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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Multiple Dimensions Of Evolution | Expanded Definition
Unity Consciousness #923


1. Evolution is a process, a continuous process that does not take place in a straight constant upward trajectory. Evolution is cyclical as is all else. Therefore, evolution has its ups and downs, its ascending and descending. Its rise and fall. Its equilibrium and extremes. Its seasons and Ages.

2. Evolution is a continuous interconnected interrelated multiple-process process taking place by the Creator & Us and within the Creator and Us.

3. Evolution is the First Truth. De-evolution is the Second Truth. Therefore, evolution is the stronger force and de-evolution is the weaker force. All dualities of this twin power relationship are twin pairings which can be either evolutionary or de-evolutionary. Many of these twins will switch between being evolutionary and de-evolutionary depending on the conditions and the status of the need incentive. For instance, nutrition is evolutionary, but there comes a point when nutrition is optimized, thus the only way to move to the next stage is to encounter malnutrition and toxins that challenge the current level of development to reconfigure and recalibrate self according to this new set of conditions in order to re-optimize self, not for the purpose of adapting to mutation, but by overcoming and transforming the unhealthy into healthy (curing the cancer rather than treating the symptoms with misfit side-effect producing approaches. Understanding the cause in order to understand what corrective steps create desired effects). This developmental process, is evolution and has been discussed in various ways in conjunction with stagnation.

4. Many words such as: development, growth, maturing and healthy, all mean the same thing as evolution and their opposites mean the same thing as de-evolution.

5. An individual can be partially in evolutionary mode and de-evolutionary mode. This must be so because it is possible to be partially healthy and partially sick. The reason we speak so much about balance is because there are at least two conditions that can exist. If only one could exist at a time, there would be no such thing as duality or balance.
This then means an individual can experience forms of evolution under all conditions ranging from optimal to suboptimal since balance fluctuates dynamically like a pendulum moving at various rates of momentum. We know this because body can develop faster than mind. Therefore, multiple cycles of evolution/de-evolution can exist simultaneously for each individual. All of this explains why there is contradiction within us and simultaneous existence of first truth (truth) and second truth (lie). This also explains how, even during the current Great Age of De-evolution (Jackal/Pisces), some individuals can still evolve overall, but not the masses. It is the ability for both forms of evolution to exist that provides the conditions for the shift between them to eventually and always take place.
This is why those who play sports go through cycles of different levels of performance.
This is also why all empires rise and fall. As always, we help and watch.

Now, in regards to the suboptimal, it is possible for suboptimal evolution to take place that provides some benefits directly and indirectly. This is best explained using a few examples via the collective. The Civil Rights Movement, Black Lives Matter, HBCU's, Religion, Integration, etc. are all suboptimal evolutions that yet provided some benefits mixed with de-evolutionary effects.

6. Understanding is essential to evolution and misunderstanding is essential to de-evolution. Together, they fulfill the need incentive and challenge. Inherent in the need incentive is the existence and fulfillment of destiny. Therefore, the degree to which we evolve and de-evolve is tied to how connected we are to our several destinies.

7. Evolution/de-evolution is a basic need.

8. Since organisms go through cycles of evolution and de-evolution, the return to evolution is re-evolution (revolution).
For instance, the revolution of a virus is de-evolutionary to an organism, it causes weakness, sickness. The de-evolution of the virus itself is a good thing for an organism. Likewise, the revolution of the immune system is evolutionary and the de-evolution of the immune system allows the virus to take over cells and thrive for a season.

9. Revolution is a basic need. Revolution is the same thing as overcoming challenge.
The shift awakening being spoken of since 2012 is the shift towards re-evolution. It did not start then, but reached a more noticeable mass.

10. All of what we've learned to this point tells us eternal life requires cycles of evolution/de-evolution. So then, on whatever eternal life depends, so also does salvation. In other words, salvation is not a one-time thing or a one lifetime thing. Salvation must be maintained continuously over multiple lifetimes because so does eternal life. This must be so. What shall a spirit-soul do that has reached the highest level and there's nothing else to do except lounge around. If that was true for human spirit-soul, it would also be true for the Creator as a whole, thus there would be no need for Creation to exist. The Creator was already in a state of perfection before Creation, so what is the point unless it is to further develop self and evolve spirit-soul further, so as not to stagnate, get weaker and die and lose salvation. Evolutionary pace is saving grace.

