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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Definition | Natural Abundance & Altruism – Staying High

Defining Abundance & Altruism

Abundance doesn't just mean having more than enough, a whole lot and an overflowing cup. It also means always having what is needed, when needed. This includes the basic need to share.

Thus, when what is needed is always being met, it eliminates worry, concern, bad decisions and bad character over basic needs. It eliminates greed, hoarding and gluttony of all types, including “I'm saving all my love for you.”

There is no need for any being to be without the basics because whenever there is abundance and sharing, need will always be met because what we don't have other beings will share with us. We will always have food, shelter, clothing, enjoyment of inherent rights, fulfillment of inherent responsibilities, protection from harm and rising knowledge of self, thus the need to use capabilities as intended will also be met.

For what else shall we want? A better life cannot be had any other way and neither can a better world, a better tomorrow or a brighter day ahead.

Abundance, Altruism & Knowledge Of Self

Abundance without knowledge of self does not exist. Knowledge of self is a main component of abundance.

Altruism without knowledge of self does not exist. We must know ourselves in order to know what we need before we can give others what they need.

There is no knowledge of self without abundance and altruism.

Abundance, altruism and knowledge of self must tri-exist if any one of them is to exist.

Expanding Definition

As knowledge of self expands, abundance expands. This is how we have more. This must be followed by giving more. The net effect of this behavior is to use less for ourselves than we receive so we can give more. We must consume less than we contribute. This is what creates the extra and the enough for everybody else. All the while, there is still plenty enough to exceed our own needs. Everyone who lives in this fashion ensures their needs will be met and thus, becomes successful. This is verified by the countless examples of an Abundant Creator through abundant primary creation for abundant lives for all.

It's Spiritual

Since abundance/altruism is the example set by aspects and actions of the Supreme Spirit, life must be lived as intended - as a human being spirit in order to manifest a life of abundance/altruism. It is not possible to achieve highest ideas without highest guidance – spirit.

This spirit is something we already have. Spirit has been given to all of creation by the Greatest Giver. We must utilize this abundant gift in order to achieve the level of self-awareness altruism requires.

Universal & Primary Perspective

Giving and receiving are universal matters and must always contain universal consideration because they have universal impact.

The only reason any being has anything is due to what has been given. The Great Giver of Gifts has given us primary creation: life and everything that supports and maintains life, motion, spirit for life, spirit for intuition and wisdom, elements, natural laws, orders & systems, the non-human natural world, freedom, thought, creativity, genetics, capacity for intelligence, time and much more.

We are the benefactors of nonstop giving.

Related Proverbs:

Having begins and ends with Giving.

Abundance/altruism is not a part-time, sometimes state of being.

Nothing can be given that has not been received except that which is given by The First One.

We are the benefactors of nonstop giving in advance of performance and despite performance.

”For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required:”

Related Ideas:

"Basic Needs & The "N" Word,” a poem from Eloquence: Rhythm & Renaissance.

If I give more than I take, I am a restorer. If I take more than I give, I am a destroyer. In fact, if I take to any degree, I am a destroyer. I must receive instead and use it graciously.

There is recognition of a shared existence with all things and that, what is common to support existence, belongs to all.

Don't we realize their spirit and ours are still uplifted by giving what is needed when it's needed?

At a minimum, I must give and receive in equal measure in order to preserve equality/balance/ecosystem/harmony/justice/peace/health/fulfillment/Hapi-ness.

For further self-study, search “share,” “shared” and “sharing” separately on this blog.

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