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Monday, July 31, 2017

What Is Utopia? | Definition & Meanings
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1077


utopia is u-top-ia and ut-op-ia

The U is the same as the eu in euphoria.

Another form of Eu is Au.
Au means the oldest, the primordial, and born of.
Au is also Ua.
Ua signifies the first and only one, top and summit.
Ua in the feminine gender is Uat.
Uat is the oasis, the water, fresh, evergreen, the reed, the primeval food.
U also means one in the form of uterus, circle, oval, universe, unity and zero.
Thus Ua is both the birthplace and that which is born out of the birthplace.
Thus the U in utopia is both parent and child.

Ut is an abbreviated form of Hut.
Ut is also the uterus as the birthplace of spirit-soul, matter, magic and truth. Truth is defined as the order of destiny for specific cycles of time.

As shown above, top is part of the meaning of Ua.
Top is also tep.
The flipside of tep is tepth(depth).
Thus utopia encompasses both bottom and top in many forms such as tepth and tep, pit and tip, dimple and nipple, water and tree, abyss and summit, below and above, within and without, feminine and masculine, water and breath, darkness and light, elder and younger, eternal and temporal, strong and weak. Also beginning and end, thus the two points both furthest away and closest to each other, lower heaven and upper heaven.

We already know IA is genetic potential in motion called Nature.
Utopia is the birthplace of the totality and potentiality of the Universe where there is optimal abundance of water, food, two truths and knowledge of self as hidden and revealed genetic potential at rest and in motion, thus the fullness of Nature and optimal euphoria.
Notes: Pronunciations: (oo---TOPE---ee-ah) and (oot---OPE---ee-ah)

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