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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

First Place Birthplace Underworld Of Water
Definition & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #1037


(Part 1 of 5)

Water Is The Life

Water came first as the source of life. Water also created Planet Earth. Water within water is also the source of all land within the atmospheres of Earth. Water is also the source of everything seen and unseen outside Earth. Water is the Motherbirth of the Universe. Water is the eternal womb and placenta.

Water is primordial (prime ordinal, prime in order, first). Since water is the primitive, primal, primary element, water has the most names of all the elements because all other elements are forms of water, formed out of water. Water has names such as N, Nunu, Nnu Nu, Nun, Nut, No, Ma, Na, Nai,Mu, Uat, Ash... (BB 205/217)

Water comes from the underworld and is born in the underworld; therefore, the underworld is also the place of rebirth of water. Therefore, though we look to sky for water, the cycle that feeds the sky, originates in the underworld. Our appeal for rain should be oriented to the source in the Earth below, and secondly to trees, who are connected most deeply and most anciently to the below to bring forth the greatest amount of water from the birthplace in the belly of the beast. When trees exhale, they release water which feeds waterseeds into the air. These seeds accumulate into clouds and finally fall as rain. It must rain up, before it can rain down. Water must evaporate (diffuse upwards) before it can consolidate and condensate (diffuse downwards). So to appeal to sky and clouds for water is to praise flower and fruit and not rave about the root. By extension then, Sun rules the above because the Moon rules the below. The powerful forces of the Moon pulls water upward from the Source to allow trees to drink, then the Sun pulls water up in Air.

Water Is The Way

Water is the way life comes into the world. Water is the way life is sustained. Therefore, water is the Savior of the world & way of Salvation for the world. Khaos produces Mes. Water is Khaos that produces Mes which is Earth. This Mes called Earth was personified as the Messu (Mes child) which was further personified as Har/Heru/Horus/Jesus and many others names in various cultures. Everybody is talking about the same thing with different degrees of understanding and different levels of accuracy. (AE1 338/348) and (BB 141/153)

Soul Motherbirth

A soul of life from the element of water was represented by the fish, crocodile, serpent, reptile, hippopotamus, frog and anything which lives in water and gives birth in water, including water plants.
Since there is mostly water on Earth and all land is surrounded by water and there is also water beneath Earth and there are layers of water surrounding Earth, Earth is viewed as being formed of water, born of water as the Mother and born out of water as the birthplace.
Since Earth is a highly differentiated, multi-functional cellular life that comes out of water and moves about in water, Earth is also symbolized as a fish, a great fish.
Since water comes up out of openings in Earth, Planet Earth is seen as the great fish who pours water out of its mouth to water Upper Earth (where we are). And now you can understand the imagery of many water fountains in yards and public places that have water coming out of the mouths of fishes or sea creatures or bowls held by mermaids. The fountain represents the fountain of Earth's youth, the birthplace of Water, the brand new place, the renewing place. (AE1 258/268, 281/291)

Water Is The Truth

Water is wa + ter.
The wa in water contains the w as the “double u.”
U is one as uraeus, uterus, circle, oval, ellipse, cartouche, universe, unity, zero, upper, under...; therefore, double U as double means the double of each U, thus the two truths become clearer through each other as the mirror.


Since W is U, then Wa becomes Ua and what we just learned is again confirmed by what Ua means.
UA is the chief one, the one alone, the only one, solitary, isolated, top, summit. Ua is the basis of equal, equation, equator, equinox, agua, aqua, Aquaria, dual, mutual, quality, Aquality, gauge, language, quarter... (NG1 188/206)

O, “ UAU,” and UA are synonymous. (BB 168/178)


Uat is water containing the two truths.
Uat-ur is Wa-ter is Water, the great wet ocean, the one and only ocean of Earth and one and only ocean of the Universe, as follows:
Ur is the great, oldest, chief. That which is inside the gate – the liquid essence.
That which is outside the gate is Ru. Ru is outlet, gate, door, mouth of outlet – the liquid essence.


Ter is time, a whole, a repeating period of time, type, image. (BB 94-5/106-7) Water is the totality, the net, neter, neither, nether world, ankh, ankhland, neutral zone, neutralizer, activator...

This can be additionally understood by Ter or TERU which means an extreme limit, extremity, to be hemmed in, bounded, hindered, to work, fabricate, carve, decorate, ornament, portray in colors, implement, invoke, adore, lay-out and mourner of the dead. Creation and recreation takes place in Khaos. (BB 160/172, 376/388)

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