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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Reckoning: What Reckoning Is | Definition & Notes
Unity Consciousness #1043


Reckoning has already been explored in about a month's worth of messages.

Reckoning is reckon-izing is recognizing is re-cognizing is recogntion is re-cogntion is re-cog-nition.
A cog is a part of a wheel that helps the wheel turn in relation to other wheels. A cog is a tooth in the wheel. The wheel is a circle. Re-cog-nition is awareness of each part of the wheel in relation to the whole wheel in relation to all other wheels. A cog is both a part of the wheel and the whole wheel.

Recognition is awareness of part of the circle in relation to the whole circle in relation to all other circles.
Reckonition is awareness of part of the cycle in relation to the whole cycle in relation to all other cycles.
This, my friend, is reckoning.
Reckoning is the combined awareness of all things in all forms.
It is, in fact, re-collection of perfection.

At The Cross Again

The most sacred cross of Egypt is the Ankh, the sign of life and much more. The top of the Ankh is the Ru, set upright on the Tau-cross (letter “T”). The Ru is the oval, the mouth, the door, the gate, the opening, the place of outlet from within the circle. The Ru denotes the birthplace in the northern sky. From out of the Ru in the northern heaven, the goddess of the Seven Stars, called the “Mother of the Revolutions, gave birth to time in the earliest circle of the year.
The human-made sign of this heavenly circle is the earliest shape of the Ankh-cross, a mere loop which contains both a circle and cross in one image. This loop or noose is the symbol of a period, an ending, a time and one revolution. This loop represents the circle made in the northern heaven by the Great Bear, earlier known as Kepha, the Hippopotamus. Therefore, the loop or Ru at the top of the Ankh represents the northern birthplace of time.

The noose is an Ark or Rek type of reckoning – a symbol of the vagina, woman, all beginning (Arche), time and rule.(NG1 423/441); NG2 271/279)

The Kher, Kheru or Rekh is a dual sign of the cross and circle. In an abbreviated form, Kher is Ker is Kr is Rk. Kher and Rekh interchange as meaning “word, voice, speak, announce, declare.” Rekh, in a diminished form of meaning is “Logos” is “Logic.”
Also Ker or Rek, is the circle, circuit, course, course of time or turn round. This is identical with the Ark, a period or cycle of time.
The Kr and Ark, signs of the Cross and circle, or the Crossed circle, likewise correspond to the Kr symbol as the basis of the word Kronus for time and chronology for time order of events.
The Great Bear Constellation makes an annual circle in the northern sky. Rk or Kr, is a circle, course of time and the course itself. Kr is also the root of many words such as course, circle, cross, karest, christ, occur, care, core, court, courtesy, reckless...(NG1 444/462); (BB 50/62)

Reckoning is recognition is re-kr-nition is rekh-inition.

The most ancient type and generator of the human race in Africa is named Khebma. This word modifies into Khcb and Kam as names of Northern Lower Egypt. The Ari are the children, sons (a plural of Ar, the son/sun) of Lower Egypt. The Ari are the seven branches of people who came out of Lower Egypt pelvis and crossed the Great Green Sea (Mediterranean) into Europe and other parts of Asia and became known by other names. The Ari, in one rendering, are the seven Kabiri, answering to the seven sons of Mitzraim (Kam, Kheb, Khebma), These children who came out of Lower Egypt and populated Asia are the Ari, the children of Kam, the black Arians. The Kamari or Kabiri in India, Wales, or Scotland and the Laps (the Sabme) are the children (Ari) of Kam. So are all other groups but there are other words and ways that show their connection to Mother Africa, many of which have already been expressed throughout this African Safari In Spiritsphere aka the return journey home where we belong. (BB 455-6/467-8)

Reckoning and recognition is Sankofa.

Note 1: To hang someone with a noose is to use the symbol of the vagina, womb and woman that brought you into life and that is the beginning of life to end life. Though this evokes images and emotions, it is not different than drowning in water, which is also a vagina, womb and woman that brings forth life. It is also not different from other forms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual death and lessenings of life.

Note 2: So yes, in the beginning was the Word and the word is God. The Word of God is the Rekh of God, the recognition of God through the reckoning of God through all there is within the circle, not just from the mouth of humans.

Note 3: We are careless because we are ker-less in awareness.
We are reckless because we are rekh-less in circumference.

Note 4: Ruti means race or rekh. Therefore, since rekh represents the beginning and the whole, everything in Creation is one race and one ruti (ru, root, circle). Only in the weakest form of understanding does race come to mean what it does today. Only in the context of mental illness, is it possible to conclude today's way of thinking is healthier than Ages before. Those who do are rekhs in occident waiting to become wrecks of accident. (BB 455-6/467-8). When reckoning is not feeding understandings, all manner of cancers provide the answers in toxic environments.

Note 5: Let us not miss the simple message. The only way we are able to recognize anything is to recognize the parts, then put the parts together into a whole and relate that whole to another whole. For example we recognize words because we recognize the letters (parts) combined with each other (whole) in relation to another whole (language). This process is true for everything we recognize using one or more of our sensing abilities, whether or not we are aware recognition is taking place.
We must mature in our recognitions until it becomes one with reckoning.

Note 6; Reckoning is reckoning is re-cognizing.
In the word cognizing, we see organizing.
Things and ideas can only be recognized based on how information is organized. Everything you recognize or not is due to how information inside you is organized. If your information is fragmented and/or corrupted, so also will be your cognition and recognition.
Now, many of us love to boast about being organized. That is an empty statement. Everything is organized, even that which is disorganized. It is possible to feel organized but yet be organized in a weak way. Just because your organizing matches the current flow of the status quo is no reason to feel good. All of us must go further and farther into matching how we are organized in life, in our thoughts and in our actions in relation to how all else in the non-human world around us is organized, operates and functions. That is the larger story and the greater part of reckoning.
Ancestor Kwame Toure told us if we do not organize ourselves, conditions will always organize us. This, of course, is the hard way, but it is the way most certain when all other influences trying to organize us, are unable to gain our recognition and cooperation. The last two sentences are mainly in regards to the collective and to a much lesser degree to every individual.

Note 7: In these later years of human existence, we have found ourselves in love with logic rather than in rekh of self. We are confused by the treason of reasoning without the seasoning of reckoning.

Note 8: Our perception of time and chronology is supposed to reflect the Ark, Ankh and all beginnings. Our perception is supposed to include the whole reality, be holistic. Our perception of time is not just supposed to be a number and measurement. Our perception of chronology is not just supposed to be a list of events. Both of those are near lifeless understandings. And we wonder why we suffer from “hunger for life” pains/pangs and can't explain.
Yes, time is a kronology of motion, a chroni-cle of the cir-cle of events, a cycle of events. But those events include spirit-soul events, mental events, emotional events, social events, cultural events, economic events and all other forms of events, all joined and attached to actual factual events. In other words do not allow the abuse of facts and statistics to limit your full reckoning of what has, is and will take place. Do not allow the tricksters to limit your discernment of the mixture.

Seeking within Self, Initiates you, Renu's you as Student Adept. Teacher ISA, already here in all else, appears to help karrekh yourself.

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