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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, January 2, 2017

First, Second & Metaphor Truths Of Technology
Unity Consciousness #903


Truth is technology derived and technology driven.

We've re-membered and defragmented a little bit more by restoring memory using first truth definitions rather than the second truth definitions we've been mistaught to deceive ourselves with. Now, being in possession of both truths, we can begin to recognize the two truths as they pertain to technology. We shall continue to employ the logical use of metaphors to gain understandings because that is the two truths of what metaphors and we, as metaphors, are here for.
Metaphors equal metaphors; therefore, understandings of one metaphor equals understandings of another metaphor.
Understandings of any metaphor fundamentally to its foundational primitive primordial essence core is key to open doors, to know yourself, beyond which there is nothing more.

You Cannot Get “Organic” Technology Out Of Toxic Technology

Contrary to human arrogance and wishful thinking, these days we are living in cannot possibly be the Age of Enlightenment; therefore, these days cannot possibly be the Age of Better Technology. Polluting inner space and outer space, harming habitats, people without basic needs, Rights of Creation infringed upon, education that equals misinformation, children not safe in school due to curriculum, food, bullying, fear of death from each other, from police, administrators and suboptimal worldview of the society; physical nutrition that leads to sicker generations, loss of identity self esteem, religious insanity, children in charge, and constant wars of all types internal and external do not add up to an enlightened use of human technology. It adds up to the devaluing of Creator-given technology. As a result, achievements during this period of history, by those who are the weaker second truth poison-spreaders cannot possibly be the epitome of technology.
A more accurate understanding of history leads to the same conclusion.

By using first truth definitions of technology and science, we continue to distinguish real from unreal.

Real Ridiculous

Racism is human-made technology. Racism is the use of human abilities to create a desired result. Since racism is technology, we can make use of the metaphor to gain understanding of other forms of technology.
Since racism is an ongoing collective cause having ongoing collective effects, it is ridiculous for you to allow those who deny ever-present racism, to tell you whether or not you have properly identified racism, especially when evidence of racism exists in society far beyond non-delusional doubt.
Likewise, then, it is ridiculous to allow those who deny the fullness of what is technology and science, to get you to think the Egyptian Khemites built pyramids, temples, monuments and colossal statues with an inferior understanding of technology. The evidence of Egyptian Khemite technology is pervasive today in all societies, far beyond any honest doubt.

The society you are in right now is benefiting from hundreds of thousands of papyri and tablets stolen from Africa and your society is benefiting from your earlier generations using the African-originated knowledge of their African Ancestors. The papyri and tablets from Khemet Egypt contain knowledge of all the fundamental sciences in use today. This knowledge was spread around the world by Africans back in the day. Then, in recent times, came the come lately fakers who again spread the information, but put their names on it – second truth authorship such as Pythagoras, Einstein, Bell, Edison, Marx, Freud, Confucius, Columbus, Hippocrates and the majority of those who said they discovered something first. One by one, Asian groups in Asia and in the lands they now inhabit, began claiming authorship of what they understand according to the second truth; therefore, second truth understanding cannot be in first place and could not have occurred first in the first place. Understandings of technology came to the first people first in Africa according to the first truth. The majority of this technological understanding occurred before some of the first people came out of the frozen womb of Eurasia as the second truth version of themselves (white people). The onset of skin depigmentation and other genetic anomalies, started a rapid phase of human deviation. The human race is Ancient Ancient and African and Black. “Races” are recent and only exist in the illusion matrix of second truth prevalent today.
Human deviation went viral due to the driving influences of physical mutation paired with spiritual disorientation. These two conditions facilitated the unraveling of the two truths from each other, which is the downhill descending spiraling out of control of human logic, thus behavior, due to the huge spiritual energy wave pendulum swing of dynamic balance towards a second truth having little to no awareness and/or regard for the first truth.*
Human disharmony began when first truth was disconnected physically and spiritually. Physical technology of human genetics was physically separated in Asia from Africa, then damaged and disconnected. Spiritual understanding of human technology somehow also became separated in Africa from family, then damaged and disconnected. These two conditions weakened the first truth, broke the bonding binding agents in logic and allowed the second truth to receive this redirected magnetic energy. This strengthened the second truth and allowed it to rise in human logic. As a result, human technology, now driven by second truth, has resulted in behavior and in human-made technology representative of the less enlightened weaker second truth.
This must be so. You cannot get purity out of poison, organic out of toxic or first truth out of second truth. Both human technology and human-made technology of today are weaker representations of what has been previously achieved before humans lost knowledge of self and stopped functioning optimally as a family, thus, for thousands of years, humans have stopped making the best creative use of all forms of technology, Creator-given and human-made. We have a maximizing context rather than an optimizing context. That alone is enough to cause us to falter significantly.

*For those who are holding on to hope, inhaling smoke bombs from liar-breathing dragons fueled by religious okie doke dope, there will never be respect or justice or peace from those who look in the many mirrors of truth and can't cope. The collective will always disregard the first truth. Their heaven is our hell, their freedom is our jail, their being great is filled with self-hate, they prefer to die than come up off the lie. First truth technology is obliged to comply.

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