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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Epigenetics Of Ethnic Group Thinking Of Human Sub-Groups
Review, Critical Analysis, Blending & Clarifications
Unity Consciousness #921


Review, critical analysis, blending and clarifications of the epigenetics of ethnic group thinking. In other words, why different sub-groups of humans think and behave the way we do. This video investigation exploration is titled “Dichotomous Logic and The Philosophical Aspects of Cultural Difference” a discussion with Dr. Edwin J. Nichols on the Philippe “SHOCK” Matthews Show.
What follows is mostly a paraphrasing of the video. My additions are found inside [brackets] and in the “Clarifications” section.

Interesting Points

1. Philosophy is the Mother science and all other sciences fall under philosophy. [This blends with Maat, as the Two Truths and with what we are taught by Ancestor Obenga, about Maat being the guiding philosophy.]
[We should stop low-rating those who philosophize, because everything we think and everything we know is based on philosophy. In order to truly “think for yourself,” you must philosophize, otherwise, all you're doing is using what someone else came up with. In fact, in order to truly think for yourself, you must create your own alphabet and language based on Nature. Even when this is accomplished, you are still thinking based on the Creator's philosophy, who created Nature. In other words, there is no such thing as “thinking for yourself” in the sense that you have had an independent thought process and have arrived at some independent understanding, conclusion and decision. Everything you think is the result of other humans and non-human Nature. Simply put, theory is the seed of practice. Everything we practice and don't practice is the result of (1) human theory translated and misinterpreted from Nature and (2) Nature's theory functioning inherently within or that we experience without. ]

2. Human differences between ethnic groups come out of multi-generational differences of how those groups have had to survive and thrive. These differences are passed on through genetics and are active in our daily logic. [Logic in our DNA is also imprinted and influenced in multiple other ways. This inherited logic is called epigenetics. Epigenetics was initially explained to me in ”Inherited Self-Esteem Hand-Me Downs” and then again more fully in ”Human Genetics' Changing Influences & Responses” The good news is our epigenetics can be changed in less than one generation, one lifetime.
Epigenetics include deep structures of culture and what Dr. Clarke calls "genetic transference."

3. Europeans existed, at most, no more than 20,000 years ago. [Egypt Khemet as a civilization is over 20,000 years old, thus Nubia, Kush, Aethiopia and Punt have much older civilizations.]

4. There are some East Asian cities that are 30,000 years old. [These cities were started by black Africans since East Asians of today did not come into existence until 8,000 BCE and the earlier Semite could not have existed prior to the existence of the white Cro-Magnon European and their subsequent mixing with the original African. This only leaves the original black African people as the starter of East Asian civilizations that are now buried under the names of Mongolians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc.]

5. We are never fighting against individuals, [or groups] rather we are always fighting value systems (ideologies.)

6. Rhythm is function. [Most words have multiple meanings. Rhythm absolutely also pertains to repeating patterns.]

7. The difference in thinking and behavior of Europeans and African-Americans has a lot to do with Europeans still operating from scarcity logic and treating things as objects whereas African-Americans are genetically predisposed to an abundance context and treating relationships as the most important thing. [Ancestor Yosef Ben Jochannan concisely explained this when he said it is illusion to think Europeans and Africans can have the same morality because the history of our environmental conditioning and responses are significantly different.]

8. Uncle Tom Africans worldwide think they have a relationship with Europeans, but to the European, those betrayers are still objects to be used as Europeans see fit and will be discarded when necessary. Uncle Tom behavior is epigenetically encoded in the African sub-genome [just as thinking they are still “masters,” is encoded in the European sub-genome.] All cultures have Judas behavior.

9. We are socialized through television. [We are also socialized by education, religion and all other forms of media. Social media indeed! We are continuously being socialized anyplace we receive any type of information including family, friends, workplaces, entertainment events, etc. We are also socialized by the natural world but don't spend enough time in communion in order to offset the misdirecting of other forms of socialization.]

10. “Privilege is a special advantage, immunity, permission, right, or benefit granted to or enjoyed by an individual, class, or caste. Such a right or advantage held as a prerogative of status or rank, and exercised to the exclusion or detriment of others.” [Therefore, in the current pecking order for natural resources, neither Whites, Hispanic Latinos, Arabs, Asians and no other group is going to give up their privilege or position, not even as chief butt kisser and wannabe in order to “do the right thing.” Stop believing in the okie doke. You are in a war. The art of war is deception. The advantage of war is to use deception to get others to self-deceive themselves, thus harm themselves with all manner of goofy logic. You have been shown in various ways throughout history that what is needed to restore civilization is not going to happen by virtue of the virtue of other groups, except perhaps the “native americans.” If it were possible for other groups to come back to the middle, they would not have gone so far over the edge for so long. In essence, Sister Marimba Ani warns and informs us when she tells us for example, everything Europeans do is to fulfill their asili, everything is to fulfill their value system. Ancestor John Henrik Clarke reminds us black Africans, we have no friends. Any appearance they are changing for the better is to get you to ignore what is fundamentally necessary for all people to have their rights of creation.]

