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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Jinja, Djindja, Django | Definition & Meanings
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1083


(Part 2 of 4)


According to the video of the song by Fuse ODG, “Jinja” means to give excessive energy to a person or situation, especially through dance.
Pronunciation: /ˈdʒɪndʒə/
Likely Spelling Variations: djinja, djindja, djandja, sinsa, sansa, sisa, sasa, tsintsa, tsantsa, tsitsa, tsatsa kinka, kanka, kika, kaka, tekiteka, tekhitekha

Meanings Re-Presented In Jinja

Represent means to re-present the same thing in another form. Letters are a form of re-presenting Nature's Sign-language.
So now we work backwards to show what jinja re-presents.

DJ Re-Presents TS

Jinja is an abbreviated form of Djindja.
Dj re-presents the earlier double consonant sound Ts. "T" became “D” and "S" became “J,”
Ts re-presents two forms of Sut, the letters used to re-present the elements of darkness (off, no) and light (on, yes).
"T" and "S" are forms of each other and re-present duplication, duality, twinness.
Both "T" and "S" are part of the re-presentation of stars, thus Ts or Dj is the spark energy that brings into existence and sustains life processes.

The Ashanti word “Oji” is re-presented as Ts, Tch, Tsh, Ts, Tk, Th, Ds, Dsh, Dz, Dk, Dj, and other sounds. In Egyptian it is represented by Tek, Tesh, or Tes In English, it is T, K, S, Sh, Ch, G, J, etc.

"T" Re-Presents

"T" re-presents tep (top) and tepht (depth) since the moon star of darkness rules the depth of the circle while the sun star of light rules the top of the circle. Both the tep and tepht are parts of the circular enclosure, "T" also re-presents the first or number 1.

Additionally, at the next layer or dimension, Tep is 1 and Tepht as Dep is also 1 while Tef is 2. Tepht and Dep are the English depth and deep.

Tepht is Mother in first spelling and Teft, the Mother, in second spelling.
Tepht contains female and male then divides into Mother (Tep) and Father (Tef), both of whom exist in the womb to bring forth creation.
Tepht is the mother of all while Tep/Tef is the mother/father of flesh (af) born on top (ap) of the circle of Earth.
Tep re-presents “Ap” and is a form of sap, the liquid essence of life. Thus, this liquid energy found in many places, originates in the womb of Universe, Earth and wherever creation takes place.

On the Egyptian monuments, the snake is re-presented by an accented "T" which is also the double sound of Ts or Dj (Coptic Djandja).

"S" Re-Presents

"S" re-presents stars, since both darkness and light are ruled by the stars of moon and sun. "S" also re-presents second or number 2.

Additionally, at the next layer or dimension, Darkness and Moon are 1 while Light and Sun are 2.

"S" re-presents the snake.
Snake re-presents the oldest birth-place (mother) and the first born (child). Thus the snake is two-headed as TS or DJ. (At this point, we have found yet another way of knowing all those Asian continent mis-re-presented images of animals with more than one head or with parts of different animals, including part human, are not scary monsters at all. They are merely showing combinations of the elements, principles and characteristics of Nature.)

“S” as star also re-presents the mother/father of the elements of wet and heat.
The mother/father is not only shown as a generic snake but sometimes also as the fiery serpent of the Sun. The mother/father is the spark who gives birth to sparks called stars in the form of moons, suns, planets, souls and more.

Since “S” becomes “J”, Dj or “J” is also identical with the crocodile’s tail used to represent Ka, Sa and Tsa.

Duality of An & Tek

Duality is expressed throughout the word djindja. Not only in Ts and Dj, but also in each letter itself there is duality. Twinness is also expressed by the word “in” or “an” found in the middle of djindja. “In” is a form of “An” which is a name of Maat, the two truths. Yes it does take two to tango, but it only takes one to django.*

As shown in the third section above, Dj and Ts are re-presentations of the earlier Tek, Tesh and Tes .
Tek is (T + Ka). Teka means to cut, join, touch, attach, adhere, mix, multiply, cross, twist, intertwine.

Tek in the form of the Great Mother (Tekhi) & Father (Tekh) is the goddess and god of the first month and of all months.
Tekhi signifies a supply of liquid, to supply with drink and the Nile inundation that reached Egypt during the first month of the year. On the grand scale, Aquaria is the first month of the Great Year.
In keeping with the truth of twoness, that which is part of a duality, also has within itself, other dualities, that may or may not become physically separated. This is true of zero and everything that follows. Tekhi also divides into two as mother and mother, mother and daughter, sister and sister.

Teka and Tesa means touch which is the name of the deity of emblems, symbols and amulets used to help humans maintain a sense of being in touch with a power, presence or deity or spirit-soul. In other words, the duality of Tek, in the form of Teka or Tesa means to stay in touch with Ka or Sa – spirit-soul energy of a stronger nature than humans. This unites with the concepts of Beingness and Djindja Energy.

Duality Of Tes

Although Tes re-presents the Mother, Tes also re-presents the Father.
Seb, the Father, when written with the Tes sign is Tseb. When written with the Coptic Djandja, it is Djeb. When divided, the original word yields both Seb and Tef as two names for the star.
Seb, the star, as Har-pa-ka is the Egyptian Jupiter. Jupiter is a star as are all planets.

