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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Forgetting Then Remembering Mama Everyday Is Mother's Day
Just Listen To Yourself Speaking Inner African Languages
Unity Consciousness #880


Last Updated; 12.14.16

This is an ongoing message which will be updated as interesting words are encountered. As mentioned elsewhere, all humans are speaking a mixture of Inner African Languages without realizing it.

Do not be deceived by what you have been self-programmed to believe.
Words can easily be the same or derivatives or closely related, without seeming to be.
“Batata” becomes 'patata” becomes “potato” becomes “tater.” You can be certain "batata" goes back to Inner Africa. It clearly has Kiswahili written all over it and any other number of Inner African languages.
Somewhere along the way, a plant root that swells and enlarges became known as a “tuber” which is related to protuberance and protrude. 500 years from now the people might not know this. Relative to the amount of time it takes for things to come into existence, it doesn't take long to forget or remember.


Meanings: Number 1, the first one, the one, primary, mother, grandmother, great mother, royal mother, gestator, bearer, carrier, duplicator, water

Words: A, Ama, Ank, Ankh, Enga, Gigi, I, Kaka, M, Ma, Mam, Mama, Mami, Mat, Mater, Maturea, Maut, Me, Mem, Memfo, Memi, Mi, Mma, Mo, Moe, Mom, Momi, Momo, Momu, Moo, Mot, Mu, Mumi, Mut, Nana, Nga, Nga-Nga, Ngoro, Nike, Noki, Nya, Nyoka, Umma

Words Derived: mad, madder, match, mate, maternal, maternity, Mathias, Mathura, matriarch, matrix, Matrona, matter, Matthew, mature, maturity, my, memfi, memphis, mimi, mummy, nag, naga, nega, negate, negative, negro, niga, nigga, nigger, night

Meanings: The old Mother, the Great or Grandmother, Darkness, Number 1, the old first one, the bringer forth, womb of life, mother of the fields of heaven, mother of beginnings, mother of movement in a circle, mother of the starry revolutions, mother of the cycles of time, founder of the heptanomis

Words: A, Akhet, Apt, Caca, Ego, I, Kaka, Kara, Koko, Mama, Mami Wata, Maya, N, Nana, Nina, No, Yak, Yo

Words Derived: ago, aptitude, Ogo, Cara, Coco, mamma, mamie mommy

References: See Source Notes On Listening To Spoken & Unspoken Thoughts, Unity Consciousness #879

Source Notes On Listening To Spoken & Unspoken Thoughts
Unity Consciousness #879

No source, no matter how many listed, how thoroughly documented, how clearly explained, how obvious the need for further study or how critical the information is, will satisfy someone not dedicated to seeking the First Truth.

Someone whose first response to information is to ask for a source, is faking.

A Truthseeker first asks questions of self and of the information just encountered and of the information already living rent-free in brain compartments.

Then and only then, after putting forth a reasonable effort to understand, does the Truthseeker ask for assistance.

This step must not be skipped because it allows the Truthseeker to review understandings and formulate a more informed basis by which further information can be discerned. It helps the Truthseeker begin to detect inconsistencies and missing information that is preventing understanding.

Let me repeat to be clear. If the first thing you do when hearing new or different information is say, "Where did you get that information?" then you have skipped some steps. The first thing you should do is use listening skills and critical analysis to at least come up with 2 to 3 reasons for and/or against the information you just heard, even if you simply summarize the other point of view. Then you should list information from what you previously believed or know that is consistent and inconsistent with the new information. Not everything has to be a definite statement. Some things should be listed as possibilities. The thought process has been explained extensively on this blog.

Question dictates answer. Quest dictates success. Immediately asking for a source is not a question. It is more of a statement of "I don't believe you and the information."

A Truthseeker receiving information from someone in a face-to-face or voice-to-voice conversation, will automatically ask questions of the person in order to try to compare and contrast logic. A person who just politely listens without asking "real" questions is not learning is not caring is wasting everybody's time. It is unnatural to have any type of conversation and not have questions, even in the grocery store checkout line.
You are composed of nothing but creative genetic potential genius. It doesn't even sleep when you sleep. So then, when, during your waking hours, do you not have any questions about all the things this great potential that you are, is experiencing?
A quick way to identify if you or someone else is faking the funk and pretending to be a Truthseeker, is to give them some new information or different information and then listen to see how quickly the person asks for the source rather than engaging in dialogue. (Please share what you find out).

The need for a source will present itself when the time comes but first preliminary thought processing must take place in order to guide the rest of the thought process so you can follow the path that best leads to the understanding needed. A basic process includes seeking, questioning, seeking, searching, seeking, answering, seeking, questioning...

The goal is not to agree or disagree. The goal is to understand. As a Truthseeker matures in understanding, agreement disagreement works itself out. Why? Because it is working itself in - along with the First Truth.

To stick with an ideology because you fell in love with it because it was your first choice when you were young, well, is just plain... like never moving beyond your first romance which causes all other relationships to suffer.

To stick with an ideology because you've been with it so long and want to keep pretending you knew what you were doing better back then when you knew less and because you are such a faker you don't want to have to admit to family and friends your decision was wrong, well, is just plain...foolish to choose the greater pain that exists over a shame that does not exist.

So we persist in stubbornness and miss out on the benefit of experience. We treat realizations gained through experience as if they have no relevance to making some adjustments from our previous position to our current stance. We don't understand that is exactly what contributes to circum-stance. So instead of us benefiting from what we know now that we didn't know back then, we choose to remain trapped in the contradiction of knowing we were old enough to make our own decisions, yet still believing we were also mature enough. We know better but choose to not do better. We are trapped between what we wished was true then and what we know is true now. Learning from experience and through experience has been useless.

Our thought process and stuck-to-it-tiveness makes our logic toxic. We think logic is something other than what it really is. This has been explained elsewhere fully so for now, briefly, logic is simply information put into a certain order which produces a certain understanding. Then we combine each understanding with some or all of our other understandings. Then we come to conclusions and then we make decisions. Logic is more than mental. Logic has a spiritual component, an emotional component and a physical component. Logic is affected by the degree of health in all four of the inseparable aspects of self.

You might think your mind is okay and your logic is right; however, if your body ain't right or your emotions ain't right and your spirit ain't right, then your logic will be likewise affected.
Health is more than our superficial awareness and superficial assessment of our health. Health exists at the fundamental level. Thus, without the fundamentals, we are logically in trouble, troubling ourselves by virtue of the vice-grip of our logic.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Backwards Reversed Motion of Time Clocks & Sun Cycles
Unity Consciousness #878


Before there were clocks, humans used sundials, temples and pyramids to "tell" time. Telling what time it is means recognizing what time it is. Recognizing is reckoning. Reckoning is understanding the symbol in one form and transferring that same meaning into another form.
Humans took the concept of the sundial and made "clocks." However, the concept of the sundial as a way to keep track of time, although copied, seems to no longer match the movement of the Sun.

Clocks move from left to right, thus this is clockwise. The Sun moves from right (east) to left (west), thus this is counterclockwise. Also, Earth is said to rotate counterclockwise each day and revolve counterclockwise each year.
How does a clock keep track of time if clock and Sun are moving in opposite directions?

Suppose this is backwards and reversed.

Possibility #1 - Leave the clock as is and change the Sun. If Sun actually rises in the west, it would move left to right just like the clock. Perhaps we should change which side east and west are on.

Possibility #2 - Leave the Sun as is and change the clock. If clock moved from the top, then left, it would move from right to left just like the Sun.

If we use either one of the above possibilities we have only solved part of the problem. Even if clock and Sun are moving in the same direction, clock and Sun still begin and end in different places.

Clock begins a new day at 12 midnight at the top of the clock. Sun begins a new day at 12 midnight at the bottom of earth below the horizon. How is it that a new day begins at the top of the circle on a clock while also beginning at the bottom of the circle of Earth? When it is 12 midnight on a clock, it is at the highest point, yet when it is 12 midnight on Earth, the Sun is at its lowest point. They don't match and we need to fix it.

Possibility #3 - We start with Possibility #1 and also do the following:
Number 12 should be at the bottom of the clock. 6 should be at the top. 3 would be to the left of 12 and 6. Number 9 would be to the right of 12 and 6. Drawing this on a piece of paper will help.

Possibility #4 - We start with Possibility #2 and also do the following:
Number 12 should be at the bottom of the clock. 6 should be at the top. 3 would be to the right of 12 and 6. Number 9 would be to the left of 12 and 6.

Since Sun came before clock, the reckoning of time should conform to the movement of Sun; therefore, Possibility #4 is the best choice so far.

Possibility #5 On a 12-hour clock, time moves down for 6 hours, then up for 6 hours. Then this cycle must be repeated on the clock in order to try to tell what time it is. This is inefficient and contributes to confusion as to what time it is. The use of a.m. and p.m. has always confused people. The meaning of the words themselves are not oppositely balanced. We now do away with ante meridiem and post meridiem since the Sun does not travel in a 12-hour circle and then in another 12-hour circle. The Sun does not move up for six hours, then down for six hours, then up for six hours, then down for six hours. The Sun does not make two circles around the Earth every 24 hours. So we change our reckoning of time as follows:
We start with Possibility #4 and also expand the 12-hour circle into a 24-hour circle.
The day begins at 0 at the bottom, which we call midnight. 12 is now back at the top since this is a 24 hour clock. Number 6 is to the right of 0. Number 18 is to the left of 0. 24 occupies the same position as 0 since the beginning position is the same as the ending position in a circle. This clock would move sunwise with the Sun.
Everything expressed up to this point indicates Possibility #5 is the most optimal.

