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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Religions Pagan In African Origin | Introduction
Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism
Unity Consciousness #896


(Part 1 of 3)


Despite the original definitions of the words heathen and pagan, African Egyptian spiritual practices became known as heathen, pagan, satanic, animism, animal worship, polytheism/monotheism and much more, even though current-day religions are all based on African spiritual traditions, mostly by way of Egypt, the blossom and seed disperser of human civilization genetics.
Current-day religions have turned the true part of African mythology into a lie while turning symbolic parts that didn't happen to humans into truth as if they were human history. Instead of representing facts and events true to the metaphor as natural events described in human terms (personification), religions have turned descriptions of natural events into actual humans and actual human events. Religions have created human history out of the history of elements, stars, planets, moons and scientific principles, characteristics and descriptions of the natural world that were described in human terms as metaphors and proverbs and longer metaphors called allegories and parables. Current day religions have untwisted the twisted and twisted what does not go together. They have taken the watered-down religion handed to the Greeks and Romans by the Egyptians and watered it down beyond any recognition of its true flavor. They have taken the original in bits and pieces and reassembled them into configurations that only make sense when belief is superior to knowing.

All of this has resulted in many manifestations of supersickness. It has caused everyone to be afraid of their African shadow and look upon their Ancestors with disdain while looking at an African everyday in the mirror and following and praising African thought everyday in the multiple constructs of religion and society and culture and traditions and language.
All of the world's people are Africans with the worst case of amnesia in human history.


Let us at least understand all these religions have exact similarities, strong similarities and slight similarities to “pagan” practices conducted by people who were worshiping gods in mixed metaphor form long before current-day religions came along and took what they respected, used it, abused it, disrespected it and then caused this “pagan” source of their religion to be rejected in the minds of the sheepish collective who are domesticated animals who need to be taken care of by handlers.
These religions are power hungry to control the minds of many, thus money and power in the world. That's all. That is their purpose. Their purpose is not to help you get to a good place. The purpose of religion is to serve the Second Truth. The Second Truth is about Destruction. Doesn't that match the nature of religions? Telling you foolish things such as the three sons of Noah and his wife turned out to be different races, one white, one black and the third one became half of each (semite and gentile). One favored, one cursed and one representing the nations who can be saved if they follow the white way. There is a whole lot of “funny” business going on in bibleland.

Back to the overall point.
We must conclude the origin of all religions, due to their similarities to so-called “pagan” practices and to each other, have one origin. This African origin of all religions is only viewed unfavorably today because these religions are recent and without historical foundation except in what is Egyptian and African. At some point you must also conclude this is to be expected. All things that were African first in the world had to become last. America was destined to be first by virtue of being last along with the Israel, America continues to nurse.

Africa was first in respect among all nations and only recently became disrespected due to the sickness of recent Ages. The waters of Aquaria are setting the stage to wash this infection mutation sickness away and flush the system of deluges and delusions via its own set of deluges. Trump is a pawn of the dawning of Aquaria. Get it re-twisted. Reconnect the celestial to the terrestrial and spiritual to the physical. All of us are pawns more of one Age than the other, be it Aquarian or Piscean and Kephean or Jackalan. Reckonize the stars for the energy centers they are, personally influencing us universally from afar. The Ages are constellations of spiritual energy waves.

What must finally be concluded by truthseekers is that not only do all these religions claim to be of different origin from different gods and prophets, they also share striking similarities to the “non-religious” Masons/Free Masons and symbolism used by governments worldwide and primitive cultures and maligned “third-world” cultures.
People in their high falutin' perception pollutin' “first world” countries are doing the same things as those supposedly impoverished.

All these current-day groups, religious and otherwise, claiming to be ancient, ain't.
They are only ancient to the degree of their connection to their African Ancestry.

If these religions claim to be ancient, they are unable to provide any ancient evidence to substantiate this claim.
Current-day religions are groupie groups. They are cults. Their cultures vary in ideology only to the degree of each group's self interests, level of misunderstanding and commitment to the weaker spiritual nature.

These religions are in no ways Universal as in wholeness promoting, thus are intended to mislead the spirit-soul of believers from knowing the complete truth of self, thus keep followers following in a controlla status of darkness, while claiming to lead to freedom by way of some kind of brand name light source while omitting the fact they emitted from blackness and that Light, by necessity of natural scientific order, also comes out of Blackness of Night – for the human species, that would be Africa.

This is the origin and nature of your religion, yourself and your life as already proven multiple times in multiple ways within these pages of exploration.
Humans are Africans operating based on confused logic. We, in the form of Ancestors and parents, did not know better then, but this is now.
You, in current form or through your descendants, will be restored to Africa because Earth must be restored to health.
If not, then all that if left, is or else.

Note: The cycle of establishing the conditions for challenge has been completed. Understanding being the principle thing to gain has been the principle thing lost. Africans were first to develop amnesia and lived for a period of time when their main challenge was their own forgetfulness regarding knowledge of self fueled by spiritual disorientation. We know what happened next. Asian whites have developed the same amnesia during the Piscean Age and have lived for a period of time with amnesia being their main challenge fueled by skin depigmentation. We know what will happen next. All other groups have developed forgetfulness of who they are fueled by a combination of spiritual disorientation and skin depigmentation. This has occurred between disconnection by black Africans and white Africans.
In keeping with the spiritual then physical reversal, black Africans will be the first to regain sense of self and then all others will follow during the Aquarian/Kephean Ages, with whites being last and continued “victims,” as were the Africans, of their own self-imposed forgetfulness.

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