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Friday, April 21, 2017

Stars Are Spirit-Souls Of Life Called Khabsu
Unity Consciousness #981


(Part 3 of 7)

A star is the soul of life in darkness.

Souls On Fire & Fiery Spirits

The Ancient Ancients called stars by the name of Khabsu. Khabsu is the elemental power of darkness that was considered divine and imaged in the deity Sut, the firstborn of the Spark-bearer. Khabsu is the evidence for a soul of life in the dark. Thus, spirit-soul and star are synonyms and share the name of Khabsu. All stars are Khabsu in addition to the other names we give them.

One of the meanings of Khabsu is fire. Thus, fire is the element in darkness. Fire is a divine element as is Water, Air and Earth. A star is evidence of the power of darkness. Light is the evidence that the soul of life comes out of darkness. Darkness preexists and spirit-soul coexists in darkness.

Darkness gives birth to stars, fire, life and spirit-soul.
This makes it possible for all that is contained within darkness to be made manifest in different dimensions in different forms. Darkness said, “Let there be Light!”

As light comes out of darkness, so also does Day come out of Night. Hot comes out of Cold. Heat comes out of Wet. Dry comes out of Wet. Land comes out of Water. Water comes out of Land.
There is Fire in Water and Water in Fire. Sun comes out of Moon, both of which, are stars. (AE1 122-4/132-4)

The Universe is dark matter and dark energy, full of darkness and full of spirit-soul. Where light penetrates not, darkness fills the spot and exists on top. Where light shows, darkness does enclose and supports below. Thus, where there is one or the other, there is two-fold.

Khabsu is fire power. It is just one out of the seven elements which makes up the total being of humans. (AE1 127/137)

As we unify earlier understandings, we come to realize a star, as spark and spirit-soul, is an Ankh. Thus a star is a sign and symbol of the ark of the covenant between Creator and created. A star is the spark of the covenant. Spirit-soul is the signature, the sign of nature. Spirit-soul is the evidence of the common bond of all things through the basic duality of the two truths. This is what humans and other creations contain. This must be so. If not, then there is not one origin, one genesis or One anything. In order for all things to unify, work in harmony, reduce to one, combine genetics and consume each other in order to live, there must be a common denominator, a common generator, a common basis upon which all things sit and a common source from which all thing emit.

Two Steps Farther & Further

1. We must remember the Universe is created from spontaneous combustion, from spark. All creation is the result of spontaneous combustion. All creation is the result of spirit-soul star power within. There must always be a spark available in order for creation, creativity, imagination, process and logic (thinking) to take place.
Spark is ubiquitous in the Universe and so are stars and so are spirit-souls. There is no-where and no-thing that does not contain spark. We must stop being deceived by the suboptimal worldview that limits spirit, soul or spirit-soul to just humans, and in some cases to a select group of humans and that limits perception to the organism as a whole and ignores the cellular, the atomic, the elemental and the essence. There is absolutely no place in the Universe spirit-soul does not exist. As we learned above and through our exploration of the early formation of creation, existence of all things comes in two or more forms. There is the spark of spirit-soul that is active and in motion in kinetic form. There is also simultaneously, the spark of spirit-soul that is at rest in potential form.

2. There is a reason why we close our light-seeing eyes when we sleep. We must shut out the light in order to activate our night-seeing eye. We must return to darkness which is the birthplace, rejuvenating place, renewing place and rebirth place for spirit-soul, mind, emotion and body. We must return to a state of lesser motion in order to allow for defragmenting, organizing and consolidating. Knowledge of self takes place in both Night and Light. In both places there is spark in two reciprocal parts.

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