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Monday, June 19, 2017

Reckoning Waters Of Nun & Nnu | Definition Meanings
Unity Consciousness #1048


As we learned in UC#1044, Archetype is the circle and total of all beginnings consisting of the two truths and how they cross (connect, intersect, interrelate). Spirit-soul is the energy component of the Archetype. The other component is matter. Matter begins as liquid and solid.
Water is the primary liquid matter of the Archetype. Within water is solid earth, but not Planet Earth, rather earth as soil. This earth contains the solid component of all matter. Thus the term “Planet Earth” is misguiding since all planets and other celestial bodies are made of various compositions of Earth.

The idea of Nun was conceived by humans, thus Nun is the intellectual starting point of understanding the creation of the world and nature of the Universe. After hundreds of thousands of years of observing life on Earth and in the sky, water was viewed as being primary. Massey states water was not the beginning of the heavens and earth and that dry earth always existed. This was addressed in the previous paragraph.
See also UC#1034 under the third Massey heading, for related discussion, (AE1 281/291)

I say there is a sustainable basis of logic to say everything came out of water. I also say, based on the ginormous amount of reliable information that came out of Africa, which comprises at least 98 percent of all human knowledge in use today, that Africa is the best source for understandings regarding life and existence, though not infallible, still far more reliable than what we presently misunderstand. Most of what has taken place in the past few thousand years has been disfigurement, variation and recently, reclamation, but very little new realizations relatively speaking.

Location Of Nun

Nun is everywhere. It surrounds Earth and Universe . It is dark matter and dark energy. Nun, in two or more forms, is inside Earth and inside all other creations.
Nun was first discovered locally in the environment coming up from below, it was further understood through humans and other creatures, then Nun was imaged in the sky. The source of water underground naturally suggested the idea of a primordial deep, an unfathomable gulf, a bottomless pit. This was then applied to the point of beginning in the lower Nun or firmamental water where the abyss was figured in the southern constellations from a vantage point in the Great Lakes equatorial region of Inner Africa. The Southern Fish constellation (Piscis Austrinus, or Piscis Australis) is figured as the bringer forth of water—that is, of life or of Horus the fish from the abyss. (AE1 282/292)

There are two waters actual in external nature. Water that rose up in the fountains, wells, and springs of earth was personified as Apt or Hathor. Water that fell in dew and rain from heaven above was personified as coming from the Tree of Nut. (AE1 285/295)

Nu, Nun & Nnu

Nu, Nun and Nnu, Nunu are the names of water. These names are also synonymous with and interchangeable with “negation,” “is not,” “no,” “not,” “none,” “without,” “en,” “Enti,” “Nuti,” “Han,” “An,” “Nin, “N,” the fish, infant, child” “the flow,” “time,” “left,” “dark,” and the first of any two things. The first is always negative to the second. Now we know. NG2 275-6/283-4); (NG1 23/41; 151/169; 277/295; 399/417; 400/418); and (BB 94-5/106-7; 233/245; 293/305)

Related Words: entity (two in one), ninny (child)

”N” & “Z” Words | Nature Definitions & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #946

Sifting Through A Lot Of Negativity

We must be certain to understand No does not mean nothing exists or nothing is going on. Rather it means there is no distinction, no dimension and no separation.

NO is the beginning of all things out of which everything comes and the ending of all things into which all things return. Some things do cease to exist in their current form, but their fundamental, archetypical form of Nun always exists.

Nun is a passive phase, condition, place and point of conclusion and commencement. Nun denotes existence in the negative condition of water or the firmaments considered as water. Nun, is the negation out of which creation came and comes. Nun produced the first seven elemental powers. Thus, now we come back around to repeat the fundamental nature of duality: anything that is one of two things must also be a form of the second thing. Anything that exists in two or more parts, must rely on the other parts for definition of itself, otherwise no part can exist. The moment a difference exists, the opposite complementary difference also exists. As soon as love exists, hate exists. As soon as weakness exists, strength exists.
Now, as a result, we are reminded that Nun water is not negative because of itself, but only in relation to other things. Water is negative in relation to breath. Water became negative when breath was created. Before breath was formed out of water, water was not negative.* It was what it was or in the first person, I am that I am – because in the singular state, there is nothing to compare to. When One becomes two and they are separated in logic and not viewed as forms of each other, we begin to lose more than awareness. (NG1 23/41; 399/417;) and (BB 346-7/358-9)

*When positive does not exist, negative cannot exist. So in human terms, there is no person who is all good or all bad. If there is nothing bad that can be said about someone, then there also nothing good that can be said. Where there is good, there must also be bad. This example applies to all forms of the two truths.

