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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Trump Shock Circus & Rodeo Is Another False Narrative
Unity Consciousness #901


Trump Shock Circus & Rodeo is another false narrative to throw you off.
It is ridiculous to be shocked that Trump has been selected president of America.
If you are older than 30, it is immature – 35 if you're a late bloomer.
Even so, Trump Shock is indicative of two things:
1. a false narrative and
2. living at the Giri So level of awareness.

Overall Note: America is a proxy for Europeans worldwide and the continent of Asia. Everything said about America is true of the rest of the wannabes.

False Narrative

The repeated “Trump shock” media references worldwide might mislead you to think Trump's selection is also shocking to white folks. To believe that is to believe in the subtext of the false narrative. White people know what their second truth intentions are.
Donald Trump is the revealed face of racism. KKK with hoods off but robes on.
Hillary Clinton is the hidden face of racism. White supremacists with hoods on and robes off.

The Republications are revealed racists. The Democrats are hidden racists.

When Obama was selected, even though he was the public face okie doke of the Democratic Party's hidden racism, that was just too damn much for white folks to take. They went and bought more guns. White folks went out and bought more guns, not because Obama or black people threatened to kill whites, but because white people are crazy and know they are guilty of pure sickness.

White people, who are of supposed "higher" civilized stature, can only think of guns when they don't get their way. Their barbaric nature comes through again even beyond the barbarism of racism.
A nightmare to them is any semblance of black power.
In the true sense of “nightmare,” a nightmare is the kind of black power you don't want to mess with – Big Black Mama and her coronal mass ejecting Suns and their khemfolks the elemental ones.
White people are guilty of racism and are extremely worried about what black people are going to do once we get back in power, something which is coming soon to a solar system near you fueled by universal karma.
In the meantime, before black power reaches that level, white people are afraid blacks might get some equality and take back some of white folks stolen resources and privileges.
White people helped Obama get selected so they could get more money and power not so blacks could get more money and power. It was either Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin. Voting for Obama/Biden was not a vote for a change in racism. Your friends, the media, made sure you understood just the opposite of what really happened. They painted a racial tolerance picture when they should have painted a picture of whites wanting more money and power and less of the same for everybody else.
Any president of an America that is still based on the European Utamawazo who tries to be equal, would be the same as Akenaten trying to restore the original trinity of son-female-female to a Khemet whose priesthood is dedicated to the father first lineage of Amen-Ra, Ptah-Ra, Amun-Ra and Atum-Ra.
Akenaten and his son, Tutankhamen (Tutankhaten) were poisoned and so have many lives been lost and potentials poisoned to protect inequality. White people have poisoned so much they have stared to back off on the poisons that are killing them in cow's milk and in other places.
The epidemic number of physical sicknesses, some of which are called cancer, are the direct result of racism which is a cancerous ideology.
America Marries Color - Sike!
Nothing expresses dysfunction more clearly than the on again/off again marriage of America to Color. Though they join hands, make plans and have relations as woman and man, America repeatedly leaves Color at the altar.
We have moved into a discussion of color because all roads in America lead to and from money and power through color racism and genderism.
If white folks can't live in a world where they get to be the criminals in charge who go free, while imprisoning everybody else, then everybody else has to die. They got you thinking ISIS and Boko Haram are the biggest terrorists. Most wars now and then are terrorists fighting terrorists. America, Russia, Ukraine, France, China, North Korea, Israel, Pakistan, India and on and on are terrorists. All of them are places where racism exists. All of them are always always engaged in internal wars and external wars. These countries have never not been at war, never at peace, never in harmony, never at optimal. For instance, America did not have a Golden Age. They had a Fool's Golden Age built on information stolen from Egypt and on the inventiveness of Africans in America.

African blackness represents the original first power of humans. This power is proven over many Ages up until the present moment and is just at the moment in remission due to our division but can't remain that way for much longer because the need incentive is creating the necessary challenge to make a return to Africanness our only alternative.
Since spiritual driven disconnection is the major inhibitor to black power, all other groups do their best to get us to feel like we are a part of their collectives, groups, organizations, sports fan base, geographic locations, religions, they can siphon our power in the same way America and Asia are sucking on rich teats of Africa. We, like them, lack self-esteem to the point that anything is good except Africans for Africa.

Summarizing The Pretense

America will always be full fledged racist until either white people or black people get professional help, not professional in the societal sense but professional in the primitive primordial sense. This applies to all other groups in America. Special mention to Hispanics who think their numbers is making them secure yet their spirit and intentions are making them just as insecure as whites during this period of human history when the double Age changeover is moving back in favor of the First Truth of Africa. Hispanics, Arabs, Chinese and others who think they are next in line to rule the world or America in the next 25 to 36 years are mistaken. What Akenaten was trying to do is what is now going to come true.

In keeping with the shift of consciousness, the ever-increasing awakening of consciousness, white people in the form of popes and presidents began apologizing for slavery. They were pretending.
They selected Barack Obama as president. They were pretending.
They have been showing more images of black and white couples. They are pretending.

Trump is the result of America saying, we are no longer going to pretend. We are tired of pretending and why should we? We are in charge and there is nothing you can do about it. We will kill you to remind you. You need to pretend, not us.
Making America great again is about not pretending just as it was prior to 1865.
Not pretending during Black Codes and Jim Crow.
Not pretending during school desegregation and Civil Rights.
Then since the 1970's kinda pretending for about 40 years.
And now since the gig and jig is almost up, Trump brings America full circle before the age of 3. He is George Washington.

The difference is, during the days of George, spiritual energy waves were in favor of the construction of America.
Now, during the days of Donald, spiritual energy waves are in favor of the demolition of America.
It is ironic and poetic that “making America great again” is exactly what is needed for America's demolition by any number of things foreign and alien to them.

All of this applies to all nations.
This is why the foundations of Earth are being shaken. Earthquakes are telling you that. Earth is shifting at the foundation because spiritual foundations are shifting at the meridian pole and equator equinox, thus the foundations of human world powers is being uprooted and reminding us that we are totally beholden to what Earth does, not the other way around.

Giri So

The only people who are truly shocked are those whose level of awareness is at the Giri So level and didn't, until now, even realize at least some of the above is what's really going on.

Trump is another wake up call to those who can be awakened out of the "Civil Rights are possible in America" false notion belief.
Trump is a loud trumpet, off key but on point.
If you cannot be awakened by Trump's trumpet, oh well.
The trumpet is telling you to stop believing in what you hope for and trust in what you know – what has worked for Africans in the past, being one in the same as what has worked to bring civilization to humanity.

The trumpet is telling you that working as a collective in conjunction with the more powerful non-human natural world is the best security because that is the only power always stronger than humans.

Trump is also a trumpet call to all racists to come out the closet. For this we are grateful. Perhaps now we'll act like we know we are in a war and who the enemy is.
Trump is America personified and in the flesh.
What America does, has not been shocking since their first murder on this land of those who thought they were friends. The American Circus & Rodeo did not begin with Trump but he is a harbinger of its end.

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