The following additional understandings, obtained by using Possibility #5 to reckon time, further prove how much easier it is to understand things when humans match their understandings to the Creator's trueprint/blueprint.

a. For the first 6 hours of day, it is early to mid morning, after midnight and before noon. Sun is rising, ascending and springing but it is still Night because Sun is still in the south below the horizon. It reaches 6 o'clock (on the clock). No a.m. or p.m. to worry about or no need to say "6 in the morning" because 6 is 6 and always means morning because there is only one 6 on the clock. It is dawn, sunrise, twilight and sunbreak. It is mid-morning.

b. For the next 6 hours of the day it is mid to late morning, after midnight and before noon. Sun is still rising, ascending and springing, but now it is Light because the Sun is in the north above the horizon. The Sun then reaches 12 noon at midday after rising for 12 hours. Everything matches. The numbers add up. It is 12 o'clock. No a.m. or p.m. to worry about. Please note that noon, high noon, midday and mid-light all mean the same thing.

c. For the next 6 hours of the day it is early to mid evening, early to mid-afternoon and before midnight. Sun is falling, descending and bottoming, but it is still Light because the Sun is in the north above the horizon. It reaches 18 at sunset, dusk, twilight and sunbreak. It is mid-evening and mid-afternoon.

d. For the next 6 hours of the day, it is mid to late evening, mid to late afternoon and before midnight. Sun is falling, descending and bottoming, but it is Night because the Sun is in the south below the horizon. The Sun then reaches 24 o'clock at the end of the day after falling for 12 hours. Everything matches. The numbers add up to 24 hours in a day. It is 24 and 0. Midnight, daybreak, beginning of the day, end of the day and low noon all mean the same thing.

Note: This is a general example: The amount of hours of Night and Light vary for several reasons. Some of which are (1) human clocks are static creations while Sun and Earth are constantly moving and changing, thus this creates variations in the amount of Night and Light experienced at different locations; (2) Sun's equator and Earth's equator are not always on the same plane; (3) Earth is tilted; (4) Earth and Sun have different orbits which changes their positions relative to each other.

Five Other Points To Consider

First Point: Each day the Sun rises and falls. Each day consists of Night and Light. Each day the Sun rises during Night and rises during Light. Each day the Sun falls during Light and falls during Night. The Sun rises black and red then transforms to white and golden. The Sun then falls white and golden and transforms to black and red. Just as Sun existed before clocks, Sun existed before humans. To understand the meaning of the colors of the Sun, the elementals must be understood. To try to make the Sun match human understandings about colors is what causes clocks to be made that don't match the Sun's movement and causes constant confusion every day when people try to understand and communicate what time it is. The rest will be understood by Initiates as to how this applies to many areas of the human condition, the physical condition, the spiritual condition and the various combinations of these across all dimensions.

Second Point: One or more of the 5 Possibilities above could be correct depending on which of the Two Truths we are oriented to and the degree of orientation. We could be oriented to both. This is likely which is why we are confused about a simple matter of telling what time it is. If we were not confused we would not refer to Light as Daytime and Night as Nighttime when both are parts of the same Day. We have 6 hours Daynight then 12 hours Daylight then 6 hours Daynight. Light is encased in Night and is born out of Night's Egg. Out of marvelous Darkness, into marvelous Light. The Universe, though lit up, is still encased in black matter and black energy. Light is the more easily visible contrasting form of Night and Night Energy. Night transformed itself into Light. The Black Hole is a Dark Hole to some, to others it is a Night Hole of the Abyss and Source through which energies originate and terminate. Therefore, Light does enter and escape from the Night Hole Black Source otherwise the cycle could not be completed or continuous or eternal. Understand what is known about a black hole, dark energy and dark matter and you will better understand what time it is.

We are currently under the Second Truth, but this is changing to the First Truth.
Second Truth means it is of the Weaker Spirit. This Weaker Spirit, when allowed to have power over the Universe, manifests all things in the Weaker Spirit image. This means all understandings are perversed. Under this Second Truth, not only are understandings out of whack (messed up, confused and misconstrued), they are mostly reversed (last is first) and out of sync (alignment), thus, so are our allegiances. This is exactly what has been discussed in this message and all other messages. This is why it is very likely our reckoning of time is backwards, reversed and upside down which causes our energies to more easily be matched with things that are also backwards, reversed and upside down. We have been programmed, calibrated and suboptimized to the Weaker Truth. This then, to us, seems right, logically, because it matches our nutrition and orientation - not just our mental nutrition and orientation, but also our emotional nutrition and orientation and spiritual nutrition and orientation and physical nutrition and orientation. If most of our nutrition and orientation in these four inseparable aspects of self, was on the side of the Stronger Spirit's First Truth, then this would override the Weaker Spirit and we would then be able to start changing the rest of our logic to add to the energy momentum that matches our free will, orientation and nutrition.

Third Point: The current backwards reversed reckoning of time explains why, according to calendars, the procession of the Zodiac through the signs each month moves in one direction and at the same time, the same Zodiac based on Spring Equinox moves in the opposite direction. This opposite direction is called the Precession of the Equinoxes and is used to reckon the timing of each Age in the Great Year. The monthly Zodiac signs are static, tied and fixed to a calendar which is also static. We attempt to reckon calendar dates and monthly Zodiac signs using Zodiac star constellations that are always moving and yet we make no adjustments to calendars or to when the constellations change position at the Spring Equinox. Currently Pisces is actually the first sign of the Zodiac because it rises at the Spring Equinox but we think its Aries which used be true over 2,100 years ago. Therefore, in the northern hemisphere, the Zodiac dates for Pisces should be moved forward to begin in March and end in April OR the first day of Spring should be moved back to begin in February in order to align with Pisces.

Fourth Point: It is unlikely "equinox" means "equal nights." Are there two nights?
It is more likely, equinox means equal noons. Equalnoon. Noon is Nun is Nu is No. Nun is the waters of Nun. At the equinox, the waters of Nun are equally divided between the below and the above. There are celestial waters in the below and celestial waters in the above. In the coded truth (mythology) of Egypt, the Sun travels around the world in a boat/bark/ark/ship on the celestial waters of Nun. The Latin language is a form of Egyptian. The words were copied but the meaning did not get transferred correctly by current-day dictionarians. At 12 noon (midlight), the Sun reaches High Nun. At 24 noon (midnight), the Sun reaches Low Nun.

Fifth Point: It is unlikely 'meridiem" means "noon" as in ante meridiem "before noon/midday" and post meridiem "after noon/midday."
Mer means water and circle. As just described in the Fourth Point above, the Sun travels/orbits in a circle on celestial waters. "Diem" most likely has something to do with "two." Since "noon" is referring to the meridian and since a.m. and p.m. are dividing the day into two parts, I am now certain that meridiem means to divide the celestial waters into two parts according to the meridian, thus dividing the day into parts. The meridian or pole divides the day into east and west hemisphere half circles. The horizon or equinox, divides the day into south and north hemisphere half circles. Thus, during each day, the four quarters, the four corners and cardinal points the Sun travels through are accounted for - southeast, northeast, northwest, southwest.

BTW: A mermaid is a water maiden is a mermaiden (meridian). The female of the waters is the dividing line, thus also the Nun. The Great Mother of the Waters is the beginning and end of all things and that's what time it is.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Humpty Dumpty Humans Always Fall
Unity Consciousness #877


(Part 3 of 3)

A significant portion of humans, seemingly at the top the world in the catbird's seat, are looking down upon creations, sure of themselves and of what's strong and what's weak.
Too much credit and satisfaction has turned into distraction and pride. Then comes the imperceptible slide further and farther off course. Then comes arrogant neglect that sees no need to self-correct.
So they keep leaning. That becomes their new sense of balance until they are past the tipping point and already into the fall before they get the message of the wake up call.

A whole bunch of humans have gone off the wall upon the world and made a mess for themselves and the rest of creation. Consistently full of elation and trepidation. This has come about, not in one generation, but as the result of accumulation and continuation of the same or worse.
So, of course, all the king's horses and all the king's men can't put this world back together again.
To restore something to its primitive healthy state requires primitive understanding.
This says everything about is what is lacking which cannot be obtained without spirit also changing.
The current human dictators of Earth have so thoroughly destroyed their connection to the whole they don't have the maturity to change, even as these societies continue to try everything else using the same Second Truth Logic.

How Can This Be Fixed?

At the end of the day, Earth and all non-humans are going to be okay after the significant shifting of climate change settles into its new range.
Also at the end of the day, if humans or nothing human-made changes, Africans somewhere, will be the last ones standing. If need be, humanity will end where it began.
In other words, we need to be more concerned about fixing ourselves, our broken logic, than fixing or saving anything else.

If a lot more people and their descendants want to survive the return to the First Truth and the way of life altering changes that are in the spiritual-physical pipeline, it is essential for everyone, but Africans most of all, to be restored to knowledge of self.

Knowledge of self is rooted in the primitive. The primitive is rooted in the unlimited.

Africans are the primary ones who must restore knowledge of self first. We are the ones who lost sense of self first, and yet, are still primitive enough to pull it together the fastest and help figure out and carry out what is necessary optimally. Once we put our children back in line, via their behinds, everything will be fine except for those who don't mind.

First will synthesize with First to reverse what is taking place on Earth. To expect mutation logic gone viral to somehow fix its destructive tendencies is to also think Humpty Dumpty pulling it together is a reasonable ending to the story.

Africans As Primitive Humans, The Downside
Unity Consciousness #876


(Part 2 of 3)

Ancestor, Cheikh Anta Diop said, "No ideology is foreign to Africa."

If an ideology exists, We Africans, The Primitive Ones, are the genesis and impetus, the seed of that ideology. It came out of us in some shape, form, fashion and size. Out of Africa came the seeds that strengthen and the seeds that weaken. Not always the leaves and fruit, but always the seeds.

