspective.

2. What's Real

The essence, substance and main points of the Willie Lynch Speech.

What's Fake

Focusing on "Is the Willie Lynch Speech real?"

3. What's Real

Flooding the internet and all other media with critical analysis of historical lies told by the enemy, most of which can be easily proven with mountains of evidence. This is necessary to offset the smooth sounding lies all over the internet, education system, religious system and all other institutions.

What's Fake

Relentless pitbull-like investigators of truth who do not do what is real in the section above. There has been plenty of time to dig deep into all the historical inaccuracies in existence prior to the introduction of the Willie Lynch Speech. Are you not concerned about exposing major lies that have us trapped into modes of thinking and behavior?

4. What's Real

Those who have tried to discredit the Willie Lynch Speech have not done so sufficiently. At best, they only have circumstantial evidence and nothing conclusive. Their conclusions are based on thin threads, subjectivity and leaps of logic also known as faith.

What's Fake

Attacking peripheral facts while undermining trust in each other. [Note: All people have trust issues with each other. One of the advantages others have had is knowing they are in a war for survival and not having to fend off attacks from multiple groups.] The Willie Lynch Speech leads us to this understanding. This improves our odds.

5. What's Real

What is widespread and front and center in the media and in the top search results is usually what the enemy wants you to think. Search engines are not objective. How can they be when they are designed by subjective people who are not ordinary people?
What the enemy denies is truth. What the enemy supports is false. Whoever the enemy tries to discredit, we should listen to.
Whatever the enemy tries to make sure you know is a myth or hoax, even if it is, it must also have significant benefit to us, otherwise the enemy would leave it alone.

What's Fake

The enemy is interested in truth.

6. What's Real

21 Behaviors To Counteract The System Of Human Racism White Supremacy

What's Fake

Those on our side publicly questioning helpful information. This is an indication the impetus of the pushback against the Willie Lynch Speech has its origins in the enemy camp and in the enemy still deeply encamped within some of us. This is exactly what the Willie Lynch Speech is talking about.

7. What's Real

Africans know, just because someone has their foot on our neck, it is still our responsibility to breathe. We would not be here if we were prone to giving up and prone to blaming someone else and doing nothing else. We have taken the odds as they are and have put forth tremendous effort to survive. We are a people who take responsibility for our responses to the behaviors of others.

With that being said, just because we take responsibility, those who have caused situations, do not get to escape responsibility.

Africans understand simultaneous responsibility. Yes, we are responsible for changing our thoughts in order to change our situation. At the same time, others are also responsible for changing their thoughts and doing something about their behaviors that harm others.
Africans do not rely on others to change, but we still hold them accountable. We hold them accountable from now on until the results of their changes are evident. This will be so even as we change our situation because we must always be wary and aware of the negative thoughts still resident in the population so as not to let our guard down during the war.
We hold others accountable for not divesting themselves of all the benefits of the past and present. We hold them accountable for continuing what their forefathers and mothers have done. We hold them accountable for their laws. If things were fundamentally different, the amount of effort Africans are used to putting in to stay above water would automatically propel us to the sky, in the face of far less resistance. In other words, we would leap or fall forward when a wall is removed we're pushing against. Natural order and balance would reestablish itself. It hasn't and is going in the opposite direction.
Now that we have Willie Lynch understanding we will go from seeing the necessity to be twice as good to thrice as good. This is entirely within our responsibility and entirely within our created capability.
Historically, as we remember the accomplishments of our ancestors, we see we have been at least 5 times as good at one point based on the fact that, through Africans, all fundamental knowledge in use today was transferred from the Heavens to Earth.. No one in history comes close. No one in history has been around as long as us. We have continued to excel to this day. This has been explained in ”Study Perspectives: Later Stone Age.”

Anyone who claims contributions can only do so because it is built on an African origin of knowledge. This is true outwardly and inwardly. Anyone who creates anything today can only do so due to DNA. Every person's DNA has an African origin and African roots. Not by a little bit, but by a lot. Most differences in people today are falsely enhanced and are superficial, especially relative to the commonality we all share.

All groups of people have African origins. They are either direct descendents of those who migrated from Africa or the direct descendents of those who had already migrated from Africa and migrated some more. In essence, there is only one indigenous people and only one indigenous land. We are all Africans from Africa. The sooner we reconcile this understanding the sooner we can get on with our greatness.

