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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Stop Being Silly, Grow Up & Recognize Belief
Unity Consciousness #907


Stop believing miseducation is just something black people talk about because they are angry.
Stop being silly, grow up and recognize miseducation is misinformation and affects everybody. starting with white people first.
It is impossible to have a good education unless the vast majority of your education is self-education. What most of us have is some components that allow us to obtain a good education if we seek that education through knowledge of self-education.
The Jackal/Pisces combination is the Age of Second Truth, thus Misinformation & Destroyer Logic.
If you already know you are an African black person, look around you. You know for certain something is wrong with other people's behaviors. It is not just your behavior. Other people are not sane and neither are they simply evil. Their minds are significantly messed up because their logic is based on screwed up information. You must understand the mindset of the people you are dealing with so you will not allow their messed up sick thinking to infect and mess you up further than you already are. You do not want to be like them in their ways. Move away from sickness and sickness ideologies. Get better educated and fix your logic so you can understand how to deal with self, them and all else.

The brain, that humans think is their security blanket claim to fame, is the main thang being aimed at under constant attack. Everybody on the planet is in a spiritual war, and as a result, everybody on the planet is in multiple forms of physical-mental-emotional-soul wars. Societies are the main battlefield. There are more wars and casualties in the America's and Asia and Australia and their nearby islands than anywhere else. This must be so since these places are the headquarters of virus and cancer ideologies which then spreads into all dimensions of being. There is no laser logic coming from humans that targets and affects only one thing. Genderism and racism are as an airborne disease everybody breathes. All this stuff you see around you and think is going on, are part of the war. Your feeling good while in a war does not mean you are not being significantly harmed. Just because you are satisfied by distraction does not change what is happening. You gotta realize if everything healthy within planet Earth is under attack, then that same “to hell with everything” ideology, leaves you in no ways exempt from being specifically directly targeted or shielded from “collateral” damage or “friendly” fire or the comfort of your citizenship in a geographical location where you think life is just going to go on and on the way it is. This has never been true. Everyone and everything is always changing and long-term changes have now caught up with us and are going to become more and more evident in the short-term.

Stop believing your costly college education, your potential imprisoning job, your self-esteem dependent marriage or your natural resourceless bank account are substitutes that make it okay for your reading comprehension to lag behind being able to discern the signs of the times so you don't have to do what have always been fundamentally necessary to fulfill basic needs.

Stop believing spirituality and religion are simply things people talk about that are a matter of personal preference like a choice of clothes. “Oo, I like this one!”
Stop being silly, grow up and recognize spirituality is about life. Religion is about death in the right here and now. Can't you see? The world is currently religious driven and look what we have. Religion is not about life now or later. You know what religion promises but you should know better by what is practiced. Religion is a weapon of war by the Destroyer. Spirituality is a weapon of war by the Restorer.

Stop thinking “believing” and “knowing” are also just two choices you can make like flavors of ice cream that requires no thought except the satisfying of taste buds and filling up of a constant emptiness. Belief and knowing go far beyond you simply choosing to believe and that's it, then stick with it.
Stop being silly, grow up and recognize everything is a process and belief is the beginning of the process of understanding.

When Seeking Understanding

1. When you say, “I believe or don't believe this,” you are saying you think or don't think this is true. This is the stage of untested, unverified logic. Belief is the hypothesis of the scientific process. Since everything is science, belief that starts and stops at belief is unscientific and unreliable. Believing for too long without moving along in the process towards knowing is nothing to be proud of. It is foolish and childish.

2. When you say, “I know this,” you are saying, I understand this in more than one way and each way is in agreement and also in agreement with everything else I know. If not, then I understand the inconsistencies, acknowledge them and I am working towards resolving those contradictions.