These ideologies have simply been added to and varied by later generations. In other words, out of us as African Parents, our children then set up households in other lands and became other groups and have taken what we started and made it worse, made it better or left it unchanged, which is the least likely scenario.

Primitives are always at the foundation of going up for humanity and at the roof of going down for humanity.
Primitives are the first step in the process, the first steps of problem and the first steps of solution.
At any given point in time there are always simultaneous forces of strong and weak spirit dictating what takes place. One eventually prevails more than the other for a period of time.
Spirit must move first before the physical can move. Spirit must transform itself before it can transform the physical. Primitives must transform themselves before they can change something else. Africans must transform back into our primitiveness in order to transform humanity back into the primitiveness that brought forth so much for so long, but now has gone so wrong.
The weak energy caught up with us and has dominated and now it is being dealt with. Soon, relatively speaking, it will be abated.

Spirit is the primitive to physical matter.
Africans are the primitives to other groups of humans.
The Creator is the Primitive of Primitives.

Africans are the prime dispenser and collector of wave vibrations to and from the Above and Below – because we are the primitive connection to this dimension.
This is why we are the bearers of the birthright, the beginning of all that is human and the end of all that is human. This is why all groups suckle from the African Source and why the accumulation of all groups returns to Africa also. This is why as bearers of elder child responsibility, currently the rest of the family is sending back destructive energy and why the most melanated in all societies are hated. This started in Africa when Egyptians began to discriminate against their darker Ancestors from the South. The Egyptians were black but their Ancestors were blacker because they were from the Source. These are the Nubians, the Nahisi, The Aethiopians, The Negroes, The Puntites. Egyptians were all these things but had just varied enough to look a little different.

In Africa is where abuse of power began.
In Africa is where females were first moved from the front to the back. This took on various forms. As this ideology left Africa, it got worse and worse.
In Africa is where sexual deviation began in some kind of way.
In Africa is where family fighting began between individuals that turned into groups that turned into wide-ranging ongoing wars.

In Africa is where the enslavement of others began.
Africans used a so-called "milder" version of enslavement where the people were not dehumanized or stripped of their culture. The slaves were treated as humans and were set free at some point and their children were not slaves. When the ideology left Africa, it got worse and worse.

Thus everyone contributes to the progress or regress of humans.
These contributions, once free will is decided, are spirit guided.

We, the African Parents of the Human Family have set strong and weak examples.
No one is praiseless or blameless.

The primitive identity by birthright we share is the primitive responsibility by birthright we share.

Africans As Primitive Humans, The Upside
Unity Consciousness #875


(Part 1 of 3)

Children Of A Primitive God

Primitive is prime-itive as in primeval, primary, primordial, preceding, before, earlier, first, elder, beginning, origin, original. Primitive contains the total essence of its kind. Whatever is primitive leads the lineage, the heritage. Africans are the human primitive, the prime, the primary, the origin, the original containing all that is needed within its primitive seed.

Primitives are the first to break the seal on all things that benefit humanity. They are the gateway. Once the seal is broken, however slightly, no one else can honestly claim to be the first or sole generator. All things flow in succession as in any process. That which benefits humanity must begin from one, then two, then three, then groups, then generations and so on. This primitive creative process is exactly how Creation came into being as briefly explained in the “Early Formation Of Creation.”

In order for a creation to be primitive, the Creator must also be primitive. This must be so especially if we are made in the image of the Creator.

Sister's and Brother's Keeper

Ancestor John Henrik Clarke said, "Africans did not go around saying I am my brother's keeper, they just kept him. Africans did not have a word such as socialism, they just lived socially. There was no word for civilization, they just lived civilly. There were no jails, orphanages, old folks homes or abandoned widows and widowers. There was no such thing as spirituality, they just maintained an integrated spiritual awareness throughout all aspects of life and daily living."

This primitive thinking served humanity well over the course of hundreds of thousands of years. Primitive behavior allowed Africans to maintain an overwhelming predominance of health with self and all else and thus achieve a steady evolution. Humanity was advanced enough and civilized enough to export humanity and civilization to all parts of the world.

No Problem Is Too Large For Primitives

Since primitive is...
1. at the beginning of the process and
2. has already solved the challenge of establishing civilization and
3. has had practice maintaining civilization for more than one Great Year and
4. has repeated the process with variations by establishing civilizations worldwide, then
there is no problem greater than the potential within the primitive. All things are form and size differentiated, thus form and size related.

The primitive state of mind is exactly what is needed and is part of why we must return to the Double Source to refresh our primitive understandings that brought us a long way and unknown to us, is still sustaining us during the worst of times each and every day.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Self-Rising Power-filled Voices | Poem
Unity Consciousness #874


Self-Rising Power-filled Voices

by Ancestors through Usiku

Again from deep south that nourishes us
We are well-equipped with spirit-soul
Since same is same to those who know
We are well-equipped physical
To transform what the moment holds
Ungrateful children much younger than us
Want what we have without doing much
Except constantly being devious
Grow temperamental and envious
Of results perfected over many cycles
Sidestep harmonious
Choose hooded veil to envelop us
Brown yellow whiteness to discourage us
Fearing elderberry juices developing us
Creative genius
Genetic potential
Sow's mouth gave first birth, to us
Sucklings who are parental nurses
Using every form of elemental verses
Lotuses dispersing vigorous
Forces build and can't be sealed
Mother tree is mending us
Trillions germinate atop the hill
Piercing heels of terrorists
Who squeal, kneel and yield
Under rulership two-fold
Crook and flail belong to us
Aquaria and Kepheus
Hippopotamus and rhinoceros
We are their voices
Their truth is our onus
Self-knowledge is purpose
Understanding flourishes
Nighttime restores awareness
Of more in store for us
Light just makes it obvious
The only Ancients of the historical
Bennuing becoming optimal
Told on tens of thousands rolled papyrus
Currently in hands of the virus
(In addition to the monumental)
No one has figured out more than us
Except circle elliptical uterus
The self-created reproduced in us

"Behold, the only thing greater than yourself."

Double Source Of Information Is Correct Destination
Unity Consciousness #873


The Double Source of Information is the correct destiny for the African Nation.

African Black people are the only people who have been in existence during an entire Great Year of 25,920 years and not frozen.
African Black people are the only people who have been in existence during several Great Years.
All of those previous Great Years occurred when African Black people who remained in Africa, were the acknowledged teachers of the other Africans who populated the planet as homo sapiens.

If you are using an information source that is trying to tell you something about life and existence, and that source does not acknowledge African Blacks as the primary source, then you must not rely on that source exclusively, mainly or heavily.

These are the days of returning to the Source and to be nourished by the Source.

All people on the planet who do not consider themselves African, are latecomers, very latecomers. They just got here. Africans are the only Ancient people. To call any other group of people ancient, is a misnomer. To call any other group ancient or call their culture, traditions, religion, language or anything about them ancient, would be the same thing as referring to yesterday, as a long time ago. It would be a lie. The only way to make it believable would be to call everything prehistoric that happened before yesterday. It seems ridiculous to us today but people 5,000 years from now just might believe it. The only thing about any group who is not African, that is actually Ancient about them, is their African foundation that forms the bulk of their genetics, their cultures, their traditions, their religious books and their languages. Truth is, Africans were Ancient before any other group of people were born out of Africans. All other groups of people were born out of Ancient Africans. In comparison to original Africans, all other people are still in the crib stage of life. Behavior proves it.
There is no such thing as Ancient Chinese medicine, wisdom or secrets. There is no such thing as Ancient Greece, Rome, China, India, Israel, etc. except in falsified history. If you call those people Ancient then the equivalent lie would be to say African civilizations existed ten million years ago.
There are also no Ancient religions except in another big fat lie. All religions are recent in the history of humans. Even the Egypt of the pyramid famous days is not Ancient. That was only 5,000 years ago. Ancient Egypt is a whole lot older than 3,000 B.C.E.
Once I understood this, I stopped relying on babies to tell me what I need to know. I went back to the Source. And why shouldn't I? All other people are going back to the Source in Africa and still getting information and still getting it from Africans worldwide. All people on the planet have African shadows throughout their societies and in every one of their closets - Africans by the millions.
The misnamed "Native Americans" came into the land across the Bering Strait and up through South America and directly from Africa on ships they built. The "Indians" of North America are a mixture of African originals and African variations. There were a lot of "Indians" who were black and not "red." As a group, "Indians" are recent just like everybody else. There is no such thing as Ancient Aztecs, Incas or Mayans unless you cut the string of history down from a meter to a millimeter. The Mayans are descendants of African Olmecs. Even the Olmecs themselves, as a South and North American named people, were not Ancient in their new identity as Olmecs. There are no indigenous or native people in the world except in Africa. In order to be indigenous or native to a particular land, your oldest Ancestors must be born on that land. Everybody's oldest Ancestor came from Africa. We are all indigenous Africans and we are all still benefitting from the Double Source of information inherited from Africa.

Knowing this, we now understand why it is not possible for those people, who are also suffering from Afrikan Amnesia and Spiritual Forgetfulness, to create the immense knowledge base Africans created as a collective effort over the course of several hundreds of thousands of years.
This Source and knowledge base is being used worldwide and in most places being denied as to where it was derived. You're using it right now in the computer, in the internet and in your language. All from the African Source.

It is not wise for any human to rely on recent information from recent people as a primary means of orientation about anything.
If you do, you will know a lot about a little and not much at all. Life will keep slip-sliding away.
If you rely on the tiniest source to set your course, you'll think you have culture and tradition of your own invention when its not possible without the African civilization foundation your culture neglects to mention.

