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Sunday, April 12, 2015

What Is The Meaning Of Dimension? | Definition
Unity Consciousness #175


A dimension exists because of difference. The difference does not have to be large. It does not have to be measurable. The difference only has to be enough to be noticeable. Even so, the difference does not have to be recognized to exist. It can however, exist in the mind only.

A difference that creates a dimension can be between two aspects of creation or within the same aspect of creation.

A dimension changes how creation functions, thus how creation interacts.

Some Examples Of Dimensions

Ability, above, Abydos, accent, age, altitude, Amenta, amount, Ancestors, angle, aspect, atmosphere, attribute, awake, below, blackness, breadth, capability, capacity, cell, chakra, characteristic, climate, combination, component, context, creation, Creator, creator, culture, darkness, daydream, degree, depth, descendent, display, dream, emotion, emphasis, ending point, energy, experience, facet, feature, fire, firmament, force, form, formula, frequency, gas, gender, gene, generation, gift, grave, gravity, health, Heaven, height, Hell, higher self, imagination, inside, isotope, knowledge, land, law, layer, length, level, lightness, liquid, loudness, lower self, magnitude, manifestation, mass, matter, measurement, memory, mind, moment, mood, motion, nature, needs, number, origin, outside, part, physical, plane, planet, plasma, point of reference, popularity, property, quality, realm, range, relationship, religion, resources, rotation, scope, seen, sense, sickness, side, sight, size, skill, sleep, smell, solid, specie, speed, spirit, sound, stage, starting point, state, structure, talent, taste, thickness, thought, touch, trait, Trinity, understanding, universe, unseen, utamawazo, vibration, vice, village, virtue, wall, wants, water, weather, width, within, without, womb, word, worldview and the list goes on and on.
A dimension is a point of separation. Separation does not necessarily mean disconnection. Separation allows for identification. For example, we can identify air and know it is a dimension but we are automatically connected to air.

Once there is separation and identification of dimensions, then comes possibilities for different combinations. So it is with genetics, as one example. So it is also with spirit, energy, matter and word.

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