11. Adaptation is a form of evolution of existing potential.

12. Mutation and adaptation to mutation are forms of de-evolution of existing potential.

13. The saying, “Use it or lose it!” is a warning against de-evolution of existing genetic potential.

14. Metamorphosis is how new genetic potential is achieved. This is the form of evolution we think of most often. New genetic potential comes from the transformation of existing genetic potential fueled by combined understandings that have crossed the necessary threshold. We must be certain to remember understandings do not just take place in the brain of animals. Understandings take place through all sensing abilities and in all cells and in all elements regardless of size. This is why water can achieve the necessary understandings to go through metamorphosis. We know this because Sun can go through metamorphosis and is and we know Earth has and is. All of this must be so because the Primordials are the foundation and infrastructure of genetics.

15. Evolution and de-evolution of all types are intimately, tied and influenced by climate change in every sense of the meaning. Climate change is continuous and ubiquitous. Climate change is a default dynamic which ensures the fulfillment of the need incentive. Climate change influences the sensing abilities of creation so the genetics of those creations can continue to change for better and worse.
Thus restoring, destroying, success, failure, mistakes, corrections, adjustments, and all else we do and don't do, including the same for all other creations, are all part of the evolution/de-evolution cycle of dimensions of the Creator.

16. Evolution requires communal collective effort responsibility inside and outside each person. It is impossible to physically function without inner parts working together with outer parts working together. You, yourself, individually with your free will are one part of that collective. Likewise it is the same for you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
On the flip side, de-evolution occurs when this collective overall is working against the person. This is why it is said, “the individual has no context.” No single part, person, organism or entity can do a a damn thing on its own. Multiples across multiple dimensions must work together for anything to happen. In other words, everyone needs help from a whole lot of places in order to exist, evolve or de-evolve. Same is true for the Creator. We exist to help the Creator evolve because we are the Many parts of the One Creator. We are to the Creator as particles in our bodies are to us. Those particles are us in a diversified unified form (individual collective). Just as those particles are us, so also are we the Creator. Thus, what we do, don't do and mis-do, contributes helps the evolution and de-evolution of self and all else.
No matter how a living being is divided, the parts will always be the same as the whole. No matter how many dimensions, divisions or generations come from one seed, all that came out of and after that seed are still part of that seed and are that seed. This is the same for the genetics of creation. Thus, what we understand, don't understand and misunderstand contributes helps the evolution and de-evolution of self and all else.

17. Understandings about genetics tells us, not only have we inherited the physical genetics of our ancestors, we also have their logic. If then we have the physical and mental, why would we not have the emotional and the spiritual? Not from one ancestor, but from a mixture of the collective. All of this is part of the dynamics of our potential evolution. All things nutritious help us utilize all of this stored genetic potential in our genetic library and through the spirit web.
Likewise, all things toxic, weaken us and limit our ability to make use of what we are ancestrally capable of.

18. In other words, each person is born with a foundation of potential entrusted to them by their ancestors and by their descendants. It is our turn to carry the ball, torch, baton and advance our genetics to an improved state, no matter what we started with or encounter. We are in the “race” because we are capable. No person is a blank slate. Each person is born knowing things because the information is inside their genetics. Study genetics. So then, we, having the experiences of what has taken place since we left Egypt Khemet, have that information inside us to add to the understandings we received from the Khemites in the deeper chambers of our genetic library of technology. To unlock that potential we must use keys.

Involution Is What Is Missing

Know yourself is the highest wisdom. Know Yourself is the key. Knowing your elemental essence is the key to optimize genetic potential, to the extent possible under the spiritual energy waves of the first truth or second truth.
Involution is simply another aspect of evolution, as is de-evolution. Involution is development of spirit-soul-mind-emotion to understand, from an inward perspective.
Involution being the part of the process that restores, corrects and reestablishes foundation of interconnections and interrelationships that makes this whole thing work forever because it is about understanding self in relation to all else. Thus, during periods of de-evolution, there is de-involution.