11. There are three steps necessary to form an ‘ism’:
a. Use cultural bias to determine which characteristics are good or which are bad.
b. State who is good and who is bad.
c. Socialize everyone to believe the ‘ism’ to be truth and to act upon that truth.

”Natural Self Is The One Way Out Of Many Isms, Unity Consciousness #786”

12. The emphasis for African-Americans must be on the education of their children [and re-education of self in order to awaken the beneficial knowledge in our epigenetic code.]

Value Systems -What Is Important (Axiology)

- relationships
- collaborative (one on one), “I am because you are.”

European [Northwest Asians]
- object ”Cleaning Ourselves Of European Concepts”
- competition for resources is acceptable
- individualistic and privilege-oriented

Asians [Eastern]
- group cohesiveness
- collective, groups work together

Native Americans - oneness with great spirit
- communal, requires governance (tribal council)
- conceives the whole as sets of 3 plus sets of 4

Ways Of Knowing (Epistemology)

- symbolism, rhythm, proverbs, parables, metaphor
- holistic, “what is the big picture and critical path analysis, “cut to the chase”

European [Northwest Asians]
- count and measure, what cannot be counted and measured is chaos.
- linear and sequential

Asians [Eastern]
- see parts and whole simultaneously
- takes a single item and learn everything about it, Zen transcendental Buddhism[has an African origin]

Native Americans
- cycles of motion
- rites of passage that is experiential and reflective

How You Reason To Answer[Conclusion, Decision] (Logic)

- diunital

European [Northwest Asians]
- dichotomy
- dialectic (thesis, antithesis)
- the individual makes the determination of what is truth and justice and what exists

Asians [Eastern]
- truth or justice is conceived independent of thought and mind

Native Americans
Spirit and matter become one


1. There is no such thing as classical philosophy from Europe. The Greeks got their philosophy from Egypt Khemet per George James in “Stolen Legacy.” It is not possible for Europe to have classical philosophy when Europeans are not ancient in comparison to Egypt Khemet or the rest of Africa. Egypt Khemet was in decline before Europeans came to be taught in Egypt Khemet in the last few millennia of the BCE era. The Greeks said they knew what they knew because of Khemet.

2. The value system, ways of knowing and logic of East Asians and Native American are African. They might not currently be African-American. The African-American and Africans worldwide have suffered the most recent and thorough cultural separation from ancestral memory and culture which is why the African value system is not being exhibited as thoroughly, plus, as Dr. Nichols explains, there are constant attempts to stop successes [including the non-ceasing murder method.] Native Americans and East Asians have had some degree of insulation from the degree of terror imposed upon the African-American.

3. Black Africans were in South, Central and North America for a long time and started many civilizations per Ivan Van Sertima in his book, “They Came Before Columbus.” He has several Youtube videos providing this same information.

4. Some “Rap” musicians and their videos are harmful but it is not the entire genre. Also, if you listen to the lyrics, images and symbols of other genres of music you will find the continued socialization of European values, thus, that which is harmful to Africans, this includes non-rap music from earlier generations.

5. Due to the significant difference between the African value system and the European value system and approach to learning, it is amazing Africans can learn anything in European designed schools. Yet we do, and do just as good against the conceptual and contextual disadvantages inherent in all aspects of the education (socialization) system.

6. Epigenetics of ethnic group thinking includes a significant amount of what is included under context, worldview, utamawazo, and optimal theory and suboptimal theory.

7. For further information on the notion of being “social,” see ”Socialism Is Really Being Social”.

8. What Africans must understand is what Ancestor Khuti John Henrik Clarke has told us on many occasions, even again right now: religion is the deification of a culture; therefore, religion put forth, promoted and/or practiced by other groups represents their value system. This is why African Christianity was changed into European Christianity. What makes you think the European version of Christianity contains the value system that is helpful to Africans?
Christianity today is a sub-version of the original African version just as Europeans are a sub-version of Africans. The metaphor is equal and same. Europeans came out of Africans, they are our children. Christianity today came out of African spirituality. Christianity today is an unlearned child in comparison to the wisdom of the elder spiritual traditions of Africa. Therefore, my African people, if it is true that you can find salvation through the lesser messier version of Christianity today, then it is also true you can find salvation through African spirituality, plus you can go even further and realize your full potential as becoming once again fully knowing you are the Creator. In other words, there is no need to seek salvation from a God, when you are that God. All you need to do is seek knowledge of self.
Know yourself is the highest wisdom. Know Yourself is the key. What then is missing in order to use the key?

Any religion practiced by ethnic groups whose value system and behavior works against Africans must be a religion to be avoided. No matter who you are as an African black person by any name anywhere on the planet, no matter who you think you are and what you got going on, you are still inextricably tied to the fate of all Africans and to the same treatment as all Africans. If you are unaware of this, you are ignorant. If you dismiss this, thinking you have somehow overcame your Africanness, and that in so doing, you are in a better state of existence, you are a stupid nigga.
No creation can escape their genetics or their epigenetic sub-component. No, not even the Creator Supreme.

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