3. When you say, “I believe or don't believe you,” you have substituted your understanding and appraisal of the person for the process you need to follow to understand the information. You have taken a shortcut. You have not grown up until you conduct your own investigation.
When you say “I believe or don't believe you,” your thought process is based on your appraisal of the person rather than the information. That is what children do. Time to grow up.
I suspect this item, Number 3 is responsible for a lot of faulty thinking. The person uses Number 3, belief/disbelief in a person to claim belief or knowledge of Information. The person is faking understanding and just hoping and having faith. The person really doesn't know what to think or how to figure it out so they choose something and attach it to a long chain of emotions so they can move on and just live life.
4. When you say, “I know or don't know you,” you are saying you know or don't know the same things about yourself and the other person as you both relate to all else.


It has been discussed extensively the trick played on us that causes us to rely on so-called professionals such as doctors, experts, scientists, researchers, governments, news, universities, scholars, famous people, etc. as proxies for us figuring out what is what. To outsource your decision-making process to others is to inflict psychological warfare upon yourself because you are telling yourself someone else knows better than you. At a minimum you need to ask a ton of questions and then check out the answers, which is essentially then, conducting your own investigation. Listen to these people but don't start or stop there. Conduct research before and after consulting “experts.”
Since we are prone and programmed to assess the person or source of information first and also give the person or source more weight in our thought process, we would be better off not having any extra information about the person or source of information. That way, we can move quickly to assessing the information on its own merits and not self-defeat the process and keep ourselves from understanding.
In the same way we tend to check other things in life and even double-check, so also is it the grown up thing to do to periodically recheck the reasoning that has led to conclusions and decisions.

If you are living and learning, you would naturally keep revising and updating what you think.

Let us be certain to avoid the trap of closed mindedness that masquerades as the often self-promoted, “I'm open-minded!”
In addition to consulting sources that agree with current understandings, always read or listen to some opposite or different understandings from what you currently possess. You cannot learn, grow or be in a healthy relationship with another creation if you do not. The goal is not to agree or disagree, but to consider and understand the commonalities, differences and points of merging and diverging. This is good exercise.

If you made it this far in this message, you are likely being less silly, growing up and recognizing information is information.

You possibly understand just because a source misuses information or states it a certain way, does not mean the information itself is useless. It means you must adjust your orientation to the information.* For instance, if you think the information is a lie then don't treat it as truth. Find out which parts are true and false. Don't just throw the information in the garbage. To do so, often results in throwing away blemished fruit that is still partly salvageable and edible.
That reminds me of an apple tree I had whose fruit contained worms. At first I disregarded the ones with worms until I grew up and realized, I could take my time and either bite or cut around the worms or cut the apple in many pieces and at least eat some of it. Also, birds and squirrels will eat some of an apple and most of it will rot on the ground and ants and bees will quickly crawl on the exposed apple flesh. Washing the apple and cutting a sizable portion where other creatures have partaken usually results in at least half of the apple being edible. Oh, if we only knew the poison process fruit and vegetables we purchase and readily bite into actually went through.
In other words, most of us balk at new information that disagrees with current understanding yet we have not yet ever questioned the poison information in our “good” education and most of the worm-liable information we get from popular media sources.

Religious bibles are significantly blemished and require lots of bad spots to be cut out and thrown away and then missing pieces added. Religious bibles are very useful because they are perfect practice grounds for critical analysis and testing of thought processes as we encounter all sorts of ideologies in this world.

Stop being silly, grow up and recognize you should not just faithfully drink milk of the word that has been tampered with nor eat meat of the word without putting it through the fire especially when handled by many filthy hands.

Belief, A Thief Of The Light

Belief and Knowing are not the same thing.
Belief is where you begin. Investigation is the organizing process in between which uncovers and connects understandings. Knowing is where you end.
Then, you contemplate the limit of what you know. Wondering and questioning then becomes the beginning of the next, more mature, level of belief.

*That is why we have two truths within us so we can recognize the two truths in the world. This is why, when we don't understand what's going on in the human and non-human world, neither do we understand the same within self. We do not understand ourselves sufficiently enough for the times we are living in or the life journey we are on.

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