If Involution is going to take place, it must take place in the waters simply because that's all there is. Water must regain knowledge of self. Earth, Sun and Air, are already showing these signs by expressing genetic potential in accordance with evolutionary purpose of germinating, sustaining, deteriorating, purifying. They are metaphors and proxies for their offspring. None of this coalescing is possible without defragmenting, thus, as the Great Mother of the Waters continues to involve, spiritual energy waves of defragmentation are manifesting, causing small collectives to gather in logic and in many other places. These then combine with others until last as first is reversed. There is a magic formula inside us explaining every step of this process. The accumulation of these steps is the evolution and existence of things that appear to come in big leaps and bounds. Likewise, the de-evolution and extinction of things we view in the same way. We ought not to. Evolution is a continuous multiple process process that manifests as the emergences of everyday occurrences hidden in plain sight and revealed through the involution portion of evolution.

This must be properly understood. None of this is mystery. It is the combined cumulative effects of process. For instance, some are overwhelmed by racism but racism is simply a collective of de-evolutionary forces working together. These de-evolutionary forces are not just simply humans, Humans are a small part of the power of racism. A significant reason racism prevails is because evolutionary forces are not operating as a collective in same manner de-evolutionary forces are operating as a collective. Again, this is not just due to humans. Greater forces made this so. Now, the Ages are changing and the Greater Forces are causing evolutionary forces to come together in all dimensions. Evolution is hardwired encoded into genetic code of all non-human creations. This data and instructions cannot be overwritten, overruled or overridden so as to prevent it form happening or to change its cosmic karmic direction. Evolution explains and ensures both victory and defeat depending on what time it is and whose time it is.
Only a fool believes human might of any type, human use of resources in any manner and human intelligence of any type, including the okie doke, are sufficient to stop evolution, involution or de-evolution whose time has come. To believe in such a fancy is to also believe all the gnats on this planet, by virtue of their simultaneous flapping of wings can can put out the fire of the Sun.
Whatever has benefited the de-evolutionary forces, allowing it to become the ruling power will fail or be used by those same forces against itself, or will be used by the evolutionary forces against the de-evolutionary forces and perhaps all three will occur as necessary

Continuous Closing

Relative to the task that must be performed by our genetic potential, evolution, de-evolution and involution take a long time. Therefore, nothing happening today or that needs to take place tomorrow starts today or tomorrow. As Dr. Charles Finch explains, spiritual energy waves shaping us today started traveling towards us approximately 26,000 years ago. The plan is set and in place and will not be displaced, only temporarily delayed and misshaped until that tactic is made of no effect. If humans have plans of various lengths for this lifetime, how long of a plan do you think the Creator has for the lifetime of the Creator? Especially a Creator whose existence depends on continuous living. The Creator must then have an Eternal Plan that is subject to constant revising and updating just as our plans are. The Creator is in no way in some kind of caught off guard fearful worried crisis mode scrambling for a solution about what is currently happening. These times right now have been taken care of. All of this is same old game under different names. What I know now, the Creator knew before. The Creator is years ahead of us working on things for the greater good. This is a war and there will always be casualties of war. Humans are a tiny entity on this Earth. Humans on all Earths are a tiny entity in the Universe. Humans who think they are the powers that be, are an even tinier entity. They are weak Wizards of Oz at odds with the Woman of the Gods. In other words, the presence of casualties, tragedies, pains and sufferings are not evidences of defeat or of losing the war. There are many more parameters whereby the war is reckoned because there are many more dimensions whereby the war is being waged from beginning to end of Universe from beginning to end of time. In our current state of awareness, what we perceive as incredible is simply increments combined, that have accumulated over a period of time without us being tuned in enough to notice. This has re-set the stage for the incredible, the miracle and everything similar to reoccur as we approach the changeover from de-evolutionary control to evolutionary control which is in keeping with the flipping of the magnetic pole and two-starry thrones changing rulership. Be certain to understand not all that occurs in war is due to engagements with the enemy. Some of what takes place is the opportunity, the nutrition, the resupply of the troops. In other words, expect more blessings to come to fruition as part of the continuous plan. Ask the universe to help you understand.

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