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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, January 23, 2017

Two Truths Of What You Crave Is What You Need
Unity Consciousness #930


The Creator is creative genetic potential genius.
Creation, everything in the Universe, is composed of creative genetic potential genius.
The overall use of this potential falls into two categories: First Truth and Second Truth.
The potential of both truths is present in everything. This is our preexisting overall context.
One truth is always the dominant manifestation for the time being. Which truth is dominant changes and varies by degree over periods of time that transcend human lifetimes.
For instance, healthy is a form of First Truth. Unhealthy is a form of Second Truth. We are always manifesting either more healthiness or more unhealthiness. This changes and varies by degree that transcends human lifetimes.

The pre-Script Is Currently Flipped

First Truth is currently considered second and Second Truth is currently considered first. First became Last.
The basic human problem is our overall preexisting script has been flipped. The two truths are in reverse order.
We think unhealthy is healthy and healthy is unhealthy.
We currently think a lie is First Truth. We think most news is First Truth, when instead, it is Fake News Second Truth. It presents only part of the story and presents the story to reflect favorably upon the status quo even when the event is unfavorable. For instance, “the white male murder with a gun was justified and acted reasonably because of living in constant fear for his life because the person who was murdered is part of a collective that makes lethal force necessary to control them even though the person who was murdered had no weapon that could cause lethal force or did not attack the white male murderer. Not following the instructions of a white male “master” with a gun called a police officer whose main purpose is to serve and protect the racism collective is justified and lethal force and should always be the first choice when dealing with “slaves.” In other words, if we can't own them, let's kill them and this is the best place to live.
We think virus logic is the way to live, thus we set aside and ignore obvious contradictions.
We think metaphor is unimportant when instead, metaphor is of prime importance.
As a result, of a flipped script, many understandings are way off.
This causes us to decide to do self-destructive things and shun self-constructive things.
We think vices are virtues. For instance, we think education controlled by and provided by a virus is a “good education” and a “good religion.”

How A Misunderstanding Of The Two Truth Affects What We Crave & How We Understand What We Need

The above section already explains how a misunderstanding of the two truths affects logic reasoning, thought process, understandings, conclusions and decisions.

This section will list more examples to help us get into the groove of recognizing even more examples not listed.

1. We crave assistance to help us fight sickness but choose medication instead of medicine. In other words, we choose the toxic to heal us. We accept side effects and expect to get better, when instead we are trading one illness for the illness caused by the toxins in the medication.

2. We choose religion over spirituality because our minds are not healthy enough to handle the integrated symbolism of spirituality.

3. We choose money over the health wealth of spirit-soul.

4. We crave sweets but don't understand we need natural sweetness from plants and sometimes meat grown in a healthy manner and eaten as soon as possible after harvesting with as little processing as possible. We do not eat from the field.

5. We crave wholeness but don't understand we need to defragment, repair logic and unify consciousness in order to achieve wholeness. Being hooked up “in love” romantically with another person is not a requirement to achieve wholeness.

6. We crave nutrition but eat more food than we need because what we eat does not contain the nutrition we need.

7. We crave attention and/or the need to be around someone else. We don't understand we need to spend more time with self. That craving for attention is our inner self, our spirit-soul, our ancestors calling out to us from within our creative genetic potential genius to spend time with them in order to understand the benefits of all dimensions of self so the within can manifest without, rather than allowing information received from without to move us away from the inner self.

8. We are thirsty, yet one of the last things we consider is water. We don't understand we crave liquid, air, light and earth, because that is what we are.

9. We crave sunlight, yet we screen it out by putting toxins on our skin.

We crave unity but seek it through many forms of divide and conquer logic that sounds good because we are calibrated to think weak logic is wisdom and that “taking care of myself” means “I can do things all by myself."

10. We crave healthy bodies but put virus-provided products into and onto our bodies.

11. We crave spontaneity outside of self because we don't understand we are spontaneity. When we crave spontaneity, we are craving the refreshing kind of spontaneity* that improves knowledge of self because that is our ultimate need. This craving dominates us and we seek it through everything we do. This search for knowledge of self is disguised in words such as satisfaction, destiny, purpose, talents, gifts, fulfillment, love, happiness, contentment, career, being saved, relationships, etc. This helps us feel our time in this life is worthwhile. The ability to achieve this sense of self is not only inhibited by a flipped script, it is also inhibited by living in societies where the most basic needs consume our best energy and we often must forsake what we know is worthwhile just to survive each day. Then try to rest, then repeat. As a result, we settle for false satisfactions, pleasures, entertainments, events, holidays, days off, weekends, hobbies and vacations. We have moved the primary self into last place or when we have time for it or when it does not jeopardize food, shelter and likability. All of this is by design of the virus to keep us from focusing on the virus as the source of all the problems. We fight each other for pieces of sickness instead of getting rid of the virus so all creations can be healthy and enjoy the rights of creation.

12. We crave learning and understanding because that's what fulfills the need incentive. Spirit-soul-mind craves knowledge of itself. We seek this knowledge by mistakenly accepting sub-optimal identifiers instead of optimal identifiers. These identifiers are maintained in the wrong position due to our lack of understanding of self-esteem.

13. We crave growth, maturity, blossoming, fruiting and reaping in accordance with our learning and other labors, yet we are disconnected from the fullness of the root source of our genetics that makes all of our wantings, possible. We are disconnected because our human link through Africa is broken and is being diluted polluted by DNA Testing Results telling us the partial second truth about our ancestry; thus keeping us weak so the virus can keep us defeated to serve unhealthy purposes.

14. We crave salvation but have the unhealthy definition. In the religious context, we seek to return our spirit back home to “Heaven” without showing love towards Earth as home and mother, Africa as “Old Country,” home and mother and African Blacks as our oldest grandparents. Yet we want to return home to “Heaven” where the spirit of these Africans also are in great number.

I craved freshly crushed black pepper not realizing my body was telling me exactly what I needed to help heal my cells This understanding expanded to garlic, onions, mucous, mustard, fiber and much more. Heat allows a virus to multiply and then as heat rises further, it weakens and kills the virus and all of its reproductions. Praise the Lord for global warming!

When what we crave is misunderstood, plus when what we need is misunderstood, then cravings, which are supposed to be a healthy thing, actually turn out to be addictions, an unhealthy thing.
This must be so. When we are doing something unhealthy and can't stop or change, we must be addicted. Just so we are clear, addiction can only take hold where there is weakness.

Cravings must not be dismissed or ignored. We must seek to understand them according to both truths.
Pay attention to cravings. Write down all the forms of what a specific craving means and how to satisfy it. Then separate the list by First Truth Healthy Strengthening and Second Truth Unhealthy Weakening.

*In regards to spontaneity. “Spontan” is related to fontan is fountain.
Spontaneous is what naturally flows like a fountain from the source within and beneath the mountain. Thus, Creation is the result of spontaneous combustion. Do not be deceived by the second truth definition. Spontaneous combustion is the process that sparks human creativity and creativity period. Thus, spontaneous combustion exists in both forms of the two truths.

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