For Africans in America, the return to the Source began in the second half of the 19th century (1850 C.E. to 1900 C.E.).
The unleashing of creative genetic potential genius evident during the chattel form of physical enslavement, took off in many directions. One of these ways was the rebuilding of the foundation of knowledge. Many travelled to the Source and reclaimed knowledge. They were victorious, even as the Piscean Age raged many battles against them and the multi-directional Surge. Some of the famous ones you know of. Most of the millions upon millions more you do not but whose contributions are ever-present and accounted for. It took them many years to gather and re-member. They did so without this kind of internet. The house continues to take shape in the exact form the need incentive dictates, in keeping with the changing climate.
The Source in all of its originating first forms is, by virtue of its everlasting power, rising out of white shadows and yellow shadows. The Source is providing what we need, when due, to correct our course - beginning and ending in Africa of the Double Source, without and within where double doors turn ceilings into floors and turn after, back into before.

More Bluntly Speaking

A very simple reason why your mind is messed up is because your enemy controls what you learn in school. Your enemy controls what you get from most forms of media, Your enemy is your image of God. He tells you his version of right and wrong, which you know ain't right, yet you think his other information is right on how to get what you need to live your life. Huh? Your enemy offers you 24/7 convenient sinkthink and you take a 365 day opportunity drink. How is it then, that you have come to have good sense?
If your answer is affirmative without acknowledging the damage misinformation did, and still does, then not only are you using enemy rules and f-laws to try to come up in his beatdown game, where everything he calls security, he can also change, you must also think you can lick, but not get burnt, by flames.
Under the current situation, if you ain't got much self-education, no change, more pain. Boiled or not, shells do not protect hardhead eggs sitting financially on a wall.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Inverse & Adverse | Poem
Unity Consciousness #872


Inverse & Adverse

by Ancestors through Usiku

In the same living space
Using the same energy
Awareness replaces fear
Fear displaces awareness
Companions of separation
Who never hug or hold hands
Or share the same position
Only acknowledge each other
As they slide in opposite directions

Africans & Aliens - Best Friends
Unity Consciousness #871


Africans, the reason you are scared of aliens (from another planet) is because Asians are scared of aliens. You are African but you think like an Asian. Trying to get paid and saved and getting played - by the logic you own up to as if its been good to you since the day you met in Khemet.

European Asians are scared of everything that is not them.
The main reason you fear them and their Wizard of Oziddry, is because they fear you. But they attempt to hide their fear behind a curtain and use smoke and other special effects to create a partial, weak reality that makes them look good wearing make-up.

This then causes you to fear them, yet prefer their logic to live your life by. Huh?

Of course there are humans on other planets. Aren't there other Earths? Aren't there other Suns and Solar Systems? There must be other births in the Universe. Does it not function based on the same principles? It must, otherwise it would not be a Universe and it would not be an Ecosystem? This was explained way back in December 2012.
The only people who "believe" there is not life on other planets are those who don't "know" enough about self.

Based on understandings of the Universe within each person, the likelihood of humans on this Earth encountering humans from another Earth, is extremely high.
The only people on this sick-ridden Earth, who believe there are aliens who want to harm us, are those who are harming themselves and Earth and other creations.
The only people who don't know what to think are those who swallow other people's logic based on the weakest reasons and without chewing or picking out the bones, thus those people do not digest information very well. They just take medication and distraction to deal with the sick feeling as the information passes through their system. It is an unsatisfying feeling despite being full.

All of this leads to an extremely common symptom: humans who are confident in their beliefs yet don't know what to think.
When life is based on belief, you are programming yourself not to think. Then, when it comes time to think, of course you don't know what to think because you don't know how. You've been skipping over thought process all your life and must now go back to "context" in order to self-correct logic so you can stop allowing the superhuman in you to be scared by humans outside you.

All of us are or have been guilty of this because all of us have been living in a weak reality designed by the Second Truth. There's no shame, just claim the recognition and change the condition.
The only thing SecondHand, Second Truth Logic is going to get you is a one way ticket to the Second Death.

Our problem is, we are friends with the wrong aliens and their motherless religions.
The reason you are afraid of the same aliens as the Asian worldview is because you are afraid of what you don't understand, just like them who kill Africans for profit. This is the European Way which has become the Asian Continent Way.

Anyone who combines all the understandings in their possession, no matter how much or how little they know, can't help but realize, it is more likely there is life outside Earth than it is unlikely.

It is inconsistent to believe you can die physically and live again spiritually as some kind of spirit that you've never seen, yet you do not believe that the same Power that makes life possible in physical and spiritual forms, only put humans in one place in the entire Universe. Come on now!

You don't have to know everything to understand a lot. You only have to understand fundamentals, elementals and primordials. As you come to understand these and make sure what you already believe, think and know fits, then you will understand a whole lot more than you know.

This is true because everything seen and unseen is a duplication, repetition and transformation of the same thing. Life is a continuous journey to solve the puzzle and it comes with a key - knowledge of your own self - fundamentally, elementally and primordially, as you were originally. This applies to your spiritual birth and your Earth birth. Know a little more of this and you will be a little less afraid of what you are alienated from. Know a lot more and stop being afraid completely.

Any aliens (humans from outside or inside Earth) or any natural event that causes those following Asian Logic to be scared to death - is a good thing because that logic is weak and destructive.
Earth was a Black Planet for almost the entire time of human history. All these groups now are recent. Based on the overwhelming history of this planet and of the rest of the Universe and a multitude of over evidences, the likelihood, that other humans outside this planet are also African Black, is extremely high. The same fundamental principles are at work. Therefore, what I'm saying to you black folks by whatever name you currently claim, is that Asians, by any name and location, are scared of aliens because they are scared to death of the black folks already on this planet who they can't stop despite pulling out all the stops. They are "schizo" when they realize there are more of us out there who are in their right mind and thus, in all likelihood, are not trying to be friends with them.

If you have any feel for what's real, you know spirit is real, but falsely understood. This causes some to say there is no such thing as spirit or soul.
Humans and other life forms from other planets are real, but falsely understood, which causes humans on this here Earth to come up with all kind of things including fears.
This is an essential difference between the African Utamawazo of the First Truth and other Utamawazos around the world of The Second Truth who believe Africans in America or on this Planet or in this Universe, don't got juice.

The only way to overcome the energy motion (emotion) of fear is to change the energy of the motion.
If despite all the energy you put in your current logic, you know you are one glitch away from being helpless, that's scary. Whatcha gone do? If you apply that energy to climbing out of the logic that's got you hard working yet still sinking, and you are optimizing what you've already been given, that leaves no room for fear.

You gotta change your logic by changing your information by changing your decision as to the primary use of free will.

Before the First Truth can set you free from fear. Your free will must set you free from following logic that you already know is inconsistent and goes against what you inherently know spiritually.
Africans, if you are going to be afraid of something, at least be afraid of the aliens you know exist right here on this planet. Be afraid of their thinking causing you to act against the best interests of your family and friends and kin, aka Africans.

If I was going to be afraid, I would be more afraid of living unawares, by the logic of "Logan's Run" and "The Dark Crystal" than I would be about a "Mars Attacks."
I would be more afraid of living an entire lifetime and not knowing that logic is a program and every human and every creation must be programmed in order to function in any way at all. Earth is programmed. The Sun is programmed. Every creature on Earth is programmed. Atoms are programmed. It's scary to be programmed and not know you are programmed, because then you never realize which Truth you've been programmed to follow? (Get Over Your-Self-Programmed Logic, UC#855). It took being called a stupid nigga' by a black person to remind me of what I already knew long before that. I hope calling you black people, African, has the same effect.

If you're going to be afraid, fear not knowing.
Fear not trying everything you can to understand.
Fear not using what you already have in your hands that can never be taken, only given away by your own hands by your decisions.
Fear not doing the easiest thing - changing how you use your free will.

Fear love your enemy's way of thinking and being afraid of your friends.
Fear those bibles which are all culpable and liable.
Do not fear your best friends from other planets.

Government Psychic Spies and Extraterrestrials

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Human Revival Of Understanding Leaning On The Everlasting
Unity Consciousness #870


If we lean into understandings, our sensing abilities capture much more. We bear witness to a revival in humans that is known by what came before.
Humans are the last to receive the gift of spirit-soul. Humans are the last to have their spirit-souls updated in the flow.
So now we know, what is taking place in humans, started earlier in all other creations.
Name one and you will have found one where this is true. By the time this awareness gets around to the Giri So level of awareness, it's old news. There were things going on during my earlier lifetime that I wish I then knew.
The revival started back then but I was wrong way leaning.
So now, in keeping with the need incentive that causes many to plead, "I wish I knew then what I know right now," the need is being met through an army of messengers.

Yes, there is a much bigger revival continuing throughout creation. The lion roars and is understood more, even in America where the never satisfied waste their stores. The waters emerge and we feel the surge like an undercurrent urging from our soles through our ankles. We move with a renewed sense to commune with purpose. Fire has been rekindled by water and our eyes light up like sparking stars on high. Our spirits are searching there and are finding nothing matters. No thing matters more than themselves. Those listening in put away our love affair with flesh and blood that can't sink in beneath skin thinking, then we descend.

We find the branch, the artery flowing from the source of inundation and follow it through gold fields in purified form as vegetation. In silence and stillness, we move through reeds as the serpent weaves kundalini. Fire juice is loosed and bound. The dragon breathes his last and leaves. We retake the crown on personal grounds universally. This happens at the foothills gathering place where the Nyanza mixture is many but there is only one identity - transcending human race.

