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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, December 26, 2016

Prison Free Without Freedom
Unity Consciousness #900


(Part 3 of 5)

(Part 1 of 5) The Problem With White People, Unity Consciousness #891
(Part 2 of 5) The Problem With Black People, Unity Consciousness #892

Living Moving Forward In Reverse

Right now we are living moving forward in reverse. We know this is true just based on a health perspective. Pick one area of health or two or more. Also pick one area of health that is non-human. It doesn't take long to recognize not only has human progress been regressive, so also has been the health of Earth and other internal creations.*

We are in a vehicle where the seats (context worldview) are reversed. The rear window appears to be the front. The rearview mirror now behind us to the left, is out of sight and mind. We've heard of such a thing as history but have no idea as to the current importance and purpose of history or “the past.”. We are moving away from our future, forward in reverse running into our past thinking a different outcome is going to take place doing the same things cause we don't recognize what we're doing is what we already did. We don't realize we are doing the same things so the only thing we are doing differently now is being unaware we are moving into the past, mistaking it for a future that has little to nothing to do with the past. Since we are mixed up in logic we are messed up in behavior.

We are meeting every version of our former selves, alter egos now called “races” and ethnic groups. We are all versions of each other. All people have red, yellow, black, white and brown in them. This must be so since all people are versions of the original.

And now we are at the turning point between the Ages, when seats begin shifting back into original position. It makes for much easier driving when spirit-soul, body, emotion and mind are aligned, especially since they are inseparably entwined during this lifetime.

Freedom Now Ain't What It Used To Be But Is Where It Has Always Been & Has No Plans On Moving

Let us be perfectly clear once and for all about this thing called freedom.
White people did not emancipate or give black people freedom anywhere on Earth or at no point in history.
Has it ever occurred that 5 children, the oldest being 5, have significantly schooled parents who are 95?
How can children understand the concept of a decade when they have barely learned to count and are not yet 10 years old? Likewise, how can any group on this planet claim to understand the Ages when no group/race is yet 1 Age old except the black African who is several Ages old? (several x 25,920 years)
There has been no physical, cultural, intellectual or spiritual liberation of black folks by white folks or Chinese, etc.
White people are the recent ghosts of African Past, showing us what happens when first become last and first things become last things and priorities are reversed. Indicative of this is far too many believe opportunity is in coming to America when instead it is in returning to Africa.
Other groups are always in between what is said about the two extremes of black and white. When humans forget our past, we meet our past in the future by living moving in reverse. We can't go forward forward towards evolution until we go back to crossroads and choose a different path. Of course, there are many crossroads, one for each of the major decisions we've made.

White people must take a different path other than the one that led to skin depigmentation. They must cross the canyon of color in order to get back to the crossroads. The canyon was a ditch when they came to it but they wanted to be the only ones on the other side so they dug it deep and are still digging.

Black people must take a different path other than the one that led to spiritual disorientation. They must cross the river of understanding between spirituality and religion in order to get back to the crossroads. The river was a creek when we came to it. We are seeking the blood of a white person to make us whiter than snow when what we need is black waters to restore us to the essence of being wayne bibi whole. Instead of white as snow we need to be as black as the carbon coal of our spirit-soul which transforms itself into Moon of Night and Sun of Light. This twofold nature of blackness is the cycle. Not understanding this, so many of us wanted to bathe in the creek, we have faithfully widened it, increasing the distance between belief of self and knowledge of self, making it easier to forget purpose. The creek is not deep. We could walk through it but have yet to see any point to it so we keep hanging on to a distant shore like puppy love unfulfilled that is interfering with our ability to form a healthy adult relationship with our spirit-soulmate of African spiritual traditions. We are in love with candy and out of love with fruit. What we are sure of is what we feel and we make that the biggest part of what we think. We feel, we believe so we think. Very little is what we know because we have learned from those who know very little.

When We Were Free

Right now we are prison free without freedom.
Human beginnings came out of paradise in Africa. Two truths took place. Some black Africans went to cold as hell and lost physical sight of themselves while some black Africans remained but lost spiritual sight of themselves as they moved away from the balancing point of the spiritual-emotional-mental-physical equator.
All other groups of people who say they are not black or white listen up! You are versions and combinations of black and/or white, thus then so also does everything apply to you in the same way. You are not immune from anything. Everything applies to you in some way.
All groups have gone from personal prisons in logic due to disconnection of understandings to physical jails around the world and now in Africa.
Much has to go wrong and linger on with the human socialization process and all human supports in order for corrupt logic to go undetected, uncorrected until behavior distorts.
Dis-connections from what dis-torts leads to connections to torts.
Unless quickly deleted, logic once completed must be repeated, leading to retorts. Each go round, torts contort leading to all sorts of revolving door courts attempting to correct effects of course without resolving from causing source.
This is why the societal brand of freedom is associated more with remorse than rejoice.

Humans were free before the first human divergence began from black African into white African (European) and then into all other groups.
Humans were free before the first human divergence began from African origin into Africans based on location and other variations.
The human family was free before we left Great Grandma's home and began to roam and forsake shoots of truth we were civilized on.
Until humans regain a sense of that kind of freedom, we will only have free will:
1. without the sense of direction to use free will to again make freedom real OR
2. unmake the logic that makes prisons real.

Prisons are not normal or healthy. As long as physical prisons exist, we can be certain, emotional, mental and spiritual prisons exist for those not in physical prisons. That's what leads to physical prisons. We are prison free without freedom. We know this because the Rights of Creation are imprisoned.

* The coronal mass ejections of the Sun are direct response abilities to human irresponsibilities, not just humans now but also the human logic we are continuing now that we shouldn't. The Universe is a self-sustaining ecosystem because the Universe is the Eternal Creator. We already know the Sun is a purifier, pur and fire, pure fire. The Sun is part of the mechanism to heal Earth and repair internal organisms or initiate their removal.

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