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Friday, November 7, 2014

Simple Nutrition Notes | Meat Eaters & Carnivores
Food Fight #60

This article refers to the list titled, ”Simple Nutrition | Natural Sources of Nutrients.”

Notes About This List & Meat

Meat is far less essential to nutrition than it has been made to seem. This list does not support the necessity of meat. Neither does this list suggest all forms of meat (from land, water and air) and their related parts (eggs and dairy) should be avoided.

Based on natural world examples and based on the fundamental understanding that the Creator provides for all creation, the following is also most likely true:

1. Most food should be consumed as close as possible to its natural state. This includes less processing, less peeling and less cooking.
2. Most food should be consumed as soon as possible after harvesting.
3. There must be numerous natural sources of nutrients. OR
4. If there is a small number of natural sources, those will be widely available and nutritionally sufficient.
5. If we are not getting enough nutrients, we are doing something that has us out of alignment with the rest of the natural world. In other words, it is not nature's fault and it isn't naturally hard to achieve nutrition. If this is our current understanding, this could be caused by our learning/education process that causes us to trust others to provide our food, tell us how to store it and how to prepare it. AND/OR
6. It could be our behavior has damaged the environment that nurtures our food.** AND/OR
7. It could be many of the related practices that affect food purposefully or ignorantly which are harmful to health. AND/OR
8. It could be our willingness to accept government and business behavior to genetically-modify plants and meats.

By bringing all ways of knowing to bear in support of understanding, more than likely, meat eating, by humans, is an adaptive ability for survival in the absence of plant nutrients. When available, it can supplement nutrition but is not a requirement. If humans were intended to depend on frequent meat eating, meat would grow much faster, like plants. Since meat doesn't grow naturally fast enough to meet our over-driven demands, current meat production practices involve harmful things to speed up the growth process of animals and their growth size. We are forcing nature to fit our carnivorous desires to consume flesh. This is yet another example of our fatal flaw.

At best, meat is intended to be used as an infrequent supplement to meals. Meat should take a back seat and supporting role in nutrition. Meals should not be planned around meats but planned around plants. Plants should take center stage and meats should be considered the side dish, garnish or relish.

**We must not assume meat from water does not contain toxins.

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