The I as We becomes the key. I climb again with ceaseless energy to Mother Earth's peak and her funnel opens beneath I feet. The Great Green One beneath, looking like a big horned hippo is the one who greets. I instinctively bow. She speaks. I understand but know not how. "Come here child!" Like a fool I look around. She grabs me and drags me down. Underwater I do not drown. She nurses me now and I am drawn back through her womb as she quakes and gives birth to more earth as if making room. I am slowly consumed. I see myself in elemental pieces. I feel this beast of burden's love and pain through struggles and sacrifice. Nothing except my soul survivor remains in this circular four-cornered enclosure that conceived eternal lives and paradise. This must be the place because I've seen every creation twice.

It took as long as it takes for the transformer to orchestrate the next shape I should take. It took a different persuasion. She renews me when she calls me by name in a language I forgot I knew. I am reborn, adorned with horns, night and light unicorns, thus restored to the norm. I am first again out of deep waters as moon, and black sun, elder to the golden one. I have cat eyes to pierce darkness and see without being seen while seeking One in Many things. Emerging from belly of whale and lion's den, I am virgin sun of crocodile's tail and origin. Spiritual energy momentum and truth are leaning and changing causing a revival of understanding the essence of Night is preexisting.

"Nahsi-Har-Ur-Khuti," she says again to get my attention, as I just finish suckling. She whispers magic words from foot to hand to mouth to ear and what is revealed is more than I hear. The Greatest Story is the only story being told. I am the force to be reckoned with. You too images. Positively negative. Limitless.

Extremely relaxed and energized, reduplicated as myself besides, reanimated and re-civilized. Physical umbilical is cut with the axe, then straightaway, I double back. Though a crocodile's child, like a frog I leap to announce mysteries with a lion's breath from the source of well kept secrets. In one jump I ascend the depths without ladder steps or stopping at Mount Hetep. Looking right after looking left, I see everything atop the world and see nothing but I-self. Then after this safety check of one love devotion, I become We again. We lean both ways to understand. While leaving, hawk high on destiny, more nutrition is given. Fresh air from a dancing king on Cloud Nine puffing reed. From his children We receive, melanin beverages made from weeds and cake made from grass seeds. Each according to need home remedies. Well-equipped and poised, We propitiate. Again by the lake. The revival of understanding consumes the lesser Truth. A whole new world begins.

Just two Earth rotations later, after drinking the blues and eating dense greens, my system is recalibrating genes. Both Spirit Web and genetic library open up a special lane for high speed two-way trafficking. Many Ancestral spirits are waiting with messages for We. They help intuit my totem pole as Truit, which clears up some things, after the past few days struggling through it. "Strive!" they say. "Strive to re-member and We who are the first true nature, will show the way!" We are the actual historical Chosen Ones, Great Ones, Glorious Ones and even Greater. The First Truth of Moon and Sun. First & Last Lords of this Earth in human form. Earth belongs to the Elder who is Heir Apparent & The Resurrected One. The Two In One who will always be when everything else is gone. This is We. Children and Head of the Family by virtue of Seed and power vested in recombining these. As this is becoming less of a mystery, concealed is changing into revealed because potential is becoming kinetic genetically. The difference maker circle-maker is leaning uphill spiritually. As First Truth approaches the summit, Second Truth plummets and physical processes cause reality changes, scientifically, not instantly. No human collective, no matter how deeply infected logically, can stop the Age of Aquaria's rising, therefore, nothing can stop We. If either Aquaria or We could be stopped, it would have been done already. Do not be deceived by the same logic and lifelong propaganda of those who deceive. There are many battles but only one War. Quit operating based on Secondhand Truth from one Side of the Story. When both of Big Amma's feet reach the ground, it will all turn around. In a one day deluge, the Avenger will seek and destroy all those who consider themselves greater than Troy and who think they will not be divested of the ill-gotten they enjoy belonging to the first begotten.
Keep it real is immensely more than a cute saying. Fear is false evidence appearing real. Many operate based on false evidence because they have fear. The result of logic based on false evidence is fear. Where there is fear, there is falseness. Therefore, these people, these United Nations, are false people appearing to be the real deal but who have always used false evidence to set us up for the kill. The entirety of history and every century proves this without question, which more and more are awakening and realizing. The hold on logic, the Second Truth can no longer keep, unless We do not change our context to Optimal Theory and choose to stay asleep as puppets of Second Truth's only real power - false suggestion. But even this will not stop the First Truth from materializing. Many sleepwalkers, preferring the lie, will use their free will to meet the same demise as the multitude of Exhibited Beasts
From central, way down low, the hippo jumps over the year in June, the highest pole, to update the pages of the Ages unscrolled. So even those who use weaker abilities to understand, can still look up and get the same message above coming from below from Adroa Adro.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Know Your Languages Fundamentally & Know Many More
Unity Consciousness #869


Why should we be confused by the language of the Kamite-Kemite-Egyptian?
If we understood the fundamentals of the languages we use, we would also understand the Egyptian language much more assuredly.

Understanding anything fundamentally is a key to being able to more easily understand other things.
The main reason we understand our languages but yet do not understand the Egyptian language is lack of awareness of the fundamental principles and characteristics pertaining to all creations.
One fundamental of language is: all languages came from the same source.
From the same place came all human languages, all sound languages, all sign languages, all picture languages, all symbol languages, all color languages, all music languages, all dance languages, all art languages, all mathematical languages, all movie languages, all legal languages, all rock languages, all dirt languages, all animal languages, all medical languages, all insect languages, all computer languages, all plant languages, all cellular languages, all elemental languages...

If we at least knew this about the languages we use and other languages, we would at least be using more of our sensing abilities to understand the metaphors of a particular language so we could understand more about communicating, communing and conversation.

Still to this day, we talk a lot and hear a lot but have little conversation, even within self, since the way we reckon language is not as it should be - as being symbolic of the Universal Self.

These fundamental symbols are everywhere in Creation and in each of Us. Language is Primordial and is not private to any group.
Know the fundamental language of self and simultaneously know the fundamental language of all else.

So again, why should we be confused by Egyptian languages in all the forms it is called today and all the forms it actually went through back in the day?

"...the oldest mythology, religion, symbols, language, had their birth-place in Africa, that the primitive race of Kam came thence, and the civilisation attained in Egypt emanated from that country and spread over the world. The most reasonable view on the evolutionary theory—and those who do not accept that have not yet begun to think, for lack of a starting point— is that the black race is the most ancient, and that Africa is the primordial home."

"The greatest difficulty in creation is the beginning, not the finishing, and to the despised black race we have at length to turn for the birth of language, the beginnings of all human creation, and, as the Arabic saying puts it, let us “honour the first although the followers do better."

Massey, Gerald, "A book of the beginnings : containing an attempt to recover and reconstitute the lost origines of the myths and mysteries, types and symbols, religion and language, with Egypt for the mouthpiece and Africa as the birthplace”), 1881, p. 18/pdf 30 and 23/35.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Master Distractors Of Self-Disasters
Unity Consciousness #868


When the mighty begin to fall, instincts cause them to brace themselves fundamentally.
When the haughty begin to fall, instincts cause them to flip the script of the narrative in a way which makes that which supports them to be the problem.
After a legacy of blaming volcanoes for erupting, the same humans easily move to blaming the earth for shaking, for loosening up, for working on its figure.

The earthquakes in New Zealand this month provide the same reminder as always.
Aside from loss of life, the rest of what we consider most devastating and damaging always involves human creations such as buildings, bridges and roads. We tend to assess damage in terms of "look what the earthquake did."
We should be doing just the opposite.
We should be saying, "look what we built that was not encompassing enough of the ever-changing natural environment. What did we miss and how do we fix our logic?"

Any type of "natural disaster" always involves the difference between our understanding and respect for the Primordial Four: Water, Air, Fire and Earth either singularly or in combination.
Natural "disasters" point out to us the disaster and devastation of modern human logic.
We still haven't figured out, just because we can do something doesn't mean we should do it.
We are over-inflated and infatuated with our newest, latest, updated, advanced, progressive methods and gadgets that are our main way of confirming we are civilized.
"Look, we have paved roads, we have civilization."

According to Great Mother Maat, civilization is built on relationships with self and all else. Human physical creations are neither primary nor secondary indications of civilization. (See UC#1)

Most of what we still do today, in our relationship with the Primordials (The Environment), is act like dictators.
We tend to not take seriously what the other side of the relationship, the Environment side, is saying.
The Environment has Earth rights because The Environment is Earth. The Mountain belongs to Earth more than it belongs to humans. Humans are the last ones on the scene.

Now we can hear the message within this message.
When the First Truth comes, humans will be last and Earth will be first. The shift of awareness is already evidence of this.
Earth is not for this day, this year or this Age. Earth is for Eternity's sake. That Eternity has a stake in the rights of all creations with whom we share this Universal Space.

What's Your Zodiac Sign?

Many of us pay more attention to our zodiac based horoscope, rather than paying attention to the scope of the Zodiac. The Zodiac is built upon four cornerstones of flexible stability - Water, Air, Fire, Earth. The Primordial Four are displayed to say they are always worthy of daily consideration. They must be balanced with each other as they are in the Zodiac. All four are always interconnected - each Element with the other three simultaneously. Your Zodiac Sign is the four-in-one sign called Earth, Environment, Natural World, Ecosystem. You may have been physically born on one day, but you were conceived on another day and at a minimum, you came into being over several months touching all Four Elements who oversaw your development in the Primordial Womb; therefore, Your Zodiac Sign is the entire Zodiac.

From Emergence To Ignore-ance To Disaster To Crisis To Almighty Isis

We are now in a phase where natural world changes are showing themselves in a way we can no longer ignore and expect to live through this transition. The above ground changes at the surface level are now being joined by those below our current level of fundamental attention.