Djeo means life, soul, or divine essence and is pronounced, Jeo (Jay-o), which modifies into Jo which is the equivalent of Iu which means to be dual. Iu is identical with the Ju in Jupiter and Juno.
Jupiter comes from Iu-pater from Djovis-pater from Djovis in Latin from Djandja in Coptic from Tsef or Djef in Egyptian. Jupiter is a planetary star of the double horizon, the morning and evening and of the top and depth.
Although the paternal father element dominated, Seb was also simultaneously the mother, thus Seb was the Iu-pater, the dual one.

Jinja Re-presents Djindja Energy

Djindja is the dual energy of everything in motion (dancing). Djindja Energy is the energy of Universal Energy of Beingness.

Djindja Energy is energy from the mother/father of all that is without and energy from mother/father of flesh within. In other words, Djindja Energy is the totality of energy.
Through the dual processes of diffusion/absorption, Djindja Energy moves us from darkness to light in one sense of evolving health and from light to darkness in another sense of evolving health.
In the strong form of Djindja Energy, it's the non-human stars of Nature that are out front and center stage in human awareness. However, in the weak form of Djindja Energy, human stars are used as guiding lights of logic. These two forms of stars, the strong and weak, dance the universal dance of the flow and ebb of beingness. Of course we know the dance has been one-sided at the micro-level where humans exist, but the larger balance is bringing the smaller balance back into balance via external and internal climate changes because Djindja Energy is everywhere and is part of the dance.

Jinja is described as “excessive energy” because jinja energy is really Djindja Energy.
Imagine if you could put all of the energy from one year's worth of food into your body right now. Not the physical matter of the food, but the energy by itself. You would be full of so much energy, you'd feel hyped, high and excessively “wired.”
In the fullness of the concept, jinja is a dance of liveliness because it seeks to re-present the energy of beingness. Unknown to users of the word, Jinja is talking about capturing the energy of everything that dances and re-presenting that energy through the dance of one or more humans and then spreading that energy to others. Jinja attempts to re-present in the flesh of one or more humans, the energy of everything in the universe. That's why it seems excessive, but is not, and is rather along the lines of abundance.

By heeding the signs of stars (non-human and human), it is possible to tell what time it is universally according to the Star Ages (Stages) of energies re-presented in numerous forms in non-human and human nature. Djindja Energy is continuously reconfigured via alignments of stars.
DJindja Energy manifests as Sign-language which leads us to the left and home and to the right and wrong and then the other way around.

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(AE1 294/304; 306/316)
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”SA | Spirit-Soul Basis of Understanding & Contextual Healing, Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #938”
”Khefa or Kefa | Great Mother Basis of Understanding, Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #941”

*Django, as in Django Unchained, is a message to us, as is all information from all sources in the Universe.
Nothing that happens is unannounced. Django Energy is energy of one side, either strong or weak, that has been pent up and is now being released. The energy is being released worldwide from both sides. The movie is necessarily limited in its re-presentations but the fundamental powers and principles are there. The behavior of all the characters in the movie should be extrapolated into the human population in all societies. In one sense, the Django that is unchained is once again removing the hoodie covering worldwide genderism, racism and other evil discriminations. In another sense, the Django that is unchained is the antidote to sickness, the avenger through multiple forms of Nature, the easiest of which to notice is the Primordials. There are multiple signs in Nature and in humans and in human societies that reveal the unchaining of Django. Likewise, although Django re-presents and upsurge in one-sidedness of the weak self-destructive force, Django also re-presents an upsurge in the strong self-corrective force and its manifestations in Nature and in humans, thus in their societies. The weak force has the temporary upper hand, but in a few years, equilibrium will be reached, then everything will flip.

We know these things through understandings of this message and related links. We know this even if we only focused on the section about “Tek.” Tekh-Tekh means revolt, shudder. Tekh-Tekh is the same as Dj-Dj but the spelling indicates a doubling of one particular type of energy. Tekhi/Tekh is all about water and the liquid essence of life. Tekh-Tekh is tick-tock as the reckoning of time gets louder as time runs out.
We know this as spiritual energy waves approach crescendo, awareness changes levels and Django becomes Djindja since “G” is “J” and “O” is “A.” The interchange of vowels has already been shown through Djindja and Djandja and through our exploration of the meanings of numerous words, one of which is the “N” word.

We must stop consuming information and thinking that it's only what we notice it to be.
During all forms of enter-tainment, entrainment is also taking place.

Silent D

I suspect the silent “D” in django, adjudicate, adjective, adjust and other words is an attempt to silence and remove the word-sound-power of the letter “D” which is “T” which is “K” which re-presents the first one as the dual one, but when separated as “D” and “J,” then the “D” represents feminine energy. Secondly, the silent “D” silences the First Truth. Both of these silences are in keeping with the reconfiguring of genetic potential by the Star Ages that has resulted in the removal of the female in the image of the Supreme Being and silenced human females. What this has effectively done is establish the Age of the Father and the Last, a doubling down of weak energy. And this is why there are so many forms of sickness.

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