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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The World Is Not A Better Place Since European Domination
Unity Consciousness #44

European domination is not only carried out by Europeans, but also by other wannabe, act-a-like, dominator nations who have a chronic case of Big Bully Stockholm Syndrome. European domination is not the equivalent of rightness or higher intelligence. Anyone can do what they are doing if anyone chooses this path.

What is this path? Lie, cheat, steal, kill, repeat, lie, cheat, steal, kill, repeat... This is historical from world domination's conceptual inception to this very instant. Far too many in the world, all of whom are victims in some way, exhibit the same behavior as some Africans who highly esteem societies built upon the victimization of creation.

Nothing can continuously damage its own foundation and stand for long, no matter how much patchwork is performed.

It is insanity to behave in this fashion and insanity to hold this behavior in high esteem. It is insanity to believe behavior that is destructive to the world can somehow construct the world into a better place. To reach this conclusion, one has to have a very brief thought process based on fear and uncertainty and only one source of information - miseducation.

Sickness Is Domination

European domination can be likened to what occurs when a harmful virus invades the body and takes over. The virus, through various ruses, gets the upper-hand on health and gets the body to produce more viruses. European domination has caused this type of sickness in the body of human beings. No one would be insane enough to claim a virus is a good thing just because it is presently dominating the body. Neither should we give praise and try to copy the behavior of a sickness that has changed a lot of human beings into half-human beings and a helluva lot more into the lower form of humans who are not being nothing like the Supreme Being. This sickness produces two conditions:

(1) The half-human beings who feel inferior to the humans because the humans are “in charge” of the body and are hogging a lot of its resources. They do not feel inferior to the human beings, instead they feel they are better off than the human beings because the human beings are not acting like the humans. This type of thinking is based on the virus' point of view that sickness is health because the virus has to validate itself. This is the main way the virus tricks people into keeping the virus alive by which they themselves are victimized. The virus “allows” people to have just enough to stay alive and never enough to help them realize, that they are not in control of everything they decide, there is only one choice, choose sides, low or high spiritual tides.

(2) The humans feel superior to both the half-human beings and the human beings simply because they are “in control” and as far as they can tell. no one can remove them from this position.

Truths About European Domination

(1) Attempts to destroy all basic needs necessary to be a human being.

(2) Teaches people nice sounding statements, like "To each his own," in order to make each person feel proud to be divided and conquered. “To each his own” is in direct opposition to unity, family, community, civilization and Great Mother Maat. This undermines cohesiveness, stability and respect for other created beings, thus it undermines the ability to co-exist as equals. We wonder why and talk about everything but the underlying cause of domination at the root of several layers of causes and it goes deeper still.

(3) Claims higher intelligence but can't find its way hOme.

(4) Doesn't match Superpower behavior. The Creator is the only Superpower and Highest-intelligent being, if world domination was the mark of greatness, the Creator would do it.

(5) Behaves as a destroyer. To give more than take is to be a restorer. To take more than give is to be a destroyer.

(6) Even outer space is being polluted while Earth is in the midst of multiple environmental crises. What happens when multiple components of a system are stressed? The system or it's stressors must fail. If European domination wins, we all lose so we'd better help the universal ecosystem overcome. It is our only chance to survive. To do otherwise is to live a lie and sacrifice all for minimal needs to stay alive.

There is (1) longing for basic needs inside hollow Babylonians
As babies, arrested for possession of Afroconium
There shall be no tricentennial for destruction
Or hangers on who praise and emulate doers of wrong
All 7 and we shall surely watch and help them fall
Like precariously perched dominoes one and all
By their own alignments their alliances will topple
Facilitated by their allegiances
The Universal Court Of Appeals will settle all grievances
When primordials converge and one succumbs
So will all who stand for, and speak well of, domination
(8) Problems are increasing worldwide. How much critical thinking does it take to realize we're following a losing strategy? Technology is not an advancement, progress or an improvement to the quality of lives, if it involves tradeoffs, side effects or creates new problems. How can this add up to a better world?

Technology is simply people attempting to copy what the natural world is already doing. Only those who rely on lower intelligence, can't figure out what nature is doing, and copy technology in such a way, it harms the natural world infrastructure. Lower intelligence does not know how to be in a healthy relationship with anything or anyone. Only those who are sick themselves want to be in a relationship with them.

(9) Education is the same thing as nutrition. Knowledge does not diminish knowledge. Education is not supposed to have negative side effects. Yet, for most of us, the more education we get, the less knowledge of self we have. In that respect, babies are more knowledgeable than scholars. This is why babies are arrested.

(10) All of these societies are built upon the body of knowledge brought into the world through Africa and built and sustained using her other resources as well. European domination is a get-rich-quick scheme. Where's the higher intelligence in stealing resources and making others have to work to get money to buy the resources back?

(11) Other giants once dominated Earth and were wiped out, just them. Perhaps those dinosaurs stepped on one too many, because they could and get away with it, for a minute.

(12) Justice can't exist alongside European thinking. European domination is the axis of the Global System of Human Racism, White Supremacy & Other Discriminations that exists. To continue to compare the behavior of self and the behavior of others to European thinking and behavior as if it is the norm, is to continue to give energy to the virus that will eat us alive, from already infected insides, because it is there, it has found a place to thrive, and by going along with it, we help it multiply.

Clearly, the answer is No, the world is not a better place since European domination. Only those who have slipped further away from unity consciousness, stepped off the cliff and have flown deeper into the abyss of matrix, darkness and sickness will still resist after reading this, but not after reflecting upon it. I've been there.

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