Of course we have not noticed because we are being bombarded with constant immediate information as a distraction of the many things that are becoming so obvious, the only way to not notice is to be constantly distracted.
We don't need television, newspapers, magazines, radio, phones or computers to know the Truth of human logic and the truth of Universal Logic are changing.
The Masters of Distractors are killing African Black people on TV, like picnic entertainment, to get us to think the Truth is not changing.
The Matrix is losing power and The Matriarch is waxing like the Supermoon. To a theater of operating logic near you soon she'll be coming up out of the Mount of Glory to reconcile the Creation story.


Natural "disasters" are warnings of the deeper fissure between our ways and the optimal way.
Human constructions crumble when the weak, incomplete, suboptimal logic of the Second Truth is used. As these ideologies are stacked like paper thin dominoes, there can only be one outcome - failure as soon as the environment changes. As soon as climate changes just a little bit more.

And on the very first day of famine, the merriment of their many feasts they thought of the least.
Natural "disasters" are created out of human logic disasters.

Earthquakes that result in loss of human life or property could be telling us to move to another area but are more likely telling us to make significant changes back to life based on the First Reality.

Age Of Aquaria Is More Than A Great Year Air Sign
Unity Consciousness #867


The Primordial Elements of Water, Air, Fire, Earth are often reckoned according to a zodiac as it pertains to the 365 day year. This is the Lesser Year. The Great Year consists of 25,920 years.
The Age of Aquaria pertains to the Great Year. The ruling star constellations of the Great Year, though the same as the Lesser Year, are moving in the opposite direction in the zodiac.
In our Annual Year (Lesser Year) Zodiac Signs, Capricorn gives way to Aquaria then Pisces then Aries.
In the Great Year Precession of Ages Zodiac, Aries gives way to Pisces then Aquaria then Capricorn.

The Great Year is Greater because it rules over Earth for a longer period of time from a middle balancing point (equinox). During those 25,920 years, Earth is still moving every 365 days through the Primordial Element Signs of Water, Air, Fire, Earth.
Therefore, Since the Great Year rules the Lesser Year, so also does the Great Year rule all that the Lesser Year rules - all four of the Primordial Elements.
The Age of Aquaria is more than an Air Sign.

In the Lesser Year Zodiac, each constellation rules one single element.
In the Great Year Zodiac, each constellation rules all four elements by virtue of ruling the Lesser Year.

Some Of What We Already Know About Aquaria.

Water - is being released from the poles and is rising. Rain is increasing.
Air - is being filled with more charged particles from the Sun and through meteors. Wind is increasing.
Fire - is heating up and temperature is rising.
Earth - is quaking and moving back to a Pangaea. Magnetic pole of Earth is moving from North to South.
All Four - are combining in various ways to have an increased impact.

The Age of Aquaria is more than an Air Sign because Pisces, as we know, was more than a Water Sign. For instance, the Piscean Age had a major impact on polluting all four of the domains of Water, Air, Fire, Earth. Also there was an increase in constructing dams, thus restricting water in the circulatory system of Earth. Trees were cut down at a "Devil's" pace. Natural habitats of all types have been decimated, desecrated and pushed to the extreme edge of imbalance. During the Piscean Age the Primordial Elements under the name of "the environment," became the four-in-one hand that feeds but is also blamed for doing disastrous deeds.

The Initiate should ask the question, "Why will Aquaria be any different if each Age rules the Primordial Elements?"

The Day, The Lesser Year and Great Year are ruled by The Eternal One. The Eternal One is Greater due to always ruling and ruling from the Foundation of the Heavens.
The Eternal One only has two divisions of rulership - The First Truth and The Second Truth.
During the Ages of Aries and the transition to Pisces and during Pisces, The Second Truth was in charge of the Universe.
During the Aquarian Age, not only is the Age changing, but also the Truth is changing back to the First Truth.
Aquaria will rule under the First Truth.
This is how we know the environment will be treated in an Eco-sensible manner. This we already see the makings of as Aquaria and The First Truth are almost in position.

If we extend and expand the metaphor mathematically, we can say:

Piscean Age + 2nd Truth = Age & Male Wisdom = Old Adult + Sun-Light, Son, Father Truth
Aquarian Age + 1st Truth = Age & Female Wisdom = Young Adult + Moon-Night, Mother, Daughter Truth

Fulfillment By Upheaval Of Faith
How Many Earthquakes Does It Take?
And The Problem of Human Logic
Unity Consciousness #866


Earthquakes are increasing in intensity and occurrence. Earthquakes are happening all over the place.

1. "Everything that happens in the physical world, happens in the spiritual world first."
From, (Did Great Evil Spirit Have Help Overtaking Supreme Spirit, UC#857)

2. "Spiritual energy changes first and then affects physical matter already created.
This pattern repeats continuously in the order of creation, thus spiritual energy moves within from the below to the above, then moves outward into the Galaxy, then Solar System, then Sun, then Earth, then plants, then animals then human animals."
(From, Flow & Ebb of Spiritual Energy Waves & Truth Seekers, UC#863)
3. "The magnetic pole (spiritual energy) of Earth is shifting from the above to the below. This is a symbol and metaphor of an orientation change because the bottom is returning to the top. Physical energy is an after-shadowing of spiritual energy."
From, (Puzzlers: Why & How First Becomes Last & Reverses, UC #844)

4. "Since we know the physical world is changing, we should also know physical genetics are changing.
Since we know physical genetics are changing, we should also know spiritual genetics are changing."
From, (Re-solving Puzzles With Understandings & Symbol Reckoning, UC#841)
5. As stated on 11.09.2016, "the volatility in the natural world environment in the next 13 months will be significant. We know this based on the spiritual tug-of-war implications of a Trump election at the descending edge of Piscean rulership leading the lost ones off the cliff into the pit.
The volatility, in many world societies, that have been teetering, including America, will be significant."
From, (What's Going On Since 1492 CE (AD), UC#859)

What we have witnessed, since the American presidential election, in the form of worldwide earthquakes, can be understood as the physical manifestation of the accumulation of spiritual upheaval that started long ago. Physical environmental changes are a re-presentation of spiritual environmental changes.
This wave of spiritual energy that is causing physical earthquakes is taking place simultaneously as humans are creating more waves and all else is also creating more waves.
Current human behavior is the result of previous spiritual changes. Current human upheaval will give birth to more spiritual upheaval until spiritual fulfillment of the turnaround takes place by first becoming last in the heavens where the stars are. This is the phase we are in that is at its turning point, its transitioning point from one phase to the next. This is the same as the Piscean Age transitioning into the Aquarian Age. Pisces don't wanna give up the throne but gotta go! This is part of the spiritual struggle as energies trade places.*

Even if we don't know it, spiritual energy from previous Ages is still changing Galaxy Genetics (logic), Solar System Genetics (logic) and Earth genetics (logic).
Earthquakes cannot take place unless the logic of Earth changes. Even when humans do things to upset inner Earth, what is taking place is humans are disrupting the logic of Earth, thus the logic is experiencing a change. However, let us be certain to always remember, humans are a small part of the equation of the controlling factors on Earth.
Humans don't run this!
Humans influence this.
It is hardly imaginable how humans who are estranged from understanding their own genetics and unable to self-control those genetics, can somehow both understand and control a more complex being, such as Earth.

What is being conveyed is a greater understanding of spiritual logic and the path it takes before it reaches human logic and becomes human logic.

By the time we clearly and easily see Earth changing, we should also realize plant genetics (logic) are changing. By the same token, animal genetics (logic) are changing. This includes the human animal. If we don't understand, believe, know or accept human logic is changing, despite all other logic changing, therein lies the problem.

The problem is more than in the mind. The human organism is a physical creation of the natural environment. Spiritual energy is changing the natural environment; therefore, spiritual energy is changing human physical genetics (physical logic).
Now, at this point, even if we have not read earlier messages pertaining to logic, all we have to do is remember there is an involuntary logic within humans that is not controlled by the human mind. That logic controls the fundamental way the body functions with self and with all else. There is also a voluntary logic within humans which we call human logic of the mind. Human logic in the human mind is the last bit of logic in the Universe that is way behind keeping up with all else that is changing.
Therein lies the problem - the bigger, more fundamental, more fatal problem.
6. "Thus, since human systems are based on human logic that is going against the changing energy flow, human systems will experience major disruptions and upheaval."
From, (Brief World History & Current Karma Events, UC#834)
Earth quakes, we shudder and shake as the whole world humans have constructed is disrupted.

*The movie, "Trading Places" and many others tell us generally what is happening. This movie and others were created by spirit to tell us in advance, generally what to expect. In other words, one way to get a general feel of the spiritual without "being spiritual" is to study movies. The Matrix is a prime example of what is happening right now. We are becoming hip to the situation of our orientation. The movie, the Fifth Element and others, told us a black man would be president of America. Right now, America and other countries are building machines to try to stop asteroid meteors from destroying Earth and to stop advanced "aliens" from another planet. Watch old movies to understand what is happening now and watch current movies to know what will happen in the near future. All this is to say, movies are more real than we realize. Movies are a way of knowing

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

During All Ages, Great Ones Of Two Truths Keep Coming
Unity Consciousness #865


During all Ages, Creation is still being created. As such, formulations and interactions of spirit-soul and matter are continuously being adjusted, revised and updated.

We shall now self-gratify ourselves and limit the scope of Creation's context to humans as we are currently programmed to do.

During all Ages, humans are brought forth, and in their various states of human beingness, they remind us of ourselves. Each of us can list great humans and human beings. The list is usually heavily weighted to those who lived before us, not by a little, but by a lot. The further back from our birth we go, the further away the greatness seems in the present. It is a certainty all of our Great Ones, be they loved or hated, also had their own list of Great Ones.

