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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Review Of Evolution In Evolutionary Thoughts | Definition
Unity Consciousness #922


”Energy Efficient”
When my thought priorities and action priorities are aligned with my purpose, there is a self-refilling that frequents me like an overactive bladder insisting I constantly empty my mind of urgent artistic fullness. Despite these repeated interruptions, my self is always on call to inspiration’s prolific behavior because there is a catharsis to creative communication, an evolution to the unleashing of emotions that saves me, replenishes my spiritual energy. When my spiritual energy and best physical energy merge, I am propelled outside my ordinary orbit into serene spaces where writing and breathing are one.
”DNA & Genetics of Belief: A Dynamic New Approach”
Evolution is about experimenting with what works. It's about choosing the best option that ensures short-term viability but does not derail long-term possibilities. Evolution is about reassessing and trying again. It's about reassessing and changing again and again and...
”Poetry Included: Right By Default Of My Own ”
“Beliefs should serve as cocoons, allowing me to mature into my higher self (my soul's experience with the Creator combined with the best of my human experience). This is the evolution - an individual growing into a fuller oneness.”
”Unbreakable Evolution: Higher Purpose Coming Out”
Evolution simply means taking the next step along any path that strengthens or connects you to the spiritual aspect of your being.

Each higher purpose is a soulmate. When you do not hold its hand, announce your engagement, pledge wedded vows to it and live as one, this lack of attention and commitment allows other things to come between you and your higher purpose. Self evolution stops.
”Our Fatal Flaw – The Absence Of Harmony. The Root Cause of Many Problems ”
Without harmony, we cannot connect past, present and future. We can neither learn from the past, appreciate the present nor pay forward for the future. We cannot bring our inheritance and our legacy into our current living space. This is counter to evolving because it does not allow building on the past or uplifting the future. Because our comprehension is not comprehensive, we are operating counter to evolution.
”Study Perspectives: Later Stone Age, Upper Paleolithic & Hate Crime Context ”
In Alkebu-lan and all over the world, in the hands of these Stone Age people, stone itself was taken to new levels of construction, architecture, engineering, technology, mathematics, art, spirituality, education, culture and civilization. Everything they did was all-inclusive, holistic, harmonic and inseparable from anything else, thus inseparable from themselves. This is what is to be remembered about the Stone Age. It is 200% different from what is taking place in societies of late that stiflingly dominate the popular worldview causing evolution to stagnate.
”Television Writers Influence Brains & Mental Illness ”
The mind is an information gatherer, processor, sorter and storer. It receives information all the time from the senses and from its surroundings and interactions. This is a tool for survival and evolution.
”Giri So to So Dayi | Levels Of Awareness & Understanding, African Consciousness Ways Of Knowing”
In So Dayi a veil is lifted. Nun creates four pairs of chromosomes within the person. Just like all chromosomes, these extra chromosomes contain information, instructions and capabilities unavailable to those who have not reached this level of awareness.
”For Africans, Climate Change Is A Good Thing, The Healing Process Is Quickening In 2014-2015”
What we are witnessing and calling climate change, is the universe converging and conspiring to heal the world in more ways than one. Yes, climates have changed in the past. Back then I suspect it was for planetary growth and development - evolution. This time around I know it is for healing first, then back to evolution.
”Metaphorical Critical Thinking For A Healthy, Fruitful Reality, Unity Consciousness #136”
When the metamorphosis of the metaphor moves us towards the higher - adaptive reprogramming of root systems occurs. This is the upgrading evolutionary way towards everlasting life.
”Ancestors Are Calling Through Genealogy Lineage, Ways Of Knowing, Unity Consciousness #140”
Being an “old soul" or being "wise beyond our years," is evidence of Ancestors descending and ascending through us. We are all old souls. We are supposed to be wise beyond our years. This is the basis of evolution, i.e., ascension through the chakras.
”Defining Fundamental Sickness, Health & Evolution, Unity Consciousness #219”
The Spirit of the Higher Self, which is the Spirit of Health, has a natural desire to be healthy and evolve. When it can't, due to sickness, it has to follow an alternate process and become revolutionary first, in order to remove sickness, and then develop strength into health. Thus, once health is achieved again and maintained, the next natural outlet for desire and the buildup of nutrition energy is evolution.
”Definition, Extension & Expansion Of Evolution's Process, Unity Consciousness #566”
Fundamental to understanding evolution is understanding the context that the Creator is in the midst of an evolutionary process. This evolutionary process is taking place in the heavens above and everywhere Creation exists. For example, the evolutionary process is taking place inside water, sun, earth, air, plants and us.
”Prison Free Without Freedom, Unity Consciousness #900”
When humans forget our past, we meet our past in the future by living moving in reverse. We can't go forward forward towards evolution until we go back to crossroads and choose a different path. Of course, there are many crossroads, one for each of the major decisions we've made.

Two Truths Of Evolution Of The Creator & Creation

Just as there are multiple dimensions of Universe, Earth and Self, there must then also be multiple dimensions of evolution. We know this also because the human organism goes through multiple stages of physical, mental, emotional and spirit-soul development. If then, there is a growth, development and maturing process, there must also be an evolutionary process that applies to these stages also. We know this because the human organism, historically, has not only grown up, the human organism has also evolved. So now we must concisely state everything said before this sentence.

There are two types of evolution.
This is in keeping with the two truths.
1. There is evolution/de-evolution of existing genetic potential.
2. There is evolution/de-evolution that brings forth new genetic potential.

Under each of these two types of evolution there are multiple dimensions of evolution for every creation.
This continuous simultaneous evolutionary process does not manifest the same in all creations or in all creations of the same type and neither does it manifest the same in any single creation over the lifetime of that creation.

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