It is necessary to state these facts emphatically to offset the false notion that Africans have no history, no contributions, no culture and are of far lesser value, though children of the Creator, yet deserving of far fewer rights. Of course none of this is true. It is so not true because all other groups have “borrowed” huge amounts from our history, our contributions, our culture and our spiritual philosophy and traditions. This just came to me from the ancestors within. Perhaps when it comes to our contributions and culture, the reason we haven't missed them is because they are in use throughout every society's systems.

I recall as a child in my twenties that a male from western Asia told me my people had no culture. I had no response. This did not help my self-esteem. I wish anyone would try that today. Yet, this is still being done to our children and us every day in every way. We are being told and shown who they are and who we are and most of it is a lie. The Willie Lynch Speech is a lie detector. This is the power of knowing ourselves, truths about ourselves and about other people. No one will be able to pull the Willie wool over our eyes.

What's Fake

Implying and explicitly stating Africans are weak in the willingness to overcome through their own efforts. It is fake to say we are trying to wallow in misery, blame someone else and wait for "massa" to return to his pre-Ice Age status of human being.
Those who quickly try to shift clear and present responsibility from the attacker to the victim have bought into the notion of feeling ashamed of blaming the attacker. They are ashamed of us. They also feel their “making it” is jeopardized by those who have not “made it.” This is their secret sin. They also clearly deny we are still under attack in a war because they are attempting the impossible - allegiance to two flags.

8. What's Real

Willie Lynch Speech is a valid summary that helps explain history. Even if it is an allegory, allegory is used by all people to teach lessons, especially in their religions. But unlike religion and education, at least the Willie Lynch Speech has begun to wake us up rather than put us to sleep. I suspect this has a lot to do with the negative attacks as to authenticity and the further maligning of Afrocentric as eccentricity when Eurocentricity is the real falsifier.

What's Fake

Characterizing the Willie Lynch Speech as a simplistic explanation of tactics of enslavement. It is not necessary to have a comprehensive understanding in order for an explanation to be useful. This explanation does not violate the truth then and the truth now.

9. What's Real

Even if the tactics described in the Willie Lynch Speech started in the 1900's, what naysayers fail to understand is everything that existed then was simply a version and transformation of what existed before. Likewise, what exists today is a version of what existed in the 1900's. The content of the Willie Lynch Speech exists in substance today and has for the past several hundred years. It has only shape-shifted.

What's Fake

Suggesting other books of slaveholder tactics are more appropriate when these books have not been able to accomplish what a single speech has. It is inappropriate to substitute an unproven tool for a proven one. This would only take away momentum, which is the enemy's intent.

10. What's Real

It matters not that we have resources when our minds are messed up. It matters not when we are following so many other ideologies foreign to our nature. It matters not that we have resources, we still want our sh*t back and monies owed. The judgment is valid until satisfied.

What's Fake

To suggest we use our minds and yet undermine what is helping us get our minds together. Yes, we have resources and billions of dollars and we work hard as hell to get it. The enemy simply takes money and makes (prints) money and uses it to fund studies and work against us. We are so powerful, one Speech can defeat all their supposed intelligence.


If you don't know poking yourself in the eye makes it difficult to see, but then you find out and also that the enemy taught you how to do it, it's a wonderful revelation. This is what the Willie Lynch Speech helped accomplish for many. For this reason, and all other reasons in this article, the Willie Lynch Speech is brilliant and masterful. There are dimensions to it for every level of learner.

I will continue to refer to the Willie Lynch Speech, a document deeply grounded and based on facts. Its content is evident and relevant both past and present. Willie Lynch ideology is part of the ongoing System Of Human Racism White Supremacy. Willies are all around us.

Although we are in a war, we are still not the aggressors. We are in a defensive posture or at least should be. The Willie Lynch Speech begins to wake us up to what's going on and brings clarity to our experiences.

This war will not be won or lost based on who wrote something. It will be impacted not knowing strategies of the enemy.

Let us be clear about the main objective of this war. If the enemy wins, there will be continued suffering. When we win, there will be harmony and peace on Earth. This was the case prior to the enemy's rising.

With or without the Willie Lynch Speech, many people are in slavery and don't know it. They readily embrace the Lynch-like tactics being used against them. In doing so, they ensure the same or worse tactics will be used against their family, children and friends. If something allegedly made up can wake us up, let's make up as many speeches as possible and attribute them to other “good ole' boys.” There's enough to go around.

Meanwhile, as we expend resources on the trifling and trivial, the enemy is in preparation for continued war on another level: The Navy Plans Electromagnetic War Games Over National Park and Forest in Washington State

Keep The African Promise To A Nation

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