During all Ages, humans like you and me are being created, re-created and self-created. This is the creative process. We have been saved for these days. There is more creative energy circulating today, than during the days of our Ancestors. This is true for many reasons but simply put, because there are more people alive right now and because we contain the learned genetics of our Ancestors. The potential for greatness descends as an inheritance. Well we have been prepared for these days.

What then shall make our Great Ones larger or smaller than the same, yet more experienced, life we have within us? Nothing but the free will choosing of using creative genetic potential genius to fall with or rise with the occasion.
Is there a more fundamental reason?

We are "regular" people now, but in another thousand years, as our descendants marvel in achievements since 11.16.2016, the greatness of those we list today will seem unbelievable to them, even though right now we know it is still alive and real.
In another thousand years, we will be the Great Ones.
The Two Truths keep coming.

Gratitude Trust with Hollywood Anderson (1 of 2)

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Listening Is More And Requires More | Poem
Unity Consciousness #864


Listening Is More And Requires More

by Ancestors through Usiku

Listening requires vigilance
To check out information's relevance
To ideas already a part of my synthesis
The greater the impact on my life
Further and farther should I seek insight
To understand how self-interests
Fit with the essence of all that exists
I must listen in to listen out
To learn firsthand from the metaphor's mouth
To learn how to trust and figure out
The way to adjust directions
Change or stick with current selections

Listening is more and requires more to be sensible
If I am listening I am asking questions
Being receptive and being a skeptic
Searching and checking
So understandings can be perfected
Any information I swallow whole
Will choke and stifle analysis that's critical
To my genius creative genetic potential
Keeping my intelligence at the superficial
By listening for agreement or dissension
Rather than listening for expansion extension
Listening hones abilities for the next transition
Opens consciousness to dimensions
If I stop listening, I will stop growing

When trying to know without listening
And not ensuring I get nutrition and rest
Messages are blocked by weak process, noise and busyness
Logic pieces are a scattered mess in levels of consciousness
Peace and happiness avoid these places to live or visit

Listening requires communing with nature
Because listening with Creation is self-study
Comparing notes with matching systems

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Flow & Ebb of Spiritual Energy Waves & Truth Seekers
Unity Consciousness #863


Spiritual energy changes first and then transforms into physical matter.
Spiritual energy changes first and then affects physical matter already created.
This pattern repeats continuously in the order of creation, thus spiritual energy moves within from the below to the above, then moves outward into the Galaxy, then Solar System, then Sun, then Earth, then plants, then animals then human animals.
Spiritual energy moves in waves from one source to many and then from many to many and then from many to one. There is a multitude of waves within waves of spiritual energy moving simultaneously in the Universe.

Truth Seekers Are What's Happening

The rising of Aquaria and many other signs and symbols in macro and micro dimensions are telling us the spiritual battle is shifting in favor of Supreme Good. As a result, as those waves make it into the physical dimension, the Sun changes. This is what has been happening. Then Earth changes. This is what has been happening. Then plants, animals and human animals change. This is what has been happening.
Truth seekers seeking understanding of these truths are being assisted more and more as these waves of good spiritual energy are dispersed throughout Earth.
What's been happening for the longest time is what's still going on right now.
Waves and waves of creations are waking up to do battle in the struggle.
More and more people are investigating that lingering sense within that is saying "something ain't right."
More and more people are realizing they are being manipulated in the worst way - through evil manipulation.

As truth seekers continuously seek, they keep running smack dab into truths of the past, truths of what's going on and truths of what to do right now.
Here is also what truth seekers encounter: Since we have been programmed with evil manipulation logic, when we encounter the good logic of truth, our resident evil logic resists the truthful logic in an internal struggle which makes us uncomfortable thinking about certain things and it makes us nervous, fearful, sick, sad, crazy, depressed, confused and act out and lash out, resist and deny without reasonable basis and so on.

The resident evil logic is trying everything to stop the process of its evil logic being replaced by good logic. "Don't put that information in your head, it's this, it's that, it's not good for you, look at the person who is giving you the information, etc." These are logic thoughts that quickly pop us that make you uncomfortable, confused, etc. Evil logic is defending its territory (terror story) in your mind. That is all that is happening. Recognize it and tell the evil logic to shut up and sit down because it has had long enough to speak and now its time for you to at least listen to some other logic.

For a moment, for a while perhaps, the truth seeker will try to keep on living the same way, but can't escape, the need to hit the ESC button. The ESC button is an appropriate response when something does not compute. It is a step back which allows time for slowing down and rethinking the steps in the process to achieve the goal. It allows time to reassess the components of the process (pieces of logic). That process is life and existence. That logic is context, worldview, definitions, meanings, values, etc.
This has already been made clear to the truth seeker which is why uneasiness grows and grows as more and more truth is revealed. It happens due to encountering the truth that has everything to do with current beliefs on so many levels.
Here are just a few: religion, nationality and other markers of identity that add up to how each person esteems themselves, values other people and respects other creations.

Eventually many truth seekers realize there is no need to figure it all out at once and reach a total complete permanent conclusion about each ideology. Simply remain a truth seeking Initiate of learning, which means free will is being used in alignment with the Supreme Good. Do the better you already know should be done.* As intent and action move in the same direction, so also will come waves of good spiritual energy from the many and the one from multiple directions converging and conspiring to assist. Truth seekers begin to find pieces of logic that contradict and understand why there's a conflict and understand the fix. All this is possible simply because the knowledge called logic now harmonizes within self and with all else.

*This is the equivalent of paying tuition for access to more truth. In other words, why should you get more truth if the truth you have has not been put to good use.

In The Way Of The Truth Seeker

In addition to fear, another hindrance to understanding what's happening in the Universe** is physical nutrition. Study nutrition.
In addition to fear and malnutrition, another hindrance is trying to get to one truth and skip over, avoid or ignore all the other truths in between that add up to and lead up to the truth about something you are seeking. Because logic currently possessed on any given subject was not acquired all at once or all from the same place or all in the same order it currently exists in, then neither will the understandings needed to make the necessary assessments and adjustments come all together in a straight line, ordered progression. No! You must be seeking several understandings simultaneously so you will remain reminded each understanding has common connections to each other. This is the essential thing you must seek as you seek understanding of anything. The seeking of the commonness and common connection is a major metaphor key to many doors.

Not bringing all things to bear upon the process to reach truths you seek will get in your way. For instance, your brain will get in your way if mind-centeredness is you. The list of things to help and hinder truth seekers is long. I'll just throw out a few that pop up at this moment: basic needs, ways of knowing, context, listening...

Follow the path listening lays forth.

**Understanding what's happening is the same as understanding what has always been going on. It is understanding the truth of the matter, which is to say, the spiritual truth of physical matter and the spiritual truth of matters.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Does Your Trust In Society Match What's Going On?
Unity Consciousness #862


Equal protections, Promised lands and mules, Pensions, Retirements, IRA accounts, Government checks, Employment checks, Insurance payouts, Electricity, Public Services, Basic needs provided by others, Basic needs only obtainable through money, Stocks and other paper investments...

Stocks are a way to borrow money interest-free and never pay it back. Those who loan(invest), mainly get returns from others willing to buy the stock, thus stocks are a pyramid scheme, a repeating pyramid scheme. And so are pensions and social security.

Beyond Societal Shadows Hiding Doubt

The way we are living today in societies has only happened in the past 100 years.* There is not enough evidence to say these ways of living are durable during increasingly manifesting climate change.
There is plenty of evidence that says these ways of living are highly susceptible to environmental changes.

Somehow, most of us think these ways are guarantees of security when they are actually guarantees of vulnerability.
Any electronic disruptions can make all money in banks inaccessible for a long time like forever. The ability to communicate by phone, get gasoline, get water pumped to your home, get waste pumped out, etc. would all be unstable and unavailable.
Who will come rescue you? The Police, The Military, Walmart, Your Job, Your Religion?

In many places in the world, people are still living and thriving without the things we depend on and without money What they have is land, water, animals, know-how, eco-sensibility, and a collective. They are rich.

Most of us are doing the opposite of what we should be doing in order to give ourselves the greatest number of alternatives for surviving environmental climate change and societal climate change.

Self-Doubt In The Ones Trying To Help You Out

The moment you stop basing trust on self-doubt, you'll start finding what really exists beyond the shadows of societies that leaves a lot in doubt.
If you're waiting for the daily news to tell you what's going on, you will be several years too late.
As long as we depend on the systems of our societies for assistance in any form, we will remain a part of the controlled group in their experiments.
Just based on what we've experienced in the past 10 years tells us our societies are deteriorating. Alarms, bells, and whistles are going off. Climate change will be used to both kill you and/or let you die the next time a climate event leaves you without the basics.
Environmental climate change will become the ultimate excuse escapegoat of plausible deniability. It will be used as the last attempt to try to ensure genetic survivability of albinos (and some of their slaves) who are losing world domination status.

*Some things like wireless electricity were available in Kemet Egypt and in Spain (when controlled by the Mauri Moors), but not via the highly inefficient destructive suboptimal methods used today. Wireless communication and wireless electricity go together so was likely present in Kemet Egypt using their per-neter network.

Protesting, A Questionable Tactic Is What's Going On
Unity Consciousness #861


What's going on is protesting is still going on and remains a questionable tactic.
Much has been said on the subject of protesting and should be reviewed.
I will only present a few thoughts to spark recommitment to critical analysis.

Stop protesting! It has limited benefit and certain costs.
The most that can happen through protest is to get exhausted, waste resources, enrich the enemy and get tricked.
We got tricked during the Civil Rights Movement and all other movements since then that have depended on protest as the main method of seeking redress of grievances.

There are many ways to protest. Why keep relying on the weakest way?

