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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Reintroducing Nagas, Niggers & The First “N” Word
Unity Consciousness #943


The definition, meaning and origin of nigger has taken much attention away from the first “N” word.

First Truth is: Nigger is a corruption, defamation, desecration and profanity of the first “N” word; however, despite all efforts to keep us forgetful of what we once knew, yet and still, the original essence of the first “N” word remains and has survived beneath surfaces of perceptions.

1. The “N” word is the ”Ankh” word.

2. The “N” word is the ”Water” word.

3. The “N” word is the “Nu, Nnu, Nun, Nut, new, knew...” words.

4. The “N” word is the “No” word as in NO-Thing else existed and NO-One else existed.

5. The “N” word is the “Name” word. A Name is a title belonging to by lawful right to the Mother. (BB 239/251)

6. The “N” word is the “M” word.

7. The “N” word is the “F” word.

8. The “N” word is the “NW” word.

9. The “N” word is the “E” word.

10. The “N” word is the “T” word.

11. The “N” word is the “S” word.

12. The “N” word is the “W” and “Wb” words.

13. The “N” word is the “P-P” word.

14. The “N” word is the “S-S” word.

15. The “N” word is the Zero” word.

16. The “N” word means Naga. (NG1 315/333)

We have begun to relearn fuller meanings of “the N” word.”
We thought changing nigger into the “N” word was only about running, hiding, burying and diminishing the guilt, shame, pain and inane of the niggeritis virus.
Instead, it is about something stronger and bigger.

The first “N” word became Nigger through a series of processes. Now today, Nigger is moving back towards becoming the first “N” word through a series of processes.
What we must understand is that neither evolution nor de-evolution are perfect processes in the short-term.
Therefore, the first “N' word did not become corrupted all at once, just as a person does not go from healthy to unhealthy all at once. Thus we have experienced multiple phases of attempts to reduce the usage of nigger and to bury nigger and to replace the word nigger with the phrase “the N word.” Many of these attempts are ridiculous, but necessary. They are necessary because whatever is ridiculous reminds us of logic errors that need fixing. Without the ridiculous attempts, these logic errors remain hidden. What is often shown by ridiculous attempts is that there is related logic, off to the side and sorta out of sight, that is having a significant impact on the logic we are looking at and focusing on. For instance, the inability to stop eating the poison candy of the enemy is not due to not understanding it is crazy to eat something from the enemy. No, the reason we keep eating poison is due to other broken logic that we are either unaware of or have been pretending is healthy. Therefore, it is our unhealthy non-religious logic, that is causing us to stick with the logic of clearly unhealthy religions.
The second example of this same behavior in another form has been discussed under keyword “protest.”

Sankofa (Hindsight, insight and foresight) makes for optimal progress and process in any direction. In other words, we must incorporate understanding of past meanings of the “N” word with current meanings so we can understand what adjustments must be made so we can recall past power to the present in order to change the future.
In other words, the only reason the present is changed from what it used to be is because understandings have changed. Abilities have not changed, only understandings of the abilities of self and the abilities of all else have changed to their weaker Second Truth forms. Our current operating logic is weak is true. Therefore, to reclaim what we first attained, we must change current understandings, back to what they used to be while simultaneously making adjustments to past understandings based on what we have learned since the last time those past understandings were the norm. Strong First Truth logic is inside us in the genetic libraries of our cells, genes, mitochondria and nuclei. You are in possession of great treasure. Koff it up. Sankofa it up.

When the First people were First, we functioned based on First Truth Logic. Second Truth Logic is directly responsible for the First becoming Last. Get rid of Second Truth logic and automatically unstoppably move back to the logical top. Cultivate your field of logic. Turn the soil and bring fresh nutrients to the top.

The first “N” word is just like all other words. First the word comes into existence, then goes through a process of expansion, variation and perfection of usage. Understanding increases, slows, stalls, stagnates and then begins to decrease, speed up, corrupt, contract and disrupt.
The first “N” word evolved into many healthy forms and then de-evolved into unhealthy forms. One of those unhealthy forms is “Nigger.”

Most logic humans have some control over, has evolved, then de-evolved, then problem-solved, then evolved, over and over again.
We are right now living in a stage of this process where de-evolution is still on top at the surface as our dirty window by which we view the world.
Evolution is taking place at the same time on the bottom at the root foundation in the background.
Thus First and Last are reversed. The “N” word of today is not the “N” word of yesterday. The “N” word of today is a weak unhealthy form of the “N” word of yesterday.
Nigger came into style when the Last people claimed the inheritance of the First people. As long as Second Truthers remain in power, so also will their logic be Second Truth logic. Nothing that comes from the words or behavior of Second Truthers should cause you to think, they are trying to change for the better or want to. It will always be an okie doke slick trick lie. It is not possible for Second Truth to do healthy things and remain in power. Neither is it possible for those who want the health, justice and peace of First Truth to do unhealthy things and also change societies back into civilizations.
Because nigger is going out of style, we know the evolution beneath the surface of human logic is changing so that more forms of evolutionary logic are challenging and replacing forms of de-evolutionary sickening logic.

Because processes and cycles are imperfect in the short term, the current stage we are in, although a healing process of rebirth, will experience ups and downs, progresses and regresses, forwards and backwards, remissions and relapses, upheavals and fulfillments before the healthy logic of human beingness becomes normal thinking again.

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