Nun Brings It, Nun Springs It

Nun signifies to bring. From the beginning in Inner Africa, Nun was heaven personified as the bringer of the water and the breath of life. Nun is the mother of the all divinities, deities and all that exists in spirit and matter.
Nun is the source of new water, fresh water, renewing, cleansing, purifying water. In Africa, Nun is the Inundation of the Nile. The Milky Way is the celestial White Nile of the Nun. (NG1 151/169; 400/418; 500/527;) and (BB 197/209) and (AE2 550/14)

The primordial life-spring that causes springing into life out of the lowest point of animated existence is Nun. (BB 346-7/358-9)

Nun is either both or neither negative and positive, mother and father, male and female, darkness and light, black and white, good and evil, angel and demon, god and devil, healthy and sick, truth and lie, wet and dry, cold and hot, etc.
Therefore, as the Universe continues to go through cycles of development, at different times during each cycle, different portions of the Two Truths become more dominant than its counterpart per dynamic balance. For example at first it was the mother principle, then mother and father principles, then father and mother, then father. This is true of all truths. (NG1 500/527;) and (AE2 557/21; 560/24)

According to the Memphite Theology on the Shabaka Stone, all things were in harmony in the waters of Nun: spirit (energy), matter, female, male, atoms, molecules, elements and more. At that point in the cycle, Ptah was called matter, spirit (energy), male and land. Ptah is the conversion of potential energy in the waters. The other part of the Creator is the waters of Nun. Nun is spirit (energy), matter, female and water, energy at rest, dormant, asleep. Nun is the soul of water, the soul of life in water, spirit-soul in water. (AE1 121/131)

More Negative & Positive

Nun also has the meaning of preparatory, to be defiled, abject, miserable, defect, want, wretchedness and ill. This is they period of 5 days flow of menstruation when intercourse is unlawful (tabu) and prohibited. Childbirth is negative. The hare symbol signified uncleanliness during the open period of purifying.

Nun also means positive at the dawn of womanhood puberty, which was the time of welcome and festive rejoicing. The hare symbol signified to be open to lawful intercourse. NG2 275-6/283-4)

Water & Breath

Water was personified as Nun (Aquaria/Aquarius). Breath, air, wind was personified as Shu-Anhur (Kepheus). Breath is the child of Water as is all things because all things are born out of water. Water is both Mother & Father of Breath. Since water is first and breath is second, water is the negation of breath and of all else. (BB 346/358) and (AE2 663/127)

Breath, or vapour, is a secondary condition of water in the form of mist. Heat is a means of converting water into breath or vapour. It was said water was converted into breathing life by the Mother when in heat (ovulating), or gestating, i.e. life-making.
The characteristics of Wet and Heat were personified as Uati. Further naming continued. Wet, the dewy red of dawn, was called Tefn while heat, the burning white of day, was called Sekhet. (NG1 148/166; 532/550)

”First Place Birthplace Underworld Of Water, Definition & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #1037”
When each person reaches the fourth level of awareness, (So Dayi), a veil is lifted. Nun creates four pairs of chromosomes within the person. Just like all chromosomes, these extra chromosomes contain information, instructions and genetic potential unavailable to those who have not reached this level of awareness.
By this we are not surprised because we know there is a Universe within.
The pineal gland-organ is shaped like a pine cone and floats in fluid. This is the analogy of the waters of Nun giving rise to the “moundtain” of Ptah.
Therefore, the pineal gland-organ is an analogy for the Creator within, living within us as both spirit-soul and matter in the same form as in the beginning of Creation.

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