The next time something happens you feel like protesting about, call in sick instead, if you work for the enemy.
I'm just throwing something out there that is no less effective than protesting, if everyone who would protest, would all call in the very next day and say, "I can't come in today, I'm sick and tired," and on top of that, not spend money with the enemy, and on top of that call in and cancel unnecessary services you are spending money on, and a bunch of folks worldwide did that the very next day after something happens, then let us make a comparative analysis of which method is effective. Just do it automatically, and remind who you can. If you at least do it, your logic will be moving in a healing direction.

If you feel like protesting, study to know yourself instead.
If you feel like protesting, learn more about the fundamental sources that fulfill your basic needs.

If you feel like protesting, go into business for yourself instead.
You don't have to "have a business" in order to trade with each other for products and services.
Contrary to the teachings of your religion, you do not have to be honest to liars or to your enemies or honor religious teachings that are lying to you. In other words, you can be a Christian and a criminal and a racist without conflict. Haven't you noticed?

If you feel like protesting, go buy some land instead.
Just in case you forgot, all your food comes from land. So unless you have enough land to feed yourself each year, you ain't got no food security, even if you have money.
Putting ketchup on hundred dollar bills y'all, just won't work.

If you ain't got no free water on your property, your life is down to about 2 days worth of security.

There are dozens of things to do right now to strengthen yourselves rather than protesting. Stop it already and get ready.

Those who do not "buy black" have sold out at a higher price.

"The potential Homeland Security Chief, David A. Clarke, Jr., referred last night to the protests against Trump in a number of major cities as "temper tantrums" by "anarchists" that "must be quelled."

Called "Liar" For Screaming, "The House Is On Fire!"
Unity Consciousness #860


When loved ones are in clear and present danger, even due to passionate devotion to their own logic convincing them to live dangerously, we will resort to screaming, after trying many other things, if we still have not given up on them.

We have to scream now, we are in the same house and are so comfortable with our beliefs, even though we know there are lots of smoke signals all around, many of us don't seem to know smoke means fire. Now our houses, our last places of refuge, are fully on fire. We had plenty of time to put the fire out and minimize the damage, but since we continue to live in love with the logic of liars, we set our own houses on fire.
We are holding up their torches. And we are still playing with matches.

If we think their version of spirituality, called religion, matches our spirit, we are playing with matches. "I still believe in Jesus," we stupidly say. As a result, the smoke has choked our sense of what is best for us to the point, we want improvement yet we stay attached to the logic that will not allow improvement.

If we think being a contributing citizen in the countries we are in while using the logic of those who wish we were all dead, is a good thing, then we are carrying a national flame to bed and wonder why our behinds are getting rotisserie roasted as we toss and turn trying to dodge attacks that even come from the Sandman because we live in Lala Land.
For those who have a decent amount of healthy self-esteem left (love for Ancestors, family, descendants), this is enough to wake them up.

I speak mainly now to those who think they have "made it" by racist country standards regarding the quality of life.
Obama "made it" and you see how much that made a difference - we became more feared and hated. Public killings of blacks increased on his watch. This tells us then, that no matter how well you think you are doing, you are not doing well at all if you are not working with the African Black collective.
If you were, then that house of yours that is on fire, would have been earlier detected.
Your communal group would always have your black and thus, in all ways you would be protected.

Quit talking about things and thinking about things based on the suboptimal worldview of Europeans and others.
You must get an optimal worldview from the African Utamawazo.
Once you do, you'll stop relying on 911 for salvation when your life is in a dangerous situation.
Who do you think started the fires in your nations?
And you keep going to church fanning the flames.
And you keep getting a "good" education, when that same education has made them insane.
It's in their constitutions and bibles and institutions and actions. Everything is a constant agitation of the Rights of Creation. This friction heats up until there's combustion.
Due to your love-making relations with their racism institutions, which are all mental institutions, up to this very moment, you still believe, you and them are not crazy. On the other hand, you know fo' sho' I'm crazy. for screaming, because it's fits your logic of the crazy African. Evidently all your mirrors return white reflections.
How crazy is it to sing, dance, step and fetch a value system from among the wretched?
The fire went from mild to wild a long time ago.
It is spreading like the Great Chicago Fire that will soon engulf all of America like the Hindenburg (Air Titanic).

Relax, we're on a fantastic voyage, aren't we, in the best-place-to-be land of liberty and opportunity?
Relax, go back to sleep now, it's just a small fire among Republicans and Democrats and citizen-condoned police attacks and racist countries where justice works against human beingness and African Blacks.
Relax, go ahead and try to use-watered-down logic of protesting to your enemy as a means to get them to change how they act when its the common sense of godliness they lack. Who the hell can fix that? Only those who get the groove of their Sankofa back.
Only African spiritual traditions, an African worldview vision and the wisdom of Maat will put out the fire and get us back on track.
"Shut up and get the hell out my way so the white folks can come save me," you say.
"If I rely on them, I'll always have what I need to survive and live and thrive," you miraculously still believe.
(I, I, I, not we, us, collectively by destiny)
If that's the logic you continue to choose, I'll cry for you, but I won't die for you.
I won't even bury you until there is nothing more important to do.

Ancestor* Harriet Ross Tubman screamed at all of us by putting a gun to our Ancestor's heads to wake them up so they could be freer, not more afraider.

But even those who made it out of the physical south, traded Confederate open racism logic for Yankee thinking. Another form of Democrat and Republican.
Then we traded in our traditions for integration.
Then we filled our houses with bright candles of progressing that were Civil Rights lighted and we went to sleep as the wax melted.
But as flames rose and we inhaled the smoke of woes, the need to change, went undetected, because just like the candles, our consciousness is artificially scented and tinted.

*We are the Ancestors and it's time we noticed.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What's Going On Since 1492 CE (AD)
Unity Consciousness #859


America was founded on a lie that gave birth to a constant flood of lies. Since 1492 when Cristobal Colon lied to the King and Queen of Spain about discovering this land now called America, America has been lying to themselves and lying to you. The American election is yet another proof. Did we really need any more historical truth after 1919?

Do not be deceived. Clinton represents a slightly slower, more subtle slide into the abyss. Trump is just raw racism and a much faster descent. Make no mistake, that ever since the beginning, America was doomed to be a historical flash in the pan. A nation of quick rise and fall as one of the shortest, most insane empires. This is of no surprise. America can only be who the people are spiritually and who they are taught to be logically.

In 1865, America had a chance to save itself, but instead it chose to shape-shift the lie. America went into a new form of slavery and called it employment opportunity. Just like the coal mining towns in West Virginia where the coal company operators owned the land, the housing, the store, the coal mines and everything the coal miners needed, so also is America that way. America is owned by the governments. This is what is really going on.

Simultaneously there are two categories of climate change going on: one of awakening and healing of those who are last and one of declining health due to increasing viral logic of those who are first.

Trump is a metaphor and proxy for America and America is a metaphor and proxy for the worldwide white collective racism mindset. Let me digress for one minute on one group. The Hispanic collective have been backstabbing black folks trying to come up and yet the white folks simply made them the house niggers. The Hispanic collective think they got something cause they got numbers when all they got is more butt-kissing targets.

Now, Trump represents the leading core dominant true mentality of the worldwide white collective. Do not be deceived by the media or by anyone you talk to.

African Blacks you must not get caught up in this Republican versus Democrat made-for-illusion rhetoric.
The Democrats are a subgroup and denomination of the Republicans. The Democrats are the offspring of the Republicans. That's who they came out of.

America is a monarchy called a republic.
The word Republican comes from the republic for which America stands, yet it is actually a monarchy.
Quit believing and start paying attention to historical evidence.
Never has democracy, the healthy, equality kind, existed in America.
If you don't know by now, you may never ever know it.

Democrats are simply Republicans who are willing to pretend a little more.

Hopefully Trump's election has jerked you awake so that you will never sleep soundly again until you are curing yourself of being American in your thinking.
The temperature is rising yes indeed. The volatility in the natural world environment in the next 13 months will be significant. We know this based on the spiritual tug-of-war implications of a Trump election at the descending edge of Piscean rulership leading the lost ones off the cliff into the pit.

The volatility, in many world societies that have been teetering, including America, will be significant.
All you depend on, is subject to change without warning or notice or with anything you can do about it after the fact except try to do what you should be doing right now before the fact.

America came into existence in the worst way and will go out in the worst way fueled by their own plagues.
What's going on is there are only 24 years until Aquaria is fully in the spiritual throne. That equates to 5 more presidential elections, if things stay the way they are but they absolutely will not.
Trump has replaced George W. Bush as the stupidest president. This means the American public has gotten stupider.
America has a terminal illness. America could die at any moment due to endemic systemic genetic logic failure and spiritual science failure. The American organism is one big mutant something that is entirely out of sync with the spiritual and physical ecosystem.

America has slapped away the extended hand of mercy that was delaying the decomposers within their own weak force.
Donald Trump as president is the same as George Washington as president and is perhaps the last warning African Blacks will get. We will either get it or continue to get it.

What fundamental changes are we going to make in our brains (logic) to strengthen ourselves so we don't continue to end up worse than the same? Not changing has never ever stopped anyone from changing. You just learned that today.

PS: American BS

Oh America! No greater sickness, painted in so pretty a picture, has the world ever known. You fix up so nicely in make up, sick ones flock to you for health. At your fountains they lap up your crumblings while calling it opportunity and liberty.
Oh America! All that has been said about you is true and must hold true to the form of Truth you subscribe to.
Oh America! Only buffoons see you and swoon as from more of your pores, fallacy blooms.
Perfume can no longer conceal the odors of degradation and deterioration hanging low everywhere like tattered thoughtless traditions.
Every decomposer is on a pilgrimage to your lands to feast on your conscience and eroded consciousness.
Your stag-nation has called them to such a banquet only you can prepare best.

The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out
Through you stomach and out your mouth
(From Hearse Song)